Zhan Long

Chapter 318

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Chapter 318 Just a Bit More…..

The first round of the tournament was over. In a few minutes, the second round would begin!

This time it was easy.

Xiao Yao Zi Zai [Lv 71 Dragon City Nightwatch] vs Thousand Mile Landscape [Lv 59 Gold Mage] ……

A Mage who hadn’t achieved his third advancement yet meant that he didn’t have [Dimension Leap], and thus posed no threat against me. I already had an extra 119% magic resistance, and so an average Mage wouldn’t be able to beat me at all, let alone a Lv 59 Mage. My victory was secured this round!


Upon entering the arena, I glanced at the 40 year old Mage. Holding his staff, he gazed at me and smiled, “Aiya. I didn’t think that I would meet an expert from the CBN Battlemaster Ranking Chart. Xiao Yao Zi Zai, ranked 22. Sigh, It seems like I won’t be advancing any further in this Rise of the Heroes event…..”

I laughed lightly, “No problem. Don’t falter and do your best. Even if you lose, lose without regrets.”

“Ah, I hope you can give your all too……”


The system began counting down and once it reached 0, I rushed forward. My opponent immediately cast [Ice Cones] as he retreated; “Pa Pa” the [Ice Cones] that had landed on my chest only slowed me down by 7.3%. Most of the effect was cancelled out by my magic resistance. The more frightening part was that both of the attacks resulted in MISSes. This was due to the my Magic Spite Armor’s special effect that had a 30% chance of making magic attacks miss!

After recovering, I stepped forward with my Divine Battle Boots, lifted my Emperor Qin’s Sword, and used a normal attack on the uncle.

The uncle was startled and quickly blocked the attack with his staff. Judging from his action, his battle sense was not bad at all. He’s probably played other games before as a Knight or spear-wielder. Sadly, he was a Mage right now.


Sparks flew in all directions. I had attacked lightly but the uncle still flew backward. “Bang!” He landed against the edge of the map and was stunned.

I waved my hands, [Great Realm of Desolation]; time to finish the battle!


An extremely large number appeared. The uncle got what he wanted – a quick finish. He was defeated in a few seconds. The system notice promptly informed me that I had advanced to the next round.

After leaving the arena, I continued in triumph all the way until the 12th round. I didn’t encounter any difficult opponents at all; the strongest opponent had been a Lv 64 Swordsman – one of [Vanguard]’s thirteen eagles. However, against my Emperor Qin’s Sword, he stood no chance and was killed by my [Blade Rush] and Lv 8 [Combo]. Even my pet dominated his; Flaming Tiger God killed his Hornet in one hit.


After returning to the waiting room, Qing Qian stood next to me and smiled, “Looks like everyone has been pretty successful so far. No one in our room got eliminated right?”

“Not yet….” Li Mu held his long sword and smiled, “After this, if we win 5 more rounds, we’ll be in the top 32. Let’s get as many [Zhan Long] members in the top 32 as possible. Awesome!”

“Mhm. Let’s do this guys!”


Soon, the matchups appeared on the screen again. Some people were happy, while some were not so fortunate. There were going to be some problems this round.

Xiao Yao Zi Zai [Lv 71 Dragon City Night Watch] vs Don’t be Foolish [Lv 67 Gold Knight]

Fox [Lv 65 Gold Musketeer] vs Fang Ge Que [Lv 73 Spiritmaster]

Dancing Forest [Lv 66 Gold Archer] vs Jian Feng Han [Lv 70 Gold Swordsman]


“Fml, this really is a long shot……” Fox held his gun, his face turning green, “Did I win the lottery? To…… To actually meet Jiu Li City’s strongest Fang Ge Que. What is this…….”

“Fox kneeling……” I gave him a reassuring pat on his shoulders, “Don’t worry, there will probably be another tournament in around half a year; you’ll get your chance then. Even so, losing at the hands of Fang Ge Que isn’t embarrassing at all. He’s not only the strongest player in Jiu Li City, but also the strongest player in [Destiny] with a CBN Battlemaster Ranking of 1. The real strongest of the strong…”

Wan Er was sitting in the corner resting. With her slim figure and snowy white legs showing, she laughed, “Actually Fang Ge Que is a rarity among all Mages. Rumors have it that he has already created 4 Rank S and above custom skills. Custom Skills! Who knows what Fang Ge Que did to accomplish that. But he’s been nicknamed the King of Games, King of Mages, King of [Destiny], etc. This is really a tragedy for uncle Fox. I hope you can last 10 seconds against him……”

Fox hung his head, “This is hard. Musketeers don’t have magic shields or high vitality, only a skill for playing dead…..[One Second Miss]. It is similar to an Archer’s [Crystallize]. At least I can guarantee that I will survive for one second.”

Speechless, I could only say, “Good luck. My opponent is Don’t be Foolish. We’ve fought before. He should be wiping his tears right now……”

Dancing Forest cried, “Wuwu, how come you guys aren’t wishing me good luck. My opponent is Jian Feng Han. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I don’t want this kind of opponent. If only I were pitted against uncle Fox instead. That would be much better.”

Fox’s face turned all purple, “Looks like I’m as soft as a persimmon; everyone wants a piece of me right?”

Dancing Forest smiled, “You’re already so old, I don’t want to touch you… If I had to touch someone, I’d rather it be Little Wolf or Wang Jian. They’re young, tall and handsome…”

Little Wolf and Wang Jian laughed while Fox’s face turned an even darker shade of purple.


Very soon, the thirteenth round will begin!


Entering the arena, I saw Don’t be Foolish standing in front of me with his spear in hand. He wiped his tears and said, “I really have rotten luck. To f*cking meet you here……”

I laughed, “It’s fate…… I’d have to thank you for this opportunity. If I get into the top 32, I’ll remember you…..”

“Inhuman. Let me stab you a few times……”

“We’ll just have to see about that!”


The system clock started to count down.




Battle Start!

I shot forward like an arrow. Against a Knight without high attack like him, I didn’t have to worry at all. With my 2800+ defense, even if I wanted him to kill me, he wouldn’t be able to. Moreover, I also had a Lv 8 [Heal] that could recover 1200 health; this would be an easy win.

Seeing me lift my sword, Don’t Be Foolish activated [Heavenly Shield Wall], and held his position, waiting to defend against my attack.

I lowered my Emperor Qin’s Sword and rushed out to attack the Knight’s body, dealing 1982 points of damage. Without the stacking effect of [Kill For Blood], I couldn’t kill him as easily. After I got within 5 meters of him, with our backs against each other, I quickly turned around. This was where the player’s reaction and attack speed came into play. With his back still facing me, I had already activated my Lv 8 [Combo]. Don’t be Foolish turned a second too slow and received five consecutive attacks——


In the middle of the attacks, Don’t Be Foolish cast [Cleansing Wind] to recover 30% of his health, narrowly avoiding death. At the same time, I felt a chilling sensation on my arm; his Ice Mantis pet had attacked me!


Flaming Tiger God rushed forward, and grabbed onto the Ice Mantis’ head, subsequently dealing out 3102 damage. It then activated [Fierce Roar], killing both Don’t Be Foolish and his Ice Mantis at the same time. The two large numbers appeared, signifying that I had won my 13th round.


After returning to the waiting room, I found Fox in front of me. I stared at him and he stared back.

“F*ck. How were you so fast?” I asked.

Fox rubbed his nose and muttered bitterly, “Actually I don’t know what happened either. Before I could activate [Bullet Screen] or even blink, Fang Ge Que’s magic had already hit me, dealing 4100+ damage. It was too brutal…..”

“A single spell dealt 4100+ damage?” I asked.

“Yeah!” Fox nodded.

My palms got sweaty, “Damn, how terrifying is this Fang Ge Que……”

Wan Er appeared beside us and calmly said, “I watched the replay of their battle. That’s one of Fang Ge Que’s custom skills——[Ice Rock Blast], an SS-ranked skill. When used, the ice locks onto a target and attacks instantaneously. That’s why Fox was instantly killed before he knew it. I checked through Fang Ge Que’s recordings and all his battles, except one, had ended the same way. The exception was a Knight at full health. After using [Ice Rock Blast], he cast an addition [Pillar of Fire & Ice] to finish him off….”

I was dumbstruck, “Fang Ge Que actually made SS custom skills?”

“Aiya. Why would I lie to you? Would you give me candy if I did?” The beautiful miss teased.

I pursed my lips, “If I can enter the top 32 in this Rise of the Heroes event, I’ll buy you candy……”

“Okay, you promised. I’ll be waiting…..”



I shifted my gaze back to the screen; Qing Qian had enlarged Dancing Forest’s battle with Jian Feng Han. On the battlefield, Dancing Forest used the Wanderer’s Bow to continuously kite Jian Feng Han. A [Meteor Shot] directly pierced through Jian Feng Han’s body!


“Ugh, Come on, Little Forest….” Old K clenched his fist.

I was also beyond nervous. On the screen, Dancing Forest was at full health and and Jian Feng Han only had 25% health left. After drinking a potion, he recovered back up to 80% health. This was a Lv 10 potion; he had definitely bought it from our National Beauty.

However, Jian Feng Han was only at a disadvantage for a while. After sacrificing 75% of his health, he had finally caught up to Dancing Forest. Waving his Flaming Cloud Sword, he activated [Through the Cloud Slash].

Dancing Forest reacted with unwavering confidence. Using her [Crystallize] skill, she turned into a crystal, forcing Jian Feng Han’s [Through the Cloud Slash] to miss. After the effects of [Crystallize] wore off, Jian Feng Han activated [Blade Rush] and slashed Dancing Forest, depleting more than 50% of her health. He quickly turned and activated his custom skill——[Exposed Point]!

Dancing Forest could not react fast enough and was instantly killed!


Another one was eliminated…….

Dancing Forest was sent back to the waiting room. She stomped her feet in anger, “Just a bit more and I would’ve gotten him. Arghhhhhh!”

I comforted her, “Try harder next time….. It’s already the 14th round. After four more rounds, we’ll be in the top 32. Everyone give it your all!”

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