Zhan Long

Chapter 317

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Chapter 317: Chopped up and fed to the dogs!

It was noon when I logged on!


At 11:45, I appeared in the middle of Ba Huang City, and immediately received a notification:

System Notification: The 【Rise of the Heroes】 Tournament will start in 15 minutes. You have already registered. Do you want to enter the tournament area?

After accepting, my body was transported away by magic into an illusionary space. At the same time, a message appeared: Player [Yue Qing Qian] invites you to join waiting room 27719. Do you wish to accept?

After accepting again, I entered into Qing Qian’s room. The maximum number of people that could be inside was 20!

The Yue twins stood nearby as Matcha, Wolf, and the others each came in. Qing Qian then gave me the power to invite and smiled, “Brother Xiao Yao, bring the two beauties Cang Tong and Cang Yue here. If you don’t, they’ll probably beat you offline later.”

I wordlessly invited them. With a “Shua Shua”, two rays of light appeared and the two beauties entered the room. The 20 people limit was reached already. Most of the players were the core members of [Zhan Long]; actually, Wan Er and Dong Cheng counted as one of us as well. Even Q-Sword couldn’t do anything about it; this was the advantage in being intimate closely to someone.

“It’s going to start soon. This is so exciting. This is [Destiny]’s first large scale tournament event…” Qing Qian made a fist and nervously laughed.

I glanced at her, “Don’t be nervous. Listen to me. Just use [Sneak] + [Ambush] continuously and use [God’s Dance] to avoid the attacks. Then use [Gouge] and [Twin Blade Harmony]. With your strength, you’ll probably reach the the top 64 easily…..”

Wan Er held her Emperor Tier dagger in hand and her umbrella on her back. Her leather armor was tightly wrapped around her body, revealing her 34D breasts and curves. She looked at the countdown and laughed, “Heh. We don’t even know who our first opponent is, nor what kind of tactics we should use to win. Aren’t you being a bit ridiculous…..”

I squinted at her and said, “You’re the one panicking……”

Old K lifted his battle axe and joked, “Beautiful Wan Er, if you meet our Xiao Yao in the first round, would you show no mercy and send him home?”

Wan Er smiled, “No way! How can I let my Brother Xiao Yao lose in one round? If I meet him, I’ll forfeit. But… if I somehow meet you in the first round, I won’t be showing any mercy and slaughter you. It’ll feel good, you know. With your defense, my [Twin Blade Harmony] and my dagger’s armor penetration ability, I will definitely deal more than 3000 damage to you……”

Old K shuddered and walked back a few steps, “Li Xiao Yao, control your miss better…”

I blinked, “You even said she was my miss, how am I supposed to control her…?!”

Dong Cheng laughed, “Okay now, all of you are just teasing our Wan Er…”

Dancing Forest nonchalantly said, “It was obviously the miss here bullying the weak and teasing our number one Berserker Old K…”

“Is Old K weak?” Wang Jian stared at him.

Li Mu nodded, and looked at Old K, then back at Wan Er, and said, “Don’t judge how strong he is based on his [Whirlwind Blade] and [Savage Jump Slash]. Compared to Cang Tong, he wouldn’t even have the chance to be scared. In front of Cang Tong, he is incomparably weak.”

Wang Jian: “………”


After a few minutes, the countdown finished. “Ding” the screen in front of us started to show the battle information——

Xiao Yao Zi Zai [Lv 71 Dragon City Night Watch] vs Dawn of Heroes [Lv 66 Gold Swordsman]

Cang Tong [Lv 70 Gold Assassin] vs Xuan Xiao Yu [Lv 63 Gold Swordsman]

Cang Yue [Lv 70 Gold Mage] vs Run Fast Bunnies [Lv 57 Silver Mage] .
Yue Qing Qian [Lv 69 Gold Assassin] vs Alluring Snow [Lv 65 Gold Mage]

Little Wolf [Lv 67 Gold Assassin] VS Running Snail [Lv 61 Gold Berserker]

Strawberry Matcha [Lv 65 Phantom Knight] vs Liquor [Lv 67 Gold Knight] ……

Looking at the screen, I took a deep breath and said, “Aside from Matcha, none of us should have any problems. Matcha’s opponent is at a higher level and is an expert from Jiu Li City…..”

Wan Er looked at the screen and said, “Matcha, be careful. Since this is the qualification round, the system is using the Best of One rule, so you can’t lose a single round. If you win, you move on. If you lose, you’re eliminated. That Knight should also have high defense, but if you use [Phantom Ray Slash] in a battle of endurance, you’ll win. If you use [Holy Shield] and [Phantom Holy Shield] to double your defense, he won’t be able to break through.”

Matcha nodded, “Mhm, I got it!”

One Second Hero looked at the screen and laughed, “To be honest, Guild Master has the most luck. To think that you will be meeting Dawn of Heroes in the first round, someone you already know: [Wrath of the Heroes]’s captain, Tang Xue’s old acquaintance….”

Thousand Sun Over Snowy Lands said lightly, “I don’t know him. One Second… you’ve said enough….”

One Second Hero’s face turned green, “One Second… Don’t call me One Second….”

Yue Qing Qian smiled, “Brother Xiao Yao, will you show mercy?”

I thought about it and said, “I’ll finish him in One Second…..”

One Second Hero completely collapsed, “Can you guys not say “One Second” any more? I’ll treat you guys to a feast later. We can even go to Golden Leopards……”

Everyone laughed.


The system notice started to count down. I held my breath. Everyone was extra nervous, especially since the Rise of the Heroes Tournament was [Destiny]’s first tournament; moreover, it was a Best of One tournament. We couldn’t afford to make any mistakes.


The battlefield was a 100×100 arena with green tiles on the ground. There were four poles at each corner of the arena. There were also three flags with pictures on them: a battle axe, a short sword and a wolf’s head. Each representing their respective city: Ba Huang City, Fan Shu City and Jiu Li City.

At the same time I entered the arena, I received a system notice.


System Notification: Please be aware that due to the rules and limitations of the tournament, you are unable to use the following skills: [Black Tortoise Realm], [Soul Army], and [Seven Star Teleportation].

F*ck. This is what it means to be truly weakened. They actually banned me from using my special PK skills from the [Mohist Five Scrolls]. If I couldn’t use [Black Tortoise Realm], and [Seven Star Teleportation], then I’d be even more pressured when I faced high level Mages. Heck, I’d probably be killed from being kited. This sucked. If I met a skilled player, I could probably only rely on my Flaming Tiger God and my double [Blade Rush] to kill.

In front of me was Dawn of Heroes. Standing up, he picked up his sword, his face full of resentment as he stared at me and said, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you still me for taking Tang Xue from me!”

I didn’t say anything, looked around at the flags and sighed, “Ah. This is a caveman’s drawing, no wonder why it looked so familiar…”

Dawn of Heroes became even more infuriated, “You motherf*cker. Who do you think you are? Aren’t you the one who relied on [Valiant Bravery]’s people to start a guild? Bah. I’ll let you know what happens when you steal my woman. Don’t think that Tang Xue will be safe if she’s in [Zhan Long]. I know her in real life; I can find her there too.”

At that moment, the countdown reached 0!

I was filled with killing intent and immediately rushed over as I slid the Emperor Qin’s Sword from its sheath. I stopped right in front of him to test his blade.


What kind of attack was this? This wouldn’t be a problem for me.

My body dipped as I thrusted my blade forward. I automatically moved forward 2 yards, turned my body around, and used [Wind Blade] on Dawn of Heroes. It dealt 2765 points of damage. “Kacha”, my sword went through his chest with a normal attack, dealing another 1987 points of damage. Naturally, Dawn of Hero’s life bar quickly emptied as he looked at me with dismay.

My eyes grew cold as I looked at his kneeling form and said, “Dawn of Heroes, if you dare touch Tang Xue in real life, I’ll chop you up and feed you to dogs. Go ahead and try!”


After pulling out my blade, a bell sound appeared.


System Notification: Congratulations, You have defeated Player 【Dawn of Heroes】. You have successfully moved on to the next round of the tournament.


With a “Shua”, I was sent back to the tournament waiting room. I was the only one there; the others were all still in battle. The screen in front of me showed twenty smaller panels each broadcasting our battles. On one of them, Wan Er was dancing with her umbrella and knocking away Xuan Xiao Yu’s sword. She closed her umbrella and lifted both of her daggers, skillfully flicking them as she activated [Twin Blade Harmony], killing Xiao Yu with a single stab.

In another panel, Dong Cheng’s [Magma Lance] was raging in the arena, quickly finishing her battle as well.

After winning their fights, everyone came out one by one. Only Matcha remained in the arena. She was facing an experienced Knight and it had already been nearly two minutes. Both Knights were using [Cleansing Wind] to continuously to replenish their health, so it was hard to determine the outcome of the battle.



Yue Qing Qian facepalmed, “Sister Matcha misfired her [Phantom Ray Slash] again… I can’t bear to watch this anymore…”

I laughed, “This is the real Matcha. However she’s already trying her best. Liquor’s movement and anticipation aren’t bad. It’s already impressive that she’s been able to keep up with the pace……”

Wan Er put her head down and checked the rankings, “Liquor’s CBN Ranking is 1722. It seems like it’ll be pretty hard for Matcha to win.”

Little Wolf held up his dagger and with a stern face, said, “Sister Matcha is still lacking in her aim and is not that experienced with it yet. If she was, she would’ve destroyed that Liquor guy already.”

Old K clenched his fists, “Come on Matcha!”


On the screen, Liquor activated [Flame Axe] and [Skyshaker Slash] at the same time, while Matcha used [Phantom Holy Shield] and [Heavenly Shield Wall]. She then sent her Illusionary Butterfly to attack and activated [Vines of the Dancing Butterfly] at Liquor. Finally, Matcha used her own [Flame Axe] and [Skyshaker Slash] and combined with the Illusionary Butterfly’s magic attack, she wiped out Liquor’s remaining health. She had won!


As the last one to exit, Matcha’s win was the most challenging. Her entire face was flushed and she was breathing heavily. Her 34C breasts bounced up and down and said, “This guy actually asked me for my phone number. While he was taking down my phone number, I took the opportunity to attack him continuously and killed him…”

I was speechless.

Little Wolf gave a thumbs up, “Wow. There really is a knife above the word lust. Brother Liquor died unjustly…”
[TL Note: The chinese character for lust (色) looks like it has the character for Knife (刀) on top of it.]

Yue Qing Qian laughed, “Sister Matcha, you didn’t actually give him your own phone number right?

Matcha laughed, “I gave him Old K’s phone number…”

Old K shuddered, “That works too…”

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