Zhan Long

Chapter 312

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Chapter 312 Wan Er Is Jealous!

7 PM at night, drinking in the cafeteria.

Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were both wearing dresses as they quietly sat in front of me. They sucked through their straws and gave me a blank stare. After about five minutes of silence, Wan Er finally asked, “You promised to come to Fan Shu City to see me and Dong Cheng, why did you change your mind? I was planning on bringing you to see the five wonders of Fan Shu City… Green Antelope Cliff, Twilight Moon, Leaping Fish Stream, etc. are all very interesting…..”

I nodded guiltily, “Actually I really wanted to see the sights of Fan Shu City, but I really have something important to do today……”

Dong Cheng Yue asked, “What’s so important that’s making you so nervous? Also, who are we waiting for? If you don’t tell me, I’ll die of frustration…

I chuckled, “We’re waiting for my colleague. She’s going on a mission with me tonight. We’re going to test the waters with some criminals.”

Wan Er lifted her eyebrow in displeasure and asked, “What kind of people are you going against?”

“I don’t really know who they are either… Anyway, the less that you two know, the better.”

“Where’s the location?”

“In a nightclub…..”

“Heh….” Wan Er narrowed her eyes, “You aren’t be going there to pick up girls, right? Dong Cheng and I are bored to death playing [Destiny] for the whole day, and yet you aren’t even bringing us with you to a nightclub…”

Looking around, I spotted an obscure sentry smoking nearby. I edged closer to Wan Er, put my hands on her shoulders, and said, “When I’m done with this mission, I’ll definitely have fun with you…”

Wan Er’s face turned red as she nodded slightly, “Okay.”

Dong Cheng Yue rested her head on her arms, “I can’t bear to watch this anymore. Stop being all lovey dovey in front of me… Also, didn’t we agree to go to Xixi Wetlands? We’ve been delaying it for so long, the place has probably dried up already……”

I replied, “We’ll definitely go to the Wetland. Don’t be impatient. Haven’t I been really busy lately? Now that [Zhan Long] has stabilized with Yue Qing Qian, Li Mu, Matcha, and the others, I have more free time. I promise that after this mission, I’ll bring you girls out to play…”

“Okay, you promised…” Wan Er looked at me with a hint of worry in her eyes and said, “But… don’t be like last time. I don’t know who you’re going up against, but they must be really scary right?”

I firmly nodded, “Yea. Don’t ask too much… This is a top secret mission.”



Before long, an enchanting figure finally walked over from the darkness. It was Shen Bing. With her white dress, her decent face, and good figure, she looked like a beautiful elf at night.

“Wow, there are two little beauties…”

Shen Bing laughed and walked over. Looking at Wan Er and Dong Cheng, she joked, “I’ll be borrowing Li Xiao Yao for tonight, I hope the two beauties won’t get mad…”

Saying that, she walked toward me, grabbed my arm, and gracefully attached her body to mine.


Wan Er’s eyes widened. She looked at me with her eyes full of disbelief. Her eyes became misty almost as if she were about to cry. She turned around and refused to look at me anymore. Ai, could this little miss possibly be jealous?

My heart felt conflicted; I couldn’t tell whether I was happy or disturbed. I pulled Shen Bing away, “Sister Shen Bing, don’t joke around…”

I walked toward Wan Er, rubbed her shoulders, and softly said, “Wait obediently at school for me to come back. I’ll be careful. Also… Sister Shen Bing likes to joke, I’ve been with her for quite a while now. Don’t start getting jealous……”

Wan Er crushed the paper cup in her hand and she whispered, “I’m not…”

I looked at the spilled drink on the floor, “F*ck, really? Miss, you’ve even spilled it all over me…”

Wan Er pulled out some tissues and helped me wipe the spilled drink off my shirt and smiled, “It’s a promise then. This time, after you finish your mission, you have to bring me and Dong Cheng to Xixi Wetlands. You can’t go back on your words. It’s best if you bring us tomorrow…”

“Okay, I promise you!”

“Okay! Come back early. And be careful……”



After bringing Wan Er and Dong Cheng back upstairs, I left with Shen Bing. She drove a red sports car, which was a special model from the police department. Only when there’s a special mission would they use this car. Of course, it was usually only used by beautiful female officers. The last time it was used was when an undercover beauty participated in a high profile dinner.

We waited in the car for a while until it was nearly 9. Then, Shen Bing drove out of the school with a roar. We drove straight to Blue Water Street with the wind rushing past us. It was about 9:50 when we arrived, just when the nightclub started to get lively. After we parked the car, Shen Bing grabbed onto my arms and smiled, “Hey sweetheart, we won’t be able to pass off as a couple with the way you’re acting.”

I had no choice but to move my hands toward her waist. It didn’t feel too bad. Shen Bing glanced at me and said, “Hey, don’t look so reluctant. I am very sought after, got it? Who knows how many of those rich kids want to be in your place but don’t have a chance. Look at yourself, you look like you ate a raw bullfrog…”

I gagged a bit, “Sister, please don’t put such vivid images in my head…”

Shen Bing laughed and pulled me into the nightclub. We got some normal seats, along with some beer and snacks costing 700RMB.

With the thumping sounds of the bass by my side, I spread my Yi Hai, confirming that there were no special practitioners in the nightclub right now. Aside from the normal people, there were a few youngsters who were very arrogant, but they were at the level of local thugs at best.

Shen Bing got closer to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and asked into my ear, “How is it? Confirmed any information?”

I shook my head, “Nothing. Within 3 kilometers, there are no Artificials. I don’t feel any special energy.”

Shen Bing replied, “That’s not surprising… They don’t have any reason to bring a secret weapon such as Artificials into their own business area. Moreover, our goal this time is not the Artificials, but a list.”

“Oh? What kind of list?”

“According to the analysis, Artificials were originally normal people. It was only after they were injected with something that their DNA started to mutate. These people were usually people who went missing after being involved with these kinds of predatory places. In this nightclub, more than 10 robust men disappeared without a trace. We need this list.”

“How do we find this list?”

“The nightclub’s owner, Dong Feng, has it in his possession. According to sources, he’ll be here tonight, along with some guy named Drug Lord.”

“Drug Lord?”

“Yea. In Hangzhou, he is accounted for more than 40% of every kind of illegal drugs sold, so he was named the Drug Lord. No one knows his real name. All of the drugs sold by this nightclub are usually obtained from him. Dong Feng values this person greatly, so tonight, he’ll accompany the Drug Lord personally and negotiate business with him.”

I narrowed my eyes, “In other words, If we can take down Dong Feng, we can get our hands on the checklist?”

“Maybe….” Shen Bing blinked and chuckled in my ear, “Our mission today is to secretly arrest Dong Feng while no one knows and…….”

“And what?”

“And… Brat, don’t breathe into my ear, I’m getting excited…….”



Shen Bing laughed, lifted a cup, and downed all the beer in it. She looked at me and said, “Hey, there’s a worker paying attention to you from behind. He must be one of Dong Feng’s men. Don’t be too awkward; act more natural. We came here to have fun tonight, so don’t let others get suspicious…”

I nodded and grabbed Shen Bing by her waist and drank a cup of beer. Shen Bing got closer to me and with her red lips, she quickly kissed me and laughed, “I got you…”

I was stunned and lowered my head.

“It can’t be your first kiss right?”

“No…..” I made a fist, “My first kiss was taken away by a carp…..”

“A carp? How?”

“The year I was 17, I was following the old man to train in the wild. At that time, I got hungry and jumped into the river to catch a fish. I ate it raw and gave it my first kiss too……”

“Uh. Okay……”


The music started getting more wild, and the youngsters around us started to get more high. There were a few girls selling their performances in the stage. The whole place was completely turned up. I calmly drank my beer while accepting Shen Bing’s playful gestures. At the same time, I also kept my Yi Hai spread out. At 11:30, my eyes lit up, and I whispered into Shen Bing’s ear, “Careful, I feel 3 special powers quickly approaching. They should have come by car……”


Shen Bing lightly said, “Darling, you can feel these people’s special powers, but how about yourself? I heard from Wang Xin that when you go all out, you also release a very strong special power. Can’t they catch your presence too?”

I laughed, “Don’t worry. Everyone who is Royal Air level or above can hide their energy. Unless I’m battling with someone, others won’t be able to detect me. Of course, if their degree of cultivation is higher than mine in general, they will also sense me. Otherwise, I can feel their energy while they cannot feel mine.”

Shen Bing serenely said, “Then do you think there are people stronger than you?”

“There are. But those kinds of experts would not be in the drug dealing business. Don’t worry!”



Not long after, a group of people walked into the nightclub, all dressed casually. The boss looked kind of familiar; he had 3 knife scars on his right cheek. But… But I couldn’t remember where I’d seen him before!

“That’s Dong Feng…..”

Shen Bing pretended to be drunk, as she coquettishly hugged me, seizing the opportunity to whisper into my ears.

I didn’t pay any mind to her charming attitude. My eyes swept across the group; behind Dong Feng were two bodyguards. From the unperturbed and cold looks in their eyes, they were most likely Artificials. As for whether or not Dong Feng was one, I thought it was likely he was, but I wasn’t very sure.

“They’re going upstairs…” I said.

Shen Bing whispered, “Ah, that’s not a problem. We’ll go to the bathroom and go straight up to the second floor. We’ll settle this issue up there!”


However, at this moment, a hand was placed on Shen Bing’s shoulders. An obscene voice laughed, “Hey, isn’t this chick pretty nice? How about you come play with us for a bit?”

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