Zhan Long

Chapter 310

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Chapter 310 : You love him?

Looking at the powerful sword that had blood from Frost. This was the exact sword that left a deep wound on Frost’s back!


Frost rested in the corner of the wall. Struggling to support her own weight, she sat up. She stared at me blankly and said, “Did we… kill him?”

I nodded. Raising the sword, I replied. “He’s dead. Now the entire Soul Devourer City is ours!”

Frost smiled. “Oh. Wonderful… simply wonderful…”

“What now?”

“Order all the Unsullied troops to defend the city. Don’t allow any outsiders to enter. Any trespassers would be killed! Let’s go back now and give the sword to King Luo Lin. He will be the one to decide the fate of this Soul Devourer City.”



I put the longsword away and put Ba Lin’s Sword into my bag. I walked over and assisted Frost by holding her shoulder. She still had fresh blood on her arm and she was weak and frail. Perhaps a drawback from using the ancient technique, was that Frost would be severely weakened. Her entire body leaned into my embrace. When I reached to catch her waist, I felt a warm and moist sensation. The cut on her back is too deep! The blood is flowing like a river.

I hurriedly took out some Lv 10 health potions and spread it on top of the wound. Desperately I said, “Frost, we need to stop the bleeding. If not you’ll lose too much blood…”

Frost faintly smiled and shook her head. “No, it’s no use. There was a curse on Ba Lin’s sword. It’s a curse cast onto the soul and so my injury can’t be healed by normal medicine.”

I started to panic. “Then… now what?”

“Bring me to…” Frost’s face leaned into my shoulder as she weakly said, “Bring me to Greenleaf Spring. The spring water, along with some medicinal herbs that are found there would be able to stop it…”


I lifted Frost and carried her in a princess hold. Then with my beautiful teacher in my arms, I raised my head and shouted at the Unsullied troops. “You guys wait here. Unless there’s someone using the power of the sword to command you, don’t act carelessly. Protect the city and kill all trespassers!”

“Yes, my lord! ” responded the Unsullied.


Carrying Frost, I hurried out of Soul Devourer City with my Flaming Tiger God closely following us. For now, he’s our vanguard, clearing out all the monsters in our way. Frost was unconscious. I couldn’t dash like I normally would.

Greenleaf Spring was at the border of Ba Huang Forest and didn’t even take 20 minutes to reach. Upon arriving, the water from the spring was crystal clear, flowing toward the canyon in a distance.


Letting her down, Frost slowly awakened. Her pale face looked at the forest around Greenleaf spring. “Don’t help me wash my wounds just yet. Search around for… a kind of medicinal herb…”

“How does it look like? What is it called?”

“Seven-Leafed Grass. Each has 7 leaves on it and on each leaf has 7 veins. If crushed, it will emit a pungent smell. There’s certainly some in this place. I’ve treated my wounds here once before.”

“Alright…… ”

Carrying Frost, I excavated the surrounding bushes for the herb. Almost immediately, I found a Seven-Leafed Grass. It was sitting peacefully in front of the bushes. I asked Frost. “Is this the one?”

“Yes! Pull out the roots as well…”


I unsheathed my Emperor Qin’s Sword to gently dig out the plant. A Seven-Leafed grass appeared in my hand along with its roots. I dug out another dozen or so. This should be enough. After that, I carried Frost to the spring again and set her onto a giant green stone at the side of the water. She let out a soft sigh as she sat down. I wasn’t sure if her face was pale because of the fatigue or from the pain of her wound.

Nevertheless, I crushed all the the Seven-Leafed Grass until it turned to paste. A strong acrid smell emanated through the air.

Frost slowly said, “Help me unequip my armor…”


I put down my Emperor Qin’s Sword and carefully removed her chestpiece. The back of it was cut open along the wound. When I removed the armor, Frost couldn’t help but let out a cry. “Wuu…wuu…” It was clear that the pain was unbearable. But at the same time, when her chest piece was removed, her assets seemingly popped out as if they were alive. They were plump and firm… Damn, this beautiful teacher’s figure might be enough to challenge Lin Wan Er’s.


I put aside he battle armor. Frost lay down on her side, hinting to help her unequip her leg guards as well as those on her waist. I carefully complied. The moment I took off the armor, I could see her smooth round buttcheeks as well as two snow white thighs. This sight was simply too alluring!

I strengthened my focus and calmed my mind.

Lying atop the green stone, Frost shut her eyes. With only a thin silk blouse, her beautiful figure could almost be seen clearly. Blushing, she softly said, “Help me clean my wounds now, and then apply the medicine…”


I helped her up. Frost instinctively leaned into my embrace. Holding her like that, I scooped up some water with a hand and cleansed her wound. The blood was thoroughly washed off, revealing a 40 centimeter long wound. It was so deep, her bone could be slightly seen. It was really painful to see. For the sake of Dragon City, Frost really gave it her all.

Continuing to wash the wound, I could see the crystal clear water flowed along her back all the way to her snow white derrière. I could have gone mad from the sight! I quickly chanted a buddhist mantra to prevent myself from losing control and avoid getting murdered by Frost later.


After cleaning the wound, I started to apply the medical dressing. The moment the Seven-Leafed Grass’ juices touched her wound, Frost stretched her pale arms and grabbed me, squinting and letting out soft moans. Clearly the pain from this medicine was agonizing, to the point where Frost had two lines of tears pouring down from her eyes, wetting my neck. Frost didn’t even weep when she received the cut, but she’s shedding tears now.

“Is it painful? You cried…” I couldn’t be sure.

Frost opened her eyes. “I…I don’t know…”

I began, “Actually… you didn’t have to be so desperate in the first place. Was it worth it? What if you were accidentally killed by Ba Lin? Then what?”

Frost had a determined look in her eyes. “I pledged my soul to Dragon City since long ago. Even if I die, I do not regret it!”

“If you really died, then what would I do?”

“You could find another master. For example… Vice team leader Su Ke…”

“No. I recognized you as my master. The one and only…”


Frost, still in my embrace, looked straight into my eyes. The decisive look in her eyes diminished slightly. Then, she lowered her head and sighed. “Dragon City is like a lone canoe drifting in the vast open sea. I don’t even know where it will drift off to, how could I easily promise you… I can only say that, I will not die so easily…”

I lightly pat her shoulder. “Yeah. I know… The bandage is done…”



Frost sat on the green rock to rest for a moment. The bleeding stopped and blood was starting to return to her face. She picked up her longsword beside her and stood up. Smiling, she said. Alright. Let’s return to the city and complete the quest!”

I peeked at her sword and noticed that there were two words carved deeply in the blade—-Severing Beauty!

“This sword is called Severing Beauty?” I asked.

Frost nodded. “Yup. This is a very sharp sword. It’s past is unclear, but I hired a very experienced blacksmith from Jiu Li City to recast this blade and engrave ‘Severing Beauty’ to be its new name.”

“Your name also has a ‘Hua’, why did you use ‘Severing Beauty’? ”

TL: Her name has the same character as the blade, ‘华’ which can mean a flower, splendidness, elegance, tradition, etc…

Frost smiled and replied. “Because this sword is destined to be stained with blood. My sins are too heavy so the final person to be cut down by this blade would be me— Frost Hua.”

I was speechless. “Nevermind. Treat it as if I never asked… ”

Frost giggled and said. “Okay then, treat it as if I never said anything as well… ”

The two of us felt too awkward to say anything at that point. Frost knew that I could not be by her side forever, and I also knew that I was just a player. I had no power to change the course of such an important NPC’s fate. Perhaps Frost’s destiny was already decided from the start, and whatever I did would not change the outcome.


Dragon City.

As before, it was freezing cold. But even though Frost had a severe injury, she still walked up the flight of stairs by herself. Holding the Emperor Qin’s Sword, I followed closely behind whereas Ba Lin’s sword was held by Frost.

The main gate opened, and a large sandbox was placed in the middle of the basilica. Luo Lin was standing beside the sandbox, with a worried frown. The moment he saw us walking in, he immediately greeted us, “Frost, you guys returned! The mission… is it complete?”

Frost raised the sword, “This is Ba Lin’s sword. I present it to King Luo Lin… ”


Luo Lin held the sword with one hand and smiled, “Wonderful! With the support of all the Unsullied from Soul Devourer City, Dragon City’s power will rise dramatically! I’m going to Soul Devourer City to use the sword’s power and command them to protect Dragon City!”


Frost’s eyes blinked, “Actually, I have a better idea… ”

“Oh, what’s that?”

Frost said in a deep voice, “The Unsullied are people have who lost their freedom since youth. They yearn to be released and not be chained once more. After studying their spirit, I found that there was no pure evil. This sword is cursed and can be used to curse others. These Unsullied soldiers were cursed by this. So, I suggest… that you destroy this sword right in front of all the Unsullied. Give them respect and their freedom. Only like this would they become true warriors of Dragon City, defending it with all their might, and becoming complete human beings.”

Luo Lin nodded in agreement, “Yeah, you’re right. Thank you. I’ll head off immediately! Frost, you stay here and take command. Let Su Ke and Da Lin prepare more food. These Unsullied troops will soon take residence in the city, so we need more supplies. Furthermore, the mounts of the Unsullied are Snow Wolves. It’s necessary to increase the supply of meat for them.”

Frost smiled, “Yes, milord. As you wish!”

Luo Lin raised Ba Lin’s sword and dashed away, vanishing into the night. This action was leagues further than what Frost would have done.


Looking at Luo Lin’s back as he left, I leisurely said, “Sacrificing so much for him, was it worth it?”

Frost shrugged. “I don’t know. He’s a very highly respected brother, as well as a very highly respected teacher to me. Not to mention, he’s my revered king! For him, I would do anything!”

I turned around to face her and asked, “You love him?”

Frost gaped, “I… I don’t know, don’t ask me…… ”

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