Zhan Long

Chapter 309

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Chapter 309 – Frost’s Ultimate Technique

“Pa… ”

Scarlet red boots stepped onto the solid ground. Frost held her sword and rushed straight toward Ba Lin like a flash of lightning, immediately swinging her sword out sharply. The blade was surrounded by a thick mythical ice energy. It would certainly be difficult to deal with her attack.

“Damn it…”

Ba Lin growled furiously. Unable to equip his armor in time, he pushed the two maidservants aside. Raising an arm, he shouted, “[Demon Shield]!”

A black energy condensed into a shield. A “Peng!” was heard as Frost’s sword hit the shield. The two people became the epicenter of a shockwave that knocked a group of Phantom Tier Unsullied soldiers several meters back.

I firmly stood still. While lashing horizontally, I activated a few God’s Army Cards in my palms, and Black Tortoise Realm caused a quagmire to form under Ba Lin. Frost was seen as an ally and wasn’t affected at all. She stood atop the boggy area of land like it was solid ground. At the same time, the summoned Soul Army enveloped my surrounding area, preventing the Unsullied from rushing in indiscriminately!


“Kaka… Even though you might be a Heavenly ranked being, you’re no match for me!”

Ba Lin’s eyes flashed coldly. His left palm released a powerful attack as he murmured, “Little b*tch, you may be strong, but you shall be an obedient pet of mine on the bed tonight! Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. I will savor each and every inch of your skin, giving you ****, making it impossible for you to ever leave my side!”
(TL: Author-san actually wrote ****)

“Peng!” A loud explosion was heard. Ba Lin’s attack was ruthless, knocking Frost back far away.

“Wuwu… ”

Frost held her right arm in pain. The bandaged injury had reopened, and fresh red blood flowed out. Ba Lin’s strength was overwhelming, this much was confirmed.

Taking advantage of the time Frost used to catch her breath, Ba Lin equipped an extremely sturdy fire-red armor. He also grabbed a flaming red battle sword from a subordinate. This sword was Ba Lin’s saber . At the same time, he took his controlling staff from the Unsullied as well. They would only listen to the command of the owner of the staff, so our main target this time was to snatch this staff away from him.

“Ka ka… ”

Ba Lin licked his lower lip, grinning evilly. “You’re not even a match for me with my bare hands. Now, that I’m wielding my battlesword, how could you possibly defeat me? I really don’t want to damage such a beautiful figure. Come! Obediently lay on my bed, and I will forgive this disobedience. You will become Soul Devourer City’s heiress!”

Frost didn’t reply. A beautiful grin masked her face as five of her fingers open widely, causing a surge of cosmic energy to accumulate around her sword. The next moment, Frost once again rushed toward Ba Lin. Her sword sliced through the air in a perfect arc, trailing with cosmic energy, and forcefully hit Ba Lin’s sword. Frost murmured, “[Cosmic Blade]!”


Sparks flew. Although Ba Lin used all his might to defend himself from the attack, this amount of cosmic energy still phased through Ba Lin’s sword and hit his shoulder! With a “Peng! “, blood flew everywhere. The thick armor could not withstand the [Cosmic Blade]’s power, and with one strike, Ba Lin had taken heavy damage!

“Pa pa pa…” The war boots thumped against the ground as he was pushed backwards Ba Lin suddenly halted his body’s movement. He was shocked to see such tremendous damage to his shoulder, and he said frostily, “You… I didn’t expect you to know the ancient technique, [Cosmic Blade]. Dammit! It couldn’t be… you’re… you’re the legendary Dragon Knight Lieutenant of Dragon City —— Frost ・Magnificent?”

Frost raised her longsword and flatly said, “Don’t you call my name with your foul mouth. It’s a blasphemy to my honor. An inglorious beast like you isn’t even suitable to live on this planet. Go die!”

Ba Lin only laughed in response, “Interesting, interesting!. I’ve toyed with flame spirits deep in the forest, Ba Huang City’s wealthy heiresses, and even petite lightning spirits. But, never with the legendary Dragon City’s King Luo Lin’s strongest warrior——Frost! Today your luck is so good. I will break your limbs and slowly play with you!”

Ba Lin’s expression began to turn wild. Muscle from his entire body buffed up as his Qi started to circulate at tremendous speeds, and his blade shrieked. All of a sudden, raging flames spat out from his longsword. Ba Lin growled, “Taste the power of death! Dragon City dares to get involved in my town, that Luo Lin bastard’s too naive! Sending you here just spells your death! Today, I will make it so that you will no longer be able to belong to Dragon City!”

The longsword slashed thrice in succession. “Keng keng keng”, the three hits shook Frost’s sword. The pure force and energy released even caused the bricks from the ground to shatter and protrude, as if gravity had lost control. Even Frost’s defense collapsed from the incredible impact of the three downward slashes. The last attack even forced her back several meters. “Peng!” Frost slammed onto the brick wall!

“Await your doom!”

Ba Lin jumped up high. With his sword wrapped by raging flames, it suddenly released a biting attack!

The approaching fiery sword reflected in Frost’s eyes. She raised her hand, causing ice crystals to spin around her as she yelled, “[Frost Armor]!”

“Sha sha sha… ”

Tiny shattered pieces of ice slowly condensed around her, rapidly forming a protective layer of ice-cold armor that enveloped every part of her body. This was an armor made entirely from the ice element.


Ba Lin’s attack landed on the ice, momentarily shaking her protection and creating a crack.

Frost spread her arms and the blade in her hands floated in midair; it was the ability of controlling weaponry. The next moment, she pushed her hands forward in a quick and swift motion, causing her sword to fly right into Ba Lin’s chest. It collided with his chest piece, and a loud “Keng!”emanated through the air while sparks flew from his armor. The fierce lion decor on his chest instantly shattered into a million pieces!

“This… “

Ba Lin retreated multiple steps, coughing out blood. The rage in his eyes grew fiercer, “What kind of skill is this? To be able to freely control weaponry. Hmph, this… what ancient skill is this then? I’ve heard that Luo Lin got lots of lost treasures from excavating dragon tombs. It looks like the rumors are true; people from Dragon City really depend on grave robbing to set up start up!”

“I won’t allow you to insult King Luo Lin!”

Frost retracted her hand and softly muttered, “[Razor Rotation]!”

The longsword acted, flying around in the air as if it was alive. Suddenly, with a tail of elegance, it gloriously cut into Ba Lin’s back, causing blood to spray everywhere. Frost was untouchable at this point, and she controlled her weapon to attack Ba Lin ruthlessly, dropping the BOSS’s health to 40%. Frost’s attacking power was too overwhelming.



Behind me, an entire group of Unsullied quickly acted. A line of archers drew their bows, aiming at Frost. One of the knights shouted, “Aim… Kill Frost! Make this trespasser from Dragon City become a porcupine!”

“Sou sou sou…”

Arrows speed through the air towards Frost. Unable to dodge such a huge amount of arrows, Frost turned around and raised a hand. She collected energy to form a cyclone, shifting the trajectory of the arrows, and causing them to drop down onto the floor under her feet.


A fearsome amount of heat rushed toward Frost from behind, and she took the full brunt of the hit. Her silver armor cracked and blood splattered. I felt a surge of killing intent from the bottom of my soul, and I rushed forward, pointing my sword at Ba Lin. [Seven Star Fragments Slash]!


Ba Lin retreated many steps back. I went forward, slightly able to see a hint of helplessness in Frost’s eyes. I hugged her and activated the [Shield of the Crimson Dragon]! Behind me, a dense barrage of arrows showered on the Magic Spite Armor. In a flash, I had pretty much become a real porcupine! I immediately drank a Lv 10 potion, recovering 3000 health. Along with a [Heal], I fully recovered!

My Flaming Tiger God growled. [Burstfire Raid] managed to break into the Unsullied soldiers’ formation. Combined with a [Roar], all of them were at half health! The Soul Army started to wreak havoc. The several dozens of NPCs would start dying soon.

“Kill Ba Lin first!”

Frost resisted the pain on her back and stood up desperately. Another [Cosmic Icicle] formed on her sword, in addition to another [Cosmic Blade]. This time, Frost was putting everything she had into this one strike, even the possibility of being hit by the other party’s attack!


The cosmic energy attack hit Ba Lin on his shoulder once again. Blood sprayed like a fountain; it was truly a tragic scene. However, Ba Lin raised his boots again, gathering energy to throw a kick that resulted in Frost knocking into the wall behind her, completely destroying it.
“Wuu… ”

Frost lightly fell onto her knees on the cold bricks, covered in blood wounds and injuries. She grasped her sword tightly with one hand while looking at me. “Help me… help me delay him for just 5 seconds!”


Wielding my sword, I rushed forward. I used a [Blade Rush] after my [Binding Chains] missed. Turning around, I used a [Wind Blade], drawing 27% of the aggro. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. Ba Lin still targeted Frost!

Frost quietly knelt in her position, a dense ancient power gathering around her body. The power of the dragons were slowly arising; Frost was clearly casting another ancient magic. Furthermore, it took a lot of time to cast. If the skill got interrupted, it would be wasted!

Using a [Haste] buff, I abruptly stopped in front of Ba Lin. He immediately swung his longsword at me, “Get lost!”


I felt an intense pain on my arm. I was knocked back around 10 meters and immediately lost 3120 health. After using a [Heal], a white glow appeared under my feet. [Strength of a Thousand Men]!

Under the flurry of attacks, Ba Lin whimpered backwards. Finally, a [Combo] did the job!

Behind me, I heard Frost’s voice, “Get down… ”

I responded immediately. Dropping down onto both my knees, I clambered onto the ground. Directly above my head were the roars of dragons. Frost held up her sword; atop the tip of the sword, many images of ice dragons appeared. Plainly, Frost said, “[Decimating Ice Dragon], go!”


“Hong hong hong…”

An ice dragon formed by an incomprehensible amount of smaller ice blades surrounded Ba Lin. His health kept withering, hitting rock bottom in a flash!

However, a group of Unsullied also rushed forward. Frost, on the other hand, collapsed on the ground after releasing the [Decimating Ice Dragon]. For the time being, she had lost the ability to continue the battle.

Quickly dashing toward Ba Lin, I immediately waved my Emperor Qin’s Sword!


A giant, fat arm dropped onto the ground, and Ba Lin dropped dead at the same time. His arm had been completely cut off by me. I bent down and reached for his sword; this was the quest item. Holding it up high, I raised my voice and said, “All the people of Soul Devourer City, stop fighting and heed my command!”

The group of Unsullied troops were overwhelmed with shock. At a loss, they stood there unmoving and said, “Our king… our king is dead, our king was killed… ”

“Pa… ”

The first soldier knelt down on one leg. Soon after, the rest of the soldiers followed, showing their respect and loyalty. An entire group of Unsullied eventually knelt down in front of me. My guess was right, whoever owned this sword would be able to command the Unsullied!

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