Zhan Long

Chapter 308

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Chapter 308 Like a Lamb in a Tiger’s Den

Under the curtain of the night, I stood at the edge of a thorn brush covered in black robes with my glossy Emperor Qin’s Sword in hand. There were only a hundred or so meters between me and the Soul Devourer City. If I went any closer, I would definitely be seen by one of the archers that stood guard. Although I wore the clothes of the Unsullied, I still wasn’t sure whether or not the NPC monsters would be able to recognize me.

“Look over there…”

Frost pointed toward the west and said, “There’s a group of people coming…”

I looked over and indeed, there was a caravan with four big carts filled with supplies. There was also equipment, food, and even women. A group of wind elf women were caged in the middle of a cart. Their wings had been broken, and their bodies were covered in blood. Terrified, they could only watch and wait, unsure of what awaited them as they cried through the cloths that covered their mouths.

“They should go die…”

Frost made a fist and bit down as she said, “These dirty aristocrats….. to think that they would capture the wind elves in Ba Huang City to take advantage of their bodies…..”

I furrowed my brows and said, “Frost, remember what Luo Lin said before? Weren’t the Unsullied within Soul Devourer City castrated from birth to prevent these types of desires?”

“That’s right.” Frost’s eyes carried killing intent as she said, “But Ba Lin that old f*cker is still healthy. Besides, he has four sons, and has some under-the-table connections with the aristocrats in Jiu Li City. He goes around selling beautiful wind elves, human, and moon elf women to get gold. For the sake of money, Ba Lin became a fiend. He is the tyrant that rests near Ba Huang City, with an army at his hand and a greed without boundaries. Even Duke Luo Lei can’t control him.”

I tilted my head as I looked into the distance and said, “What are we waiting for? We should hurry over and mix into the crowd….”

“Huh? How do we mix in?”

“Just follow my lead!”

I reached out and took Frost’s hand and pulled her out of the brambles. Frost struggled for a second, then obediently let herself be pulled by me. She dipped her head to hide her burning cheeks, but I didn’t pay any attention. I focused on the escorting Unsullied that sat on their ice wolves as they wordlessly proceeded.


Suddenly, a halberd wielding Unsullied reigned in his mount and commanded it to rush over. He raised his halberd and yelled out, “Those two people over there, where did your mounts go?”

I looked at the Unsullied and on his shoulder was an insignia with a C on it. He was probably some kind of ranked military leader. Thus I made an angry face and said, “Don’t mention it. When we were at the eastern wilderness scouting, there were a few barbarians that mounted a sneak-attack on us. Our ice wolves were killed. Thank god we were good at running, or else we’d have lost our lives as well….”

The lieutenant’s eyes flashed coldly, “What? Damn, those barbarians appeared again in the eastern wilderness? Hmph, we need to report this to His Majesty, Ba Lin. The appearance of those barbarians will definitely bring some kind of catastrophe to Soul Devourer City.”

I nodded while looking at the carts and said, “Mister, you’ve gained quite a bit this time, not bad. There are so many women and supplies…”

The lieutenant laughed and said, “Of course. We looted Green Qilin Valley’s three towns and brought everything from their blacksmiths and storages back. Look, there are 24 women in these carts, and of them there are actually 17 virgins. Haha, King Ba Lin likes virgin wind elves the most! This time he’ll definitely reward me heavily!”

I smiled and said, “Congratulations mister. Why don’t we enter the city together?”

“Yup, alright!”


I reached out and pulled Frost’s hand, bringing her with me to follow behind the caravan. There was a freezing cold air completely enveloping Frost’s fist. It was her special ice-related combat skill. The leader’s words had made the incredibly righteous Dragon Knight Lieutenant extremely angry, to the point where I was starting to think that Frost would take off his head at any point.

I tightly held her hand and softly said, “Frost, don’t be impulsive… our goal is Ba Lin’s sword, not this small caravan leader…”

Frost grinded her teeth, her beautiful eyes revealing strong killing intent, but she finally nodded and replied in a low voice, “After I kill Ba Lin, I’ll free every young girl that has been imprisoned to become mere property.”

I smiled and said, “Even if you didn’t say that, I would’ve done it!”



The caravan made it to the city walls. The lieutenant then gave a secret signal to the guards at the top. The plan had indeed worked, and we easily snuck into the city. Once we entered, we found out that it wasn’t just big, it was spacious. On top of that, the buildings were extremely simple. There weren’t any merchant shops, just a smithy, a refinery, a practice area and a place where big machines of war meant to attack city walls were cast. It was basically a city built for the sole sake of battle. The city only existed because they had looted the places around it under the command of Ba Lin. Most of the Unsullied would sweep over the Ba Huang Plains like locusts corroding the borders of Ba Huang City, filling the area with desolation and hunger!

“You guys, just wait right here. I’ll let King Ba Lin know of the barbarian situation!” The lieutenant spurred on his wolf as he turned around to yell at me and Frost.

I panicked and asked, “Mister, you aren’t going to take us with you to meet the emperor?”

“Pf! What kind of status do you have that would let you meet our emperor? Go back to where you guys were supposed to be and leave the report to me!”


“What’s wrong?!” When he saw that I was still persistent, the lieutenant swept his halberd and rested its point on my neck. He coldly laughed, “Bastard, as an Unsullied, you need to learn obedience. Obey my commands, and if you dare say another word of defiance, or else I will immediately send you to an early grave, you useless worm!”

I suddenly opened up my hand and grabbed onto the long handle of his halberd. My cold glare stared right into his eyes. Motherf*cker, if anything, I could just fight him here and kill my way into the castle, no big deal!

“This bastard wants to rebel!”

The lieutenant couldn’t pull his halberd back and gave a shout. A group of Unsullied around us all pulled out their swords, pointing them straight at me and Frost.


Frost suddenly yelled out. She pulled off her head guard in front of all of the Unsullied, instantly revealing her incomparable beauty to everyone present. Even the cloak that covered her fragrant shoulder lightly fell to the ground, taking with it a ribbon that revealed two ample and moving peaks. Her silver armor and white cloak, the clothing of a heavenly beauty, appeared before the group of Unsullied. This was something that I believed none of the Unsullied have ever seen before.

“Gu Dong….”

The lieutenant sharply gulped. His eyes were full of desire as he said, “To think that there was actually such a enchanting woman on this planet. Why….why did she appear within the city?”

As he was talking, his gaze grew cold and he said, “Men, bring this woman to my room and pretend as though you have never seen her before!”

I couldn’t help but coldly laugh and say, “Mister, your bottom half is already useless. No matter how hypnotizing this woman is, you wouldn’t be able to use it anyway…..”


On one side, a bandit said in a low voice, “Mister, for a woman of such high quality… if the king finds out that you hid her for yourself, even if you died ten times over, it wouldn’t be enough…”

The lieutenant shook as he said, “Men, take these two to meet the king!”

“Yes sir!”

Under the escort of the Unsullied soldiers, Frost and I walked up a flight of steps toward the castle.

Frost walked by my side and she tilted her head to look at me, and whispered, “If I knew it was that easy before, would there have been any need to beat around the bush so much?”

I was speechless, and finally said, “That’s true. It’s almost like getting a taxi during rush hour. If a beautiful girl lifts her skirt to reveal her thighs, she can easily get a taxi.”

Frost was puzzled and said, “What’s rush hour?”

“Even if I tell you, you wouldn’t understand….”

“If you don’t tell me, of course I wouldn’t understand!”

“It’s….. it’s a certain period of time, like when all the sentries of Dragon City begin changing guards. It’s that point when there’s a lot of movement in the city and too many people to get around easily…”

“Oh, it’s like during the period of changing guards…”



In the distance, the laughter of girls traveled to our ears from a castle that was similar to a flourishing palace. When Frost and I reached the palace’s platform, there was a thin transparent curtain that blocked our view——

On top of the giant throne, an obese Ba Lin lay atop it, with two flirtatious wind elves in his embrace. One of them held a silver platter and plucked grapes to feed to Ba Lin, while the other softly massaged him. Ba Lin’s hands rubbed against their butts, his eyes half-closed in pleasure.

“Your majesty!”

The lieutenant knelt before the throne and said, “We found an exceedingly beautiful woman outside of the city and have brought her here; do you want to see her?”

Ba Lin opened his eyes and suddenly noticed Frost. At the same time his entire body shook and he sat up saying, “Gods, such a beauty… Hurry… hurry up…”

The lieutenant was puzzled, “Your majesty, hurry up and do what?”

“Hurry up and remove her armor, I want to see her body…”



“Shua Shua!”

Rays of frosty light began revolving around Frost’s body as she began raising her strength. “Bang!”, the ropes that bound her broke. She raised a hand and smiled, “Ba Lin, today is the day of your death, did you know that?”


In the distance, the sheathed sword flew out of its bindings, scaring the guard that held onto it. All he could do was watch as the sword flew into the throne room, into Frost’s waiting hand.

I also quickly changed my equipment, allowing the Emperor Qin’s Sword to appear in my hand. With a wave of my hand, the Flaming Tiger God appeared from a summoning hexagram and jumped out beside me. He roared, scaring all of the surrounding Unsullied soldiers; they looked as if they had never seen such a fierce beast!


“Damn it!”

Ba Lin slammed his hand down and stood up as he bellowed, “This woman has godly strength. Give me my sword and battle robe. Today I’ll break this flower. That bastard is also pretty strong. Unsullied, gather together and mince him!”

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