Zhan Long

Chapter 307

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Chapter 307: This place is too big

“How long has it been since we last met?” Frost softly said as she looked into the distance.

I thought for a moment, “Around half a month.”

“Half a month huh……” Frost let out a sigh and her lips twitched into a smile as she said, “Time passes so quickly. It’s almost as though I haven’t seen anything else but the revival of Dragon City.”

I glanced around, and noticed that there was a bandage wrapped around her shoulder. There was even quite a bit of blood on it and thus I asked, “That… who gave you that wound?”

Frost tilted her head and looked at me, “Oh, its nothing. I was just shot by an arrow. It was at a fight a week ago in the east part of the wilderness. Our reinforcements were attacked by a group of cowardly Thorn people. They were covered in sharp thorns, so they were hard to deal with, and there were over ten thousand of them…”

I asked, “Then how did you guys win against them?”

Frost smiled, as her beautiful eyes carried a hint of ruthlessness as she said, “We led them into a desolated valley, then burned them all to the ground. That way, they wouldn’t be able to cause any trouble for Dragon City’s Reinforcements…”

I shivered and said, “That…”

“Is that too cruel?” Frost turned around and smiled at me, her eyes completely cold, “For the sake of the rise of Dragon City, I’ve already sold my soul. For the sake of Dragon City, I’ll do whatever it takes, even if it means that I have to become a cold-blooded killer. I’m willing to do anything.”

I fell into deep thought and sat down on the side of the observation deck. My Emperor Qin’s Sword lay across my lap as I looked into the distance.

Frost looked at me and said, “What, do you think I’m too lowly for you now? Do you… do you want to leave me now?”

I said, “I won’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because I’ve said before: if you accept me, then I’ll use my life to protect Dragon City and protect you. That will never change in this lifetime.”

“That will never change in this lifetime… never change in this lifetime…”

Frost knit her brows together and said nothing more. She just stood at my side.


A few minutes later, Frost suddenly became alert. Her battle boots softly treaded on the snow as her body slowly drifted across the ground. Her beautiful eyes carried her battle spirit as she said, “Who is it! Get out here right now!”

“Frost, it’s me!”

From the air, a grey silhouette softly jumped down. It was a young general that carried a sword, clothed in an exquisite armor. His pair of deep black eyes reflected a playful look within them.

The person who came was none other than Luo Lin, Dragon City’s Earl, and our true commander.

Frost quickly knelt to the ground and said, “Mr. Luo Lin, please forgive your underling for being so disrespectful!”

Luo Lin nodded and said, “Please rise, it’s no big deal!”

Frost said, “Mister, aren’t you discussing important matters in the main hall? Why… why did you come to the observation deck all by yourself? It’s extremely cold here, you should go back…”

Luo Lin laughed and said, “Frost, did you forget that I had also started off as a scout like you? In the past, there were numerous cold nights when we had to go out into the sea of snow and kill violent beasts. What’s this little observation deck count as? I came out in the middle of the night to work out my bones and muscles, as well as to clear my head a bit…”

Frost was stunned, “Mister, is there anything worrying you?”

Luo Lin nodded and said, “Yup, just this afternoon, one branch of Dragon City’s cavalry was attacked in the Ba Huang Wilderness. Seven people were killed and we lost nine of our battle horses. Even the team’s leader, Aike, died in battle. He was a boy that I had brought from the town, and I was feeling a little guilty…”


Frost made a fist and angrily said, “Who dares to attack our recon cavalry troops?”

Luo Lin took a deep breath and said, “It was Ba Lin’s Unsullied Cavalry under the Wolf Clan’s Soul Devourer City’s duke in Ice Ridge Mountain!”

“The Unsullied Cavalry?”

“Yes.” Luo Lin’s face was heavy as he said, “Unsullied Cavalry. It’s a rare type of land based army. Every Unsullied soldier must be an orphan, and on the day they are born, they must be castrated. That way, they’ll lose all of their desires and will become stronger. Ba Lin that old bastard dug out a few wolf dens from outside of the city, and obtained over a thousand ice wolf cubs. He’s trained those ice wolves to become mounts, and has thus created a formidable Unsullied cavalry. They don’t feel any pain, and they only follow the orders of Ba Lin. Legend has it that whoever has Ba Lin’s sword can command that branch of one thousand Unsullied!

Frost’s beautiful eyes glowed, “Mister, you mean that…”

“Exactly!” Luo Lin waved his fist and smiled, “Dragon City is now facing danger from both the North and the West, so we need to quickly rebuild our strength. I plan to assign every soldier that is above rank 7 to attack the Soul Devourer City, kill Ba Lin, and steal his sword. That way, I can command the one thousand Unsullied soldiers and turn them into Dragon City’s army, which would follow only Dragon City’s orders!”

Frost narrowed her eyes and said, “Mister, is obtaining the Unsullied really that pressing of a matter?”

Luo Lin nodded and said, “Our battle with the Dark Dwarves had resulted in many losses. The three great cities can’t assign any more elite battle students to join the ranks of Dragon City. The recruitment posters that we’ve posted in each city have been ripped within minutes of being put up. There’s no other way, we can only choose the path where we will gain more soldiers, and what better way is there than to obtain the Unsullied? Plus the ice wolves are extremely sturdy and they run extremely fast, which gives them a great impact force. They’re the best way to deal with the Dark Dwarves.”

“But…… If we assign so many soldiers to Soul Devourer City, we’ll definitely receive many losses. Instead of that….”

Frost’s clear eyes brought out her battle intent as she said, “How about you just let me go? I can sneak into Soul Devourer City without a sound, kill Ba Lin, steal his sword, and bring the Unsullied army to Dragon City. Mister just needs to send down the rope…”

“You… can you really do it?”

“May master please have trust in me!” Frost knelt to the ground.

Luo Lin grunted and suddenly looked towards me as he said, “Then I’ll leave this to you, Frost. You are our Dragon City’s Dragon Knight Lieutenant. You are also my most trusted general. Why don’t you bring your student along, maybe that little brat can help with something?”

“Huh?” Panic flashed through Frost’s eyes and she said, “Mister, it can’t be done. He… his experience is too little. Soul Devourer City’s King Ba Lin is extremely cruel. If something goes wrong…”

I stood up and softly said, “Frost, don’t say anything more. I’ll go with you. I don’t want you to go to that sort of a place by yourself anyway!”

Frost made a fist and lowered her voice as she said, “Idiot, you’ll die!”

I picked up my sword and said, “I won’t. Besides, even if I die, it should be enough in exchange for your chance to live…”


Frost gave a deep sigh, then smiled and said, “Alright. Pack up your things and set off with me!”

“I’m ready whenever you are…”

“Then…” Frost looked up at the sky. A snowflake fell onto her cheek and she said, “Then let’s leave now, while the sun isn’t up yet. We’ll go to Soul Devourer City and take the power to command the Unsullied!”




[System Notification]: You have accepted an SS level quest 【Seize the Authority】!

Quest Details: Head to northwest of Ba Huang City to Soul Devourer City, assisted by 【Frost – Magnificent】, and kill the city’s King Ba Lin. Also take his sword and give the authority to command 1000 Unsullied to Dragon City’s Duke Luo Lin. After this quest is complete, you will receive an extremely generous reward!


Awesome, an SS quest. The experience and equipment would be extremely good. Not to mention the fact that there’d at least be a +5 charm increase. However, there was a condition that Frost couldn’t die, or else everything would be over.

As I stood on a side of the observation deck I said, “Should we climb the long way down from the side?”

“No need…”

Frost walked up to me, then wrapped a hand around my armor and said, “Hold on tight!”


Reaching out, I hugged onto my beautiful teacher’s perfumed shoulder. At that moment a delicate fragrance wafted toward me. I didn’t even have time to enjoy the smell before Frost suddenly rushed down the city wall. Her shoes stepped upon miniature cycles of air flow, and just like a snowflake dancing in the air, she landed at the bottom of Dragon City. Although it wasn’t actual flight, it was not too different from the experience.

The two of us steadily landed onto the ground. Frost looked at me and smiled, “You can let go of me now…”

“Oh, sorry…”

I quickly let go. Frost then smiled and said, “There’s no need to apologize. Shall we head out?”


I began running into the distance, following Frost, even though she had purposely walked a bit slower to wait for me. Her battle robes flowed behind her. Running with such a beautiful teacher was quite an enjoyable experience!

After half an hour, we could see a black city in the distant plains. Behind it was the towering Ice Ridge Mountain. This city was practically parallel to Dragon City, able to survive the harsh conditions of the environment. It was clear that the city’s master had the means to complete such a feat.

“Be careful!”

Frost immediately rushed before me to shield me. Her hand seemed to grasp the air and “Pa!”, she had grabbed onto an arrow that was shot in my direction. The arrowhead was even releasing a cold glow; it was absolutely terrifying!

I scanned the area. The attack had come from the bushes, where a soldier was riding a great white wolf. This was the legendary Unsullied, a Lv 75 Phantom Tier monster! I reached out and activated [Binding Chains], and “Pa!” I bound the giant wolf to the ground. I opened my hand again and activated [Great Realm of Desolation]!


Frost lifted her sword and walked over, “Make it quick, don’t let this create too much sound!”

I waved my Emperor Qin’s Sword and activated a [Combo], taking away another chunk of the Unsullied’s health. With a small wave of Frost’s sword, “Ka Cha”, the soldier’s head had flown off. Blood spurted everywhere, and the body even jerked a few times.

I looked toward the city and Frost gave a deep sigh as she said, “Let’s kill another Unsullied. We can put on their clothes to infiltrate the city. Otherwise there’s no way we can penetrate the center to get to Ba Lin.”


As we walked forward, there was another Unsullied that was beheaded by Frost. I pulled on its cloak and helmet. Since the Magic Spite Armor was already black, it was already similar enough to the Unsullied outfit, so I didn’t need to cover anything. As for the wolf mounts, there was no need. My level was not high enough to ride any mounts. The settings for players and NPCs were different. For a Lv 75 mount, players had to be Lv 100 to ride it; there was no such thing as fairness.



Black robes flew behind Frost, revealing the entire set of Unsullied armor she was wearing underneath. She looked at me and I looked back at her.

“What’s wrong? Does something not look right?” She asked.

I pointed toward her ample chest and said, “That’s… too big…”

At that moment, Frost’s cheeks grew red. However, she quickly regained her composure and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll use a chest plate cover to cover it up. People most likely won’t notice, don’t worry…”

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