Zhan Long

Chapter 306

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Chapter 306: I Miss you

“Little Snow!”

Dawn Hero rushed forward a few steps and suddenly grabbed onto Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands’ hand and said, “I won’t let you stay in [Zhan Long] by yourself. I’ll definitely keep you by my side, I….”

Thousand Suns’ beautiful eyes reflected her disgust as she said, “We already have nothing to do with each other, go away……”

“No, Little Snow, let me explain…”



A strong hand grabbed onto Dawn Hero’s shoulder. Li Mu’s eyes had turned cold, with just a little strength he pulled Dawn Hero’s hand away and coldly said, “Back off. Tang Xue is one of [Zhan Long]’s people. Just try and touch her…”

“What…. what kind of sh*t are you?!”

Dawn Hero suddenly became furious. He abruptly unsheathed his long sword, and swung it down towards Li Mu’s shoulder.

“Sha sha…”

My Divine Battle Boots brushed against the ground, and I suddenly appeared in front of Li Mu. I raised my right arm, and a “Bang” resounded as the other party’s sword collided with my shoulder armor. The Magic Spite Armor glowed a faint indigo color and greatly decreased the strength of the attack. At the same time, a 571 damage number flew out. As expected, Dawn Hero’s attack was not low.

My body slightly dipped, and I lifted up my leg to throw a fierce kick at him!


Dawn Hero cried out in pain as was kicked into his chest, sending him sliding backward in the grass 5 meters away. With a whimper, he knelt to the ground. Although his armor wasn’t bad, mine was still far superior; my strength was light years better than his.

I looked at Dawn Hero and indifferently said, “Tang Xue is now one of [Zhan Long]’s people. If you dare touch a single strand of hair on her head, then I’ll make sure you won’t even be able to take a step into Ba Huang City. If any guild wants to cover for you, then I, as well as [Zhan Long], will pull you and your guild out of this city. I, Li Xiao Yao, am faithful on my word. If you don’t believe me, just try to test me!”


Dawn Hero’s face paled, and he weakly stood up. The sword in his hand began to shake as he said, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, don’t meddle in other people’s affairs. This wasn’t even a problem to begin with!”

I bit down and reached to pull out my Emperor Qin’s Sword. I glanced over at Liu Ying and Little Piggy then roared, “Liu Ying, if you don’t control the people in your guild, don’t blame me if I teach him a lesson!”

Liu Ying gritted his teeth and tightly gripped his knuckles, “Dawn, come back!”

Little Piggy rushed over and reached out to grab Dawn Hero’s wrist, and said a hushed voice, “Give up, Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands is no longer interested in you. You’re not the boy from the past, and she’s not the naive little girl from the beginning either. Everyone matures and becomes strangers. Give up on this woman, she doesn’t love you….”

Dawn Hero’s eyes were red and swollen as he said, “Little Piggy Brother, but I … but I …”

“Don’t say anymore, let’s go. I know Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s character very well; he really won’t have any mercy when he fights…”

“Then… then alright…”


All of the people from [Wrath of the Heroes] turned around and began to go to their own practice grounds. Liu Ying picked up his sword and looked at me as he said, “Li Xiao Yao, this was a small misunderstanding. I hope you don’t take this to heart.”

I wryly smiled and said, “How could I, Liu Classmate? I know very well what kind of a person you are. When the time comes that we have to fight, I’ll do my best not to say much.”


As I watched the people from [Wrath of the Heroes] leave one by one, I also sheathed my Emperor Qin’s Sword and looked at Thousand Suns next to me. I lightly smiled and patted her shoulder as I said, “Tang Xue, you should think more openly about this. In any person’s life, who hasn’t loved a few scum…”

Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands nodded and said, “Yea. Guild Master, I’m so sorry. I didn’t think that I’d bring so much trouble to the guild…”

I laughed and said, “It’s nothing. Just think of this as a guild practice drill. Besides, you’re one of us. Your business is everyone’s business. Not to mention it was [Wrath of the Heroes]. In reality, we’ve already declared our guilds to be enemies; it’s just that now, Tyrant of Western Chu already knows that he’s not our equal. Once [Wrath of the Heroes] actually rises up, then the first one he’ll want to deal with is [Hero’s Mound]’s First Division, and then it’ll be our [Zhan Long]…..”

On the side, Lian Po wryly smiled and said, “Looks like… our Guild Master hasn’t gotten drunk on victory yet. Indeed, that’s the reality of the situation. The more talented a person is, the more hate they’ll receive. [Zhan Long] is the same; the stronger we are, the more jealous hatred we’ll get. The only way to deal with it is to become stronger, so strong that others would tremble and acknowledge their defeat. That’s the only way [Zhan Long] will never fall on the Chinese server…”

“Yup, Uncle’s right!”

I looked toward Matcha, “Next, what plans does the guild have?”

Matcha was one of [Zhan Long]’s four elders, and her position was the same as Wolf’s or Li Mu’s. There was a lot of events that she had organized, and she was equivalent to almost half of a Vice Guild Master. She looked through the calendar, then lifted her head and smiled, “There are 7 strategic goals today. Of those, there are 4 that are Purple Tier BOSSes, and 3 Emperor Tier BOSSes. We’ve already sent people over to fulfill these tasks. Afterward, we’ll disperse in Green Unicorn Valley to grind levels and complete quests. Recently there’s a branch of NPC corps from Ba Huang City that are stationed in Green Qilin Valley, and they give a lot of experience. Also…..”

Matcha contemplated for a second, then said, “There are also quite a few players that aren’t from [Zhan Long] that have been entering Green Qilin Valley to grind. Boss, what should we do about this?”

I waved my hand and said, “Green Qilin Valley’s so big, and the monsters respawn quickly. They could just be working on a quest. Solo players and groups under 100 people can enter as they please, but players from big guilds are restricted, especially [Hero’s Mound] and [Flying Dragon]. If any players from those guilds try to enter, then kill them all!”

“Yup, got it…..”


With nothing to do, the group of [Zhan Long] people went to grind levels and increase the guild experience. Presently, we were already a Level 4 guild. Our players were split up into: Guild Max: 3000 people, Guild Members: 2977 people, Online Members: 2218. It looked like [Zhan Long] was really starting to rise up in Ba Huang City. We already had over 2000+ people, and it was only mid-day. In the afternoon or at night, perhaps we’d get over 2500 people online. Like this, [Zhan Long]’s 2500 elite could go out to battle at anytime. That was true battle power. Even [Vanguard] and [Prague] couldn’t ignore our existence anymore!

I picked up the Emperor Qin’s Sword and brought my Flaming Tiger God through Ba Huang Forest. This time, our destination was——Dragon City. It had already been a long time since I went to find my master, Frost. I had been extremely busy recently, so she should have some quests to give me.

The Flaming Tiger God played around as it walked through the forest. Sometimes it would leap, other times it would crawl, and sometimes it would even get ready to pounce. Its two ears would sometime twitch, demonstrating that besides its imposing looks, it also had a few points of cuteness as well. On top of its head, the two words Cang Tong were extremely clear. Looking at them, I unconsciously smiled and couldn’t help but open my friend list. Seeing Cang Tong Beauty’s ID was lit up, I sent a message, “Wan Er…..”

“Yes?” Wan Er replied, “What’s up?”

“I miss you…”

“Too fake!”


“Then come to Fan Shu City to see me…”

“I’m too busy….” I smiled into the phone.

Wan Er’s picture showed a slight lovable mischievousness, “Hehe, everyone’s been saying that if you really miss a person, no matter if there was a thousand mountains and a million rivers to cross, you’d still go to meet her. That’s enough to show that you’re lying. You don’t actually miss me…”

“But, we just left each other 30 minutes ago…”

“Eh…..” Lin Wan Er began to blush and said, “Ah, it seems to be that way… Wu, I’m not talking with you anymore. Dong Cheng is pulling me really hard. I need to do my work; you’re already Lv 70 and I’m only Lv 69, so I’ve fallen behind…..”

“That’s no problem. These days I’ll just be doing a few quests and wait for you. Good luck on grinding! It’s also getting close to when you and Dong Cheng join [Zhan Long]…..”

“I know, I’ve been prepared at every moment…”

“Yup, good…”


Just as I was turning off my communications, Wan Er’s picture looked at me. Her large eyes fluttered for a moment, while her lips turned upward as she smiled at me. Watching it made my own heart flutter. Too bad the moment passed too quickly. I didn’t have enough time to relish the moment, but at the same time, I was too embarrassed to video call again. I could only regretfully make a fist and said, “Stupid hand, why’d you close it so quickly!”

I climbed mountains and crossed rivers, and not long afterward, I finally arrived at Dragon City. With my sword on my back, I stood at the bottom of the city wall. Before I needed to say anything, a rope was thrown down for me. I grabbed onto it and lightly climbed to the top. My level had increased quite a bit and thus my strength had also increased. A simple task like climbing, had become easier than before.


I softly landed on the pile of snow within the city wall. On one side, a Dragon City soldier rushed over to welcome me. He held one hand over his chest and said, “Mr Xiao Yao Zi Zai, are you here to see Ms. Frost?”

I was slightly puzzled. It seems as though since Frost had taken me in as her student, my position in Dragon City had also risen. Although I was still just a Dragon City Night Watch, my status was vastly different from that of a normal Dragon City soldier.

I nodded and said, “Yes. Where is Frost?”

The soldier pointed toward the East and said, “Ms. Frost is in that observation tower. Every night at nightfall, she stares into the distance by herself. No one dares to disturb her. Mister, how about you wait for a bit?”

I shook my head and said, “No need, I’ll go look for her!”



I braced myself against the wind and sleet as I climbed up the tower, step by step, to the high observation deck. The observation deck’s area was extremely wide, and there were piles of snow everywhere. In the midst of the blizzard, a lone body stood on one side of the observation deck. Under her feet was a deep abyss, but she didn’t seem scared at all. Behind her, the wind danced, revealing her snowy white legs while her battle boots glowed a faint silver. The wind revealed a sword at her hip amidst her battle robe, safely sheathed away. Her long locks flowed with the wind. The scene evoked a strong sense of a traveler’s nostalgia and grief.

“Sha sha….”

My Divine Battle Boots stepped across the snow as I arrived beside Frost. I turned around to look at her. Snowflakes had landed on her long eyelashes as she blinked into the distance in the curtain of night; there was only darkness.

“Frost, what are you looking at?” I asked.

Frost continued to look into the distance, then softly said, “I’m looking… looking North of Dragon City. I’m looking… looking at the direction of where our soldiers are guarding, and watching… watching the possibility of all of them being killed. When will they appear, and when will they start to attack Dragon City? Exactly when will the war between the Seven Great Kingdoms start?

I stared blankly, “But I don’t see anything…”

Frost smiled, “There will come a day when you can see it.”

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