Zhan Long

Chapter 304

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Chapter 304 Compensation

“Why can’t we?”

“Why is it not possible?”

Ou Yang Nuo Yan also stood up, her eyes looking straight at me, “Emperor Qin’s Sword [Kill for Blood] hasn’t gone public. This has already broken the system’s balance. Just based on that point, you’ve already gotten an impressive reward from the City of the Ancients, and I won’t argue with you over that, but the Emperor Qin’s Sword can’t continue like this. Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you are number one among China’s elite. I hope that you understand the situation the company is in. We’re determined to protect the balance and fairness of the game. Neither the number one Swordsman, Jian Feng Han, or the number one Mage, Simple, have no way of fighting against your Emperor Qin’s Sword; that fact itself already demonstrates the problem.”

Behind Ou Yang Nuo Yan was a young male who wore a suit. He smiled and said, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, just give up. Our CEO even personally came to Hangzhou for you, why don’t you give her some face?”

I thought about it, then nodded, “Ok, but I’ll only accept weakening the Emperor Qin’s Sword. I won’t accept returning the sword. This equipment came from my blood and sweat; I definitely won’t just give it to you because you said so.”

Ou Yang Nuo Yan let a sigh of relief and smiled, “Alright, then we’ll just weaken the Emperor Qin’s Sword!”

I sat down and politely motioned for her to sit too, “Come, let’s sit down to continue this discussion…”


Ou Yang Nuo Yan ordered a cup of coffee and wryly smiled as she opened up the folder and glanced through, “Our game’s engineering team has said that the Emperor Qin’s Sword is a Valkyrie Tier weapon, so its original attributes are already extremely strong. The best upper limit for [Kill For Blood] is 50%, which means that after you kill 50 people, the [Kill For Blood] will not increase anymore….”


I was stunned and said, “That gap is just too much. You have to give me something in return…..”

“What, you also want some compensation?” The black suited young man glared at me.

I glared right back and said, “What, does the gaming company want me to pay for a mistake that they made? Doesn’t [Destiny]’s company take pride in its reputation as being the most perfect game? Would a perfect game require a weak player to give up a weapon that had already come into his possession? I must be compensated, or else I’ll spread this news around, then invite a few writers to write out the story of this BUG into a 24 chapter book that will be spread throughout Tianqiao, Beijing. Then I’ll see how you guys would survive….”

“This….” Ou Yang Nuo Yan’s mouth twitched, and her beautiful eyes looked at me as she said, “It looks like Li Xiao Yao is definitely not a normal person. Alright then, compensation it is. We’ll weaken the Emperor Qin’s Sword and give it an upper limit of 50%, and we’ll give you 2 million RMB as compensation. This money will be transferred to your bank account in one hour. Does that satisfy you?”

I shook my head and said, “No, I don’t want a monetary compensation. I want a compensation through the game….”


Ou Yang Nuo Yan slapped the table and stood up, glaring at me, “You bastard, don’t get too ahead of yourself. Exactly what kind of compensation do you want?”

I thought about it for a second then said, “Give the Emperor Qin’s Sword the ability to improve, and…. can be bound to the player so that it can’t be dropped.”


Ou Yang Nuo Yan’s mouth widened as she said, “That…. that isn’t exactly suitable. In the set rules for [Destiny], only the Divine Tier and Epic God Tier swords have the ability to never be dropped. But for your Valkyrie Tier, no, it can’t be done…….”

I looked at her, and smiled, “What’s wrong with that? You’re the CEO of the Chinese sector. You have at least this much power. Hmph, such a simple fact… even an elementary school student knows this much. Don’t try to trick me!”

Ou Yang Nuo Yan gritted her teeth and said, “Alright then… I’ll give your Emperor Qin’s Sword the ability to get stronger and never be dropped. But the most the sword can advance to is Saint Tier, no more than that!”

I said, “Nope, I want the kind that can advance to Epic God Tier….”

“That can definitely not be done. It can’t be higher than Saint Tier; it can only advance once. Otherwise that will break the balance of the game….” Ou Yang Nuo Yan’s voice began to tremble. It looks like she was starting to get emotional; her cheeks were turning red, and she had already lost her original composure as the CEO of [Destiny]’s China Sector.

Wan Er smiled as she looked up at Ou Yang Nuo Yan and said, “Beautiful Ou Yang, how about the highest advancement being Divine Tier? Otherwise, this guy, Li Xiao Yao, will definitely keep bothering you until he’s satisfied. You have no idea, once when he was at the supermarket, he was able barter a 5 RMB/pound chicken to be 10RMB for a 3 pound chicken. He’s especially sketchy when it comes to bartering. Sometimes even Dong Cheng can’t take it….”

Although she was badmouthing me, I still gave her a grateful glance. A Divine Tier sword was second only to one, and it had four additional attributes. It was practically a godly weapon! Assuming that the Emperor Qin Sword’s final advancement was a Divine Tier, hehe, then I’d have hit the jackpot!


Ou Yang Nuo Yan bit on her lip, then hesitated for a while. Finally she looked at me and smiled apologetically, “Then…. please wait a moment, I’ll make a call to Central and ask. If it is okay, then we’ll just go with Beauty Cang Tong’s request….”

I nodded and smiled, “Yup, thank you Nuo Yan……”

“No problem, you almost killed me……”


Ou Yang Nuo Yan turned around and pulled out her phone as she lowered her voice to talk for a bit. After a while, she turned back around and nodded as she smiled and said, “Yup, Central has agreed to the changes for Emperor Qin’s Sword. [Kill For Blood] will be limited to 50%. Also…. it can advance two times, and be bound to the player, Xiao Yao Zi Zai. Is that enough?”

I nodded, then cautiously looked at Ou Yang Nuo Yan’s elegantly attractive face and asked, “For the second advancement, can I skip a stage of the advancement….”

“You’ve got enough……”

Ou Yang Nuo Yan glared at me, “If you skipped a level to advance, wouldn’t that mean that it’d advance to an Epic God Tier anyway? Hmph, the number of Epic God Tier equipment have been limited on the servers, how could we let you get one so easily? Besides, there were originally only a handful of Epic God Tier swords. Don’t even think about it, even I don’t have that kind of power….”

I let out a laugh and said, “Alright, then I’ll just thank you beautiful Ou Yan for your help. This noon… how about I invite you for lunch, are you willing to honor me with your presence?”

Ou Yang Nuo Yan nodded and said, “Alright…”

On one side, the black suited young man said in a low voice, “Chairman, this afternoon you still have a meeting… the flight has already been scheduled. Besides, your father has already said that he doesn’t want you getting to know any of the players, since he’s afraid this might warrant some misunderstandings.”

Ou Yang Nuo Yan looked up at the young man, then suddenly laughed and said, “Do I seem like the type to come out and relax with people like Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Cang Tong and Cang Yue all the time? Besides, if you don’t say anything, my dad won’t know. Ok, it’s settled. Change the flight to 2:30, I want to eat lunch in Hangzhou… Don’t you go tattling, or else you’re doomed for sure ……”

The young man helplessly nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll do as you say, since you’re the boss….”

Ou Yang Nuo Yan proudly smiled and looked toward us, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai and the apples of his eyes, how about you take me out for lunch?”

I pointed at the street across from the store and said, “How about Xiang Wei Gan? It’s a famous local restaurant. Their cooking skills are definitely top notch….”

“Alright, since you’re the host, I’ll follow your arrangements!”



After going down the stairs, I accompanied the young [Destiny]’s China CEO, and entered Xiang Wei Gan. I chose a VIP room, then I, Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, and Ou Yang Nuo Yan fit perfectly around one table. The young government officials were extremely reserved; they probably never had the chance to eat with a CEO in Beijing before, and were all so nervous their ears were burning.

To break the ice, I raised up my juice cup and smiled, “Come, lets make a toast….”

Ou Yang Nuo Yan chuckled and said, “Sure….”

Following that, I said, “Ou Yang Beauty seems to be around 20 years old right? How amazing….. for someone so young to already have become [Destiny]’s Chinese branch’s CEO. Look at the two next to me, they’re also 20 years old but are still just girls, who always ditch class and by the end of the week have to remediate at least three classes. Just thinking about their futures makes my head ache….”

Wan Er blushed and lightly punched me as she said, “Bastard, when have I ever had to take remedial class? Hehe, watch me get 7 A’s, that will scare you to death….”

Dong Cheng Yue added, “Exactly, Brother Xiao Yao, you’re such an ass. How could Wan Er and I skip classes? We’re definitely getting 7 A’s. Unlike other people who are fated to get 7 Z’s…….”

With that tantrum from the two girls, Ou Yang Nuo Yan’s subjects began to laugh. The atmosphere in the room felt much less tense.

“I’m really not that much….”

Ou Yang Nuo Yan laughed and said, “When I was really small, I learned management with my father. I’m sitting in this spot because he was one of [Destiny]’s founders, and plus…. these beauties, Cang Tong and Cang Yue, are not simple girls. Lin Wan Er has clearly experienced much in her life, and has so much popularity in Asia. On top of that, Cang Tong’s father is Lin Tian Nan, haha, I don’t need to say much else; everyone already gets it. How can a game’s sector match with an empire? As for beauty Cang Yue……..”

Dong Cheng Yue looked down and said, “I beg you, don’t say it. I don’t have that big of a background. Wu wu, I’m just the neighborhood girl….”

Ou Yang Nuo Yan gave a short laugh and said, “Yea right, if you count as a neighborhood girl, then that’s one neighborhood full of little miss perfects……”

I looked at the table full of dishes and said, “Let’s just hurry up and eat, I’m dying from starvation….”

“Alright, Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s paying, so we have to eat a lot!”


And thus, we ate while talking about [Destiny]. Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were both extremely clever girls, and managed to steal some secrets about the game from Ou Yang Nuo Yan. Although Ou Yang Nuo Yan had been extremely careful, she still ended up leaking quite a bit. Even her cheeks had started to glow red, knowing that her opponents were much more cunning than herself.

At around one o’clock, we sent Ou Yang Nuo Yan and her group of people out of downtown Hangzhou.

I brought the two girls out to the streets and began to head back.

“Beep beep…..”

My cell phone suddenly started to beep; it was a call from Wolf——

“Brother Xiao Yao, something’s happened!”

“What’s wrong, Little Wolf?”

Wolf anxiously said, “That motherf*cker, [Wrath of the Heroes] is trying to take our Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands back!”

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