Zhan Long

Chapter 303

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Chapter 303 Ou Yang Luo Yan

When the announcements stopped, I brought out a team of [Zhan Long]’s people to look from the distance. Indeed, within a few minutes, a large crowd of people had already gathered in front of the small shop, National Beauty. Quite a few people were aiming for the Ottoman Leg Guards; after all, Emperor Tier equipment were currently considered super high class, especially heavy armors. The stats were exceptionally good, a definite winner among the top heavy armored players.


I set the settings such that 10% of National Beauty’s profits would be directly transferred to One Second Hero’s account. The most important thing to do as a person is to keep one’s promises; no matter how great that 10% was, I could not have any selfish thoughts. After all, he had given us coal in a blizzard when we needed it most.
TL: “gave us coal in the blizzard” is an idiom referring to how they had been given help when they most needed it.

“Someone has already made an offer for the Ottoman Leg Guards….” Matcha wryly smiled, “170k G….”

I nodded, “Just keep waiting, there’ll definitely be someone who’ll give a higher offer. Nowadays, Emperor Tier equipment are high in demand……”

“190k G…….”

“211k G…..”

The price kept rising and suddenly, Matcha’s small mouth widened and she gasped, “Boss… this… this suddenly became 500k! This is way too ridiculous. I don’t know who bought it, but I don’t think there’ll be a higher offer….”

The other players couldn’t figure out who had offered this price, but since I had the power of a shop owner, I was allowed to see behind the scenes of the auction. I scanned the information; the 500k G was no one but Wang Ze Cheng. That bastard was actually planning on becoming an RMB player to the end!

“If this keeps up, Cang Cheng will probably have an entire suit of Emperor Tier equipment…..” One Second Hero said as he coldly laughed.

I gripped Emperor Qin’s Sword and smiled, “No matter, even if he has an entire suit of Emperor Tier equipment, the end result will still be the same. We can cut him down anytime we want without needing to greet him…..”

“Alright…. Guild Master, you’re very formidable….”


We continued to watch National Beauty’s operation; the Lv 10 red potions were especially popular, and almost every one sold out the second it was made. Given their ability to immediately recover 3000 health, they were too domineering, and especially necessary for Main Tanks to use when fighting BOSSes. The potion was practically equivalent to a high level Healer using a Lv 7 [Heal] 2 times; it was a life saving medicine!

Standing at the marketplace in Ba Huang City’s North Gate, I relished the feeling of money flowing in from National Beauty. One Second Hero also wore a big smile and said, “Looks like my investment will be returned within three months, and that’s a conservative estimate. This National Beauty will bring in at least 20M in profits. Congratulations, Guild Master! You’ve hit the jackpot!”

I smiled and said, “Don’t congratulate me!”

“Why not?” He asked, puzzled.

I contemplated for a moment and said, “I will be transparent about all of National Beauty’s finances. The [God of Commerce Badge] didn’t come from just my own efforts, this National Beauty belongs to all of [Zhan Long]. 10% of all of the revenue will go to you, and the rest will go into [Zhan Long]’s treasury. I won’t take a single cent and everyone can watch over me to make sure I don’t.”

One Second Hero widened his eyes and said, “Boss…… The world is not fair to selfless people. You can’t not take a single cent. Even though the [God of Commerce Badge] had been won by everyone, but… but in the end, you had fought the most. Without your courage, the [God of Commerce Badge] might have ended up in the hands of Jian Feng Han…..”

I smiled and said, “[Zhan Long] has been a dream of mine and my brothers. The greatest reward for me is to see [Zhan Long] rise up, got it?”


One Second Hero laughed out loud and said, “Looks like there are truly different kinds of people in this world. The fact that Xiao Yao Zi Zai was able to rise up so quickly isn’t some miracle, but rather an inevitable outcome.”

Matcha proudly stuck out her 34Cs and smiled, “Although Boss is very talented, Chen Yong Jie should still stop praising him. Otherwise, he’ll get arrogant. And once this guy gets arrogant, then the rest of [Zhan Long] is screwed…..”

Cheng Yong Jie rubbed his nose and said, “Beautiful Matcha, I know. In the future, when I join [Zhan Long], you must take extra care for me. We’re both Knights, but you’re still a bit stronger than me…….”

Matcha’s ego inflated as she looked toward me and said, “Boss, did you see that? There’s someone who called me very strong….”

I glanced at her, then reached out and patted her shoulder as I smiled and said, “Then everyday you should go to the practice area to train your spear’s stab, and make sure that at least 90% or more of your stabs are critical hits. Then I’ll admit that you’re strong. Otherwise, if even your [Phantom Ray Slash] misses how do you expect me to endure it?”

Matcha’s face flushed a bright red as she said, “Alright, I will!”

At that moment, there was suddenly a beep, and there was another invite ——


[System Notification]: Player 【Ou Yang Nuo Yan】 has requested to be your friend, do you accept?


“Ou Yang Nuo Yan?” I hesitated for a second, then accepted. It was a Lv 51 female Archer.

“Beep”, there was another message. Ou Yang Nuo Yan had already sent a message saying, “Hello, Xiao Yao Zi Zai, I am Ou Yang Nuo Yan. I’m one of the officials from [Destiny]’s Chinese sector. It’s like this: tomorrow I will be coming to Hangzhou from Beijing. Please tell me your address, so I can come over… to discuss something with you……”

“Official?” I was puzzled and said, “Beautiful Ou Yang, what’s the actual reason you’re looking for me?”

“About that……” Ou Yang Nuo Yan’s face appeared to be a 20 year old beautiful miss. She seemed a bit hesitant as she pursed her lips and said, “It’s hard to explain right now. Either way… Tomorrow morning at around 11:30am, I will arrive at Hangzhou. Where are you? Let’s schedule a place to meet. Don’t worry, I don’t have any ill intentions…”

I couldn’t help but smile, “Of course I’m not worried. You’re a little girl, what could you possibly do to me? Alright, I’m currently in Hangzhou’s Liu Hua University. Let’s schedule a place to meet; how about the Dio Cafe outside of the university’s east gate?”

“Ok, I’ve written it down. Then… we’ll meet tomorrow? My cell phone number is 139*******, how about yours?”

After I also gave her my cell phone number, she went offline. It looked like she really was an official. She didn’t say much else to me, as though she was afraid that she would give away some of some secrets of the game.


At around 1am., I brought my Flaming Tiger God to Firestone Canyon for a walk. My main goal wasn’t to grind levels, but to practice my skills. Seeing as I was the first player to reach Lv 70, bringing up my skills to Lv 8 was an absolute must. The higher the skill’s level was, the more distinct its effects were. This was especially true for skills like [Seven Star Fragment Slash] or [Great Realm of Desolation], which require higher skill levels to increase their attack powers.

At around 2am, Wan Er sent a message saying, “Go to sleep piggy, tomorrow morning we have the Sociology class. If you dare to skip this class, then you’ll fail for sure. Remember, 9:00 – 11:00, and you can’t be late. Don’t forget to pick me and and Dong Cheng up tomorrow morning……”

I replied, “Yup, go sleep now. I’ll go back to the city!”


After the beautiful mistress’s face faded, I also went offline and took a shower. After getting onto the bed, I maintained my Yi Hai to keep my guard up, then gradually went to sleep.


By the time I awoke, the sun had already risen, and it was 8am sharp. I rolled out of bed and quickly washed up. After that, I ran straight towards the girls dorm and waited for less than 5 minutes before Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue came down. They both wore the uniform + a short skirt, but Wan Er’s was a rosy red, whereas Dong Cheng Yue’s was a violet blue. The two charmingly stood there, just like a pair of beautiful twins. Moreover, the two girls were as close as sisters, so much that they even made me a little jealous.

“Let’s go! To the dining hall?” I asked.

Wan Er looked at me and smiled as well, “Looks like your mood is pretty good. It looks like with the grand opening of your [National Beauty], business has been going well, right?”

“Not bad…”

I glanced at the message on my phone, “Yesterday, someone made an offer of 650k G for the pair of leg guards…..”

Wan Er began to giggle and said, “I know, that’s the Ottoman Leg Guards that were dropped from Jian Feng Han, right?”

“Yup… even you know about it?”

“Of course. Seems like Wang Ze Cheng was the one to buy it. Such an injustice… Jian Feng Han probably even had some suicidal thoughts. To think that the equipment that he dropped was auctioned off at your National Beauty, that hit is just too cruel…”

“Yup, his suffering is my pleasure.”

After we ate breakfast, we went to the classroom. As rumored, it was a very strict course. Practically all of the students had attended that day; everyone had gathered in the lecture hall. I followed the two misses and sat in the third row, then silently dipped my head and inwardly prayed that the teacher wouldn’t ask a question, especially not to me. Otherwise, I would use my glare to finish him off!


After a whole morning had passed, it was soon nearing 11 o’clock. I glanced at the time and got a bit apprehensive.

“What’s wrong?” Wan Er looked at me.

“I have to go out soon to meet someone.”

“What kind of a person?”

“A woman…”

At that moment, Wan Er’s pretty face became serious, “Oh? Who?”

I smiled, “I heard she was one of the game’s officials. Her name is Ou Yang Nuo Yan, and is flying out from Beijing to see me. She said she wanted to talk to me about an extremely important matter. Even I don’t know what kind of a person she is……”

Dong Cheng Yue took out her phone and with a “pa pa pa” she looked up the name. Her face was full of shock as she showed me the search results. At that moment, even I was dumbstruck——

Oh Yang Nuo Yan: 20 years old, [Destiny]’s Chinese Sector’s Director, One of [Destiny]’s four biggest stockholders, Ou Yang Nuo Feng’s daughter.


“Damn…” Dong Cheng Yue’s small mouth dropped, “[Destiny]’s Chinese sector’s CEO is so young. One top of that, she’s got such an awesome father… Why, why is she looking for you? Did she fall for you? Or are you fooling around with her…”

I was speechless, “Originally I didn’t know her either, alright? She just suddenly found me and said she wanted to talk business. It should be something related to the game.”

Wan Er gripped her fist and firmly said, “Alright, Dong Cheng and I’ll walk with you and go meet her later….”



Class ended not long after. I brought the two misses under the jealous glare of a group of male students through the school yard, and went to the second floor of Dio. I found a big table to sit at, and within 5 minutes, a “di di da da” sound of footsteps could be heard. All I could see was a beautiful girl wearing a suit and high heels walk over. In her hands, she held a folder of documents, and behind her was a man who was also dressed in a suit.

I stood up, and once she saw me, she walked straight towards me. She reached out her hand to shake mine and smiled, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, hello, I am Ou Yang Nuo Yan…..”


Ou Yang Nuo Yan looked beside me and couldn’t help but be surprised, “Oh, These two are…. I know! They are Fan Shu City’s Cang Tong and Cang Yue, right? You guys are extremely famous characters on [Destiny]. To think that you guys are together with Xiao Yao Zi Zai…”

Wan Er blushed and said, “What do you mean by together….”

Dong Cheng Yue also blushed and said, “Yup, we are together indeed….”

I awkwardly coughed and asked, “Beautiful Ou Yang, for what do I owe this visit?”

Ou Yang Yan smoothly took a document out of her folder and lightly smiled. She concisely said, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, not long ago you created an Emperor Qin’s Sword that has the [Kill for Blood] skill. After careful examination, we discovered that a bug appeared on [Destiny]’s system, as we didn’t create any restrictions for the [Kill for Blood]. A total of 5147 players have complained about your Emperor Qin’s Sword, and have requested that we take away this sword. Of those complaints, a few came from Jian Feng Han, Simple, Flying Dragon and other famous people in Ba Huang City….”

“Take away Emperor Qin’s Sword?”

I slammed my hand against the table and coldly said, “That’s not possible……”

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