Zhan Long

Chapter 301

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Chapter 301 – Start of Construction

“Hello Yong Jie!”

I extend my hand for a handshake, saying, “How did you know [Zhang Long] was looking for a partner?”

One Second Hero grinned, “My friends that were kicked out of the armory shop by you were embittered and came complaining to me. After I soundly scolded them for being idiots, I came by myself to find you.”

I couldn’t help but smile, “Ah…so it was like this. Alright then, what are your intentions for cooperating?”

One Second Hero stepped forward, his eyes shining like a flame and said, “I’m not only about business. It is because I like Destiny as a game that I am willing to invest funds, and my partners are chosen by their character. Only because you guys are [Zhan Long], and because you are Xiao Yao Zi Zai, am I willing to partner….”

After his speech, he raised one finger and announced, “I have invested 4 million RMB before and will require at least a net profit of the same amount. “

Surprised, Fox exclaimed, “100%? That too harsh….”

One Second Hero’s face turned green, “Is 10% fine then?”

“10%?” My heart fluttered, “For real?”

“Yes.” One Second Hero firmly nodded, “10% would be able to cover most of it, but…. I won’t be earning much. I am only willing to cooperate with this condition because I have another request. If you can’t agree to it, I will not partner with [Zhan Long].”

Hugging the Emperor Qin’s Sword, I smiled and asked, “What is this condition?”

One Second Hero pondered out loud, “Hmmm.. it is very simple. Allow me to join [Zhan Long] as a member. Though, I will need a position…ah, a team captain should do. A guild can have up to 10 team captains including me. So, let me join [Zhan Long] to be a team captain, then our partnership is complete.”

I narrowed my eyes at him wordlessly.

“What’s wrong, Guild Master Zi Zai? This tiny condition is not acceptable? I…I am a diehard [Zhan Long] fan! I watched [Zhan Long]’s fight at Arctic Fox Forest three times, honest!”

I smiled, “You can’t become team captain. All our team captains have gone through harsh tests; Yue Wei Liang, Dancing Forest, and Old K, these people can all work independently. As a new member of [Zhan Long], you can’t be given the position of team captain. How about this, you can hold the flag. The best I can do is let you be a flagbearer, nothing more….”

One Second Hero pondered for a bit, then lifting his head, he nodded, “Acceptable. If I must carry the flag then I shall carry the flag. After the guild grows bigger, the flagbearer will also be considered as an important position, and nobody will dare to bully my friends….”

I let out a sigh of relief, “Ah….”


A few seconds later, [Zhan Long] successful added this Lv 62 third advancement Knight. Actually, Chen Yong Jie’s basic game mechanics weren’t bad and could be considered well-equipped. Third advanced Knights could use [Heavenly Shield Wall]; I put them under Matcha’s command. They also counted as part of our frontline shield formation, and were quite useful.

After joining the guild, One Second Hero raised his eyebrows and smiled, “OK, its done! What are you waiting for, lets go! I will accompany you to Ba Huang City’s ruler to buy a plot of land. I have to record all expenses so my shareholders will not ask about anything.”


Our group of players started marching up the snow-white steps of Ba Huang City. As I walked, I turned around and asked One Second Hero, “Yong Jie, do you want to sign an online announcement of our partnership?”

One Second Hero laughed and patted the emblem on his shoulder, “Guild Master, you and I are good friends and now I am a member of [Zhan Long], not to mention a flagbearer. There is no need to sign such an agreement, even if it was the 4 million RMB donation to the guild. In my years of hard work, I have realized no amount of money can buy a group of loyal brothers. The fact that you let me join [Zhan Long] is the greatest confirmation of our agreement.”

I could not help but smile, “Alright, but you have to raise your fighting capability. I checked the CBN battle network leaderboard and among Lv 62 Knights, you are only ranked at 1173479th place. That is rather low right? You should at least be among the top 100000….”

Embarrassed, One Second Hero scratched his head, “This…is because I rarely participate in PKing. I used to play with a few friends, but after we were PKed by [Flying Dragon] in Ba Huang Forest several times, they switched maps. I just joined [Zhan Long], so it will take a few days to get them all over here, is that okay? Their equipment is all pretty good and among them there is even a third advanced Swordsman….”

I nodded, “Good, [Zhan Long] is always seeking new players; your friends are our friends. I trust in everybody’s strength!”

“Mhm, great!”


We arrived in front of Ba Huang City’s ruler, Duke Luo Lei, and I submitted the God of Commerce Badge once again. This time Duke Luo Lei proceeded to extend his hand to take the required sum, “Young warrior, it seems you were able raise the money!”

I grinned, “Yup!”

One Second Hero quietly performed a few actions on the side and then looked at me, “Boss, I have transferred the 4 million RMB…”


The task’s requirements were instantly fulfilled, and suddenly a large map of Ba Huang City appeared before our eyes. It clearly outlined the price of every plot of land in Ba Huang City. The one I wanted to buy was the most expensive, the plot next to the northern city square’s pharmacy and equipment shop. If we opened a player-run shop with prices for medicine and equipment cheaper than the NPC prices, we’d be able to take over all the business of the NPCs and become kings!


[System Notification]: Congratulations, you have bought Ba Huang City’s plot #1 with 2000000 RMB. The funds have been deducted from your bank card!”


“Did you get it?” Sister Matcha asked.

I nodded, “Yup, plot #1. It’s right in Ba Huang City north gate’s liveliest area.”

One Second Hero laughed, “Indeed, Boss is quite wise. This map’s southern half is all occupied by player districts. The north side is the real wilderness, filled with monsters. 80% of players traveling from Ba Huang City will go through the north gate; opening a shop at the north gate is the best choice. In the future, control of Ba Huang City’s economy will fall in our hands.”

I nodded, “Yes, its very good…”

One Second Hero continued, “Lets go! We need to go to our plot to set up shop…”


We traveled back to the north gate and sure enough, the abandoned residence originally next to the pharmacy had been razed. The plot wasn’t too large, about 100 square meters, but opening three or four store fronts would be no problem. Actually it seemed that 2 million RMB plots were quite cheap. If we were in Beijing’s San Huan district with only 2 million RMB, we wouldn’t be able to buy a single 100+ square meter plot!!

Next to the empty lot, a burly barbarian carrying a pole looked at me and yelled, “You must be the owner of this plot, right? Do you need to hire workers? My men can build the best and most affordable house!”

I raised my head and looked at him him, “Affordable? How about resistant? Can your house withstand a magnitude 6.0 earthquake?”

“It can!”

I pulled out the Emperor Qin’s Sword, “If it fails to stand, I will chop you to pieces!”

The brawny barbarian thumped his chest, “Fear not, if the house falls, I will personally chop up my own body!”

I grinned, “In that case, proceed with construction….”

Constructing a store cost 700,000 RMB and took 30 minutes to complete, so everybody just waited on the side.


Carrying his spear, One Second Hero smiled, “To kill himself if his building can’t withstand an earthquake, hehe. If all building developers were like that, public safety would increase by 50%….”

I laughed and leaned the Emperor Qin’s Sword on a wall, “Dirty bribes that lead to sloppy work will have their consequences. To have a resistant house in such a place would be the devil’s work….”

One Second Hero looked at me and after a long while muttered, “Whatever, I will continue to work in the coal mining business and not meddle in real estate. I won’t do things that will screw up my children….”

I smiled, “That is not to say it’s impossible. Actually ….I’ve always had the dream to earn a lot of money to set up my own construction firm under my personal supervision. I want to set up buildings for various schools and strictly examine each brick and nail. I will not strive to make a profit, nor act like a man without morals.”

One Second Hero raised his fist and laughed, “If it is like this…Boss, in the future, I will keep working with you! You can take care of the construction and I’ll be responsible for the finance; can we stay as partners?”

I nodded, “Alright, it that day truly comes, I will accomplish my dream no matter what!”



Not long after, the building was finished. Since the store had a total of three store fronts, we could sell three different kinds of merchandise. Inside, we had no NPCs, so we had to hire clerks ourselves.

A group of players walked by towards the hero’s tavern ahead. Actually, there weren’t any real heroes inside hero’s tavern, only a group of PC drinking adventurers.


Emperor Qin’s Sword parted the entrance curtain and I walked in first. The overwhelming stench of alcohol immediately filled my nostrils. There were even some people smoking tobacco, and directly opposite sat several burly dwarves drinking beer. A hard-edged fancy axe lay on top on the table. A dwarf held a beautiful pale girl in his arms, molesting her, while burying his face into her breasts. It looked as if nothing could convince him to turn away from the pleasure.

“This… what is this place…..?” Sister Matcha furrowed her brows.

I smiled, “This is Ba Huang City’s nightclub. Let’s go over and check out the NPC staff members…”


We walked over to the young man with slightly curled hair, wearing a blue uniform. With the guest register in his hands, he smiled and greeted us, “Guests, what do you require?”

I bluntly asked, “I require the services of some pharmacists, alchemists, and equipment appraisers. Is this okay?”

“Of course!”

The young man waved his hand and a register of members appeared in front of us. It was a list of pharmacists available for hire——

Flying Card (Basic Tier) : Alchemy Skill LV-6, Economic capability 68, permanent commission costs 800 gold coins

Handsome Da (Purple Tier) : Alchemy Skill LV-8, economic capability 82, permanent commission costs 2100 gold coins

Misty Forest (Bronze Tier) : Alchemy Skill LV-7, economic capability 71, permanent commission costs 1100 gold coins

Freya (Purple Tier) : Alchemy Skill LV-8, economic capability 87, permanent commission costs 2450 gold coins


I narrowed my eyes, “There’s a total of 10 on this current list. The best seems be to Purple Tier with drug mixing skill at level 8, so the pharmacist would be able to create level 8 pills for our shop. Should we buy this one?”

One Second Hero shook his head, “Don’t do it Boss, level 8 pills no longer make much profit. If we want to make pills, we have to make higher level ones. It seems that it costs 500G to refresh the list so go ahead and refresh; we have to get one with at least skill level 9!”


I gritted my teeth and spent 500G to refresh. Suddenly a “Ding” was heard. [System Notification]: Please note, Epic Tier pharmacist [Ai Ze La] has appeared in your list!

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