Zhan Long

Chapter 300

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Chapter 300 – One Second Hero

I silently thought for a while and then logged off. Where could I possibly find 200WR? It wasn’t like I could just find Dong Cheng Yue, hug her leg, and beg for her to give me her silk stockings to cover my head so that I could rob a bank, right?

Fraud! Incomparable fraud!

After I suffered every possible torment and endured all sorts of hardship to obtain the [God of Commerce Badge], I hadn’t imagined that I would be dealt such an evil blow by the game company! And by 2 million, this kind of large number… was too sinister!


At night, a cool breeze flowed beneath the female dormitories. Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were both wearing new dresses, waiting for me.

“Congratulations, Guild Master Xiao Yao!” Dong Cheng Yue laughed from far away.

“What is there to be happy about?” I asked.

“Humph, Ba Huang City’s sole [God of Commerce Badge] was won by you, and you still ask what there is to be happy about?”

“Okay then, it’s my treat. Where do you want to go eat?”

“At this time, where else can we go? Let’s go to the second dining hall for a midnight snack……”


Not long after, the three of us were sitting in the quiet dining hall. The dining hall of Liu Hua University was very luxurious, and was in no way inferior to five star hotels. I sat there clenching my fist, as the problem of 2M kept circling around in my mind.

“What’s the matter? Why so depressed?” Lin Wan Er tilted her head and looked at me.

I smiled, “It’s nothing……”

“There is definitely something, and it is an unhappy something……” Dong Cheng Yue also tilted her head and looked at me, smiling, “Why don’t you say it out loud and let me and Wan Er have a laugh?”

I gave her a look, my gaze moved down and landed on Dong Cheng Yue’s silky pair of legs, and I couldn’t bear to move away again.


My gaze gave Dong Cheng Yue goosebumps and she reached out a hand to pull down her skirt, “Brother Xiao Yao, you are acting beastly. What is wrong with you?”

I was troubled and wrinkled my nose, “Do you guys know? If the God of Commerce wants to buy a plot inside the city, he has to pay a total sum of 2 million RMB all in one lump….”

“I know that….” War Er smiled, “So it turns out you were distressed over this matter. I might as well tell you… after you buy a plot, building a shop will cost at least 700,000 RMB, hiring NPC sales clerks will cost about 100,000 RMB, and basic operating funds should be at least 1 million RMB. To open just one player shop will cost about 4 million RMB…”

My despair deepened, “Where would I get this kind of money? I feel like I was trolled; I worked so hard to obtain the [God of Commerce Badge], but in the end I have no way to establish my own shop…”

War Er smiled, “Well, you could sell the [God of Commerce Badge]. You could sell it for 10 million RMB to Jian Feng Han and he would probably buy it without hesitation.”


“Of course……You going to sell?”



Wan Er’s beautiful eyes gazed into the open sky and after she thought for a while, she said, “Actually, you could find business partners to cooperate with you to open a shop. You could provide knowledge about both the [God of Commerce Badge] and the game, and your partner would provide the money. This way, you can have a win-win situation. There are plenty of rich players in Ba Huang City. I heard yesterday there was a pair of Emperor Tier boots for sale, and the moment it was listed, somebody bought it immediately with the insanely high sum of 2 million RMB without blinking an eye.”

My heart skipped a beat, “This method… is it okay?”

Dong Cheng Yue laughed, “You don’t need to look further, Xiao Yao, we can partner up! I’ll provide the 4 million. As for my partnership reasons, I don’t care about the profits, I just want you … ah, as long as you stay with me …”

Lin Wan Er coughed, “Enough from you…… If it is like this, I would prefer if I worked with him……”

Dong Cheng Yue pursed her red lips, “Wu wu, Wan Er started protecting what’s hers, I don’t think I could ever love again…”

Seeing the two girls to start arguing in such a fashion, not to mention two of the most exquisite ladies in the nation, the group of boys from the far end of the dining hall immediately came over to spectate. Suddenly my head started to ache; it looked like I was taking liberties with two ladies at once.


I took out my cellphone and called Fox——

“Li Brat, what’s up?” Fox laughed, “Congratulations on getting the Magic Spite Armor and Divine Battle Boots, hahaha~~~”

I was speechless, “Fox, stop fooling around, I need to talk to you about the [God of Commerce Badge]…”

“Alright, what’s up with the [God of Commerce Badge]?”

“Okay, the situation is like this. Although we managed to obtain the [God of Commerce Badge], setting up a shop still requires a huge sum of money, at least 4 million RMB. We don’t have that kind of money, so we need to find a business partner. Help me search Ba Huang City to see which players would be reliable partners. We will provide people and the badge, while he will provide the money, and afterward we will split the profits.”

“Alright, got it! I’ll get it done as soon as possible!”

“Good, remember the opposite party must be reliable!”



As a result, I didn’t even finish my meal before Fox called, “Li Brat, I found them. There is a total of three people willing to supply 4 million RMB to [Zhan Long] to build a shop. The specifics require you to discuss face-to-face with them, what time will you come online?”

“I’ll be there in 10 minutes!”

“Great, I’ll be in Ba Huang City’s armory shop. I’ll arrange for them to meet you in order!”


I hurriedly took the two ladies back to the female dormitories and quickly returned to my own room to get online!


I appeared in the middle of Ba Huang City wearing the Divine Battle Boots on my feet and Magic Spite Armor on my body. Carrying the Emperor Qin’s Sword, I practically flew over to the armory shop. The moment I entered the shop, I saw a fat Lv 47 Archer sitting on the side with a greedy look on his face——

“You must be Xiao Yao Zi Zai?”

“Indeed.” I nodded, “Greetings. Are you willing to partner with [Zhan Long] to build the first player-run shop in Ba Huang City?”

The Archer nodded and smiled, “Yes! Ba Huang City’s first player shop will have unbounded possibilities. A businessman’s sensitive sense would not miss this great opportunity.”

I got straight to the point and asked, “Tell me, what kind of profit percentage are you looking for? After we finish constructing the shop, how much do you want?”

He raised his hands and showed nine fingers, “This much!”

“9%?” I asked.

“No, 90%!” The fat on his face were jiggling, “4 million RMB is not a small sum; you can’t just say give me the money and get it. Me getting 90% is not unreasonable.”

I smiled, then walked up to the Archer. I reached out and grabbed his collar, raising his fat body and coldly said, “90%? Did you think [Zhan Long] was some dumbf*ck? Get out of my sight or else I’ll make it so you will never see the daylight in Ba Huang City again!”

The fatty was shocked, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, what….. what is the meaning of this?! Even if a business deal fails, it shouldn’t affect our friendship. Let us calmly negotiate…..”

I sneered, “When you shamelessly said 90%, where was the friendship there? Our [Zhan Long] was basically completely annihilated in order to obtain this [God of Commerce Badge]. Are you saying that our levels are less than your 4 million? Don’t even mention 4 million, even if you paid 40 million, don’t even dream of getting 90%. Our [Zhan Long] won’t break our backs for a person like you. Get out. Don’t let me see you again!”

The fatty staggered out and ran out of the armory shop. He had been scared silly by my anger.

Fox walked in and asked, “How….. how did it end up like this?”

I softly said, “This douchebag wanted 90%. I can’t PK within Ba Huang City, otherwise, based on my personality, he would’ve left as a spirit…….”

Fox made a fist and said, “Pei, 90%? What nerve he has… Just wait here for a second, I’ll get the next one to come……”


Not long after, a thin Lv 55 Knight entered. From the looks of it, the businessmen in the game weren’t really high level players, which made sense since their original intent wasn’t to play the game, but rather to take this business opportunity to make money in this artificial world.

Looking at the thin person, I courteously said, “Hello, I am Xiao Yao Zi Zai…..”

The thin person was extremely concise and said, “Guild Master Zi Zai, you don’t have to say any more. I want 70% of the profit. If you agree then nod, if you don’t, then I shall leave……”

I nodded and said, “Goodbye, I won’t send you out!”

The third one was normal compared to the others. He was a sturdy young man, a Lv 59 Mage. In his hand, he carried an iridescent purple staff that looked to be a Purple Tier weapon. When he walked in, he smiled and said, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Ba Huang City’s number one! Hello!”

I politely smiled and said, “Hello. Tell me your price?”

The young man said, “I’ll give 4 million to help [Zhan Long] start its store, but I want 80% of the profit. Of course, if you don’t like the price, we can negotiate!”

“30%, and I’m not doing any more than that……” I said as I stubbornly held up three fingers.

The young man shook his head and said, “Nevermind then, 30% is too little. I don’t even know if I’ll get my investment back……”

I thought about it and said, “Then how about 40%…….”

“That’s still too low. at least 60%, that way I can make sure that I won’t lose money from this.”

“Nevermind then……”

“Okay, well when you think it through you can contact me then.”



This time the business deal was friendly, as we shook hands as farewell.

Fox walked in again, his brows furrowed, “This one failed too?”

“Yup….” I gritted my teeth and said, “He wanted 60%. These people are just too crafty. Isn’t this basically asking for [Zhan Long]’s blood? We definitely can’t agree. I’d rather wait. What if…… If I sell Emperor Qin’s Sword, we’d definitely get 4M…”

“No! We can’t!”

Fox urgently shook his head and said, “Li Brat, you’re the symbol of [Zhan Long], and right now the Emperor Qin’s Sword is your emblem. If you sell Emperor Qin’s Sword, then you’re basically breaking your signature move. You definitely can’t do that. Let’s just wait, there will definitely be someone to work with us……”


After a period of feeling dejected, I suddenly heard a message——


[System Notification]: Player【One Second Hero】has requested to add you as a friend. Do you accept?


Who was that? Even though I added a lot of friends everyday, this was the first I had received today.

I’ll just accept, and see what happens!

After I accepted the friend, the other person sent me a message, “Hello Guild Master Xiao Yao Zi Zai! I heard that [Zhan Long] is looking for a partner in business so I came, since I know that you guys definitely need me!”

“Who are you?”

“Let’s meet on Ba Huang City’s North Gate Bridge, how’s that sound?”



Walking out of the armory shop, Fox, Wolf, Old K and Matcha were all there. The four practically all said at the same time, “What happened?”

I waved my hand. “Let’s go, come with me for a trip!”

Even though they didn’t know why, the people still followed me.

From on top of the East Gate Bridge, we slowly arrived. There was a lone player standing on the bridge. Dressed in extremely fine armor of the Knight Style and carrying a brightly shining spear, a few words floated above his head——

One Second Hero LV 62 Golden Knight
City: Ba Huang City
Guild: None
Position: None


Seeing me walk over, One Second Hero took the initiative to come forward, hand reaching out with a smile, “Hello Guild Master Zi Zai, I am One Second Hero. I’m Chen Yong Jie, from Fujian. I do some business in the north. I hope I can work together with [Zhan Long]!”

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