Zhan Long

Chapter 299

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Chapter 299 – Magical Spite Armor


[System Announcement]: Congratulations to player Xiao Yao Zi Zai for defeating the 【City of the Ancients】 (Ba Huang City) final BOSS, (Extinguisher of Hope- Li Qing). Rewarded with +15 Charm, 150% experience based on current level, and the SSS-ranked skill book, 【Dragon’s Whistle of Thunder and Lightning】! Congratulations to player Xiao Yao Zi Zai in becoming the final MVP player for the Ba Huang City 【City of the Ancients】 event, +7 bonus Charm! As a perfect end to the 【City of the Ancients】, the city will become a safe region for 1 hour. No one will be able to initiate an attack and 10 hrs from now, the cities will be removed.


“Shua shua!”

My level increased by two, meaning I had finally reached Lv 70. I was the first player in Ba Huang City to reach Lv 70!

Stepping forward while holding the Emperor Qin’s Sword, I growled softly, “Get lost!”


Blasting away the other players who were rushing to steal the BOSS’s loot, I bent over to pick them up. Three pieces of equipment had burst out of Li Qing along with a God of Commerce Badge, but no soul gems or pardon cards had been dropped!

After swallowing a health potion to recover health, I glanced at the dropped item. It was Jian Feng’s Emperor Tier Leg Guards, however its stats weren’t any better than my Dragon Knight’s Leg Guards. I threw them into my inventory; I could give them to Old K or Li Mu later. However, it was probably better to prioritize Old K, since although he has explosive strength, his health was too poor.

“Drip drip…”

A drop of blood rolled down the Emperor Qin’s Sword before falling onto the sand. The [City of the Ancients] quest had finally came to a conclusion. The city was littered with corpses, and next to the broken remains of the walls lay the bodies of many players. There were even more corpses littered outside of the city. The [City of the Ancients] had been invaded by nearly a million players from Ba Huang City, and now many of their corpses were buried. So while some players received quite a few rewards, many others had lost too much.


“We… we really lost?” A flagbearer Archer from [Vanguard] said as he stood there with a blank stare, barely able to maintain a grip on his bow. “[Vanguard] actually lost to [Zhan Long]…”

I lifted my Emperor Qin’s Sword wordlessly.

Amidst the people, a blood-stained Yan Zhao Warrior’s face was plagued with fatigue as he walked up to me. He looked at me and smiled, “Congratulations, Li Xiao Yao. In the end, [Zhan Long] is the winner of the [City of the Ancients]”

My mouth twitched as I said, “Thank you… But the price [Zhan Long] paid was too high. Other than me, everyone else died…..”

“In order to crown a king, 10,000 corpses must be paid. It’s something inevitable!”

“Next time, it won’t happen!”

Clenching my fists I said, “I’m just not strong enough yet. Just wait until the day [Zhan Long] becomes strong enough; next time, my brothers will survive with me until the end!”

Yan Zhao Warrior said nothing.


At this moment, Yue Qing Qian’s voice came from the guild chat, “Congratulations, Brother Xiao Yao. You got the [God of Commerce Badge]! Brother Xiao Yao is the most powerful; I love you the most!”

Matcha also said with a smile, “Boss is really cool, to have actually taken the [God of Commerce Badge] from Jian Feng Han!”

Li Mu smiled, ”This is the result of working together as [Zhan Long]. It seems that… the only person left from [Zhan Long] was Guild Master?”

“Yea,” Yue Qing Qian said. “I was the last one to die, leaving Brother Xiao Yao to be the only one left in the [City of the Ancients].”

Wolf laughed, “Brother Xiao Yao, what did the BOSS drop, won’t you show us?”


I scanned through my bag. The three pieces of equipment that I got were in a corner of my bag. Of them, there was a pair of twinkling orange battle boots, full of a dignified glow. Beside it was a completely black armor, giving off a faint indigo glow. Lastly, there was a battle hammer, full of killing intent. The hammer was covered in needles, looking extremely fierce. With just one look, I could tell that it was the type of hammer that would either kill or cripple the opponent with just one smash. First, I raised up the battle boots, and reached out to open up the stats. The stats were then projected onto the chat, making everyone pretty much drool ——

【Divine Battle Boots】(Emperor Tier)
Armor type: Heavy Armor
Defense: 400
Strength: +52
Endurance: +49
Agility: +47
Additional ability: Increases user’s defense by 16%
Additional ability: Increases user’s magic defense by 26%
Additional ability: Increases user’s movement speed by 11%
Required Level: 70


“Wow it increases movement speed by 11%, and defense by 16%. These boots are really domineering, they have such overpowered high defense and magic resistance….” Sister Matcha chuckled.

“Lv 70 boots… Congratulations, Brother Xiao Yao!” Yue Qing Qian said.

Li Mu quirked his mouth, “Boss sure is lucky…”

I replaced my boots of Purple Dawn Boots with the Divine Battle Boots and said, “There’s no other Lv 70 around, so I’ll be taking it instead of ROLLing for it…”

Wang Jian chuckled, “But the stats on these boots are truly insane!”

“What is this, these are even more insane….”

I wryly smiled and took the black armor out. After sharing the stats, Wang Jian, Li Mu, Old K and Matcha, and the whole group of tanks almost fainted ——

【Magic Spite Armor】 (Valkyrie Tier)
Armor type: Heavy Armor
Defense: 570
Strength: +70
Stamina: +68
Agility: +65
Additional ability: Increases user’s defense by 20%
Additional ability: Increases user’s attack by 15%
Additional ability: Increases user’s life by 1200 points
Additional ability: Magic Spite, any forms of magic attack have a 30% chance of missing

Required Level: 70



Old K pounded on the ground, “This Magic Spite Armor is simply crazy; its stats are f*cking insane. I’m at a loss for words, the craziness has to stop…”

Wolf laughed out loud, “Old K used three “crazy”’s to express his resentment. This Magic Spite Armor is really amazing…”

Li Mu was speechless, “20% defense increase, 15% attack increase, 1200 life, and a 30% to miss magical attacks, exactly how insane is this Magic Spite Armor!?”

My hands trembled as I held the armor in my hands. It was a Valkyrie Tier, probably the world’s first Valkyrie Tier armor. Tsk tsk, this [City of the Ancients] last BOSS was as impressive as expected!

I put it on; the Magic Spite Armor was a glossy black that gave off a ferocious air. It changed a small soldier like me, from an unreputable town like Dragon City, to look like I was a killing god from hell. Looking at my stats after I had obtained two OP equipment, my eyes nearly rolled out of their sockets——

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】 (Dragon City Night Watch)
Lv: 70
Attack: 2914 – 3878
Defense: 2824
Health: 6545
Mana: 2696
Charm: 109
CBN Battle Ranking: 22


After sharing my stats in the guild chat, a string of exclamations immediately ensued——

Old K, “F*ck, a Swordsmen with 2800+ defense, is that even a Swordsman?! Tell me, is a person with 2800+ defense and 6500 health still a Swordsman? Isn’t that on the same level as a Monk??”

Matcha chuckled, “Boss’s stats truly make people accept defeat, there’s no way people cannot admit it….”

Li Mu laughed out loud, “Wang Ze Cheng probably feels like his own 2900 defense is number one in Ba Huang City still, but looking at it now, even without his shield, Boss almost surpasses him!”

Yue Qing Qian giggled, “Brother Xiao Yao, have you noticed how after going through this [City of the Ancients] operation, you have gone from rank 26 to rank 22 on the CBN Rankings? At this rate, you’ll be able to enter the top ten within 3 months, and at that point you’ll be respected as a Master of this generation…..”

I smiled, “Yup!”

Afterward, we decided the fate of the third equipment, the Lv 70 Emperor Tier hammer. After much discussion, we decided to give it to Dong Cheng Lei, since we couldn’t just keep handing equipment over to Old K. Otherwise, people would say that we were just shielding our weaker spots.


Finally, I took a skill book out from my bag. It was an SSS-ranked skill book that had been awarded to me after I had killed Li Qing. After sharing it in the guild chat, there was another collective gasp from everyone. After this City of the Ancients operation, [Zhan Long]’s knowledge of the extent of equipment and skills had been substantially expanded——

【Dragon’s Whistle of Thunder and Lightning】 (SSS): Materializes the strength of an ancient dragon. It gives off a loud roar, and raises the attack and defense of all allies within 10 yards of the caster by 40%. Mp Cost: 100, Duration: 30 minutes, Cooldown: 20 minutes, Lv Requirement:70, Class Requirement: Swordsman, Knight, or Monk, 10 Charm will be consumed.


“A 40% increase in attack and defense…..” Li Mu swallowed hard, “This skill defines what shameless truly means. This skill is crazy, it’s even a thousand times crazier than the Magic Spite Armor!”

I said, “Next time we go out to grind, you guys can also get the 40% attack and defense BUFF…..”

Li Mu raised his eyebrows and smiled, “This [Dragon’s Whistle of Thunder and Lightning] skill’s design is actually pretty reasonable. Seeing as it is a 3S’s ranked skill, it must have some incredible effects. This 40% offense and defense buff…. is incredibly awesome……”

Everyone: “…….”



This SSS-ranked skill had used up 10 Charm, but its effect was completely worth it. From now on, whenever I went to grind, it would be a breeze, especially with my Emperor Qin’s Sword [Kill For Blood] as well. Yup… Looking at all of Ba Huang City, there’s practically no one who would be willing to duel with me. It’s possible that after we raise the number of [Zhan Long] members, we could start becoming famous outside of Ba Huang City.

I took out the [God of Commerce Badge]. This golden, shiny badge was [Zhan Long]’s [City of the Ancients] operation’s most glorious reward. Yup, now we could go to the city’s ruler and apply to open a shop!

Return to the city!


I appeared inside Ba Huang City and repaired all of my equipment and armor. Then I took the badge and happily rushed toward the palace where Duke Luo Lei was waiting for me!


I received a message from the beautiful little miss Lin Wan Er, “Congratulations! You’re treating me to a meal~~”

I couldn’t help but smile, “Wan Er……”

“Whats wrong…..”

“I miss you…..”

“Too fake! Say it again!”

“I want you to treat me to a meal……”

“There you go…….”

I was speechless. Then I asked, “Wan Er, who got Fan Shu City’s [God of Commerce Badge]?”

Lin Wan Er proudly smiled and said, “Dong Cheng and I helped attack, while Q-Sword picked up the badge. This was all within our calculations, but our losses were too severe. In the end [Hero’s Mound] was only left with less than 400 people…..”

“That’s nothing, [Zhan Long] only had me left……”

“Alright, this girl admits defeat. When can we get offline to get a midnight snack?”

“Wait for a second, I’ll go request a shop first.”

“Alright, Dong Cheng and I’ll wait for your call!”



Having obtained the [God of Commerce Badge], I made my way over to Duke Luo Lei’s house. “Pi da pi da.”* I handed the [God of Commerce Badge] over to Duke Luo Lei to inspect. I bowed, “Great Duke Luo Lei, I wish to apply to buy a plot of land in Ba Huang City and build a player-run shop. I hope you can approve my request!”
(*TL Note: Sound of footsteps)

Luo Lei looked at the [God of Commerce Badge] and said, “This is truly a treasure from the ancient times. Alright, I’ll allow you to open up a shop in Ba Huang City. But, young warrior, you need to pay a certain amount in order to buy the land…..”

“Oh? How much?”

“Shua!” There appeared the costs for buying a piece of land. In bold letters, the book had a number written in it——

2,000,000 RMB


“F*ck my life! 2 million, are you ripping me off?!”

I roared out into the night.

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