Zhan Long

Chapter 298

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Chapter 298 – Never Willing to Submit

“Sha Sha…..”

Her feet stepped into the dust as she backed up. Maybe she had somehow sensed that Yue Qing Qian was going to launch a sneak attack on her, but Simple continuously retreated backwards However, she was still not as fast as Yue Qing Qian. Suddenly a blood colored light flew out from behind Simple. The attack passed the [Mana Shield], and directly stunned Ba Huang City’s number one Mage!

“Pa Pa Pa…”

The dagger was extremely fast and within seconds, she had activated 3 skills, continuously attacking the opponent’s [Mana Shield]. Simple recognized that something was wrong about the situation, and the moment the stun effect disappeared, she cast [Dimensional Leap]!


She had teleported right in front of Yue Qing Qian, the sound of a tiger’s purr came from beside her. Simple’s eyes grew cold as she murmured, “Damn……”

The Flaming Tiger God’s [Flame Claw] hit Simple’s shoulder from behind, decreasing the [Mana Shield]’s toughness even further!

Under such extreme circumstances, Simple could only use her second [Dimensional Leap]. She disappeared from her original spot, and reappeared 20 yards away. I, on the other hand, had picked up my sword and ran over, opening up my hand as I yelled, “[Great Realm of Desolation]!”

Before Simple could regain her balance, she seemed to have sensed that I would use [Great Realm of Desolation] to instantly kill her. Now that my attack was so high, one [Great Realm of Desolation] would break her shield and kill her.


In her last [Dimensional Leap], Simple waved her hand and sent out an [Indigo Sea Arrow] to block my path as I rushed over. Although I could easily dodge the arrow, I was too intent on killing her, and called [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] to continue advancing. My entire body trembled from losing 2564 health. With one [Heal], I pulled it back up. At the same time I had predicted the distance: 21 yards, it was enough!

With the twist of my body, the Emperor Qin’s Sword brought the strength of a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] straight toward Simple! Simple could only widen her eyes; this time there was no way of dodging this attack. Besides, Yue Qing Qian had also opened her snow white palm and “Shua!” [Grip of the Firefox]’s strength had seeped through. Against two AOE attacks, along with the fact that her [Mana Shield] only had 23% durability remaining, she was doomed to die!


The two damage numbers flew out, and Simple’s [Mana Shield] broke. In that moment, she fell to the ground with a cry, and died. She didn’t drop any equipment, but dropped some Lv 8 pills.



An [Indigo Sea Arrow] struck my chest, bringing out 2457 damage. I lifted my head to look; it was North Pole, [Vanguard]’s second best Mage. Although his magic attack wasn’t as strong as Simple’s, it was still very frightful!

Picking up my sword, I chased after him. I had to kill this guy, or else he’d give the BOSS the last attack, and very likely steal the God of Commerce Badge.

North Pole started retreating as he shouted, “Block Xiao Yao Zi Zai for me, we can’t let him get near me…. Hurry! Use [Scatter Shot] to kill him. Once we kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai, there will be no one to compete with [Vanguard] for the God of Commerce Badge!”

A group of Swordsmen and Musketeers rushed over. However, with a [Blade Rush], as well as a Mohist Five Scrolls’ [Soul Army], 4 of the Swordsmen fell to the ground. My speed greatly increased, and I caught up to North Pole. I raised my Emperor Qin’s Sword, its point expanding!


The [Mana Shield] twisted, its durability dropped to 71%. North Pole was stunned and said, “F*ck, Xiao Yao Zi Zai, that trash, how much attack does he have?! To think that he could break my shield to this point with two attacks…..”

Unfortunately, he had been wrong; it wasn’t two attacks to break his shield, but rather two killing attacks. The second attack was a [Fierce Ice Blade]. “Pu chi”, it skewered his body, bringing out 2579 damage, instantly killing him! North Pole cried out as he fell to the ground. Behind him, 7-8 [Vanguard] players had been shocked into a daze, basically turning into statues. No one was willing to continue attacking!


I looked back and scanned Li Qing’s Health. There was only 1% left. Motherf*cker, our chance had finally come!

With my sword raised, I rushed straight at Li Qing. At the same time, in the party chat, Yue Qing Qian said, “Brother Xiao Yao, Jian Feng Han is going to kill the BOSS. I’ll go block him for you for 5 seconds. You have to hurry, basically all of our people have been killed for the sake of this God of Commerce Badge. If we don’t get that God of Commerce Badge, then everyone would’ve died in vain….”

“Got it!”

My distance from the BOSS was around 70 yards, a 5 second journey!

Jian Feng Han brought his pet, Rock Spirit Fighter, and rushed towards Li Qing. His eyes carried battle intent, as he laughed, “Extinguisher of Hope, in the end you’re still [Vanguard]’s, isn’t that right?!”

His long sword trembled and suddenly struck the BOSS’s back!


A dagger appeared out of thin air. Yue Qing Qian had taken the chance to block Jian Feng Han’s attack!


Fire burst forth, and Yue Qing Qian retreated multiple steps. “Bang!” an attack struck her back. Her mouth dripped four drops of blood; in terms of strength, she was beyond far from Jian Feng Han’s level!

Her dagger dropped slightly, and Yue Qing Qian’s delicate feet then rushed forward, activating [Gouge]!

Jian Feng Han saw everything happen and slipped, coincidentally evading the attack. He raised his Flaming Cloud Sword and brandished it right at Yue Qing Qian, as he yelled, “Yue Qing Qian, f*ck off. You can’t stop me!”


His sword fell upon Yue Qing Qian’s shoulder, bringing out 2978 damage. Yue Qing Qian’s body fell forward, and yet her palm supported her, and her snowy legs swept across the ground. “Pa!” she had kicked Jian Feng Han’s body, shaking him, but not tripping him completely. At the same time, Yue Qing Qian’s [God’s Dance] and [Absolute Step] activated, and her elegant body flew forward from the force. She raised her hands, [Twin Blade Harmony]!


Jian Feng Han shivered, as though sensing that this [Zhan Long] Assassin beauty Vice Guild Master had the ability to kill him. His body lowered, as his killing skill was coming. [Blade Rush] + [Corrupt Wolf Edge] was activated from an extremely close distance!



“Wu wu……”

Yue Qing Qian’s health had been emptied within seconds. The [God’s Dance] had dodged Jian Feng Han’s [Blade Rush], but had been unable to evade the [Corrupt Wolf Edge]. After all, her health and defense hadn’t been that great.

Watching Yue Qing Qian feebly lay on the ground, my heart jerked. Even her back-up dagger had been dropped. It was a Lv 65 Purple Tier equipment, with stats not inferior to an Emperor Tier equipment!

Bending over, Jian Feng Han turned around, his hand weighed the dagger. He looked at me and smiled, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, this is the finale you wanted, isn’t that right?”

I suddenly strode forward, getting closer to him!

Jian Feng Han’s eyes turned cold as he said, “Everyone, use your maximum output on him!”

Unknowingly, all of the players around Li Mu had been killed; even Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands, Misty Clouds, and Han Bei Song had all been killed by Jian Feng Han himself. Yan Zhao had taken his crippled dozens of [Prague] players and started fighting with the retreating [Valley of the Gods] players. Around the BOSS, there were only 50+ people, and they were all [Vanguard]’s players!


Flash after flash of skills was practically telling me that this time, our operation with [City of the Ancients] as our final goal, had failed. We had truly lost…..

But my heart remained unresigned. Using [Haste], I flashed toward the BOSS. At the same time, Jian Feng Han also picked up his Flaming Cloud Sword to meet me. His reputation as a battle elitist was not just a name, as he was the only person with the courage to face a person who held such fearsome attack like me.


My combat boots slid through the dust in a C shape. Jian Feng Han had cleverly stopped by sticking his blade into the ground, and causing an unnatural change in his pace. This was a perfect use of his brilliance. With that quick turn, he had successfully dodged my desperate [Wind Blade]!

In the instant we passed each other, Jian Feng Han waved his arm, and pushed himself backward. His Flaming Cloud Sword had already impaled my Nebula Armor!


I maintained my unnatural calm as my Purple Dawn Boots stepped into a deep spot in the dusty plains. My body quickly stopped and my Emperor Qin’s Sword swept behind me!


Jian Feng Han’s body had ducked, exquisitely creating a MISS out of that attack. His combat boots suddenly kicked at my right leg.

I saw everything vividly; my left foot sunk into the plains, giving me strength. Once I had accumulated enough strength, my right foot suddenly lifted up and also kicked forward, testing our strengths. In terms of strength, who was afraid of who!


Jian Feng Han’s entire body shook as he rolled backward, falling face down into dirt. He was utterly humiliated.



Giving myself a [Heal], I turned around and rushed straight at the BOSS. Li Qing’s health was at 0.5%; it was extremely dangerous!


Raising my Emperor Qin’s Sword, I locked onto the BOSS, as well as all of the [Vanguard] players around it. With all of the strength in my body, I activated [Seven Star Fragment Slash]!


Dust flew everywhere, as a dozen of [Vanguard]’s close combat players were killed! Flaming Tiger God also roared and bit those surrounding the BOSS. I took this chance to release some more attacks!

“Bang Bang Bang…..”

Receiving my chain of attacks, Li Qing began to shake violently. He did not have much health left!

Changing my perspective, I saw that behind me, Jian Feng Han had come to attack once more!

At that moment, my heart beat shockingly fast. I had determined Jian Feng Han’s speed, and his attack would undoubtedly be [Exposed Point]. Jian Feng Han only had a few skills that he could use to instantly kill me!

S-ranked combo, [Exposed Point], the first move was a stab!


Under my feet, my qi had suddenly surged, and as Jian Feng Han watched, I also activated a skill, [Strength of a Thousand Men]. The first form was also a stab, and I rushed forward 3 yards, beautifully creating a MISS from [Exposed Point]’s first attack. Even if Jian Feng Han had been beaten to death, he would have never believed that the method he had used to deal with Yan Zhao Warrior would be used against himself by me.

My body slightly dipped and I used a [Blade Rush] behind me!


Jian Feng Han cried out in shock, but I had already activated my attacks behind him. He only had 50% of his health left, and with the Emperor Qin’s Sword he had no choice but to die!


With a shake of his shoulder, Jian Feng Han activated another attack to bounce back. He desperately hoped that he could pull against the crazy tide with this attack, and possibly kill me.

Unfortunately, Jian Feng Han had underestimated me. Having crawled my way up to the top in [Destiny] for a whole month, my reflexes and decision-making skills had already long surpassed that of the old me. The sword hilt hit his shoulder, inflicting 1029 damage, and using up his one chance to counterattack. At the same time, the Emperor Qin’s Sword was surrounded by snowflakes, and a [Fierce Ice Blade] directly pierced through his chest!


A perfect attack; [Vanguard]’s Guild Master was finished!


At the same time, the [Fierce Ice Blade] had passed through Jian Feng Han’s body and directly hit Li Qing, taking away the last bit of his health. With a miserable cry, Li Qing’s tall body fell, dropping many things!


Reaching out, I suddenly grabbed something. It was a golden badge, steadily clasped in my hand. I held the God of Commerce Badge right next to Jian Feng Han’s face. He did his best to try and look at the God of Commerce Badge, his eyes crimson with anger. Yet he died, completely powerless.

Seeing Jian Feng Han’s unresigned look, I murmured, “There’s no such thing as fate in this world. There’s only a heart that refuses to submit. [Vanguard]’s time as Ba Huang City’s king has already passed!”

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