Zhan Long

Chapter 297

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Chapter 297 Three Wounded and Defeated

“F*ck, retreat quickly!”

Tornado raised his staff in extreme anger as he watched his own teammates get killed right in front of him. He bit down on his lip and cast [Dimensional Leap], and with [Mana Shield] activated as well, he arrived at the front. He cast [Indigo Sea Arrow] + [Pillar of Fire & Ice] at the same time, targeting one of [Vanguard]’s Knights. Immediately, he leaped back to his original spot, but during that instant, he noticed that a person was chasing after him; it was [Vanguard]’s Guild Master, Jian Feng Han!


The action of unsheathing his sword and waving it was incredibly smooth, and with a [Through the Clouds Slash], he had covered Tornado’s [Mana Shield]. Tornado was known as Ba Huang City’s 2nd-ranked Mage with the toughest [Mana Shield], and even a dent couldn’t break it. But his pupils dilated as he realized Jian Feng Han had really come for him. The blade suddenly shifted 5 yards, and the Flaming Cloud Sword raised, activating [Corrupt Wolf Edge]!

A wolf’s head appeared as the attack fell; this time, Tornado’s [Mana Shield] finally broke, and the attack even took 400+ health from him. He had no other choice but to pathetically retreat. Within three seconds after the [Mana Shield] broke, there was no way he could put it up again; he could only use [Dimensional Leap]. Unfortunately, the Rock Spirit Fighter attacked Tornado’s body, and at the same time Jian Feng Han rotated his body and activated [Whirlwind Blade]!


Tornado weakly knelt to the ground; just like that, he was killed!


A shadow passed by on the ground; it was Yan Zhao Warrior. The uncle’s face was filled with rage, and the sharp blade in his hand sliced right into Jian Feng Han’s abdomen, bringing out 1798 damage. With another violent shove, his blade broke through Jian Feng Han’s hip, bringing out another 1644 damage. He turned his body again, and Yan Zhao did not waste a single breath as he activated [Peerless Strike]!

Nobody could’ve ever imagined that at this moment, to this that [Prague]’s uncle Guild Master would be so bold and unwavering, landing three consecutive attacks on his enemy. His killing intent was too much to contain; Jian Feng Han had to die.

The first attack from [Peerless Strike] was a stab. The moment the blade was not even 10 centimeters from Jian Feng Han’s back, Jian Feng Han unexpectedly activated an S ranked skill – [Exposed Point]. His first strike was also a stab. His body, under the control of the skill, shot forward 2 yards, successfully bringing out a MISS from Yan Zhao’s first strike. As his foot stepped onto the dusty ground, his body twisted, causing his armor to look as if it danced as one with his body. He then beautifully dodged [Peerless Strike] and left its range, successfully causing the next strikes to MISS!


As quickly as possible, Jian Feng Han gulped down a potion and left Yan Zhao’s attack range. His lips parted into a cold smile, “Yan Zhao, you have truly lost this time. The God of Commerce Badge is not fated to fall into [Prague]’s hands. Goodbye, I’ll leave [Prague] at least some of its pride; there’s no need to leave the ending to be so gloomy. I won’t command people to chase you guys down……”

Yan Zhao Warrior’s face was a deathly pale, and received a [Pillar of Fire & Ice] from Simple behind him. The pain made him retreat momentarily, before he quickly activated [Haste] and rushed forward. Looking at the status of [Prague] once more, they had lost 30+ of their elite close combat players, and only had the support of their long ranged players left. There was no way they could kill the BOSS. Only Jian Feng Han’s tanks could attack, since [Prague] had actually lost everything.



A message came from Yan Zhao Warrior, “Xiao Yao!”

“Yes, Uncle?”

“Today, [Prague] will admit its defeat. Take care, [Zhan Long]!”

“Got it!”


Closing my inbox, I lifted the Emperor Qin’s Sword and threw myself forward, yelling, “2% health left, now is the time! If our close combat doesn’t kill Li Qing, then we can give up on dreaming for the [God of Commerce Badge]!”

I thrust the tip of my sword forwards, but it didn’t hit the BOSS. Instead, it cut through Don’t Be Foolish’s body!


“Motherf*cker….” Don’t Be Foolish quickly retreated and yelled out, “A normal attack gave me 4000 damage?! Xiao Yao Zi Zai has already become a god! People come quick! Anybody, come block him!”

Not too far away, Jian Feng Han cut down Misty Palace’s Guild Master and yelled out, “This is the last stretch. Don’t Be Foolish, don’t you guys dare retreat. You have to hold back Xiao Yao Zi Zai a little longer, sister Simple is coming to help you guys!”


Behind Don’t Be Foolish, a handful of Healers had already healed him, and soon he was at full health again. With the thrust of his shield, he activated [Heaven’s Shield], as his right hand pushed his spear forward: [Flame Axe]!


My body barely shook; such a low attack couldn’t break through my defense. Below my feet a “bang” sounded out, as a white colored light exploded with the activation of [Strength of a Thousand Men]! The combo would immediately kill him!

“Bang Bang Bang……”

As the Emperor Qin’s Sword clashed with the shield, sparks flew. Finally the [Wind Blade] broke Don’t Be Foolish’s shield, bringing the fatal blow as well!


Don’t Be Foolish’s eyes widened, “Dammit.”

With a thud, he fell to the ground. [Vanguard]’s number one Knight had died, just like that. Behind him, Goodbye Tears’ face was wet with tears, “Brother, how did you die so quickly!?”

Wang Jian raised his sword and said, “I’ll go kill Goodbye Tears; everyone else, rush forward with Guild Master. Surround the BOSS! That BOSS will end up with us in the end!”

Goodbye Tears raised his staff, raising a shield around him. Angrily, he blocked Wang Jian’s attack, but at the same time. he was pushed back by Wang Jian’s strength. As he gave up on being on the offense, he cursed and said, “Healers, keep me alive. This guy’s attack is too strong!”

Three Healers simultaneously cast [Heal]s on him.

But as Wang Jian saw this, he lowered his body with a grunt. Both of his legs increased his jump power, as his entire body seemed to melt into his blade’s glow. “Ka Cha”, he penetrated straight through Goodbye Tears’ body. His blade trembled, and with a [Skyshaker Slash] + a normal attack, he cut down two Healers. He quickly chased after the last one, sending out a [Flame Axe] to kill him.


Goodbye Tears’ abruptly let his shield fall to the ground as he roared with a pain-filled breath, “Wang Jian, now that you’ve come, don’t even dream of leaving! Mages, gather fire and kill him!”

Wang Jian immediately rushed forward, and with a “Bang!” his blade hit against the shield. His sword shivered again and struck right into Goodbye Tears’ chest, as he yelled out, “F*ck off, good b*tches don’t block other people’s roads!”

Blood dripped from the corner of Goodbye Tears’ mouth, as he leaned his staff against Wang Jian’s shoulder and murmured under his breath, “Not a chance. After killing my brothers, you’ll have to pay the price!”

I quickly rushed forward, but didn’t make it in time. The [Pillar of Fire & Ice] had already consumed Wang Jian’s body. In the end, when the general died, his sword had stabbed through Goodbye Tears’ chest once again, and the two people had knelt to the ground at the same time, as they watched each other die and melt away into a white light.

“What great brothers we are, dying together…..” Goodbye Tears said as he wryly smiled.

Wang Jian’s handsome face also twitched as he said, “That’s enough from you, who’s your brother. Go die….”

“You go die too then…..”

And in the end, the two elite heroes fell to the grounds of the desolate plains, becoming cold bodies.


“Little Dance, be careful!”
TL: Little Dance refers to Dancing Forest

Not too far into the distance, Dancing Forest’s body leaned over, as three of [Vanguard]’s Knights waved their swords at her. They had already gotten close, and nearby there was only Li Mu, who was currently rushing over to help!

As Dancing Forest retreated, she also drew back her longbow and activated [Shot of the Archery God]!


The third advancement Archer’s deadliest skill had penetrated one of the Swordsmen, mortally wounding him. It was followed up by a normal attack, thus killing him. The other two had already activated [Skyshaker Slash] and [Combo]!

Li Mu lifted his sword and rushed over, “Little Dance, use [Crystallize]!”

Dancing Forest’s shoulder jerked, and in that moment a brilliant light seemed to cover her whole body. Her beautiful face seemed to be preserved in a crystalline state, and her body seemed to freeze in that moment. It was the Archer’s third advancement’s greatest skill, [Crystallize]. A big MISS dropped, as for an entire second, all types of attack would fail, allowing Archers to escape at any critical moment.

A chain of MISSes flew by, as the two Swordsmen’s attacks had failed. One of them switched targets, and hit Li Mu!


Li Mu’s reaction was so fast that it was shocking; he had knocked away the enemy’s blade. Then he carried his body forward as his knee guards knocked into the opponent’s chest, his blade activating [Blade Rush] mid-air. With a twist of his body, he killed another!


As his combat boots moved forward, he kicked at the third Swordsman’s ankle with a “Keng!” . Li Mu had ingeniously used his slip to continue his attack, as he fell forward with a [Flame Blade], giving out another insta-kill!


“Brother Li Mu, be careful!” Dancing Forest yelled out from behind him.

“Bang!” General Li Mu suffered a blow. From behind him, Jian Feng Han had revealed his arrogant face, driving a sword through Li Mu’s chest with a smile, “You can go die now, General Li Mu!”

Li Mu went into furious state. Before he could turn around, his shoulder went cold, as he was hit by a [Scatter Shot], effectively stunning him! Suddenly, Jian Feng Han, along with his sister and others, came around from the BOSS’s side to attack!

The [Indigo Sea Arrow] was extremely bright as it pierced straight through Li Mu’s abdomen. Our Healer, Darling Duck, had been chased down by a few of [Vanguard]’s players, and thus Li Mu had no choice but to fall to his knees and die!

Yue Wei Liang and Dancing Forest both gasped as they activated their skills at the same time. Jian Feng Han stepped backward and his lips widened into a bigger smile, “[Zhan Long]’s top level players are only so-so…..”


The entire earth seemed to shake as numerous lances of magma bursted from the ground. It was Simple’s [Magma Lance]! And in that moment, Yue Wei Liang, Dancing Forest and Matcha suffered high damage. Yue Wei Liang and Dancing Forest had been instantly killed, whereas Matcha still had 50% of her health left!


“Ka Cha!”

I cut down one of [Vanguard]’s swordsmen as I saw everything happen less than 40 yards away from me. Although I had killed at least 20+ people, all of [Zhan Long]’s elite had already been killed by [Vanguard]. Especially with Simple, that woman was just too scary, to think that she killed half of our 39 people!

“Matcha, use [Phantom Holy Shield]!”

I cried out to her as I lifted my sword.

Matcha hurriedly activated [Phanom Holy Shield] and suddenly something flashed before her. Jian Feng Han had activated [Haste] and rushed over. The dust had yet to settle under his feet as he coldly said, “[Zhan Long]’s elders are just a bit too useless, aren’t they?”

Activating multiple moves, Matcha quickly retreated, her health quickly disappearing. In the end, she knelt down in a pool of blood. Raising her head she looked in my direction and said, “Boss….. you can do it…..”

I could only feel helpless as I watched all of my people get killed one by one. The Emperor Qin’s Sword shook in my hand as I glanced around the battlefield. I decided to give up on Jian Feng Han and went after Simple. If this Mage woman didn’t die, then we wouldn’t have a single shred of hope left.


“Brother Xiao Yao…..”

Not too far away, a shadow appeared. It was Yue Qing Qian moving stealthily on the side lines. She softly said, “I’ll support you and help kill Simple!”


As I broke through their defense, I killed a dozen people. The opponents had no way of stopping me. Simple raised her staff and said, “Han, come here quickly! Xiao Yao Zi Zai is coming!”

Jian Feng Han ended up rushing toward a different direction, as he said, “Sister Yun, defend yourself for now; I’ll go kill Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands first!”


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