Zhan Long

Chapter 294

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Chapter 294 – The Death of the Palace Siblings


Flames burst out from Leafy Gentleman’s slash. Li Qing was really impervious to attack; after receiving such a powerful attack from an expert, Li Qing only took 784 points of damage. At the same time, the attack drew aggro from the super strong BOSS. Li Qing reached out and grabbed the blade by its neck and evilly grinned, “You’re looking to die!”

A sudden left punch went straight into Leafy Gentleman’s abdomen, sending him flying away like a ball being kicked.


Leafy Gentleman’s body rolled a distance 10 meters before he stopped. He weakly stood up while wiping the blood coming from his mouth, “What a strong BOSS. Actually inflicting so much damage with his bare hands…..”

A team captain said, “Leader, we can’t fight this BOSS, we….. we should be more cautious…..”

Leafy Gentleman refused and replied, “No, even if we died, the First Division has to lower the BOSS’s health to below 10%. At 10% health, Guildmaster Jian Feng Han can definitely kill it. Right now, [Vanguard] has the most players remaining. The chances of us getting the God of Commerce Badge are very high. Taking the initiative is the first step to success!”

The team captain gulped and said, “Okay. I will lead our brothers to continue our attack!”


In the city, a large group of [Vanguard]’s First Division rushed to attack. The BOSS’s skills all had cooldown times, and Li Qing had a heavy armor type defense. He could pretty much ignore the attacks from Archers and Musketeers, but Mage attacks were still extremely painful.

Observing the battle from the distance, Matcha looked at me and said, “Boss, after Li Qing was attacked by a group of NPCs, he only has 22% health left. [Vanguard]’s plans are very obvious; they want to kill the BOSS in an instant so that it is guaranteed that they alone get the God Commerce Badge.”

I nodded, “Yeah, but that’s not a problem. The BOSS still has 22% health. [Vanguard]’s First Division won’t be able to handle it easily!”

“Yea, moreover……”

Matcha laughed, “Moreover, [Prague], [Flying Dragon], [Wrath of the Heroes], and other guilds won’t just sit there and watch Jian Feng Han take the God Commerce Badge. Also since the BOSS is super strong, the final fight will definitely be very chaotic.”



Time slowly passed by. Before long, [Vanguard]’s First Division’s players were almost all killed. There were only a few members left. When there was almost no one left by Leafy Gentleman’s side, the BOSS’s health had already dropped to 11%. Looking at the situation, Leafy Gentleman grabbed his sword and said to the two Vice Guild Masters, “Let’s go, it’s our turn now that the mission has been accomplished. We brought the BOSS’s health down to 10%. After finishing this, 20% of the First Division will be moved to the main guild. This is our reward after all the hard work we’ve done!”

The two Vice Guild Masters nodded, “Guild Master, why must you do this… after those fellows enter the main guild, won’t they then also ridicule the First Division as a reserve division? The main guild’s members will never see us on the same level as them. If you do this…”

Leafy Gentleman wryly smiled and said, “Whatever, I don’t care how others see me. I just know that from the day they joined the First Division, they became my brothers, so naturally, I’ll do what’s best for them. How they see me is unimportant! Advance!”

Raising his sword to advance, the two Vice Guild Masters attacked from a distance. With a “Pa Pa”, they hit away at Li Qing’s health!


The sharp swords slashed wounds on the BOSS’s neck. Within moments, Leafy Gentleman activated [Combo] and [Skyshaker Slash], the two skills with high damage outputs. With a twist of his body, he arrived right next to Li Qing and attacked him again. His pet wolf roared as it bit the BOSS’s leg multiple times for the sake of shredding away the BOSS’s 10,000 health. Leafy Gentleman was truly putting his life on the line!

“Looking to die!”

Li Qing roared in anger, as his lightening covered blade made a great sweep. “Ka Cha”, it cracked open Leafy Gentleman’s armor, and fresh blood seeped through it as it caused 3987 damage. [Vanguard]’s First Division leader’s health had dropped to the bottom within moments. Leafy Gentleman gulped down a potion, and grabbed the BOSS’s blade as he jumped up into the air with his combat boots, his left foot kicking straight at Li Qing’s neck wound.

Unfortunately, Li Qing didn’t feel any pain at all. The corners of his mouth slowly turned up into a cruel smile, as he violently grabbed his opponent, throwing Leafy Gentleman straight at the ground. Dirt and dust flew everywhere and Li Qing thrust his sword forward. “Pu Pu”, lightning seeped into blood, as [Vanguard]’s First Division leader died in the hands of the BOSS.

“Everyone, die!”

Li Qing proudly raised his head, and his body swept over as his sword stabbed straight through the two Vice Guild Master’s chests, insta-killing the two. At the same time, he activated [Heaven and Earth Seal] and 7 of [Vanguard]’s First Division’s most advanced players in the distance died.

But at that moment, Li Qing’s health was only at 10%. Leafy Gentleman had indeed completed the task that Jian Feng Han had given him!



Bai Qi swallowed hard and said, “[Vanguard]’s First Division…. completely annihilated…..”

Li Mu nodded and murmured, “Leafy Gentleman….. is so f*cking headstrong. Too bad he’s our enemy; Jian Feng Han is too fortunate to have an assistant like him. What a pity for Leafy Gentleman….”

Matcha squinted into the distance, “Isn’t it [Vanguard]’s turn to advance? Seeing as the BOSS’s health has already been whittled down to 10%, Jian Feng Han shouldn’t have any patience left!”

I smiled and said, “Not necessarily…..”

“Why?” The puzzled girl asked.

I smiled and said, “It’s simple. Jian Feng Han just sacrificed his entire First Division to bring the BOSS’s health down to 10%, but that doesn’t mean the BOSS is reserved for [Vanguard]. Other guilds can also kill the BOSS….”

“That’s true….”


As if to prove my point, in the distance, one of the guilds from Ba Huang City couldn’t wait any longer. One of the members raised their long swords and yelled out, “[Epic] brothers! Advance with me!”

F*ck, to think it was [Epic]?!

Among the crowd, I was astonished to see Palace Decree and Palace Soul! To think the two blacksmith siblings weren’t forging, but rather fighting!

[Epic] had probably not fought in the earlier battles, thus preserving most of their guild. There were around 700 people altogether. It was a Level 3 guild and thus wasn’t as popular, so they didn’t even have the maximum number of people.

“Aren’t those the ones who helped Brother Xiao Yao create Emperor Qin’s Sword, Palace Decree and Palace Soul?” Yue Qing Qian asked in surprise,

“Yep.” I nodded.

“Oh my, to think that their guild, [Epic], would begin fighting the BOSS…… Mm, we should give them a moment of silence. I fear Jian Feng Han is ready to make his move, and [Epic] is not the kind of guild to be able to go against [Vanguard]……”

“Yup, that’s right…..”

In the distance, Jian Feng Han’s eyes turned cold. He violently unsheathed his Flaming Cloud Sword and pointed it at their direction, yelling out, “[Epic], what’s the meaning of this! You want to publicly steal the BOSS that we had killed 90% of? Bullsh*t! Brothers, attack! Attack from the right flank and annihilate [Epic]!”

A group of third advancement close combat players at [Vanguard]’s front-lines had their blades unsheathed, shining in the sunlight. The first attack had clearly gone forth under Jian Feng Han’s command as he struck with a [Through the Cloud Slash] in the distance. The Lv 4+ [Through the Cloud Slash]’s attack was extremely high, killing [Epic]’s Archers in the back row; their screams of anguish were unending. Don’t be Foolish, North Pole, and Goodbye Tears all brought out their individual teams to attack, massacring everyone.

“The Palace siblings are in danger…..” Yue Qing Qian said.

I immediately sent a message to Palace Decree, “Your Guild Master’s decision to attack was not a smart move. [Vanguard] will definitely choose to attack you guys first, what will you do?”

Palace Decree quickly responded and said, “Don’t worry, we’re just here to have fun. At most we’ll just lose a level, it’s not that big of a deal…..”



“Di” I received another message. This time it was from [Prague]’s Guild Master, Yan Zhao Warrior, “Xiao Yao, now is the best opportunity. If you attack [Vanguard] from the north and [Prague] attacks from the west, in addition to [Epic], with the strength of our three guilds, it is definitely enough to destroy [Vanguard]’s 1000+ members. What do you think? If you agree, reply with a 1!”


“What do you mean by responding with two 1’s?”

“Because one 1 is not enough!”

“Then let’s go!”

“Let’s go!”

Indeed, at the critical moment, Yan Zhao Warrior showed no mercy. He knew that although [Prague] was strong, and that there was an obvious difference in power between [Vanguard] and [Prague], he had no choice but to find allies with enough strength to obtain the ultimate goal, the God of Commerce Badge. Currently, the only guild with that much strength was [Zhan Long]. [Zhan Long] still had 300+ elites; besides, we had already declared war on [Vanguard]. There was no one more suited than [Zhan Long]. On top of all of that, Yan Zhao was an incredibly shrewd person, so he must have known that my Emperor Qin’s Sword’s [Kill for Blood] was already around 300%. This was a situation that had to be taken advantage of. Moreover, besides me, there was no one who could completely oppose Jian Feng Han and his sister.



I unsheathed Emperor Qin’s Sword and scanned its stats. I had stacked the [Kill for Blood] effect 303 times. I smiled and shouted, “Everyone from [Zhan Long], immediately start advancing! Follow me to the north to attack [Vanguard]. We don’t have any other goal but to kill everyone with a [Vanguard] insignia; don’t leave a single person standing!”

Wang Jian, Li Mu, and Old K had been waiting far too long for that command, and laughed uproariously. They picked up their weapons and advanced with me. As I rushed forward, I summoned my Flaming Tiger God and the small tiger also growled its excitement. He brought with him the ferocity and terror of the king of beasts, his claws carrying a violent fire as he pounced on the crowd of [Vanguard] players!


Jian Feng Han violently thrust his sword forward as the Lv 61 Knight, Palace Decree, retreated multiple steps, his health already at the bottom. As he looked to the north, he suddenly smiled and said, “Haha, [Zhan Long] has made their move! Hehe, [Vanguard]’s time of happiness has ended!”

Jian Feng Han’s eyes turned cold as he cruelly smiled and said, “That won’t change the fact that I will kill you!”

With that slash from the Flaming Cloud Sword, the [Corrupt Wolf Edge] had eaten up Palace Decree’s last drop of health. This number one mining expert knelt to the ground and miserably cried out, “F*ck, to think his attack was so high….. Zi Zai, avenge me…..”


In alarm, Palace Soul raised her sword to attack when, unexpectedly, from not far away an Indigo Sea Arrow hit her!


The only person in Ba Huang City that could bring out a damage number like that was Simple. Jian Feng Han’s sword flashed, a [Through the Clouds Slash] swallowed Palace Soul. And with that, the Palace siblings were killed by [Vanguard].

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