Zhan Long

Chapter 293

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Chapter 293 – Your head is mine

“Dammit….. How high is this BOSS’ attack……”

Matcha’s mouth widened in shock, “Those NPCs from Ba Huang City aren’t in a battle, it’s a massacre…. This version of the [City of the Ancients] is way too unreasonable. How can the last BOSS be so strong? Who can kill something like that…..”

Li Mu carried his sword over and said, “Let’s wait for now, see what the situation is like… whoever attacks right now will become cannon fodder!”

I nodded, “Yup, lets just watch for now; we shouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb, we’re not taking that risk.”



In the distance, another city gate had collapsed. The [City of the Ancients] was officially broken as players from all directions began flooding into the city. Logically, with over 70,000 players killing one BOSS should not be a problem, however nobody was an idiot and none of the players were willing to be the first to attack.

Within the city walls, Ba Huang City’s Chief Commander Luo Lie picked up his battle axe, his eyes full of arrogance as he began laughing, “Did you think killing a few weaklings will defeat Ba Huang City’s bravest? Keep dreaming! Let me show you what Ba Huang City’s true finest really means!”

Luo Lie violently waved his battle axe and yelled out, “Crimson Archers, attack! Use iron chains to hang the souls out of these ancient monsters!”

Once the city gates opened, dozens of knights dressed in crimson red flew out, even the horses were dressed in armor, their iron hoofs beat against the ground. Besides the fact that every knight carried a sharp blade, on their backs, they carried long bows made of pure steel with black bow strings of unknown material!


Once the general gave his command, a group of crimson archers each grabbed their longbows and drew their arrows. Instead of feathers, however, crimson red chains the size of a fist were connected to the end of the arrows trailing over their shoulders. The scene was truly awe-inspiring, enough to scare everyone watching!

“Raise your [Vengeance]!”

With another shout, 28 armored riders began roaring, emitting energy from their arms then directing that [Vengeance] to the arrows on their long bows.


28 heavy iron arrows shot out, creating a magnificent painting of battle. The tips of the arrows brought a crimson charge that penetrated through Li Qing’s Qi wall. “Pu pu pu” the arrows impaled his armor as black blood began to seep out from the wounds. The iron horsemen began to encircle Li Qing, binding him like a doll in chains. In addition, the chains had thorn-like spikes that cut into his skin, making this [City of the Ancients] general suffer endless pain.


Luo Lie picked up his battle axe and jumped off of the city wall. With a “Pa!” he sat onto a black battle ox and commanded it to move forward as he yelled, “Li Qing, did you really think you could dominate the world with your undead warriors? Now you should understand, Ba Huang City’s Magic & Martial Academy has already produced talented outstanding warriors. With them around, you’re fated to die!”


Li Qing kept howling in pain as his sword kept emitting lightning. His eyes turned cold as he glared towards Luo Lie. The corners of his lips curved into a cruel smile as he said, “I have suffered hundreds of thousands of years of endless despair. I have suffered hundreds of thousands of years of tortuous pain. I have already lost all ability to feel pain. Seeing as these knights are your blood and sweat, then…. I should raise the temperature for them. I don’t suppose you will mind?”

As he said that, Li Qing roared and from sky a violent bolt of lightning struck Li Qing but it appeared to have been summoned by Li Qing himself. The bolt flowed through the chains, shocking the knights who held them!!

“Pa Pa Pa….”

As a result of the violent thunder, the group of archer riders had been burnt to dust and the more experienced ones had been burnt into charcoal as they fell from their horses. Indeed, he had raised their temperatures. Of course, for the ones who did not have enough experience and had been directly struck by the lightening, they had immediately been annihilated, without a single trace of their bodies left; even the horses had disappeared.

In that moment, Luo Lie was unresponsive as he watched the dust floating off the ground. His entire body shivered as he said, “This… this is impossible….. they, they were Magic & Martial Academy’s geniuses! How….How could this be?!”

As he was talking, Luo Lie raised his head, his eyes an angry red. His battle axe began gathering fire, and once the fire’s [Vengeance] was full, he yelled in anger, “Li Qing, I’m taking your sh*tty life!”


The air vibrated with rage as Luo Lie jumped from his mount. His entire person seemed to be pulled from the sky as he raised himself and lifted his axe, creating an elegant arc, cutting straight at Li Qing!


Li Qing smiled, smoothly raising his long sword to block. With a “Keng!” the fire and lightning clashed, the dust rising all around them creating a storm. The two warriors’ clash intensified the atmosphere around them, causing the entire [City of the Ancients] to tremble!

“Get down!”

Luo Lie roared, and waved his battle axe a second time. Using all of his strength to strike downward, Li Qing was no longer able to withstand the attack. Li Qing’s body began sinking as he fell onto the altar!

“Oh God of War in heaven. Grant me the ancient power, Flame devours the dark. I, Luo Lie summoned in the name of justice——[Raging Flame Spirit Wolf]!”

“Hong” was heard as the fire exploded outward, and an image of a fierce wolf’s head emerged above his war axe. Luo Lie slashed down with a bang, the overwhelmingly attack directly striking towards Li Qing’s head. It seemed that the First Rank Hero of Ba Huang City was really starting to fight for his life!

“Go die!”

Li Qing shook and hastily lifted his sword. He pressed on the blade and lightning surged as thunder roared while he howled angrily, “Come. Let me see how powerful your Ancient Martial Secrets are, and whether or not it is better than mine!”

Flames blotted out the sky and the land, as Luo Lie almost used up all his energy. Li Qing lifted his sword, and thunder and lightning inter-weaved into an enormous web to defend against Luo Lie’s Ancient Martial Secrets!

“Hong! ”

The air around the defense zone seemed to have frozen. A deafening concussion echoed in my ears. In the sky, Luo Lie stood majestically, with air-streams spiraling beneath his feet as he slowly descended! The altar had already been split into ruins by Luo Lie’s strike. A deep huge pit appeared within the city walls. In the middle of the enormous pit, Li Qing was kneeling down with his sword in hand. His long hair was flying, and his arms hung down in despair as blood flowed down to the tip of the sword.



Luo Lie panted heavily, while the war axe trembled slightly in his hand. He bellowed, “Extinguisher of Hope, Li Qing. Is that all you’ve got? Haha. You are unworthy of your reputation as the dominator of the [City of the Ancients]…… ”

“Pada…… ”

Black drops of fresh blood splashed in the dirt. Li Qing tightened the hand holding his sword, and suddenly stood up. He yanked the blade out of the ground and despite having a face full of burnt flesh, his expression was unyielding as he roared in laughter, “Young man from the later generation, if you only possess only this little ability, then I…… then I can only kill you now; because I feel ——very bored! ”

Luo Lie trembled as a dense mass of infantry behind him dashed forward and screamed, “Protect Commander-in-Chief! Everyone charge, and protect him. Kill this demon in the [City of the Ancients]! ”


“Pa! ”

A light step on the ground was heard, as Li Qing darted forward as quick as lightning, and slashed his blade horizontally!

“Keng! ”

The first strike. The war axe in Luo Lie’s hand was unable to block the attack, and it flew out of his hand, dropping in the distant wilderness. The action caused Luo Lie’s right arm to bleed profusely, as he looked in shock at Li Qing.

Nearby, Li Qing watched Luo Lie and wryly smiled, “Ba Huang City is mine…. and your head is as well!”

“Ah? What!!!”

Luo Lie slightly trembled, and felt only a slight chill around his neck. In the next instant, his head had already been cut off by Li Qing’s sword. Li Qing grabbed the dismembered head and raised it up high as he roared out, “Ba Huang City ants, look closely Your Commander-in-Chief has already been beheaded! Leave immediately, or else you’ll also become our sacrifice!”

“What!? ”

The squad of NPC soldiers from Ba Huang City stared with their eyes widened and jaws dropped. They exclaimed in cold shock. ” Luo…… Lord Luo Lie actually got killed! Lord Luo Lie got killed! Heavens, that is a demon. He actually killed the powerful Lord Luo Lie!”

Within seconds, hundreds of thousands of Ba Huang soldiers scattered. To think that there was no one willing to fight against Li Qing!

Li Qing stood within the city and laughed.

A system notification sounded as an announcement appeared in the sky

“Ding! ”

[System Announcement]: As the 【Extinguisher of Hope・Li Qing】 has killed the Commander-in-Chief of Ba Huang City 【Slaughtering Storm・Luo Lie】, Ba Huang City has now issued a warrant. The player that kills Li Qing will be given extremely generous additional rewards!


“Everyone, advance!”

South of the city, there was a loud shout from within [Vanguard]’s army, as First Division’s leader, Leafy Gentlemen, yelled out, “Now is the time! First Division, advance with me! Let’s destroy Li Qing and get that God of Commerce Badge!”

With that command, close to 400 people began to flood the city walls, running straight at Li Qing.


Li Mu’s eyes turned cold as he said, “Does Jian Feng Han want his First Division to test the BOSS out?”

Yue Qing Qian nodded, “Probably. Plus, the [Vanguard]’s First Division still has so many people, as well as an organized formation. They definitely do possess the strength to challenge this BOSS! Brother Xiao Yao, what should we do now?”

With a heavy voice I said, “Everyone, get off the city walls and create a formation north of the city. We’ll be ready to welcome the BOSS. Hmph, a Lv 75 Valkyrie Tier BOSS isn’t something I believe that [Vanguard]’s First Division can kill!”

“Oh. Alright! ”


Soon, more than 300 members of [Zhan Long] had assembled in the city. Shield formation at the front, DPS behind them and Healers at the back. We were prepared for battle.

In the distance, Leafy Gentlemen had already initiated the attack. Arrows fell like rain upon the BOSS’s body, but Li Qing’s defense was too high; the arrows were only like minor itches. He slaughtered his way through the group of people, cutting right past their defensive formation in the shape of a cross. Nearly 50 people had been trapped in a sea of fire. On top of that, he activated another [Heaven and Earth Seal], and after a few more consecutive attacks, hundreds of people from [Vanguard]’s First Division had perished!

“Scattered Shot!” Leafy Gentleman yelled.

“Pa!” From the dozens of [Scattered Shot]s, one had stunned the BOSS. Leafy Gentleman had a beyond average aggressiveness; he took his sword and rushed forward, slashing at Li Qing’s neck as he yelled, “I don’t care if you’re a Valkyrie Tier or not, I will definitely kill you without fail!”

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