Zhan Long

Chapter 292

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Chapter 292: Extinguisher of Hope


[Seven Star Fragment Slash] crashed against the city walls, causing great damage, and leaving a shocking crevice on the bricks of the wall. This was the effect of the fragment slash which was powerful enough to raze NPC buildings. Normally, this aspect of the skill wasn’t of much use, but during wars against cities or nations, this skill was unexpectedly handy.

My health points suffered from the hits of the fierce arrows, as the densely packed arrows pierced my Nebula Armor. My health decreased to about 1000 points in a blink of an eye. Darling Duck and a few other Healers behind me had not yet mounted to the city walls; I could only rely on myself !

With a wave of my sword, a [Wind Blade] was released, causing an enormous damage number to pop up in front of the chest of an NPC archer. The fatal strike effect appeared, in addition to the 10% health extraction. Two numbers popped up ——


The 10% health extraction was too powerful. Using another Heal with a wave of my hand, and gulping down another Lv 8 health potion, my health was restored. The [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] clanked and cried with a buzzing sound. The 40 archers before me had to be killed, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer!

“Roar Roar……”

A fierce golden tiger appeared beside me. The Flaming Tiger God dashed out howling, and used [Burstfire Raid], leaving a large sea of fire on the bodies of the archers and revealing the spirit of the King of the beasts completely. It raised its head and used [Fierce Roar], causing more widespread damage. Waving its sharp claws at the same time, it summoned a protective shield,and pieces of [Blazing Armor] emerged around the fierce tiger. The [Blazing Armor] defended most of the assault and also enabled the Flaming Tiger God to fight a protracted war!

Behind me, a beautiful figure leaped up the city walls. It was Yue Qing Qian; her slender fair legs, adorned with a pair of boots, gently landed on the ground with a “Pa”. With a wave of her dagger, she was enshrouded by flames, as the image of a charming fiery fox emerged above the beauty. The next moment, Yue Qing Qian opened her palm, magically transformed it into a fiery fox’s huge claw, and began to slaughter her way through the monsters!


With a 20 yard attack distance, the archers that were within the area that [Grip of the Firefox] covered were struck, one by one. Each received about an average of 3500 damage. This was pretty much the limit of present stage Assassin players. Yue Qing Qian was ranked the top Assassin in Ba Huang City; Wan Er from Fan Shu City was probably the only one that could be considered stronger than Yue Qing Qian.


Once my cooldown had ended, I again used [Seven Star Fragment Slash], then activated Mohist’s Five Scrolls above the city walls; [Soul Army] and [Black Tortoise Realm] wrought havoc among the monsters. With that, Yue Qing Qian and I already controlled the situation above the city. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, Wolf, and others, darted up the city walls and brandished their blades, slaughtering through the swarm of monsters. Next, Darling Duck led our Healers up the city walls. [Zhan Long] firmly stood on top of the city.

I commanded Wang Jian, Li Mu and the others to continue assaulting the archers around us. I then stood on the city walls, scanning everything within the city. There were no high buildings or pavilions as we had imagined, only severely weathered ruins within the [City of the Ancients]. At the center of the city was an altar. The totems carved on stones in this area were corroded over time into pillars of rock. At the middle of the altar, a warrior, holding a sword and clothed in black armor, was seen standing there. He held his head up and gazed at the sky indifferently with a cold smile. From a distance, only his name was seen, and the stats remained blurry——

【Extinguisher of Hope – Li Qing】(Valkyrie Tier BOSS)
Level: 75
Attack: ? ? ?
Defense: ? ? ?
Health: ? ? ?
Skills: ? ? ?

Introduction: Li Qing was the Chief General of the Ancient Radiant Empire. He controlled the million military of the empire, and won every battle, conquering three-fourths of the mainland. A powerful existence that was called the God of War by the people. However, a natural disaster descended on the land, and plague and death swept through the earth. The Radiant Empire fell apart in a flash, and people died one after another. The Commander-in-Chief led the last army in search of an oasis that was suitable for survival. With no result, he could only guard the Ancient imperial city while awaiting his death. His despair and hatred had nowhere to be expressed. In the end, he sold his soul and fell into darkness in exchange for the reappearance of the imperial city. That imperial city is the [City of the Ancients].


“My God, the last BOSS is a Lv 75 Valkyrie Tier…….”

My mouth twitched, “This Extinguisher of Hope should be the final BOSS. It is Valkyrie Tier as expected……”

Matcha chuckled, “Boss, the tenth wave doesn’t seem to have monsters; only this Li Qing is guarding the city. How about… we go down into the city and meet him now? [Zhan Long] still has about 300 people. If we cooperate as a team, there’s still hope to slay the Lv.75 Valkyrie Tier BOSS.”

“Just checking, approximately how much health does a Lv. 75 Valkyrie Tier BOSS have?”

“1 million, I presume…… The actual attack is probably around 12000. Boss, how much is your defense? Can you block a 12000 attack?”

I swept my eyes over my stats and replied, “Basic defense is 2400 points, and equipment adds 14% more. There’s another 7% from ignoring attack damage, and some other defensive buffs for another 14%. Altogether, it’s increased by 35%, so my actual defense is around 3240……”

Matcha couldn’t help but open her small mouth and laugh, “This…… 3240 points of defense strike by 12000 attack will be extremely painful. The ordinary attacks probably inflict 3000 damage in one attack, so you might die instantly if special skills are added. Still want to fight?”

“Fight! We must fight!”

I clenched my fist and said, “The three main cities of the Chinese server have so many extraordinary guilds. [Legend], [Hero Mound], [Vanguard], and [Prague] all have a strong financial support. [Zhan Long] does not have a decent financial support, so we must take the first God of Commerce Badge. This way, we will have the capital to laugh at the whole world. Self-sufficiency is absolute……”

Matcha nodded, “Alright, how should we attack?”

“Let others attack first, as we have too few people. Be patient. We’ll only have a chance if we strike midway. The main thing is…… is it certain that the God of Commerce Badge will be on this BOSS?”

“Probably……” Yue Qing Qian pointed at the shoulder of the BOSS and said, “There’s a golden badge emblem there. If I am not mistaken, it should be the God of Commerce Badge. This proves that the BOSS carries the God of Commerce Badge.”

I pondered this for a bit, then said, “Let’s watch for a while, and talk after we clear all the elite archers on the city wall!

“Okay! ”

Soon after, the NPC army’s attack on the city proceeded smoothly. Towers on the city walls were torn down. A single man was seen dashing up the city walls; he cleaved a ten meters deep tunnel into the wall with one strike of his war axe. With the war axe in hand, he arrogantly roared in anger, “Li Qing, you are an old ghost that had died off for millions of years. You actually had the face to lead these decayed scums of the [City of the Ancients] and come disrupt the order of the Ba Huang City!? ”

Within the city, Li Qing raised his head and flashed a smile, “Young man from the later generations, do you think these mobs that you led will be able to conquer the [City of the Ancients]? Hahaha, today, I only need to kill all of you and use your blood as an offering to the dead. In 12 hours, I will be able to use the power of your souls to summon more infernal undead soldiers to come conquer this place. Ba Huang City belongs to me, Li Qing, and is the dominion of the [City of the Ancients]!”


On the city walls, the warrior raised his war axe and roared, “Into the city! Kill Li Qing and mount his head on the city gates of Ba Huang City. Use the curse of the Holy Priest to trap and lock his soul. Quench it daily and torture it constantly. Let this guy really experience endless despair!”

At this time, everyone finally saw the NPC name of the one in charge of commanding the army of the Ba Huang City——

Slaughtering Storm・Luo Lie】

Introduction: The younger cousin of Duke Luo Lei of Ba Huang City. He possesses impressive martial prowess, and has won every war he has fought. Commanded the Army of Ba Huang City to conquer south to north and pacified the entire territory of Ba Huang City. In the end, he was bestowed the title of Heavenly General of Ba Huang City, and given command of the military forces within the entire territory of Ba Huang City.


“So he was actually the little brother of Duke Luo Lei……” I flashed a smile, “Wonder if Luo Lie is stronger or the Extinguisher of Hope in the city is stronger. I’m eager to watch. Let’s wait until Luo Lie weakens the Extinguisher of Hope to 1% health, and then we will join in and fight……”

Yue Qing Qian smacked her lips and giggled, “Big Brother, what kind of attitude is that……”

Below the city, a myriad of Ba Huang City military forces entered the city. With the cavalry in lead, a few thousand horsemen brandished their spears and dashed toward the heart of the [City of the Ancients]. From a distance, spears were hurled, and with “shuashua” sounds, flew towards Li Qing. The tip of the spears were suffused with a cold glow and surrounded by a force, seemingly infused with battle qi or similar forces. This cavalry was probably the elite forces of Ba Huang City.

The moment before the spears descended, Li Qing suddenly raised his head. With a face full of pride, he roared angrily, “Arrogant posterity, I will let you know and experience what my decimating power is like!”

“Weng! ”

The air seemed to have frozen. The numerous spears struck the chi defense condensed by Li Qing as “PengPengPeng” sounds burst forth; all the spears ricocheted off. Li Qing darted out and leaped ten meters into the air, as he brandished his sword glowing with electricity. It split the earth apart with the crashing of thunder. He then cross cut the cavalry squad and immediately sent severed limbs and stumps of the horsemen and their horses into a mad dance, and fresh blood filled the ground. Those elite horsemen were completely covered in thick, dense armor, yet those armors were unable to protect them. Li Qing’s assault was far more powerful than what they could have imagined.

Li Qing stood majestically in the sky in his battle robe, accompanied by the sound of the wind. As he opened his left hand, power condensed in his palms and he abruptly bellowed, “All of you, die! [Heavy Earth]!”

“Peng…… ”

The earth suddenly trembled, as an approximately 100×100 yard area of the ground in the city sank down with a loud bang. A sea of flames erupted, and numerous elite horsemen were deeply trapped inside. They wailed endlessly in misery as they awaited their deaths!


“This…… ”

With a murderous look, Luo Lie roared, lifted his war axe, and commanded, ” Archers, keep advancing. Use your metal arrows and penetrate this body of Extinguisher of Hope. Kill him! ”

The swarm of archers flowed into the city, lining up into formation. They raised their bows and aimed at Li Qing; under Luo Lie’s command, millions of arrows shot out in unison!


The direction of the arrows in the sky was true, but were all reflected away when they approached Li Qing. Li Qing’s special ability was probably nullifying long-ranged attacks; extremely terrifying!

“You all are seeking death…..

Flashing a smile, Li Qing placed the sword in the sheath behind his back. Raising his arms evenly, he shook his left hand once and muttered, “Earth”. An energy in the shape of a piece of green rock flowed into his palm. Shaking his right hand once again, he muttered “Sky”. Immediately, numerous star energies slowly appeared. The next moment, Li Qing pushed forward with both of his hands, and with a sinister look, he roared in laughter, “Go die, ants. Take this! [Heaven and Earth Seal]! ”


“Hong! ”

The heaven and earth combined. The attack left crimson bloodstains on the mangled earth it slaughtered through several thousands of archers, were all mutilated beyond recognition!

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