Zhan Long

Chapter 291

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Chapter 291 – Battle of the City Wall

【Dragon Knight’s Leg Guards】(Emperor Tier)
Type: Heavy Armor
Defense: 390
Strength: +51
Stamina: +48
Intelligence: +45
Additional: 19% increase in Magic Defense
Additional: 10% increase in Physical Defense
Special Skill:【Dragon Knight’s Recovery】once activated will recover 10% of health every second for 7 seconds. Uses 60 points of Rage

Level Requirement: 68


“How is it, Boss?”

Matcha held the pair of Dragon Knight’s Leg Guards and laughed, “It’s a Lv 68 equipment, and you’re the only player in the guild that’s Lv 68. Besides, you alone did 85% of the damage to the BOSS’s health. This pair of Emperor Tier leg guards undoubtedly belongs to you. Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands and I both agree that there’s no need to roll for it. Besides… the tanks that fought this BOSS were just you and I, and if you don’t take it, I’ll cry…”

I almost teared up at that. I reached out to take the Dragon Knight’s Leg Guards and said, “Thank you, Matcha…..”

With her hands behind her back and her innocent look, she smiled, “Don’t mention it, …”

Me: “…….”

Reaching out, I put on the Dragon Knight’s Leg Guards, changing out the Leg Guards of a Beast. My attack power decreased slightly, but my survival skills raised another level, especially with the special effect [Dragon Knight’s Recovery]. Within 7 seconds I could recover 70% of my health; this was clearly an equipment that I needed. Perfect, with [Dragon Knight’s Recovery] + [Shield of the Crimson Dragon], although these two special skills would use up all of my rage, they would also substantially increase my ability to survive.

Looking at my stats, my defense had increased quite a bit——

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】(Dragon City Knight Watch)
Level: 68
Attack: 2864 – 3803
Defense: 2407
Health: 4955
Mana: 2676
Charm: 87
CBN Battle Ranking: 26


My defense had finally exceeded 2400, almost equivalent to Fushen Thousand Blade’s level. Now I didn’t have to worry about someone insta-killing me, since there wasn’t anybody, excluding myself, that had such a frightening attack. 2400 defense was definitely enough to fight against elite players like Jian Feng Han and Yan Zhao Warrior, and with my special skills, even if I fought them one on one, I still had some likelihood for victory.

To top it all off, my mana was now 2676. Most other tanks don’t even have 1000 mana while I have over 2000. The quality of my equipment was very clear, and with my [Great Realm of Desolation], [Seven Star Fragment Slash], and [Wind Blade], I could finally display the extent of my abilities without restraint. I just needed to bring along high quality potions, and I could basically use high level skills endlessly.

“Did the BOSS drop any other equipment?” I asked Matcha.

Matcha laughed,“This 9th wave BOSS dropped quite a few good items; there were a total of 4 equipment: 3 Emperor Tier and 1 Purple Tier. There was also a pair of Emperor Tier leather boots that Dancing Forest ROLLed away. The Emperor Tier ring which increased agility and range was taken by Fox, while Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands managed to ROLL the Purple Tier equipment. There were a few Soul Gems that were ROLLed away as well, but nobody is willing to use them since the Soul Gems are too precious. Since we don’t really have any good armor, weapons, or shields, we can’t bear to use the Soul Gems yet….”

I chuckled, “Yea, that’s true… Report how many remaining players we have, as well as our losses ….”


Matcha followed behind me, and as we strolled below the city walls she smiled and said, “Currently [Zhan Long] still has 347 people, but they are all elite players. Just now in the 9th wave, we lost over 400 people and our losses were great. But compared to us, [Flying Dragon]’s, [Vanguard]’s, and [Prague]’s losses were much greater. Many of their mid-ranked players had died, and now all that’s left are the few top players in their guilds.”

I lifted my head I looked up towards the [City of the Ancients], then looked at the foot of the walls. As before, there were still some people who guarded the place, unwilling to give up. I smiled and said, “Looks like the [God Commerce Badge]’s temptation is too great, seeing as nobody is willing to give up and retreat…..”

“Yup, the God of Commerce Badge’s value is immeasurable and everyone understands that…..”

“Hehe, that’s right!”


Below the city walls, there were around 20,000 players creating a formation, awaiting the last wave of monsters. This time, the last wave’s BOSS would carry the God of Commerce Badge here. This was our greatest interest.

After waiting for 30 minutes the great gates had still not opened.

“Uh….. what’s the situation? Is it possible that the 10th wave was a lie?” asked Yue Qing Qian.

I shook my head, “I don’t know what the situation is, let’s just keep watching for now….”


In the distance, [Flying Dragon]’s people were getting impatient. Soaring Dragon waved his staff at the sky and yelled, “F*ck….. this is too nerve-wracking! The God of Commerce Badge isn’t all make believe is it?”

Drunken Spear wryly said, “Guild Master, don’t be too impatient, we haven’t reached the end yet. There doesn’t appear to be anything happening in any of the four sides of the city. When the BOSS appears, everyone will know, so don’t worry. The last BOSS might even be a Valkyrie Tier BOSS, and will take a while to kill. We’ll have our opportunity, it’s just that…. we have too few people. We have less than 100 people present, how can we steal the BOSS? Even if the BOSS came to us, we might not have the ability to kill it now…..”

Soaring Dragon’s face turned grim, and didn’t say anything.


After another two minutes, Matcha closed her wings and descended to the ground. She pointed toward the east and said, “Boss, it seems that…… there seems to be the sound of hoof-beats coming from there, but I don’t know what’s happening….”


I looked over along with everyone else, but only saw a cloud of dust on the plains. A mass of human soldiers appeared, their flags flying in the wind. It was the insignia of Ba Huang City. The NPC army had finally arrived. In front of the mass of people stood a fierce man with the face of a noble. He walked up while carrying his battle axe and shouted, “Ba Huang City’s 5th Team has come to fulfill their order to attack the [City of the Ancients]! All bystanders, get out of the way!”

“F*ck….. Ba Huang City’s NPC Army has also come to steal the glory?” Li Mu said.


I nodded, “Nobody make a move, let’s see what happens first. It’s possible that the last wave isn’t monsters, but rather, the fact that we have to fight our way in. The last BOSS should be waiting for us inside the city walls.”

As the war drums beat, the eastern side of the [City of Ancients] had over 100,000 NPC soldiers forming a front-line to prepare to attack the city. Rows of soldiers put up their ladders, and pushed over war chariots filled with weapons to besiege the city. The thick crowd of NPC archers shot down a dense rain of arrows, knocking down most of the NPC soldiers. However, they all refused to retreat, and the ones still alive climbed over the bodies of fallen soldiers to continue charging toward the walls.

On top of the wall, one of the guards picked up his longbow and bellowed, “Quickly reinforce the wall! Dammit, Ba Huang City has begun to attack. Looks like those noble old geezers don’t just have the ability to hide behind their defenses, but can also attack! Send out some monsters, and kill everything that can move! Ba Huang City is ours; the real capital is [City of the Ancients]!

A great number of NPC archers began moving around the top of the city wall. The eastern wall had already become a sea of fire, but the NPC Army kept building [Sky Ladders] to the top of the wall, desperately trying to get in. Sadly, none of the players had learned how to build tools of war, and only players with Level 5+ guild players could learn those construction skills. Currently, the highest level guild in Ba Huang City was Level 4, demonstrating the long road ahead.


Standing below the city walls, Li Mu raised his head and said, “80% of the strong archers on our north side have been drawn away. How about it? Should we begin our attack?”

I wet my lips and said, “Let’s not rush yet, we don’t have any of the tools necessary for invading a city. We don’t even have [Sky Ladders]. How are we supposed to climb a 50 meter wall?”

“That’s true….”

Yue Qing Qian pointed and said, “Brother Xiao Yao, look over there…”


Everyone looked over together and discovered that the NPC army from Ba Huang City had begun to hold their shields over their head as they marched forward toward the walls’ defense. They positioned the [Sky Ladder]s against the wall, and started to climb upward. One of the NPC officials with a beard that covered his face began waving his battle axe as he gave a whooping laugh, “You idle adventurers, now is the time to vow loyalty and devotion to the our sacred union. Attack! Once all of the creatures in this [City of the Ancients] have turned to dust, you will have successfully guarded your homes! Valiantly go forth and never retreat!”

“Should we attack?” Yue Qing Qian asked as she looked at me.

I looked at the number of NPC’s on the wall and gritted my teeth, unable to make a decision just yet.

Beside me, Wang Jian said, “Brother Xiao Yao, we don’t even know what the BOSS inside the city is even like. Maybe by going in earlier, we’ll reap some benefits?”

I took a deep breath and said, “I’m just worried… that we have too few people. We only have 347 players left, and although they are our strongest players, I’m just afraid that I’ll be making everyone suffer unnecessary losses.”

Bai Qi smiled, “Guild Master, you don’t have to be so worried. Seeing as we joined [Zhan Long], we’ll always trust in your leadership. Don’t worry, even if we’re annihilated, then it’s because we ourselves weren’t strong enough; it would have nothing to do with your command. I also support attacking the wall. If we reach the walls sooner, then we’ll have the rare opportunity to raise [Zhan Long]’s reputation!”

I made a fist, “Alright then, in that case, we’ll immediately attack the walls! Knights, take your shields and advance! Swordsmen and Berserkers will form the second line, while Healers form the third line. Mages and Archers will form the fourth line. Split up to climb the ladders up the city walls. First defend well, then begin clearing out all of the monsters on the walls!”



I tightened my grip on the Emperor Qin’s Sword and advanced. My defense was already 2400+, greater than most of the Knights and Monks. Actually, I was the most suitable person in my guild to stand in the front and block the arrows!

One group rushed past 100 yards to the bottom of the walls and Matcha said, “Allowing Boss to take all of the damage alone could kill you. Despite your high defense, it’s not Wang Ze Cheng’s. Let’s do it this way; Boss and I will advance into the net of fire and divide the damage between us. After that, everyone else can advance!”


Matcha and I were well coordinated as we both advanced into the range of the archers. At the same time, a rain of arrows came from the city walls, and the two of us slowly advanced, our bodies constantly covered in light from the heals. Along with us came many of Ba Huang City’s players; the only difference was that Matcha and I could withstand the attack and not die, whereas the other players did not have our luck; the ferocity of the archers’ attack had basically killed everyone!


Firmly gripping the [Sky Ladder], I exerted strength with my foot, and climbed upward with a “tu tu tu” sound. The fifty meters were quickly scaled, and I turned and stepped onto the city wall. I immediately activated [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] and my Emperor Qin’s Sword danced, using its full power!

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