Zhan Long

Chapter 290

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Chapter 290 – Dragon Knight’s Knee Guards

Opening my hand, I revealed three [God Army Card]’s revolving in my palm. “Shua!” they rocketed into the sky, and a large Seven Star Constellation imprinted itself into the ground, its movements completely under my control. With another “Shua!”, the imprint sunk into the ground, and nobody but I could determine every stars’ position. At the same time, [Black Tortoise Realm] activated right under Jian Feng Han’s feet, significantly slowing down his speed!


Jiang Feng Han raised his Flaming Cloud Sword, while he activated [Corrupt Wolf Edge], instantly cutting down one of our Knight’s health by a half. He then started retreating with his Rock Spirit Fighter; however, Wang Jian and Yue Qing Qian both charged after him. Despite Jian Feng Han’s arrogance, he was not so prideful to think that he could defend against the two elite players, Wang Jian and Yue Qing Qian, under the effect of [Black Tortoise Realm].

Simple made an “oh” sound, and carried her staff as she retreated. At the same time, she waved her arm, casting an [Indigo Sea Arrow]. It shot right through the chest of an Archer beside me, inflicting 3271 damage, an instant kill!

As Li Mu watched, his heart turned cold, and he murmured, “Simple… is too merciless!”

As I cut down one of [Vanguard]’s players in front of me, I nodded and said, “Yea, watch the tempo of my attacks, and be prepared to rush forward and instantly kill Simple at any moment. Only you guys can break her 70% physical resistance [Mana Shield]; that way I can use [Great Realm of Desolation] to kill her!”


Twisting his body, Old K gave a shout as he slashed into the crowd with [Whirlwind Slash], sweeping a group of [Vanguard] players into the air. At the same time, he activated [Savage Jump Slash], killing a few Mages that had attempted to flee, his body being splattered with blood. That ass had actually become a killing god; just the sound of his Haunted Twin Blade Axe could scare [Vanguard]’s players.

Raising my hand, [Soul Army] activated, enveloping the enemies. I continued to advance as Emperor Qin’s Sword danced around, killing dozens of [Vanguard]’s players in my path. Behind me followed 4 Healers, all of whom were [Zhan Long]’s finest, enough for me to survive in this space. The most important factor was my recently obtained Blood Spirit Ring that had a 10% lifesteal effect; adding onto that my 4845 HP and my 2236 defense, I was too strong. On top of that, my passive skill was already Level 7, which raised my defense by 7%. Because of this, few of my opponents were able to break through my defense with physical attacks.



In the distance, Jian Feng Han teleported away from the [Black Tortoise Realm]’s area of effect, as he abruptly ran with his Flaming Cloud Sword. His entire person seemed to cut into [Zhan Long]’s front line like a flash of lightning, as he activated [Exposed Point] with his Flaming Cloud Sword! “Pa Pa Pa!” The sword sliced into Old K, directly attacking [Zhan Long]’s deadliest, and most vulnerable, killer on the frontlines.

“Sister Yun, [Ancient Demon Blade]!” Jian Feng Han yelled.

Old K’s health had almost hit rock bottom from the continuous attacks, even a few Healers couldn’t keep it up!

I hastily shouted, “Use [Oppose the Heavens]!”

As Old K fell backward to retreat, his entire body shuddered. He waved his hand, and a blood red light covered his entire body, allowing him to enter a state of immortality. All of his skill’s cooldowns had been swept away, as he cast [Whirlwind Blade] + [Savage Jump Slash] right at Jian Feng Han. At the same time, [Ancient Demon Blade] fell upon him, bringing out a big MISS, giving no harm to Old K. Simple probably hadn’t imagined that Old K would make such a move.


After [Savage Jump Slash], Jian Feng Han’s health only had around 30% left. I saw the opportunity and hurriedly raised Emperor Qin’s Sword, activating a long range attack, “Go die!”

Jian Feng Han shivered and swiftly drank a potion, raising his health by 2000 points. He quickly retreated at the same time, as he yelled, “Someone, come shield me!”

Beside him, Don’t Be Foolish picked up his spear and rushed forward, activating his defense skill, taking the hit for Jian Feng Han!


Don’t Be Foolish retreated with his life, his face a ghostly pale, “F*ck….. it seems Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s attack is even higher than last time. How many people did that sh*thead kill for his increase in power to be so potent?”

“[Blade Rush]!” I said in a low voice.

Li Mu, Wang Jian, and a few other third advancement Knights darted forward, slaughtering the bloody [Vanguard] players. Along with Old K’s furious attacks, [Zhan Long] turned the tables. Over 200 people courageously continued forward, while Jian Feng Han, and Simple could only helplessly retreat. After continuously sacrificing about a hundred people, Jian Feng Han also understood that this trip to the north side of the [City of the Ancients] was doomed to fail.

“Han, you guys go. I will take the rear!”

Fushen Thousand Blade lifted his steel blade and stood firmly in the grass. He clenched his teeth and bellowed, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai , isn’t your attack power very high? Come! If you have the guts, try and take my 6000 health!”

My speed suddenly exploded, and I could almost see the fear in the eyes of Fushen Thousand Blade. The Emperor Qin’s Sword pierced through his chest, with a [Fierce Ice Blade] shaving off over 700 of his health. The defense of this guy must at least be 2500, and he had a squad of Healers behind him; no wonder he dared to cover for them, and even challenged my attack strength. Unfortunately, Fushen Thousand Blade probably didn’t know that my basic attack today could already inflict more than 8000 damage.


Both person and blade fell to the ground. I held up a fist at Fushen Thousand Blade’s face, and he immediately paled. His heart even momentarily skipped a beat, as he knew exactly what my next move would be!

[Great Realm of Desolation]!


With an excellent blow, the overlapping effect of a fatal strike appeared. Although the Healers behind Fushen Thousand Blade were trying to restore him to full health, he had been instantly killed with one hit. My attack power had been too high, to the extent where even instant heals were useless.


I picked up a necklace dropped by Fushen Thousand Blade, which increased Toughness by 47, Stamina by 45, and Intelligence by 42. I directly tossed it to Wolf, requesting that he give it to Matcha when he would see her. A necklace that increased Toughness was extremely suitable to players with high health and defense.

Jiang Feng Han looked back, only to see the scene of Fushen Thousand Blade being instantly killed. His heart trembled, as he tightly curled up his fists, and roared, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai! XIAO YAO ZI ZAIIIII!!!!!!!”

Mu Rong Yun calmly said, “Han, go. Leave here. We still need to defend against the tenth wave of monsters. Command everyone to retreat. Don’t be killed in vain. Each person that Li Xiao Yao eliminates will raise his weapon’s attack by 1%. Unless we are able to kill him instantly, we won’t be able to defend against this person. For now, it would be better if we avoided him!”

Jian Feng Han nodded and raised his sword, “Retreat! Head toward the south side of the [City of the Ancients]!”

[Zhan Long]’s people wouldn’t give up this opportunity to hunt and slaughter them. An elite party led by me, Yue Qing Qian, Wolf, Li Mu, Wang Jian, and others, chasing them for almost 800 meters. We only stopped our pursuit after forcing the players of [Vanguard] to the east of the city. On the way, the bodies, equipment, and potions of the [Vanguard] players were seen everywhere, which we completely swept clean.

In the distance, Soaring Dragon, Drunken Spear, and other members of [Flying Dragon] had eliminated the last Warhawk Knight. Their expressions were indescribable, as they watched, stupefied, the scene of [Zhan Long] hunting down [Vanguard] ——

Soaring Dragon spoke in a trembling voice, “[Zhan Long] is so……so terrifying. They actually chased after [Vanguard]…… That’s… That’s [Vanguard] you know……”

Drunken Spear frowned, “It’s mainly because the Emperor Qin‘s Sword in the hands of Xiao Yao Zi Zai is too frightening. Jian Feng Han doesn’t even dare to compete with Xiao Yao Zi Zai. That… that is really an imbalanced sword. [Vanguard] was probably ruined by that sword this time. Their successes and failures are all due to the very same reason: if Jian Feng Han had not cheated Xiao Yao Zi Zai for a heavenly sword, [Zhan Long] would probably not be hunting down [Vanguard] right now….”

Black Tortoise calmly replied, “The things that happen in this world can’t really be explained clearly. Many people said that Jian Feng Han swindled Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s heavenly sword, but consider this carefully: [Vanguard] contributed people and labor. Why should the best loot be given to an outsider? I watched the video of that battle. In fact, Jian Feng Han was not entirely at fault, Xiao Yao Zi Zai and Li Mu were too aggressive……”

Drunken Spear laughed with his eyes full of meaning, “No. I don’t think that is aggressive. That is a bottom line principle that strong people should have. Jian Feng Han has already angered elites like Xiao Yao Zi Zai and General Li Mu. A scholar prefers death to humiliation. If it was me, I would turn against him and might even be more extreme……”

Black Tortoise, “ Alright, Little Flower, I admit that what you’ve said makes sense…..”

“Bro, don’t call me Little Flower! That was something from so long ago……”

“Alright, Little Iron Spear……”

“Just call me Little Flower……”



Retreating with the Emperor Qin’s Sword, I checked the number of stacks that [Kill For Blood] had. It was already a terrifying 303%. This hunt had killed many people; thousands of [Vanguard] players had been chased and slaughtered at the north side of the [City of the Ancients]. No wonder Jian Feng Han’s look had become so unsightly. The all-powerful [Vanguard] had actually been hunted down and killed. This was a humiliation that he could not bear.

Who hasn’t suffered humiliation? Wasn’t I also hunted down in different maps as well? From [Wrath of the Heroes] to [Valiant Bravery], [Flying Dragon], and [Vanguard], who hasn’t wanted to kill me? But why does this matter; these small debts would all be returned by me, one by one. A strong person must have a grateful heart, and thank all those that had previously humiliated and looked down on them.


Right at that moment, a system notification sounded throughout Ba Huang City. The 9th wave BOSS had already been killed by our [Zhan Long]’s beautiful Matcha –


System Notification: Congratulations to Player Strawberry Matcha for successfully killing the 9th wave BOSS of the【City of the Ancients】(Ba Huang City). Rewarded Charm +9, Experience 100% increase, as well as the SS-ranked skill book:【Grip of the Firefox】!


I was at a loss, and asked in the guild chat, “Matcha, what kind of skill book is [Grip of the Firefox]?”

Matcha said nothing, and just showed everyone the stats ——

【Grip of the Firefox】(SS Tier): Summons the claws of the Firefox, which results in a fiery claw that attacks a target 20 yards from the caster. The damage is dependent on the user’s agility and strength. Requirements: Level 65+ Assassin, 3 Charm


“Awesome……” Old K wryly smiled, “An Assassin skill book, what do you plan to do with it?!”

Matcha gave a dimpled smile, “No need for debate, Wolf already took the [10 Way Blade] skill book, so this [Grip of the Firefox] will go to our Vice Guild Master, Sister Yue Qing Qian. She can trade me a pair of Purple Tier armor boots for it….”


I asked, “Matcha, did the BOSS drop anything else?”

“Yup! Boss, there’s an armor for you!”


Matcha then shared the stats of an equipment. It was something I desperately needed: a pair of crimson red leg guards to replace the embarrassing Gold Tier leg guards that I was still wearing —— 【Dragon Knight’s Leg Guards】(Emperor Tier)!

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