Zhan Long

Chapter 288

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Chapter 288: Dragon Knight – Peilin

“Doesn’t that mean that we’re in deep trouble….”

I gripped my Emperor Qin’s Sword tightly and yelled, “Guard your positions! We’ll get into a defensive formation! All Archers get ready to use [Scatter Shot]! We’ll stun the Warhawk Knights, then finish them off! Everyone be careful and don’t get insta-killed by these monsters!”

“Jie Jie….”
TL Note: Sound made by the Warhawk Knights

Wave after wave of weird braying sounds echoed as the first Warhawk Knight dived down, with a thrust of its spear, it stabbed right into the chest of one of the Knights on the ground! A large damage number appeared as the Knight was actually lifted up into the sky! F*ck, this kind of strength is way too unfair!

Wang Jian leapt up, his sword poised to strike. “Bang!” the blade cut into the Warhawk Knight’s back, bringing both the hawk and the person falling onto the ground. Old K and a few others immediately rushed forward to kill him.

At the same time, the Warhawk Knights began to fly toward us en masse; every one of them was capable of dealing highly fatal damage. Within 30 seconds, at least 20 of our people had been killed!

Since the monsters were Lv 74, 7 levels higher than mine, even I had no way of finding out their skills and stats. I only knew that these bullsh*ts had an extremely powerful attack power, as well as the ability to create a sacred shield to protect themselves. They also used a rapid fire skill to attack.



Dancing Forest lifted her Wanderer’s Bow as she quickly flew backwards in retreat. Taking aim, she fired a [Scatter Shot]. “Pa!” – one of the Warhawk Knights fell to the ground, without skipping a beat, Dancing Forest immediately pulled back her longbow again as starlight gathered on her bow. With a “Shua!” sound, [Meteor Shot] launched into the air. Like a river of stars, it tore through the night skies. The stars hit everything within a hundred yards, penetrating a dozen or so Warhawk Knights. This caused huge damage, and also destroyed their flying capabilities, causing them to drop like flies.

So it was like this…..

I quickly raised my Emperor Qin’s Sword, aimed it at the sky, and activated [Seven Star Fragment Slash], causing another group of Warhawks to drop to the ground. I closely followed that skill with [Great Realm of Desolation], giving fatal damages to each of them. That one attack had caused 12,144 damage, making everyone beyond shocked, as it took over 50% of the Lv 74 monsters’ health. These numbers were completely unheard of!

“Boss is too OP….” Matcha chuckled.

Yue Qing Qian lifted her dagger and stunned one of the fallen warhawk warriors, while she smiled and pointed, “Our losses like this are too great. If all of the Knights and Monks surround us and form a circular shield formation, once the warhawk warriors descend into the center, we can all kill together and we won’t suffer from heavy losses…..”

I nodded, “Yeah, Yue Qing Qian is right. Let’s do this!”

Quickly, all of [Zhan Long]’s 200 heavy armor players formed a big circle, like a scene of a wrestling ring; inside, long range and melee attacks rained down onto the monsters, killing them. The Healers stood at the border, constantly healing any players that received damage, thus keeping the situation stable!

This proved that although Yue Qing Qian was young, her expertise in the game was extraordinary. The iron shield defense plan allowed [Zhan Long] to steadily defend the North Gate, whereas on the other side, [Flying Dragon] had already begun to break apart. Fierce Tiger, Black Tortoise and others retreated one after another; only Drunken Spear remained there, brandishing his spear, as immovable as a mountain!


Using [Rock Piercing Thrust], Drunken Spear dispatched a group of Warhawk Knights before activating [Heavenly Shield Wall]. Immediately “Ding Ding Dang Dang” – four Warhawk Knights successively smashed against the shield. With a jolt of his arm, Drunken Spear knocked back the few Warhawk Knights. He then lifted his spear and instantly killed one with a stab, before closely following up with [Scorching Spear]. This chain of attacks turning to defense and then defense back to attack, flowed beautifully and naturally like flowing water.

“Guild Master!”

Drunken Spear yelled out, “Quickly let the brothers form two teams and defend behind me, and then slowly form up into a circle just like [Zhan Long]’s. We need to protect our survivors. Mages, don’t just randomly attack. When the Guild Master sets a target, everyone attack together! We’ll kill them one by one. There aren’t that many Warhawk Knights; if we can just withstand them for a minute, then we’ll be able to hold our ground!

Soaring Dragon nodded, and immediately [Flying Dragon] began imitating [Zhan Long], forming a smaller model of the iron shield wall defensive formation. Sadly, there were too few people; only 200 people remained after the last round of Warhawk attacks. The great [Flying Dragon] that had close to 7000 online players had actually been cut down until they were left with just these few people, it was unbelievable. This [City of the Ancients] update not only hid a great reward, but also brought an indescribably destructive force!


“Motherf*cker…..” Li Mu looked into the distance and murmured, “To think that [Flying Dragon] had managed to attract a talent like Drunken Spear, it really makes no sense. He’s calm, yet courageous. People with those qualities are far too few, not to mention the fact that Nature Knight is a hidden class with both defensive and attack capabilities. There’s barely a handful of people like that in Ba Huang City. People say that Cang Cheng is now Ba Huang City’s top knight, but when I look at Drunken Spear, all I can say is that he is far greater than Cang Cheng!”

I nodded, “Agreed. Drunken Spear has definitely surpassed Wang Ze Cheng in terms of battle strategy and teamwork; that is without a doubt true. However, since Drunken Spear’s cousin is Black Tortoise, there’s nothing else we can do. We just have to admit that blood is thicker than water. Luckily, Drunken Spear doesn’t have any particularly vengeful feelings toward [Zhan Long]; maybe in the future, we’ll have the chance to fight against mutual enemies side by side.”



Time passed quickly. [Zhan Long]’s circular formation was like a magnet, attracting Warhawk Knights from all directions, and then killing them one by one. Although our losses were extremely heavy, the experience gained was very ample. Furthermore, they had a high chance of dropping Gold Tier equipment and even Soul Gems, which were the most important.

Soul Gems could strengthen armor and weapons, and currently the highest someone has raised an equipment to was +7, which was my Emperor Qin’s Sword. After it had been strengthened to +7, its defense and damage had risen 35%. This was a very objective problem; for rich people like Jian Feng Han, Wang Zhe Cheng and Yan Zhao Warrior, basically all of their equipment had been strengthened to at least +5. This implied that even if they used equipment with stats similar to others, they would have an additional 20% equipment stats. This was an incredibly significant difference.

In the northern part of the [City of the Ancients], over 70% of the Warhawk Knights had fallen before [Zhan Long]’s defense formation, and everyone’s levels had risen quite a bit. After this battle, Ba Huang City’s rankings had completely changed; the players who had killed the most number of BOSSes could also achieve the highest level. Now, the fight for Ba Huang City’s number one spot was between me, Jian Feng Han, Simple, and Yan Zhao Warrior.


We were already 50 minutes into the 9th wave, and the northern part of the [City of the Ancients] appeared to only have a few scattered Warhawk Knights; most of them had been killed, while the number of players had also decreased quite a bit. The number of players combined in the northern part of the [City of the Ancients] was less than 50000, while the total number of remaining players remaining in the event was also looking just as bleak ——

Players that have died in Battle: 1242773

Remaining Players: 175997


“Looks like everyone suffered heavily…..” Li Mu said as he looked at the total numbers, then smiled, “There are only 170,000 players left in the [City of the Ancients]. I don’t know what [Vanguard]’s losses are like, but didn’t Jian Feng Han boast about his 8000 elite forces? I wonder how many of those 8000 are left after rushing to battle….”

Yue Qing Qian laughed, “Give me a few seconds to go look it up….”


Indeed, within two minutes, Yue Qing Qian came back and chuckled, “The results are in: [Vanguard] currently still has 2200+ players, [Prague] still has 1700+ players, [Wrath of Heroes] has 500+ players, [Flying Dragon] has 174 players, [Blood Contract] has 71 players, [Misty Palace] has 114 players, [Mass Burial] and [Winds of Battle] combined have 56 people left in total, and [Zhan Long] has 600+ players left. Hehe, only these guilds are still alive…”

Li Mu couldn’t help but laugh, “Looks like few of the big guilds remain; currently most of the 170,000 players outside of the [City of the Ancients] are either solo players or small teams whose battle powers are extremely limited. I’m even getting a little worried; can those people get past the 10th wave? Furthermore…. the 9th wave BOSS hasn’t even appeared yet….”

I gripped the Emperor Qin’s Sword and looked into the distance and smiled, “Right now… why don’t we just wait for the 9th wave BOSS to appear? It’d be great if it spawns in our direction; after all, we still have 600+ people left….”

“As you wish, Boss….”

Matcha picked up the Glass Spear of the Dragon’s Soul and flew into the air, as she pointed in the sky and smiled, “The 9th wave BOSS has come right in our direction…”


Everyone looked up as well, only to discover multi-colored light coming from the sky and a flying object, except this time it wasn’t a Warhawk Knight, but a firebreathing dragon covered in crimson red scales. A man covered in blood red battle armor proudly stood on his back, and in his hand was a dragon spear. He coldly looked down upon the ground and with a voice like thunder, yelled, “Ignorant people, how dare you defile the [City of the Ancients]! Come, let I, the Dragon Knight Pei Lin, show you what complete annihilation really means!”


Li Mu lifted his head, “This sh*thead doesn’t seem easy to deal with, everyone be careful!”

I rushed forward to get closer, but failed to see the BOSS’s attributes. Instead, I could only see extremely vague stats ——

【Dragon Knight – Peilin】(Emperor Tier)
Level: 74
Attack: ???
Defense: ???
Health: ???
Skills: 【Revolving Dragon Spear】【Silver Dragon Assault】【Fire Dragon’s Descent】

Introduction: Dragon Knight Pei Lin was originally a Dragon Knight from the Ancient times. Pei Lin had an unusually high amount of insight and experience, such that he could communicate with dragons. He can ride any dragon besides the Dragon God, and thus he was known as the man closest to dragons. However, his thirst for strength pushed him to the dark side, and he brought along with him his fire dragon partner to serve in hell. In the end, he became one of the strongest guardians of the [City of the Ancients].


Wolf asked, “How do we kill him?”

I said, “Let everyone spread out. Matcha and I will be the tanks. Let’s do our best to decrease our losses. Li Mu, take some people to defend our surroundings. [Vanguard]’s and [Prague]’s people will most likely try to come and steal the BOSS, so we must prepare for that.”

Li Mu nodded, “I got it, are you…. are you sure you can defend against this BOSS that can talk?”

“Don’t worry, the Sinister Goblin from the first wave could also talk; didn’t we also completely destroy that BOSS…?”

“That’s true…..”


“Little Dance!” I rushed forward with my sword, and stood in the an open area by myself as I yelled out, “Little Dance, use [Meteor Shot] to draw the BOSS here, and I’ll kill him!”

(TL Note: Little Dance is an affectionate name for Dancing Forest)

Dancing Forest nodded then drew her longbow back. With a “Shua!”, a [Meteor Shot] sped into the sky, directly hitting the Fire Dragon’s abdomen, yet only bringing out 781 damage. It was clear that the BOSS had a scary high defense.

“Are you looking to die?!”

Dragon Knight Pei Lin grabbed the dragon’s horns, making the enormous dragon descend, diving straight toward Dancing Forest!

Looking for an opportunity, I judged the Dragon Knight’s speed and angle of descent and quickly opened my hand ——

[Great Realm of Desolation]!

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