Zhan Long

Chapter 287

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Chapter 287: Ancient Demon Blade

I looked behind me; after the continual battles, [Zhan Long] only had about 900 main members and substitute members combined. Yet, we had to rely on such few people to defend the final three waves of monster attacks. We also had to depend on such few people to slay the last BOSS and seize the God of Commerce Badge. Well, everyone was going after this God of Commerce Badge. To whom the first player shop in Ba Huang City would belong to, was extremely important to the the large guilds, since the second God of Commerce Badge would only appear a whole month after that. A month was enough time to build up the popularity of the first shop. Once the reputation spread, profits would naturally pour in from all sides.


The heavy metal gates slowly opened. The eighth wave was coming. However, it was not the scene of millions of monsters dashing out in unison like we had imagined, but huge figures that were least 10 metres tall. The Lv. 73 mini BOSS level monsters ——Mountain Giants!

These monsters were the definition of hideousness. Their faces seemed to have been soaked in a soy sauce jar for few hundred years, as they were covered in mucus. Their hands held stone cones full of thorns, and they roared angrily as they stomped the ground, making it seem like an earthquake had occurred. “PengPengPeng”, they bolted toward the multitude of players, waving the stone cones at the same time, and thundered, “Foolish humans, how dare you all challenge the servants of God. Come! Accept the verdict of the Gods!”

“Watch out!”

Li Mu gripped his sword tightly and murmured, “These are the Purple Tier mini BOSSes; their stats are weaker than the actual BOSS’s, but their attack power is still very strong, so be careful!”

The Mountain Giants dispersed, and headed toward the horde of players located north of the City of the Ancients. Probably about 12-15 monsters appeared before [Zhan Long].

Raising the Emperor Qin’s Sword, I shouted, “Tanks, go up to the front and draw their aggro. Long ranged players, attack!”

I rushed out as the Emperor Qin’s Sword struck above the ankle of the Mountain Giants with a [Combo], causing numerous damage numbers. My attack power was now practically able to ignore any defense——



The Mountain Giants swung its stone cone, and with a “PengPeng” sound, continually hammered it twice on my shoulder armor, causing an intense pain. Each attack took away 1200+ health points, but it was still bearable. Before the Healers behind me began healing, the Emperor Qin’s Sword moved, and instantly used a [Wind Blade] + [Combo] on the mini BOSS. As the fierce attacks were being made, large amounts of health were being absorbed. The effect of Bloody Spirit Ring was too OP——



I cast a glance at the Emperor Qin’s Sword; the weapon attack for [Kill For Blood] had raised to 227%. Motherf*cker, no wonder it was so powerful. If I attacked continuously, I could kill these Purple Tier mini BOSSes alone without the need of healing. In fact, Lv. 73 wasn’t a level that was a lot higher than mine, so I could endure.

With around 150,000 health, the first Mountain Giants crashed to the ground after being mauled by me, Dancing Forest, Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands, and the others took about two minutes to fell one. I lifted my sword and darted toward the opposite side to give way for Yue Qing Qian as she cleared the battlefield. The little girl found a pile of equipment under the feet of the giant. She chuckled excitedly and exclaimed, “Brother Xiao Yao, there are two Gold Tier and one Purple Tier equipment! The mini BOSS actually gives Purple Tier equipment!”

I burst out in laughter, “Well, the mini BOSS is also Purple Tier. However, the percentage of the Purple Tier equipment appearing is just smaller. I don’t want it. You decide the distribution of these equipments!”

“Okay…… ” Yue Qing Qian obediently nodded and quickly distributed the drops.

Within the city, more and more Mountain Giants started flowing in and surprising us. It turned out that the eighth wave was not as easy to defeat as we had imagined. The pressure on [Zhan Long]’s front-line was increasing, and people were continually dying from the mini BOSSes’ stone cones, especially the two classes, Knights and Berserkers. Because they had extremely high attack power, they attracted the monsters’ aggro, but their defense stats weren’t necessarily able to withstand the strikes of the Mountain Giants. This resulted in a river of blood flowing below the city.

However, the Mountain Giants in [Zhan Long]’s camp still fell, one by one. In comparison to us, [Flying Dragons]’s camp was pathetic. The 7 Mountain Giants stood for ten minutes, slaughtering numerous players, before dying. Further away, the team combined by the idle players were even more miserable. Thousands of people surrounded one of the giants, but a single strike from the giant still took the lives of many. The average levels of those players was only around Lv 56, 18 levels lower than the Mountain Giants’s. Considering the difference in stats, they couldn’t possibly defend against the BOSS’s attack, even if they had awesome equipment.

Screams of pain were heard constantly. It was entirely a war of attrition. Fortunately, the experience and drops of the Mountain Giants were extremely bountiful. During the final three waves, the death of each Mountain Giant could almost bring a jump in experience. In addition, the drops were extremely good, about a 5% chance to get a Purple Tier Equipment and for me with my 87 Charm Points, With about 40 minutes, 20 Purple Tier Equipments dropped and I placed all of them into the guild since a guild is not a one man party.


“Ka Cha!”

Cutting a Mountain Giant’s toe, Li Mu’s brows furrowed: “After this wave, I need to head back to the city to repair my equipment. This sword only has 4% endurance left….”

To the side, General Wang Jian said, “Mine only has 7% endurance. The rate at which these swords loses endurance is too quick…”

Old K jumped up startled, “What, I just realized that my axe has 1% endurance. In a few minutes, I’d be fighting bare handed with Mountain Giants! Li Brat, you?”

I looked at my Emperor Qin’s Sword and smiled, “Sorry but Emperor Qin’s Sword has the ability to never lose endurance…. So I probably still have 100% endurance.”



A few minutes later, Yue Qing Qian said, “The boss of the eighth wave has appeared!”


“To the south. [Vanguard] currently has 5000+ people guarding it. We probably won’t have a chance unless Xiao Yao brother wants to charge in with the whole guild and lose a couple hundred members. The losses would be a little great in that case.”

I nodded, “Then let’s not consider it, this wave 8’s boss is [Vanguard]’s. All those that have endurance below 20%, go back to your city and prepare for the ninth and tenth waves!”



Little Wolf, Yue Qing Qian, the General family and a bunch of damage dealers returned while I held my sword and defended our grounds, killing the Mountain Giants that came out of the city.

As a result, before this wave ended, a beautiful ring sounded in my ear –


System Announcement: Congratulations, your guild 【Zhan Long】 has leveled up, becoming a Level 4 guild and a new guild boost 【War Fortress】 has been granted. All members gain 5% hidden defense and there can be a total of 3000 players in Zhan Long!


“Great!” Ling Xiao Wu raised her Wanderer’s Bow and laughed, “Guild Master, our guild finally has 3000 people!”

I nodded, “Let’s recruit people now. Put half of the unofficial guild members into the Zhan Long camp and the other half into the Valiant Bravery Camp. They need the guild buffs.”


To my side, the unofficial Zhan Long members quickly joined Zhan Long. The powerful dragon head emblem linked together in a sea as Zhan Long’s member count quickly rose to 1500+. After this battle, Zhan Long should be able to grow by another 700 and then with the power of Matcha and Yue Qing Qian, we can get to 3000 within 3 days.

Not long after, Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Yue Qing Qian, the people who were repairing their equipment, returned. At the same time, the system notification sound rang through the air. Finally, the eighth BOSS had been killed. Moreover, the player to beat it was Simple, [Vanguard]’s Vice Guild Master——


System Notification: Congratulations to player Simple for successfully killing the eighth BOSS of the 【City of the Ancients】 (Ba Huang City). Rewarded Charm +8, Experience raised by 80%, and the SS-skill ranked book, 【Ancient Demon Blade】!


“F*ck, where did the Ancient Demon Blade come from?” Li Mu gritted his teeth.

Matcha stared off into the distance, and after her inspection, replied, “There’s a type of Lv 65 Mage that can learn this SS-ranked skill. It summons the Ancient Demon Blade to attack a target within a 30 yard perimeter attack range. The attack’s power is correlated to the Mage’s attack power, and is equivalent to an extremely powerful magic AOE skill…..”

Wolf curled his hands into fists, “This means…that woman, Simple, is now a lot more terrifying…”

Old K clapped his hand on Wolf’s shoulder and laughed, “Last time you were PKed by her. Hasn’t Little Wolf already been scarred by her? Just hearing the names Simple and Mu Rong Yun makes you piss in your pants…”

Wolf glared at him, “Pfft, am I that type of person? Just you wait and see, there will come a day were Simple will run away like the wind at the sight of me….”

Fox chuckled, “We’ll wait for the day you become more powerful then. But first, you need to add some points in stamina. Otherwise, you’ll be killed in an instant by Simple’s magic. At this rate, she’ll never run away like the wind from you…..”

“Yea, I know….”

Assassins chose the 7 Agility, 1 Strength and 2 Endurance method to distribute stat points in order to increase their output damage and health. Wolf was a professional assassin, and so he naturally didn’t add all of his points into agility. An Assassin like that was too fragile, and lacked power as well. It made it more unlikely to be able to pick up weapons and equipment that had higher requirements as well.

The battleground did not need any clearing; the piles of Mountain Giants corpses were gradually being cleared. After battling eight waves, [Zhan Long] now had 700+ players left. Our numbers were extremely low, and it was hard to say if we could still endure the following 2 waves.


A group of people stared at the great doors in the distance, but as time passed, the metal doors still did not open, puzzling everyone.

“F*ck, it can’t be that there isn’t a ninth wave?” Old K lifted his axe.

“No, there’s definitely one….” Li Mu said.

“Then how it’s been 20 minutes, and yet it still hasn’t appeared?”

“Maybe it needs some preparations? Flights have delays, and even emergency firetrucks aren’t always timely. So what if these monsters are a bit late?”



It was at exactly that moment when a sharp caw could be heard from above the city’s walls. An enormous shadow appeared; it was a giant warhawk. On its back was a warhawk knight, carrying a spear and wearing a golden set of armor. These were the ninth wave’s monsters! The warhawk knight swept over the city walls, and directly charged toward our camp. Behind it, a dark cloud of other warhawk knights had appeared!


Li Mu sharply inhaled, “Why do I feel like this is such a shitty situation….”

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