Zhan Long

Chapter 286

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Chapter 286 – Meteor Shot

Players from all around started rushing to us. The Dragon Tortoise, realizing death was approaching, raised its head and roared. Suddenly, the ground was covered with numerous icicles, as they burst forth from the ground with “Papapa” sounds. As expected, this creature exerted its utmost strength just before its death.

Blocking the icicles’ damage, I, Li Mu, Misty Clouds, and the others, dashed toward the forefront, shortening the distance between us and The Dragon Tortoise!

“Attack! ”

From the side, a crowd abruptly rushed toward us. They were [Vanguard]’s Thirteen Eagles led by Fallen Wolf. Fallen Wolf raised his battle axe and smashed it down, depleting 1700+ health from Misty Clouds.

“Go die!”

The young [Misty Palace] Guild Master was furious. He bellowed and struck the stomach of Fallen Wolf with his shoulder, and roared, “Cold Eyes, use [Scattered Shot] now! ”

A cold arrow darted out from nowhere and rapidly hit Fallen Wolf’s chest, successfully stunning him. The Archer was Cold Eyes, the Vice Guild Master of [Misty Palace], a Lv 63 Archer. It looked like he had at least a single Emperor Tier item; most likely it was that bow!

“Hei! ”

Misty Clouds coordinated himself with the attack, and approached with his battle axe. He slashed it down through the air, landing a hit on Fallen Wolf. In shock, Fallen Wolf helplessly retreated, quickly reaching for a health potion. Unfortunately for him, Misty Clouds had already hurled his axe at Fallen Wolf’s head!


It was a one-hit kill. One of the four elders of [Vanguard] had been killed, just like that!
In the front, Yan Zhao Warrior, Jian Feng Han, and others had started to attack the Dragon Tortoise!


Jian Feng Han activated [Through the Clouds Slash] and sent it flying through a group of [Zhan Long] players. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K wiped the blood off themselves, and Li Mu yelled in rage, “Jian Feng Han, do you have no shame? Taking advantage of us and killing people!”

My voice dropped, “Rush in and charge!”


Wang Jian, Li Mu and I, the three third job advanced warriors, used [Blade Rush] to break through [Vanguard]’s Thirteen Eagles. Old K used [Savage Jump Slash] onto the BOSS. With a miserable cry, the BOSS was left with 3% health.

I slid forward and directly attacked the BOSS. With my high attack power, I managed to push the BOSS back a half a meter. The Emperor Qin’s Sword surged as I activated [Strength of a Thousand Men] and [Combo] together!

A row of damage numbers appeared. The BOSS only had 1% health left, so it was almost dead. This was it!

With one hand on the turtle shell, three swords appeared in the air and pierced through the shell, dealing a large amount of damage. At the same time, the sound of the system announcement was heard.


It was a critical hit or else it wouldn’t have killed it. The Dragon Tortoise’s defense was higher than Cang Cheng’s!

With a miserable cry, the BOSS of the seventh wave died. A wave of relief passed through me as I heard the sound of the system notice.


[System Notice]: Congratulations to Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai in successfully killing 【City of Ancients】’s seventh BOSS. Reward: Charm +7, Experience +70%, SS Rank Skill Book 【Meteor Shot】!


Without time to look at the reward, I waved my sword and activated [Seven Star Fragment Slash] at the group in front of me. Someone had come to steal my drops!


Two of [Vanguard]’s Thirteen Eagles were immediately killed by me. At the same time, I stepped forward and pulled an item out from the Dragon Tortoise’s corpse: a bloody ring with a red glow. Suddenly, my shoulder suffered a heavy blow, and Jian Feng Han shoved me away to pull out an armor from the BOSS’s body. Yan Zhao Warrior activated his combo skill [Peerless Strike] on the corpse, and found a shining spear!

Doing whatever they wanted was not ok!

Emperor Qin’s Sword flashed, and a [Wind Blade] was sent flying towards Jian Feng Han’s neck!


Jian Feng Han went from full health to being in critical condition. His face ashen and activated [Corrupted Wolf Edge] while retreating.


“That hurt a lot!”

My body shook. From within the [Prague] camp, a Swordsman came rushing out. It was the Vice Guild Master, Heaven’s Hero. He lurched, suddenly piercing through my body with his sword!


Motherf*cker, this trash wanted to kill me!?

I activated [Heal] on myself and drank a Lv 8 health potion. At the same time, I grasped a God’s Army Card and activated [Black Tortoise Realm]. Shock appeared on Heaven’s Hero’s face, as he retreated after failing to kill me, yelling, “Cover me!”

I raised my hands and smiled, “You asked for your own death!”

[Great Realm of Desolation]!


It was a one hit KO. Heaven’s Hero at most only had 4000 HP, so he could not take on my [Great Realm of Desolation]! At this time, I came to realize how OP my Emperor Qin’s Sword was. I was able to completely dominate the stage; even if all these top players surrounded me, I could still outplay them all!


I quickly retreated back into the protection of the [Zhan Long] camp. Jian Feng Han and Yan Zhao were looking at us from a distance, as I stood in the line of defense by the alliance of [Zhan Long], [Ruined Bones], [Misty Palace], and [Winds of Battle].


Yan Zhao Warrior suddenly laughed. Spear in hand, he said, “Why so serious? It’s only a single BOSS. Come on, Jian Feng Han, show me and Xiao Yao Zi Zai a smile.”

Jian Feng Han raised the corners of his mouth slightly, “It’s nothing, [Vanguard] can afford to give this one up. After the seventh wave’s BOSS, there are still three more, however…. [Zhan Long] only has around 1000 players and [Prague] only has around 3000 players left. [Vanguard] still has a powerful army of 8000. I wonder who’ll get the last laugh…..”

I couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Numbers don’t really matter. Look at [Flying Dragon]; with their 5000+ players, in the end…they were reduced to 1000 players during the sixth wave. Having more people means nothing. Jian Feng Han, you should keep your 8000 people army safe. Don’t let them all die in the next three waves….”

Jian Feng Han gritted his teeth, “Thanks for telling me. I will!”

Simple lifted her staff and said, “Han, don’t talk so much. Let’s go back to the southern side; the eighth wave of monsters is about to come. Don’t bother with Xiao Yao Zi Zai and Yan Zhao Warrior here. Their base is closer than ours…..”

Jian Feng Han nodded.


Matcha walked over with her bloodstained spear in hand, and smiled, “Boss, Boss, look at the loot you got. What’s the ring like?”

I pulled out the ring that I got from the BOSS, a bloody sword-shaped ancient ring. With a wave of my hands, the stats appeared in front of everyone. Everyone was shocked——

【Bloody Spirit Ring】 (Emperor Tier)
Strength: +50
Stamina: +48
Intelligence: +45
Bonus Stat: Increase Health by 1200
Bonus Stat: Increase Defence by 200
Bonus Stat: Increase Magic Resistance by 18%
Special Effect: Lifesteal, turn 10% of attack damage into health.
Required Level: 67


“F*ck…..” Li Mu said, his eyes wide. “An Emperor Tier ring…..Aren’t the stats on this ring a bit too OP? Along with so many stat boosts, there’s a 10% lifesteal as well…..”

Wang Jian smiled, “This ring is definitely a treasure that players can only dream of. Brother Xiao Yao, if you were to sell this ring, Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han would shell out over 1000W RMB to buy this. Do you believe that?”

With a “Pa” sound, I equipped the Bloody Spirit Ring on my left hand and laughed, “10% lifesteal, I like this ring too. Why would I give it to those two people? [Zhan Long] is not lacking in money. It’s better to be stronger!”


I looked at my stats; this ring brought such a big change!

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】 (Dragon City Night Watch)
Level: 67
Attack: 2846-3782
Defense: 2236
Health: 4845
Mana: 2306
Charm: 87
CBN Ranking: 26


Defense over 2200 and health almost 5000, a great combo of high health and high defense. After PKing so much, my CBN rankings went up by one, from 27 to 26. Being in the front meant that it was harder to go up in ranks. I wondered how much longer it would take for me to reach top 10 in the Chinese server. After all, those that reached the top ten were pretty much legends.

Afterward, I pulled out a red skill book from my bag. With a wave of my hands, the details of the skill book left all the Archers in a daze——

【Meteor Shot】 (SS Rank): After focusing divine energy into the longbow, Meteor Shot is released for 100 meters in front of the user. Causes massive destruction as if a meteor has hit the ground. Job Requirement: Archer. Level Requirement: 60. 200 Strength needed. Consumes 3 Charm Points to learn.


I lifted the skill book and asked Dancing Forest, “Little Forest, do you meet the requirements? Do you have at least 200 strength? If you have it, the book is yours.”

Dancing Forest smiled, “Wanderer’s Bow gives 45 strength, and I invested a bit of stats into strength as well. Every time I leveled, I added 1 point of strength. When adding that to all my armor, I’m still missing 3 points. But I’m at 99% exp, so after I level, I’ll add three points into strength, and it’ll be enough.”

“Ok, take it…….”

“Thank you, Guild Master!”

“Don’t leave the guild after taking it…….”

“I won’t. I’m not that type of person…..”


In the end, Dancing Forest didn’t wait until she leveled up; instead, she borrowed a wristband from Fox that added strength, and learned the skill. After returning the wristband, and equipping her own equipments, she pulled back her Wanderer’s Bow and aimed at the city wall in a distance. A ray of light began to gather, and with a “Pa”, the ray of light flew 100 yards straight into the wall.


The arrow accurately hit the wall, leaving destruction in its wake. The skill was powerful, and it had good range as well. It seemed like our [Zhan Long]’s attack power had been raised a level again. With this, Dancing Forest had secured her position as [Zhan Long]’s number one Archer.

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