Zhan Long

Chapter 284

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Chapter 284 – The Dilemma of [Hero’s Mound] [Mass Burial]’s Bloody Blade carried his battle axe and commanded loudly, “Archers use your stun; Knights form a shield array to block the BOSS’s attack! Two teams flank from the left and right to push the people from [Ruined Bones] and [Winds of Battle] aside! Our only chance is to occupy the place the BOSS wants to attack!”


The wind started picking up all of a sudden, and Old K’s [Whirlwind Blade] cut right into [Mass Burial]’s party, killing a group of Archers and Healers in one shot. At that moment, it was as though the pot boiled over, as [Mass Burial]’s players suddenly raged, “F*ck, [Zhan Long]’s players also came. Turn around and kill our way back!”

Sadly for them, it was too late for anything, since Li Mu, Wang Jian, and I all charged forward. We lowered our bodies and pulled out our swords in sync; all three of us penetrated into the crowds at the same time. With two [Skyshaker Slash]s and my [Seven Star Fragment Slash], the entire rear end of [Mass Burial] was demolished by us. The Flaming Tiger God kept roaring while its sharp claws tore at multiple people. Raising its head, it gave a [Fierce Roar], crippling everyone in range, including Bloody Blade and many heavy armor types!

Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands, Yue Qing Qian, and Matcha all activated their skills, while [Zhan Long]’s elite players all advanced. Each and every one of them were very skilled, many were even within the top 100 on CBN’s player rankings, whereas [Mass Burial]’s players at most had two high-tier skills that they currently had no way of using. Within 5 minutes they were completely destroyed by us!



I pulled my blood-soaked sword from Bloody Blade’s chest and the Emperor Qin’s Sword began buzzing in my hand as the blade began spinning, shaking all of the blood off. At the same time the death count increased once again and after that round of killing, the Emperor Qin’s Sword had already risen to 177% of the sword’s original attack. Hehe, if this keeps up I will be able to even go against the Gods of heaven..

Looking at the crowd of people from a distance, a gigantic monster screeched. It was a heavy-armor tortoise BOSS, with the body of a tortoise and the head of a snake. Its body was encircled by spheres of lightning, wind, and fire and each movement lead to a torrent of thunder and lightning. This was none other than the monster of ancient legends – the Dragon Tortoise*!–

“The Dragon Tortoise BOSS still has 91% of its health! How is it this hard to fight, its been so long….” Yue Qing Qian said as she pointed her dagger into the distance.

I murmured, “It’s probably because its the 7th and last wave. The BOSS’s stats have probably been raised a lot. Besides, [Ruined Bones], [Winds of Battle], and [Mass Burial] aren’t that good at killing monsters. They’ve basically been PKing each other instead of killing the Dragon Tortoise, while the Dragon Tortoise has already killed so many…..”

“What should we do now?” Li Mu said as he started at Vanguard, “[Winds of Battle], [Ruined Bones], and [Misty Palace] don’t have many members left. The total number of survivors can’t be more than 1500. [Vanguard], [Flying Dragon], [Prague], and [Hero’s Mound]’s First Division have all sent scouts over, so we should get ready, or else this BOSS’s fate won’t cross paths with our own.”

I inhaled deeply and said, “Li Mu, do you support killing people or killing the BOSS?”

Li Mu ground his teeth and raised his fist as he yelled, “Kill people! The BOSS is just standing there, we can kill him at any time, but the more enemies we kill, the less there are. If we act now, we might be able to finish them off quickly. Besides, we might as well grab onto this opportunity to get rid of them, just kill one when you see one!”

Lian Po grunted and said, “You youngsters have such rash thoughts, but I have to agree! [Prague] has always protected the middle, we don’t need to attack them first. [Vanguard] has too many people, so we can’t deal with them in a short amount of time either. Looking at the situation, we should definitely attack [Heroes’ Mound]’s First Division, especially since Cang Cheng has been eyeing [Zhan Long] for so long. Now that First Division only has around 500 people, we should kill our way through and beat them up. Every time we see a player, we’ll kill a player!”

I nodded my head resolutely, “Alright, everyone spread out for battle. Get 200 people to come over and attack [Hero’s Mound]. This time we’ll be on the offense and take this chance to destroy Wang Ze Cheng!”


A few minutes later, as the wind whistled through the plains, 200 of [Zhan Long]’s members ran to meet up with us. We immediately turned around and charged at [Heroes Mound]’s First Division. The BOSS still had 87% of its health, so we had plenty of time!


“Guild Master!”

In the distance below the [City of Ancients], Wind Walker carried his battle axe and dashed toward the north. His whole body trembled as he violently yelled, “There’s a group of [Zhan Long]’s people on the north side and they don’t seem friendly!”

In the crowd, Wang Ze Cheng stabbed one of [Misty Palace]’s members as he frowned and shouted, “Turn the direction of attack and have the defense formation advance. [Zhan Long] only has 200+ people, they can no longer oppose us on equal footing! The Mages will be our main force and we’ll set fire to those low level players; just wait for my command!”

We had both reached a mutual understanding and didn’t need to exchange any words: the battle had started!



Li Mu carried his sword as he charged forward. With a twist of his sword he activated [Absolute Authority], killing one of [Hero’s Mound]’s Knights in one hit! Then his body spun around and he sidestepped in a perfect S shape, dodging a Berserker’s [Skyshaker Slash]. Turning around, he dodged another [Skyshaker Slash] and cut the Berserker down with a normal attack.

“Checkmate, General Li Mu!”

Wang Ze Cheng shouted as he plunged his Transparent Spear straight into Li Mu’s chest!


Li Mu retreated a few steps as ice and fire constantly roared under his feet. Truly, it seemed like a checkmate situation!


Suddenly ramming into him with my top speed, I pushed Li Mu back a dozen meters, knocking him out of the enemies’ attack range. I quickly turned around, activating [Seven Star Fragment Slash], directly attacking the group of Mages!


The players from [Hero’s Mound] were indeed skilled and at least half of the Mages jumped backward, causing MISSes to appear. Then, they quickly activated more [Dimensional Leap]s to jump back into formation. Waving their staffs, more [Pillar(s) of Fire and Ice] and [Chilling Wind Spell] magic circles appeared under my feet. A few people were even locking their [Indigo Sea Arrows] on me. Did they mean to aim for an instant kill?!

With a slight smile, I took out three [God’s Army Card]s and dissolved it in my hand. In a flash, a colossal compass fell from the sky and imprinted on the ground the constellation of the seven stars; it was the third scroll from the Mohist Five Scrolls, [Seven Stars Teleportation]!

I stepped back a step and my feet immediately began to slide as the glowing magic circle began to move, transporting me through time and space. “Shua” I instantly disappeared from my original spot. Under my feet appeared multiple MISSes as I dodged all of the attacks from the Mages and teleported myself into the middle of the enemy’s party. While I tore through three Mages with [Blade Rush], I cast a hexagram to summon the Flaming Tiger God to my location. It pounced out into the crowd and lifted its head, letting out a [Fierce Roar]!


The [Fierce Roar]’s shock wave rocked the crowd, causing multiple players to die, including the Mage that Wang Zhe Cheng relied on, who had already killed close to 30 people. Behind me, Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Dong Cheng Lei all killed their way through the crowd. Although [Zhan Long] didn’t have as many people, their morale was far greater than [Hero’s Mound]’s.


I used another [Seven Stars Teleportation], teleporting to another part of the crowd and used Emperor Qin’s Sword to take even more lives. Wang Ze Cheng evaded the Emperor Qin’s Sword’s blade by avoiding the fight and commanding a group of Archers from the rear, yelling, “Use [Scattered Shot], stun Xiao Yao so he has no way of teleporting! That way, we can kill him. What kind of skill is that, how can there be such a BUG?!”

I was being cornered by a group of people trying to kill me and the [Zhan Long] players outside of [Hero’s Mound] defense formation were starting to get nervous. Dong Cheng Lei waved his battle axe and “Bang!” a dozen people were knocked out of the defense formation as he roared in rage, “There’s still me, Brother Xiao Yao! Everyone, get the f*ck out of my way!”

The battle axe carried a fierce fire, “kakaka”, and he hacked down dozens of people. That bastard was too brutal!

“Checkmate, Cang Lei!”

Wang Ze Cheng picked up his spear and yelled out, “Fire!”

Magic began to cluster, but Dong Cheng Lei could have never understood what a S-shaped evasive manuever was, and at that moment, his body was swallowed by the magic. He yelled in pain and knelt to the ground, dropping his helmet.


Old K and Li Mu raged, waved their swords, and charged forward!

I opened up my palm and [Black Tortoise Realm] fell upon the defense formation. Simultaneously, [Soul Army] wrought destruction on the formation, giving [Hero’s Mound]’s First Division no way to concentrate their forces to kill. Besides, [Seven Stars Teleportation] could be used up to 100 times, which was more than enough times. I had godly attack and recovery power, enough to take on their division on my own.

The Emperor Qin’s Sword was constantly hacking away at people and [Kill for Blood] kept stacking as the number of players from [Hero’s Mound] First Division fell left and right. It got to the point where whenever I charged, their people avoided me like the plague. Nobody was willing to face me!


“Guild Master…….”

Wind Walker spat at the ground and raged, “It…it seems we’re starting to lose. Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s attack power is just too brutal and nobody in [Hero’s Mound] can stop him. His path is too unpredictable, so none of our Archers can target him. What should we do?”

Wang Ze Cheng picked up his Transparent Spear, his face twisted by rage, “Let’s just leave and guard the South Gate!”


A group of [Hero’s Mound] players heard Wang Ze Cheng’s command and immediately retreated. Unfortunately, before they had gotten far, Wind Walker suddenly yelled, “What the f*ck!?”

Behind [Hero’s Mound], a team of organized shields made a defensive formation that stretched a hundred meters. It was [Prague]’s members guarding the area! Yan Zhao Warrior had his heavy sword in his hand and loftily looked at the group of [Hero’s Mound] people.


“What are you doing, Yan Zhao Warrior?” Wind Walker roared.

Yan Zhao Warrior wryly smiled, “Oh its nothing, just that this is [Prague]’s territory. We’re only here to guard it and to prevent anyone from crossing. If [Hero’s Mound] wants to pass through here, please travel along the [City of Ancients]…..”

Wind Walker was in a fit of rage, “If we walk alongside the city, we’ll be killed by the NPC Archers! Aren’t you just forcing [Hero’s Mound] players to die?”

Yan Zhao Warrior lifted his arm and said, “Whether or not you want to die, I don’t care! All [Prague] players, heed my command. Shoot anyone who tries to break through our defense, and don’t show any mercy!”


In front of [Hero’s Mound] was [Prague], behind was [Zhan Long], to the left was the BOSS, and to the right was the trap-filled city walls. In that moment, [Hero’s Mound]’s First Division’s 300+ people were forced into a dilemma.


Transparent Spear stabbed into the ground and Wang Ze Cheng’s eyes turned cold as he yelled out, “Follow me, we’ll walk around the city walls. I’ll attract most of the damage, so Healers keep my health up!!”

* Originally Dragon Turtle, which is wrong, since Turtles live in water, while Tortoise live on land

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