Zhan Long

Chapter 282

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Chapter 282 – Triple Blood Strike

No one from [Vanguard] wanted to attack [Blood Contract]’s area. Holding her Glass Spear of the Dragon’s Soul, Matcha coldly laughed, “Boss has become the one man guard that even ten thousand men wouldn’t dare to pass.”

I glanced at the Emperor Qin’s Sword; its attack had risen by 154% after killing 20+ people. No wonder Don’t Be Foolish, Goodbye Tears, and North Pole had all retreated. Emperor Qin’s Sword’s original attack power was already outstanding, and now that it’s at +154%, nobody wanted to face it. At this moment, even if Q-Sword or Jian Feng Han were there, they would probably still be scared to fight against me. Nothing could resist this kind of power. No matter how good their game mechanics were, they would die by a single touch from this sword. There was no way they would possibly be able to hold out against me.


Within the mob, the Magical Archer Duke raised his longbow. With a “Shua”, the arrow shot straight through the crowd, piercing through members of [Blood Contract] and forcing dozens of members to drop to their knees. The Emperor Tier BOSS’ area of attack was enough to kill a few mid-elite players within seconds. Hang Bei Song’s movements were not bad; he ducked as he used [Blade Rush] and successfully dodged the BOSS’ attack, forcing a MISS to appear. If he hadn’t dodged, he would have definitely died, or at least been heavily injured.

Sheltering Guest looked at me, hesitated a bit and said, “Guild Master Xiao Yao Zi Zai, thank you for your help. [Blood Contract] owes you a big favor. If the BOSS ends up being killed because of us, we will do our best to repay you, thank you!”

I silently nodded.

Matcha laughed and asked, “Boss, should we go and help Han Bei Song kill the BOSS? The BOSS still has 47% health remaining.”

I shook my head, “No need. If they can’t even handle an Emperor Tier BOSS, [Blood Contract] shouldn’t even be here competing with [Vanguard]. They might as well have just run to the north side and grouped up with [Zhan Long] long ago….”

In the distance, Han Bei Song heard this and couldn’t help but start laughing, “Zi Zai is right. If [Blood Contract] can’t even kill this BOSS, how can we even consider conquering the world? Don’t worry, we can handle this BOSS by ourselves. We just need Guild Master Zi Zai to suppress the crowd for a bit!”

“Yup. Sure!”

I held my sword and stood there with my Flaming Tiger God by my side. It rested its head on my shoulder and purred. Above its head was quite a pleasant name – Cang Tong. Matcha saw this and asked, “Boss, you…. you already bagged Cang Tong, the beautiful Miss Lin? Wolf and the others said that you were inseparable from her…..”

I smiled a bit, “That…. That is for work. I can’t help it. Besides….. what do you mean by bagged…. she and I live in different worlds. The distance between us is too great…..”

Matcha blinked a few times as she looked at me, “Are Boss and I in the same world?”

I smiled, ” That… probably not…… ”

“Oh…… ”

Matcha looked slightly disappointed, and smiled, “Boss is a unique person, just like those pioneers of Shennongjia, impossible to completely understand. Hmm.. must be that…”
(TL: Shennongjia = some place in China?)

“Does this count as you praising me?” I was speechless.

“Hehe, I guess you can consider it praise.”


While talking to Matcha, I looked around. Jian Feng Han had appeared with a large group of [Vanguard] players to watch as the BOSS’ health dropped down to 32%. It was already too late to come and steal it. Moreover, I was standing in front of [Blood Contact]’s line of defense alone. With the bloody Emperor Qin’s Sword glowing in my hand, along with its [Kill for Blood] effect, and with that majestic sword full of killing intent, it made people afraid to fight against me. Even Jian Feng Han didn’t dare to spit on the ground to provoke me. In this [City of the Ancients], you only had one life. If you died, you would get kicked out of the map. Jian Feng Han’s ultimate goal was the [God of Commerce Badge]. Right now, the most important thing was to preserve his power until the last wave. Jian Feng Han was a smart person, so he naturally understood such obvious reasoning.

Carrying a staff, Simple stood 30 yards from me and was already within the attack range of my [Seven Star Fragment Slash] and [Great Realm of Desolation]. However, she was extremely calm and smiled as she asked, “Xiao Yao, can I ask you something?”

I flashed a smile, “Beautiful Simple, please ask. I will answer if I can.”

“Uh, your Emperor Qin’s Sword…… How many times has it’s attack been raised from killing people?”

“154 times, raising its attack by 154%. Is there something wrong?”

“No there’s nothing wrong…..” Simple smiled. “Thanks for telling me.”

“No problem, go bring [Vanguard] and prepare for the 7th wave. It will definitely be even more dangerous…”

“Yup. Thanks!”


Jian Feng Han clenched his teeth, but didn’t say anything. It was clear that he was only good at battling and tactics. All of the diplomatic matters were left to his sister, Simple. In fact, Simple was one of the most important figures in the guild. Everything outside of the guild was taken care of by her. This was a reality: behind every successful man, there was always an expert making plans in the shadows, and behind Jian Feng Han, was his sister. Simple raised her brother to success to the point where it could almost be considered too much kindness.

Simple was the mastermind who made the plans that the little brother would put into action and gain recognition for.

Because of my existence, the true nature of Jian Feng Han had slowly been exposed to the players of the world. Even the golden reputation that Simple had built for him was damaged little by little. Simple had been extremely worried about this, and had desperately wanted to recover [Vanguard]’s name. Although it has been extremely difficult, she has apparently not given up, since she had remained so courteous toward me just now.

Behind us, the sounds of battle finally stopped and the Magical Archer Duke was now trembling. After enduring Han Bei Song’s [Blade Rush] and [Combo], the BOSS roared loudly, as it fell to the ground with tons of equipment exploding out of its corpse. Following the defeat of the BOSS, a system announcement came up.


[System Announcement]: Congratulations to player Hang Bei Song for successfully killing the sixth BOSS of the 【City of the Ancients】(Ba Huang City). Awarded Charm +6, Experience points +60%, as well as the reward, S-Ranked skillbook: 【Triple Blood Strike】!

I narrowed my eyes, “What kind of effect does [Triple Blood Strike] have?”

Sheltering Guest quickly laughed, “This skill gives three consecutive attacks; the more damage it deals, the more it raises the attack power (i.e. if 40% of health is left, then the attack would rise by 60%, if 30% of health is left, the attack would rise 70%) Even if there is only 0% of health left, as long as you are alive, the three attacks will deal 200% of the original damage.”

I was stunned, “Damn, this attack is 100% stronger than [Combo]. In front of [Triple Blood Strike], a Swordsman’s [Combo] is weak as f*ck!”

Sheltering Guest smiled, “Definitely! With skills like [Combo], killing players with cloth and leather armor will be easy. Even when dealing with [Reflect], this would be useful. That’s right, Guild Master Xiao Yao, your attack is very high, so you have to watch out for other people using [Reflect], since you could pretty much kill yourself with one hit…..”

I laughed, “Don’t worry, my [Seven Star Fragment Slash] is a long range attack. On the other hand, [Reflect] can only reflect physical attacks. For the most part, I don’t use close combat skills for PKing. Even if I did, if someone used [Reflect] on me, I could easily dodge it.”

“Okay. That’s fine then!”

“Matcha, let’s go back to our camp . The seventh wave of monsters is coming…..”

“Mhm. Okay Boss~”


Once I brought Matcha back to [Zhan Long]’s area, Han Bei Song had already learned the [Triple Blood Strike]. His luck was not bad. After learning this skill, Han Bei Song’s attack power had gone up by quite a lot. This would be good too, since it could finally put some fear into Jian Feng Han. Otherwise, [Blood Contract] would be like a soft persimmon, something that can be messed around with.

“What’s the situation?” Li Mu asked.

“Just look at the System Notice and you will know….” Wolf laughed, “Brother Xiao Yao probably pushed back [Vanguard] and then helped Han Bei Song kill the BOSS, right?”

I shook my head, “No, I only killed 20 something [Vanguard] players, and then they all ran. No one wanted to fight against Emperor Qin’s Sword…. As for the BOSS, Han Bei Song’s people killed it themselves. I didn’t help at all…… Right, what’s our current situation like here?”

Yue Qian Qing smiled, “In general, everything is going well. [Zhan Long] killed at least around 25% of the Multicolored Magical Archers in the north. The guild gained a ton of experience points. There were also quite a few of drops as well, including Gold Tier armors that can be sold for quite an amount. Since Phantom Tier monsters can drop Gold Tier armor, this is a great bargain.”

“Yea, that’s great. How much more until the guild levels up?”

“Most likely…after killing all ten waves, we’ll definitely reach Level 4. If only we had less casualties earlier on……” Yue Qian Qing was concerned. “Right now, combining our main group and the support from outside, we only have around 1100+ people. I’m worried that we can’t survive the next four waves.”

“Don’t worry……”

I looked into the distance and saw that a group of Ba Huang City players were advancing. These were the people who had watched from the distance. Now that a chance had come, they had come and made the northern part of the city a sea of people. The troops were all packed together; even though we didn’t know how strong their defense was, they looked pretty strong in numbers.

“It’s coming……”

With a creak, the giant doors slowly opened again. The sun was currently setting and when the doors opened, all that could be seen was a vast section of red colored earth. In the core of the flames were upright humanoid turtles. They seemed exactly like Ninja Turtles. With their blazing bodies and their nimble sharp claws, they came charging right out.

“There there….” Li Mu couldn’t help but laugh, “The Ninja Turtles came. This brings me back to my childhood days…..”

I lifted my sword and laughed, “Prepare for battle. They’re Lv 72 Phantom Tier monsters. Maybe this will help you wake up from your childhood dreams!”

“Keng Keng Keng…..”

On the front lines, a group of heavy armor players pulled out their swords, ready to take on these Lv72 monsters. At the same time, I looked at the stats for these “Ninja Turtles”——


【Blazing Tortoise】(Phantom Tier Monster)
Level: 72
Attack: 1920-2040
Defense: 1500
Health: 40000
Skills:【Tortoiseshell Defense】【Flame Burst】【Gravity Slam】

Introduction: Blazing Tortoise. A sea creature that lives in underground lava seas. Its body temperature is very high and contains a large amount of Flame Sprites. When the Blazing Tortoises arrived at the [City of the Ancients], they forced the lower level monsters to leave. Since then, they’ve became the mid-level guardians of the city, creating chaos among human troops. Please be careful when fighting them!

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