Zhan Long

Chapter 280

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Chapter 280 – Wanderer’s Bow


A golden light shone down as the BOSS died, granting us all an ample amount of experience. With the additional 50% experience, I was boosted to Lv 67. At the same time, Jian Feng Han became ranked number 1 among the players from Ba Huang City. It was a shame that I was second in the rankings, as I didn’t receive as much experience.


Under everyone’s gazes, the Frozen Corpse King shattered to pieces, leaving behind a heap of equipment that was worthy of being dropped by an Emperor Tier BOSS. Three equipments were dropped in total: a bow, leather leg guards, and a crystal clear necklace. Striding over, I picked up all three items and waved my hand over the first item. The attributes of the bow immediately came up over the chat for everyone to see. We all fought to kill for this, so it was only natural for them to see it–

【Wanderer’s Bow】 (Emperor Tier)
Attack: 1000-1295
Agility: +50
Attack: +48
Endurance: +45
Additional: Increase user’s long ranged attack damage by 15%
Additional: Increase user’s bow related skill damage by 30%
Special Effect: When attacking, there is a 1% chance that the target will become confused and will not be able to move for 3 seconds.
Required Level: 64


“What a strong attack stat for a bow…” Old K gasped in admiration.

Turning to face everyone with the Wanderer’s Bow shining in my hand, I smiled, raised it up, and said, “Wanderer’s Bow, a bow with extremely high damage, as well as the potential to stun and a level requirement of 64. Currently, in [Zhan Long], our highest level Archer is Dancing Forest at Lv 62. Our second highest level Archer is Free Time. In my opinion, we don’t need to roll for this, instead let’s let Dancing Forest use it for now. Of the 14 Archers that participated in killing the BOSS, everyone will be reimbursed 500G from the guild treasury. How does that sound?”

Li Mu made a fist, “Aye!”

Yue Qing Qian sent out a PM, “Hehe, Brother Xiao Yao has quite a few tricks up his sleeve. This move will not only have Dancing Forest stay on our side, but will also satisfy the other high level Archers. Beautiful. A worthwhile Guild Master must use both a kind heart and a logical mind. With complete equality, there would be no other way for us to raise true experts. Uncle Yan Zhao always taught that to me and Wei Liang.”

I smiled as I replied, “Yup. In all honesty, I don’t really like playing politics, but just now I was only balancing out the gains. I felt like Wanderer’s Bow should go straight to Dancing Forest, that way [Zhan Long] can at least produce a first rate Archer, right?”

“Yup! Keep it up!”

After directly handing Wanderer’s Bow to Dancing Forest, the girl was so excited she nearly cried. She picked up the bow and said, “Thank you, Guild Master. You’re too nice; you’re like a brother to me….”

I didn’t reply.


Afterward, it was time to decide the second equipment. They were leg guards with jagged edges. The guards were glossed, letting everyone know that it was not an ordinary equipment. Once I reached out and brushed my hand over the leg guards to display their attributes, everyone was shocked. This time our luck with killing the BOSS was truly amazing-.

【Fierce Thunder Leg Guards】 (Emperor Tier)
Type: Heavy Armor
Defense: 340
Strength: +50
Stamina: +47
Intelligence: +44
Additional: Increase user’s magical resistance by 15%
Additional: Increase user’s defenses by 10%
Required Level: 64


“F*ck, Emperor Tier leg guards…..” I was almost drooling. Looking at my own leg guards, they were still the Leg Guards of the Beast, a Gold Tier equipment, which was rather embarrassing to admit. Therefore, I lifted up the Fierce Thunder Leg Guards, and said, “There were five tanks total who participated in the battle: Me, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and Dong Cheng Lei. Us five will roll, and whoever rolls the highest will get the leg guards!”

Li Mu furrowed his eyebrows, said, “My leg guards are already a Lv 57 Purple Tier. Guild Master, I believe, your leg guards are only a Lv 55 Gold Tier? Why are we even rolling, you’re the main tank who killed the BOSS. These leg guards should belong to you. We’re all brothers, so this kind of small thing is no big deal. Don’t worry, we won’t think too much of it!”

I activated the ROLL system on the spot, and smiled, “No, I won’t cheat you of your equipment. Let’s ROLL! Only Li Mu’s leg guards are much better than mine, the others don’t look all that impressive. Nobody should get the short end!”

When I threw the dice out and the dots appeared, I was shocked——1 point!

F*ck, such a bad hand!!

In the end, the Fierce Thunder Leg Guards were ROLLed away by Dong Cheng Lei. The silly kid took the leg guards and walked up to me and said, “Brother Xiao Yao, my leg guards are Lv 60 Purple Tier. Yue just helped me get them from Fan Shu City. You can use these leg guards, since you need them more!”

I pushed them away, “No need, Lei, you should use them for yourself. With these, you’ll be even harder to kill. We still need to rely on you and Old K to be the main assaulters. Don’t say anything more, or else Brother Xiao Yao will get mad…..”

Dong Cheng Lei naively rubbed his head, “Alright, then I’ll use them for now. If Brother Xiao Yao ever needs them, just ask me…..”

I couldn’t help but smile, “Dummy….”


Continuing on to the third equipment, a necklace. Looking at the stats, everyone’s interest had dried up. It was Lv 64 Gold Tier necklace. It could raise MATK+10% so I gave it to one of the guild’s Mages.

“Boss, what about your skill book? [Oppose the Heavens] right….” Matcha smiled as she patted my shoulder.
TL Note: We’ve changed the skill name [Against the Sky] from 279 to [Oppose the Heavens]

Once I heard Matcha’s words, I finally remembered it, and opened up my bag to take out a blood red skill book. After waving my hand over it, I was speechless– an S level skill book that was for someone else, what a debacle!

[Oppose The Heavens] (S Tier) : When the user has received a life-threatening hit or his/her health has fallen below 20%, the player will get 7 seconds of impenetrable defense. On top of that, for 7 seconds, all of the players cooldowns will be renewed. When the 7 seconds are over, and the player was not killed, then their attack power will be raised 10% for 10 minutes. The skill’s cooldown is 30 minutes. Level Requirement: 60; Charm Requirement: 2; Class Requirement: Berserker


“F*ck, this skill really can rebel against the gods!” Li Mu was stunned, he couldn’t believe his eyes, “Is this springtime for Berserkers? Why is there a skill book like this? I don’t believe in love anymore….”

Darling Duck smiled, “Guild Master wasn’t planning on giving the skill book to you anyway, if he did, it would’ve been a last resort. Whether or not you believe in love wouldn’t have helped you…..”

Matcha smiled as she asked, “Boss, are you giving this skill book to Old K or Lei?”

Dong Cheng Lei slapped his leg and said, “No need, I already got this pair of leg guards. It’d be too embarrassing if I asked Brother Xiao Yao for more gifts. This [Oppose the Heavens] can go to Brother Old K!”

I nodded and gave [Oppose the Heavens] to Old K, and said, “Take care of this skill. If your health falls below 20%, use up all of your skills. In those 7 seconds, you can renew all of them. You can use [Whirlwind Blade] and [Savage Jump Slash] one more time. After those 7 seconds, you have 3 seconds to use [Savage Jump Slash] to retreat backwards. Old K, you don’t have to study those really complicated battle maneuvers. If you just practice this combo of skills really well, you’ll be an unstoppable god on the battle field!”

Old K reached his hand out and waved it over the book, successfully getting the skill. He nodded and said, “Yup, I definitely will not waste this skill book!”

I looked up into the distance, and said in a stern tone, “Okay, we’ve split up all of the drops. Clean up the battlefield and prepare for the sixth wave of monsters to attack! The past five have been savage, so everybody be careful when dealing with this wave!”


A rumble sounded throughout the map as the gates of the [City of the Ancients] opened up. This time, there wasn’t a river of monsters flowing out, but rather an organized army of soldiers, clad in light armor with long bows on their backs. They marched out of the city, and created a formation right in front of us. Motherf*cker, this time we’re fighting an army!

Looking into the distance, I could see the stats of the monsters. They were undead archers that had died many years ago but still had impressive names-

【Five-Colored Magical Archer】(Phantom Tier)
Level: 71
Attack: 1810-2240
Defense: 1000
Health: 22000
Skills:【Precise Shot】【Eagle Eye View】【Seven Arrows】

Introduction: Five-colored Magical Archers, this group of people used to be well known figures of a Wind Elf tribe. However, for the sake of their own greed, they betrayed the other gods, and were finally cursed with bodies that would rot, and broken wings that would disappear. They became extremely violent and wanted to use the bows in their hands to rebel against all of the unfair laws between Heaven and Earth. They are extremely bloodthirsty, and whenever a human army smells their scent in the wind they cower. Please be extremely cautious when you are battling them


“Their attack power is not as high as the Jiangshi….. but the attack power of the group as a whole, is a completely different scenario. Once they target any one person, he/she will probably be in for it….” Li Mu stated, “We must defend as we attack; if one rashly rushes out, he/she will likely die a very nasty death.”

I nodded, “I was thinking the same thing….”

“Alright, I’ll give the order….”

Li Mu raised up his long-sword and yelled out, “Strengthen the defensive formation, don’t fight on your own. Everyone must stay in their original spots. Once the monsters advance, we’ll use long ranged attacks and break through their defense. Most importantly, our defensive formation is the priority. Healers, buff everyone!”


“Pa pa pa….”

The Five-colored Magical Archers began marching toward us, and in front of every militia stood a lieutenant NPC, a Purple Tiered BOSS. They each waved their long bows, yelling out, “The time for killing has come! Five Colored Magical Archers, it is time to conquer the lands under the heavens!”

“Keng, keng keng…” [Zhan Long]’s front lines all planted their shields into the ground. Every Knight took cover behind the shields, holding their breaths as they watched the enemy in front of them.

“They’re coming….” Song Han lifted his dagger as he hid behind Matcha.

I gripped the Emperor Qin’s Sword and smiled, “Ranged warriors get ready, use projectiles so that you can increase the attack range by 20%-50%, even though the attack power will decrease by a lot…”

Thousand Suns Over Snowy Fields flew up and waved her staff, as [Pillar of Fire & Ice] imprinted on the crowd of Five Colored Magical Archers, provoking all of them. That group of Archers all advanced forward, bringing with them the entire front line. In the next moment they stopped in the distance, around 30 meters away, and lifted up their bows to shoot. Normal arrows and [Seven Arrows] all hit against the shield, “ding ding ding”.

“Damn, how do we deal with this….” At the frontlines, Matcha’s health was slowly falling to around 50%, her face already ghostly pale. If she’s already at this state, then the other Knights must be suffering to no end!


“I can’t go on any longer, Guild Master…..” One of the Knights yelled out in pain. His shield was covered in a mass of arrows, and he fell onto his knees. The Healers were unable to keep up with healing him; the attack from the monsters was just too fierce.

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