Zhan Long

Chapter 279

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Chapter 279: Against the Sky


The surprise from the Jiangshi made Matcha retreat backwards a few steps, her shield in hand. She looked back at me and quickly asked, “Bring your tiger out, or else we won’t be able to defend against them!”


I lowered my body and charged forward a few meters, raising my hand to cast [Seven Star Fragment Slash], while I silently ordered the Flaming Tiger God to kill from behind. Stepping upon flames, the tiger pounced, knocking a group of zombies to the ground. Although their attack power was great, their health and defense was so low compared to my and the tiger’s attack power that killing them was like cutting melons and vegetables.


A card dropped; it seemed to be the first Jiangshi Card within the vicinity of the area. I picked it up to inspect it: 5% chance of poisoning the target. This was definitely fitting for a war of attrition. I directly gave it to Fox; as a long ranged Musketeer, his attack speed made his chances of poisoning others slightly higher.


Basically, the front line was comprised of me, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Matcha, and others. All of us had to hold back the attacks from the monsters within 3-5 yards of us; this was also for the sake of protecting the members. [Zhan Long]’s Healers’ output and meat shields were extremely coordinated, and their defenses endured the attacks from the Jiangshi. However in the distance, [Flying Dragon]’s members had not been as fortunate as us. Drunken Spear and Fierce Tiger were at the front lines blocking left and right, however, they were still unable to hold back the Jiangshis’ invasion. Tons of players died in battle; the casualties were disastrous.

Looking in the opposite direction, there were idle players that had been reduced to the Jiangshis’ objects of massacre. 3% of the defensive line in the whole northern part of the city had already been breached, which only increased the difficulty in killing the monsters.

40 minutes later, Li Mu’s group went slaughtering through the Jiangshis running on the grassland, while I led the Zhan Long group to stay back to guard and defend against the scattered Jiangshis. This [City of the Ancients] was just like a large killing area with numerous monsters dashing out and we killed them nonstop!


As the [Seven Star Fragment Slash] fell, my experience skyrocketed. I glanced at my profile: Lv. 66 47%. I visually estimated that I would probably be Lv 67 during the sixth wave. The generous experience stats in the [City of the Ancients] was beyond my imagination. Of course, the effect of the Emperor Qin’s Sword’s skill [Kill for Blood] was actually the most important. The effect of raising 87% of the weapon attack was too powerful, directly causing my output to greatly exceed everyone below the city.


After 10 minutes, Wang Jian ran over with his sword raised and yelled, “Brother Xiao Yao, about 500 meters from us in the western side of the city, a BOSS refreshed. Are we going to charge through and forcibly take the BOSS?”

“Of course!”

I sheathed my sword, and said in a low voice, “BOSS assault team, follow me to the western part of the city and draw the BOSS back to kill it. Li Mu, lead everyone so that they are prepared to support us at all times. Watch out for [Flying Dragon]’s sneak attack, Soaring Dragon isn’t some kind of faithful person; at any moment, he could launch a sneak attack behind us.”

Li Mu nodded, “Understood!”

A group of people lifted their weapons as they charged over. I was at the very front, and the Flaming Tiger God by my side roared without restraint. Our group of people ran along the edges of the NPC firing range. Throughout the whole trip, a large number of Ba Huang City’s players watched us, yet not a single person dared to obstruct us. [Zhan Long]’s members all had emblems on their shoulders, that fierce dragon head symbolizing [Zhan Long]’s glory. We were the people who had managed to strongly shake up [Vanguard] and directly confront [Hero’s Mound]; who would dare to provoke us?

After a few minutes, the hundred people group reached the western wall. In the distance, it could be seen that a blinding halo of light surrounded the vicinity as it refreshed for a BOSS. It was a giant about 3 meters tall, however it’s body was slim, and did not resemble that of a giant’s at all. Soon, the refresh finished, and it was revealed to be an enormous Jiangshi called “Frozen Corpse King”, covered in armor, with a blade in each hand. Snow fell around its body, giving people a frosty feeling. Lv 70 BOSS, it seemed like this really wouldn’t be simple after all.

The BOSS stood right below the city, around 70 yards away from the city walls. Perhaps deterred by the elite archers on the wall, not a single person from the group of players below the city dared to charge; they only watched from a distance.

The Emperor Qin’s Sword in my hand trembled, “I’ll go first, you guys provide support!”

I suddenly charged over. The moment I neared the BOSS, I waved my palm, [Great Realm of Desolation]!


Under such a powerful attack,, even an Emperor Tier BOSS could not endure it. The Frozen Corpse King roared in fury, and directly charged over with its longsword raised. It even cursed at me, “You worthless brat, taste my blade as I cut you into two pieces. I want you to experience exactly what fearing death feels like….”

Quickly, my body raced backwards. Even if I was arrogant, there was no way I was crazy enough to solo a Lv 70 Emperor Tier BOSS. After all, even though my attack power had been raised, my defense hadn’t changed; it would definitely result in death!

“Brother Xiao Yao, over here!”

In the distance, Yue Qing Qian waved her white arms. Over there, a group of [Zhan Long] players were currently waiting for me.

But suddenly, a group of people rushed out from the crowd!


After a fierce collision, a [Zhan Long] Archer was knocked back a few steps. Someone darted in front and slashed the Archer with a war axe. With a face full of fierce-looking scars, he laughed, “You dare to steal the BOSS from us, [Mass Burial]? Aren’t [Zhan Long]’s people being a bit too arrogant? You’re definitely just seeking your own deaths. Brothers, charge forward, and exterminate this hundred people group!”

The person who had just arrived wasn’t just anyone, it was [Mass Burial]’s Guild Master, Not Ordinary, his face completely masked. As soon as [Zhan Long] had appeared, he had begun to express a severe enmity, after all, [Mass Burial] was [Hero’s Mound]’s First Division’s ally. He also shared an unclear relationship with Wang Ze Cheng.


“Defend!” Wang Jian lifted his sword as he bellowed, “[Mass Burial]’s players all have the two innate skills [Broken Slaughter] and [Rampage]. Everyone be careful!”

I held my sword horizontally as I ran backwards, yelling, “Dancing Forest, shoot the BOSS from afar to draw it away from here and towards our position. Qing Qian, Wang Jian, abandon defense, and bring people to follow me. We’ll go sweep through [Mass Burial], and show that group of bastards exactly who’s in charge here!”

Rushing forward, the sword in my hand dipped down, and [Seven Star Fragment Slash] struck down on the [Mass Burial]’s group. A chain of damage numbers immediately flew up. Utterly amazing——



Instantly, the squad of Swordsmen and Knights were killed within a second. The players of [Mass Burial] were all heavy armor types, and originally thought to be impregnable. However, they had never imagined that their defenses would be ignored under my attack power. Even Wang Ze Cheng couldn’t shield against the attack power after the use of the skill [Kill For Blood], so how could these people be any better?


Not Ordinary’s face was ashen, “What kind of f*cking attack power is this? Is Xiao Yao Zi Zai still a human? Brothers, charge! Use [Flame Blade]s to cut him down!”

I dashed forward, slaughtering left and right with my sword and succeeded in dodging a few of the opposing side’s [Flame Blade]. I ducked, and my sword suddenly moved, slashing across the crowd. At the same time, two God’s Army Cards in my palms, one in each hand, disappeared. Soul Army activated, A cloud of blood filled the sky, while swords fell down, also producing damage numbers greater than 4000. The attack power of Mohist’s Five Scrolls was related to my attack power; the higher the level of Emperpor Qin’s Sword’s [Kill for Blood], the greater the damage Mohist’s Five Scrolls could inflict!


Flaming Tiger God arrived along a path of fire, and immediately made the players of [Mass Burial] cower. By my side, Wang Jian, Yue Qing Qian, Wolf, Matcha and the others attacked in unison, instantly causing about 200 party members of [Mass Burial] to collapse. [Mass Burial] couldn’t defend against our fierce assault!

I looked back and saw Dancing Forest rushing towards the [Zhan Long]’s position with the BOSS behind her. Li Mu had already led a large squad of reinforcements there; if nothing unexpected happened, the BOSS would be ours!

“Killing off Not Ordinary qualifies as completing our task!” Yue Qian Qian said in the group channel.

I nodded: “Qing Qian stun him, let me kill!! ”


Using [God’s Dance], Yue Qing Qian’s darted forward. Her dagger flashed, hitting Not Ordinary square in the chest, stunning him!

I broke out in laughter and with a palm, I used a long range attack——[Great Realm of Desolation]!

“Peng! ”

The sharp dagger pierced through his body and Not Ordinary softly fell down. His brutal [Broken Slaughter] and [Rampage] skills couldn’t save him. Large damage numbers flew up from his head. Up until the moment he had died, he never realized how he had fallen so quickly.



Waving the sharp sword again, I swung out a [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. Facing the players of [Mass Burial] that were discouraged by the amount of slaughter, I quickly turned around and shouted, “Retreat, don’t get involved with these people!”

The group of [Zhan Long] players left the battle one by one. The opposing side did not pursue; their Guild Master was already dead. Bloody Blade and the others’ faces had turned red in anger, but had no more intention to fight.

I glanced at the levels of the Emperor Qin’s Sword [Kill for Blood]. Yup, it had risen again ——127%. Seriously omnipotent!


Within [Zhan Long]’s field, the Frozen Corpse King roared continually. Every slash brought out the effect of [Ice Splits]. Our Knights and Monks were constantly cut until the pain rendered them speechless. The Frozen Corpse King even possessed a ranged skill; it was extremely terrifying. At least ten of [Zhan Long]’s player had died from this trick.

Li Mu saw my return and immediately held out his sword, and shouted, “Those in front, go back. Let Guild Master and Matcha become the tanks. Spread further out, don’t cause unnecessary casualties. Old K, lead the people in the third party, and stay around to prevent the sneak attack of other enemies towards our guild!”

“Shua! ”

I had already sprinted out and took the place of a dead Knight. With my Emperor Qin’s Sword, I used [Strength of a Thousand Men], and quickly attracted the aggro of the BOSS. In addition, every strike of mine would cut off a chunk of the BOSS’ flesh, making the surrounding [Zhan Long] members yell in excitement.

Darling Duck and the other Healers quickly locked their Heals onto me. Dancing Forest and Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands brought the long ranged players to deal damage. Approximately a total of 40+ Healers locked their [Heal]s onto me. With my 2000 defense and 4000 health, it was hard for me to die even if I wanted to. Because my level was high and my resistance capabilities were strong, it was impossible for the BOSS to kill me in an instant.

Time flowed slowly. While I was killing the BOSS, I paid attention to every detail and every movement. [Prague], [Vanguard], and [Wrath of the Heroes] had all commanded people to come and watch, but none of them had made any actions. [Zhan Long]’s 1000+ men had the BOSS surrounded. For now, nobody was willing to steal this opportunity. Offending the rising [Zhan Long] for the sake of a BOSS was something that nobody desired to do. Of course, that excluded guilds like [Mass Burial].


In less than 9 minutes, the BOSS had only a bit health left. The Emperor Qin’s Sword grew brighter and killed it with one last strike.


System Announcement: Congratulations. Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai successfully killed the fifth BOSS of the [City of the Ancients] (Ba Huang City). He has received as rewards: charm stat +5, 50% of his current experience, and S rank skill book- [Against the Sky]!


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