Zhan Long

Chapter 277

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Chapter 277: It’s Not That Simple

The wind whistled through the battlefield; the area around the ancient city was devastated. There were bodies littered everywhere and broken weapons scattered around. For the sake of a [God of Commerce Badge], the entire fighting force of Ba Huang City had been mustered and sent here.

East of the [City of the Ancients], a wiry raider, clad in black, charged through the crowd of people, killing everyone in his path. He held a long battle axe dripping with blood, as he swept through the crowd, leaving nothing but 2000+ damages in his wake: Dark Raider King, a Lv 68 Purple Tier BOSS. Although Purple Tier BOSSes weren’t very special anymore, a Lv 68 BOSS was just too strong; all of the players felt hopeless when facing against it.


“Knights, Monks, create a defense formation! Block the people from [Hero’s Mound]!”

Within the crowd, Piggy carried his gun, and on his shoulder, was the Vice Guild Master banner of [Wrath of the Heroes]. Dark Raider King was in [Wrath of the Heroes] battle camp, but Cang Cheng was only 20 meters away and charged quickly towards the BOSS. He used AOE skills one after another, and left entire groups of players dead. His equipment was just too strong. Along with having the strongest defense in Ba Huang City, he also possessed an attack power that could not be underestimated.

“Can’t you defend any longer?” Liu Ying asked as he stood among the crowd, holding a sharpened blade, his eyes filled with rage and killing intent. “Cang Cheng, that scum of humanity, let’s not talk about stealing other people’s wh*res, but you also dare to steal our Purple Tier BOSS? As if I would let you! Mages, prepare to set fire to that bastard and kill him. Who cares if he has a high defense, he’ll still die if he doesn’t have a high magic defense!”

Behind Tyrant of Western Chu, the Lv 63 Mage Heart of Fire lifted up her staff and gracefully took her stance as a [Pillars of Ice & Fire] burst from her staff, swallowing a group of [Hero’s Mound] players. Immediately after, she turned around with a bluish purple arrow rising from her left hand and shot it right at Cang Cheng. The speed and control of the arrow was truly one of a kind!



Cang Cheng’s health fell as he awkwardly backed away a few steps. In the process of his retreat, another arrow buried into his chest with a “Pa”, as a [Scattered Shot] stunned him. It came from the Lv 62 Archer Sonata, who pulled his bow back for another shot. Sonata’s lips parted into a smile, “Cang Cheng, go die you scum!”


Sonata’s body began to give off a golden glow, and the mirage of an ancient god appeared above his head as a golden arrow materialized in the middle of the air and flew straight at Wang Ze Cheng’s abdomen. It was [Shot of the Archery God], and was an Archer’s third class advancement skill. Not only could the skill bypass most defenses, it could also raise the attack power by 200%. It could even be said to be an Archer’s sure kill skill!


Regrettably, it still wasn’t enough to kill Wang Ze Cheng. Sonata grinded his teeth, “That scum is truly hard to kill.”

Behind him, Heart of Fire raised her staff to activate [Dimension Leap], and shot another [Indigo Sea Arrow], along with a [Pillar of Fire & Ice].


Wang Ze Cheng woke up from his daze and immediately activated [Cleansing Wind], recovering 30% of his health. His boots hastily lifted from the ground, and with a “Pa” sound, he pushed away, retreating a couple of meters. Heart of Fire’s [Indigo Sea Arrow] resulted in a MISS, but [Pillar of Fire & Ice] hit, and his health dropped to a sliver. Thankfully, he had a group of Healers behind him to add health, and within moments, his health was full again.

“Motherf*cker…… Even that won’t kill him….” Sonata picked up his long bow, his eyes filled with killing intent. The fact that they didn’t succeed this time, meant that the next time would be even harder to kill Wang Ze Cheng.

Liu Ying picked up his sword and swept past, killing a Swordsman in the process, and said under his breath, “Sonata, Heart of Fire, don’t fight too much, our goal is the BOSS. We’ll just let that scum Wang Ze Cheng live a few more hours. You guys stay here and defend against [Hero’s Mound], I’ll go kill the BOSS!”

Sonata nodded, “Sure, Guild Master be careful! Let Drunken Cold Rain go with you, since his defense is 2400+, high enough to block a Purple Tier BOSS’s attacks!”



Within the crowd, the Lv 62 Knight Drunken Cold Rain stood tall, his shield blocking all of the Dark Raider King’s attacks, while his iron spear left bloody marks on the eye of the King’s mount. He had his target locked solidly onto the BOSS, and with his 2400 defense and 6000+ health, he could steadily tank the BOSS, while Liu Ying and Little Piggy dealt damage. [Wrath of the Heroes]’s strategy was fairly simple: they blocked out [Hero’s Mound] and kill the BOSS this round.

In the distance, [Hero’s Mound]’s First Division players saw through their strategy, but were helpless against it. In that short amount of time, they couldn’t charge over, as the enemies they were dealing with were Sonata and Heart of Fire, two experts who were definitely not going to let them pass. If any of [Hero’s Mound]’s experts wanted to break through, the consequence would likely be instant death by an [Indigo Sea Arrow].


Standing a fair distance from the battlefield, I watched the fight between [Hero’s Mound]’s First Division and [Wrath of the Heroes], and further in the distance, [Prague]. I couldn’t help but smile as I said, “Looks like [Wrath of Heroes] is no longer what it was in the past. With the addition of the three experts, Heart of Fire, Sonata, and Drunken Cold Rain, they were actually able to push back [Hero’s Mound]’s First Division.”

Wang Jian grinned, “That’s right, if it was the old [Wrath of the Heroes], they probably would’ve already been defeated singlehandedly by Cang Cheng himself, not to mention the rest of the First Division.”

Wolf said, “Looks like the Dark Raider King is already in the bag for [Wrath of Heroes], the only thing we don’t know is who will kill the BOSS?”

“With the charm reward…..” Wang Jian smiled, “It would not be unexpected that Tyrant of Western Chu would be the one to kill it right?”

My eyes turned cold as I said, “Well that will depend on what Liu Ying can even achieve….. Assuming he really is the one to kill it, then [Wrath of the Heroes] is only so much. If he spends time to train other people, then [Wrath of the Heroes] can potentially become even greater…”


A few minutes later, the BOSS’s health had dropped to the bottom and something beyond my expectations happened. Tyrant of Western Chu, Liu Ying, retreated a few steps, waved his hand and said, “Drunken Cold Rain, aggro the BOSS, Heart of Fire come kill it. These 3 points of charm will go to you!”

Heart of Fire nodded, and after a chain of spells, “Whoosh”, the Dark Raider King cried out in pain as he fell to the ground, dropping a lot of equipment. At the same time, a bell rang through the field.


System Announcement: Congratulations! Player Heart of Fire killed [City of the Ancients: Ba Huang City]’s third BOSS, and has earned +3 Charm and 30% experience, as well as the S-rank skill book [Flaming Hailstorm]!


“Heart of Fire killed the BOSS….” I murmured.

Wang Jian picked up his sword, “Brother Xiao Yao, lets go back. [Flaming Hailstorm] is an AOE spell, and it’s fated that Heart of Fire will learn it. This is a Mage that rivals our Thousand Suns Across Snowy Lands. In the future we’ll have to pay more attention; [Wrath of the Heroes] is definitely not what it used to be. The Eastern Gate has truly been amusing, to think that not only did [Hero’s Mound] First Division and [Prague] not fight, instead it was just the rising [Wrath of the Heroes] particilating. Very amusing….”

Wolf questioned, “Why didn’t [Prague] do anything?”

I scanned the area, “Its very simple; [Prague] has too many people. When Yan Zhao Warrior commanded them to get into formation, the guild members themselves took up 50% of the front line at the Eastern Gate. This also means that just [Prague] by itself will swallow up 12.5% of the three waves of the [City of the Ancients] monsters. This is an extremely crafty uncle; he already knows what the most profitable situation would be. Once [Prague] acts, they will definitely get the greatest reward…. Let’s go, we have our own battle to return to.”


Wolf picked up his dagger and sheathed it, talking while he was running, “Brother Xiao Yao, if [Prague] is so calculating, will….[Zhan Long] and [Prague], finally battle against each other in the future?”

I thought for a moment, “Not necessarily…. In reality, every guild’s growth is different. [Hero’s Mound] and [Vanguard]’s structures are conquest based and relying on their battle powers to dominate the cities. [Prague]’s attitude, however, is completely different. Yan Zhao Warrior aims for a win-win situation, allowing the guild to slowly grow stronger. If nobody bothers them, then they won’t bother others. By that philosophy, [Prague]’s reputation will eventually travel to all four corners of the world. That is Yan Zhao Warrior.”


Wang Jian took a deep breath, “If that’s true, then Yan Zhao Warrior, that old bastard, is the smartest person in Ba Huang City?”

I laughed, “It’s not actually that easy. Ba Huang City’s social hierarchy is too complicated, and its strength is scattered. Even if [Prague] doesn’t want to get involved, they still get embroiled in conflicts. On top of that, <Destiny> is a game that is very sophisticated, and contains all types of power struggles. Just this [City of the Ancients] event has all of the 2 million players in Ba Huang City fighting over a [God of Commerce Badge], forcing [Prague] to participate in the struggle, since missing out on this opportunity would make them fall behind all of the rest.”

“Do we have a chance of getting the [God of Commerce Badge]?”

“I’m not sure, we’ll just see as we go. First, we need to reach our goal of raising our guild to Level 4. This is the more practical goal!”



When we three returned to [Zhan Long]’s battle camp, the north gate had just started to open. It was time for the fourth wave, one filled with crawling centipedes. They were all Lv 69 Phantom Tier monsters with very high attack, but low defense and health!

“Keep your positions! The things in front of you are glossy white opportunities for experience!” Old K said as he pumped his battle axe to encourage everyone.

Bai Qi said, “You might as well say glossy white thighs to get them even more energetic!”

Matcha was speechless, “…. Just concentrate on killing the monsters!”

I returned to my position in the formation with Yue Qin Qian guarding at my side. She grinned and said, “It seems that I feel the safest beside Brother Xiao Yao…..”


[Seven Star Fragment Slash] cut through the crowd of monsters. Along with Flaming Tiger God’s ranged attack skills, my experience bar soared. Yue Qing Qian’s beautiful smiling eyes turned even sweeter, “Wah, to be with Brother Xiao Yao, there’s simply more than just a safe feeling…”

I smiled back, “Oh… ‘simply more’…. this makes me think of an allusion…..”

“What allusion?”

Yue Qing Qian, Matcha, Yue Wei Lian, and Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands, the four beauties all came over, their faces expressing curiosity. It seemed very different to them that their Boss was actually going to site an allusion.

I grinned, and said: “That allusion is…. hehe… about the differences between the English and Japanese languages. If you’re on the subway, and a pervert cops a feel of you, you will quickly protest. Using English you say, ‘STOP’, and maybe the person will actually stop, but if you say ‘Yamatte’, he might not just stop at touching…..”
(TL Note: Yamatte sort of means stop in japanese)


The beauties all grimaced: “Boss, you’re too much….”

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