Zhan Long

Chapter 276

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Chapter 276 – Dark Raider

“Ah, an Assassin skill ……”

With the Emperor Qin’s Sword in hand, I smiled, “To summon blades surrounding a target and dealing AOE damage over time, this is a great assassination skill, especially in close range. Assassinations will also be possible with this [10 Way Blade] attack, which increases your strength tremendously.”

Li Mu grinned, “Our guild has no shortage of assassins. Sister Matcha, how will you handle this skill book?”

Matcha blinked, and smiling towards the two sisters Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang, said ,”You two are so strong already, let’s give this to Wolf. He is [Zhan Long] studio’s top Assassin, though his current strength is too weak, so…don’t take offense okay?”

Yue Qing Qian chuckled, “Ah, no problem! My sister and I will rely on our own strengths to obtain new skills!”


In a flash the [10 Way Blade] Skill book was transferred over to Wolf.


A ray of light signified that Wolf successfully learned it. Trying it out, a “Ding” sound rang out as three sharp blades suddenly appeared and floated around Wolf. I could only imagine what the pain those that ventured too close would feel.


“Alright! The second BOSS has been conquered. Everybody get ready for the third wave of monsters!”

I quickly examined our rear guard, and found that it was lacking the most people, so I called out to Matcha, “Call up our 1100+ member reserve force, we might need them later. Besides, taking this opportunity to gain some experience isn’t bad for them either!”

Matcha nodded, “They are just outside the quest area watching. I’ll get Dancing Forest to bring them over!”


A few minutes later, the Archer Dancing Forest led the whole party over; on every member’s shoulder floated an image of a ferocious dragon – the emblem of [Zhan Long]. With 1000+ people behind her and a longbow in hand, Dancing Forest asked, “Guild Master, how will you organize this group of people?”

I directed them towards [Zhan Long]’s left flank, “When the third wave comes, our left flank won’t be able to hold them off and will be completely wiped out. Dancing Forest, you guys will be over there and take some Monks and Knights from the main guild. With the Monks and Knights tanking up front, we should be able to hold for at least 3-5 waves. The experience here is so plentiful; even if some die, they will not lose out.”

Dancing Forest nodded, “Ok, I understand!”


Right at this time, the north gates slowly opened as the third wave of monsters marched out. It was a group of ugly orcs waving swords, halberds, axes, and other weapons. They rode on huge wolves, covered by heavy fur that exuded an overpowering stench. The roar of the orcs echoed loudly across the battlefield, sending a shiver down every player’s spine; the difficulty of the monsters seemed to have increased again!

“Every person hold your defensive formations!” Matcha loudly commanded.

The front group of Knights hunkered down with raised shields. From afar, the dense mass of monsters marched closer, the thunder of their roars splitting the sky. At the same time, I was able to obtain the stats from the closest orc; compared to the previous wave, these monsters were truly much stronger!

【Dark Raider】(Phantom Tier Monster)
Level: 68
Attack: 1650-2140
Defense: 1120
Health: 19000

Skills:【Heavy Strike】【Flame Blade】【Cruel Shock】

Description: Dark Raiders are ancient orcs that conquered the wolves and made them into their own mounts to loot human civilization for food and weapons. These Dark Raiders have been summoned by the evil forces of the ancient city to become the basic guardians. Dark Raiders’ quick movement speed and brutal attacks have left many human armies trembling in fear – be cautious when dealing with them.


“Be careful!” I loudly shouted, “Their attacks have upper limits of 2140 and their healths are almost 20000. They know [Heavy Strike] and [Flame Blade]; the third skill Cruel Shock may be AOE. Healers, be prepared to use group heals indiscriminately on the front line, otherwise we won’t be able to hold them …..”

Darling Duck lifted her staff, “We know, Boss…..”

“Hou, hou …..”

The first group of Dark Raiders arrived. Raising their axes and swords, they landed heavy blows, slicing and chopping at the frontline tanks’ heavy armor and shields. The damage from [Heavy Strike] and [Flame Blade] was terrifying, fatal numbers appeared one after another —-



Some people even sustained 2000+ points of damage, truly frightening! Fortunately Darling Duck and other Healers prepped group heals for the front line, otherwise, we would have had many casualties for sure. However, some had bad luck and died from receiving multiple critical hits.

“Keng, keng keng ……”

Grinding against the heavy shields, the battle axes of the Dark Raiders riding on their huge wolf mounts created long red sparks. The various high level attacks left [Zhan Long]’s front line continuously shaking; we could only struggle to fight back. Old K jumped in, activating [Whirlwind Blade] and [Savage Jump Slash], while Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang also charged in with their skills.

Wolf continuously slashed at the Dark Raiders in front of him and with a wave of his hand, [10 Way Blade] was activated. Suddenly the sharp blades surrounding Wolf started to slice through enemies. 1500+ damage numbers flied up and two Dark Raiders cried out, completely unable to withstand the damage, and fell down.


My [Seven Star Fragment Slash] and [Great Realm of Desolation] swept through the front monsters. The latter skill’s AOE effect dealt massive damage to the surrounding Dark Raiders as well. My Flaming Tiger God roared mightily, once again thriving in the midst of the monsters. Bounding forward with [Burstfire Raid], he lifted his head and roared, showing his true colors with the death of more than a dozen Dark Raiders.

“Pa ta….”

A pitch-black card dropped on the ground; I reached over to pick it up. The card had the image of a wolf’s head and looking at the description, I was secretly pleased – it was really good stuff –

[Dark Raider Card]: Increases user’s attack by 10% and attack speed by 5%, Requirement: Level 60, Duration: 120 minutes


Not far off, General Wang Jian also found a [Dark Raider Card], amazed and stuttered, “This…..”

I grinned, “General Wang Jian, the Swordsman class relies on attack and attack speed. Do not hesitate to use this; it would be best if the whole front line has this aggressive buff effect. This will be very useful for us; 10% increased attack and 5% increased attack speed would boost our damage output considerably.”


General Wan Jian reached out, activated his card as I did the same. [Dark Raider Card] and [Pardon Card] belonged to different categories so the effects could overlap. Waving my Emperor Qin’s Sword around, I could easily feel the increase in attack speed. This should be good enough, since with my current mana pool, I definitely could not continuously use my 7 main skills. One of the main uses of this card would be to rely on normal attacks to quickly cut down melee monsters; only noobs would activate this effect and still use skills.

A short time later, my inventory was quickly filled with seven [Dark Raider Card]s. Wolf, Yue Qing Qian, Matcha, and Old K all received found such cards and received card’s buff effect. [Zhan Long]’s frontline all had Dark Raider heads above us, it was very spectacular.

On our flank, screams rang out. The defense of the players that once held that position could not withstand the Dark Raiders’ fierce offense. The crushing effect of one battle-axe toss left the group trembling, this was the [Cruel Shock] skill! The skill’s effect had a range of three meters and suddenly 4 players in front of it were killed from 2000+ damage. With no more than 1500+ defense, there was no way they could have survived.

“Dancing Forest!”

Looking into the distance, I commanded, “The opportunity has come, bring up the reserves to quietly patch up the formation!”


Dancing Forest laughed and waved her hand. The Monks and Knights carried their swords forward and slowly filled in the positions. In less than 10 minutes, the backline Healers, Swordsmen, Mages, and other classes got into position, and [Zhan Long]’s 100 meter long front line had been reinforced with 1000+ reserve players. In addition, the main guild pushed quite a few heavy armor players over there, so the defense there was not questionable at all.


“A BOSS has appeared……”

Towards the end of the third wave, Yue Qin Qiang noticed on the east side, “There is a Dark Raider King riding a wolf near the east gate. Should we head over to steal the BOSS?”

“There is likely no need…” I frowned, “How many guilds are there at the east gate?”

“That area is [Prague]’s and [Wrath of the Heroes]’s defensive positions. Also [Hero’s Mound]’s First Division is there, Cang Cheng and about 2000+ players….”

As soon has Yue Qing Qian finished speaking, General Lian Po laughed, “If I’m not wrong, there will be a dogfight. Cang Cheng and his [Hero’s Mound]’s First Division have entered Ba Huang City without establishing anything. They must be very anxious for a BOSS to appear; they will definitely try to steal it. [Prague] is a strong veteran guild and certainly will not miss this event. [Wrath of Heroes] restructured itself under the new steady and fair governance by Tyrant of Western Chu so they have a number of expert players. The emergence of the Dark Raider King will certainly lead to conflict between those three main guilds.”

I nodded and smiled, “Mhmm, [Zhan Long] will stay here and rest. The fighting in the east has nothing to do with us; besides it’s only a Purple Tier BOSS. Do not be too anxious, wait until an Emperor Tier BOSS appears before moving out.”

Yue Qing Qian grinned, “Ah, listen to Brother Xiao Yao. Whatever you say shall be!”


After a few minutes, General Li Mu proclaimed with a glint in his eyes, “Sure enough, the Dark Raider King incited conflict! An altercation has arisen between [Hero’s Mound] First Division and [Wrath of Heroes]!”

Seeing there were only a few Dark Raiders left near us, I sheathed my sword and grinned, “I shall go over to watch the action!”

General Wang Jian and Wolf both stepped forward, “Brother Xiao Yao, we will be your protectors and go with you!”

My mouth twitched, “If you also wanted to watch, tell me directly…we’ll have to move quickly and stealthily over there and back. Once the BOSS dies, immediately head back in order to return in time for the 4th wave!”


Beneath the City of the Ancients, us three players traveled quickly as smoke and dust billowed around us. There had only been three waves so far, but the outskirts of the City of the Ancients were littered with corpses. Even the system interface had displayed a distressing message–

Player Death Toll: 113,227

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