Zhan Long

Chapter 273

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Chapter 273: Shameless Durability

“Here comes the first wave!”

Wolf pointed with his short dagger and commanded the other Assassins, “Every Assassin should prepare to attack. Have the heavy armor players form a defensive line and don’t rashly try to fend off the monsters by yourself. The more damage you do over time, the more experience you’ll get!”

This was the basic idea behind fighting. Two Knights would provide defense while the Assassin would strike from in-between. Relying on this tactic, the amount of damage that could be consistently dealt was extraordinarily high. The way distributed experience was quite fair; DPS, support, and healing were considered in the distribution. For example, if a Healer were to increase the attacker’s damage by 10%, then they would receive the same amount of experience as the attacker. Even in the later stages of the game, they would not be fall behind in experience from the war.

Yue Qing Qian lifted her dagger and stood silently by my side. She smiled, “Brother Xiao Yao, when the monsters arrive, you mustn’t go too far forward. Otherwise, I’ll lose you as my shield.”

Matcha chuckled, “Don’t worry, Sister Matcha will be your shield!”

“Okay then!”


From inside the city, another wave of monsters came pouring out. They looked to be a group of small fiends holding blunt spears, but they were actually just a bunch of ugly dwarves that were exceptionally quick. They didn’t even reach a meter high and were wearing flax spun clothes. While they ran, they chattered noisily, “Come quick, the humans have come! I saw a lot of silk wearing women; rumors say that women that wear silk don’t have saggy breasts! This is great! Let’s go, let’s go! Plunder and rob these human girls and use our strong bodies to subdue them!”

My mouth twitched as I heard them, “What kind of lines were set for these monstrous animals…”

Dancing Forest laughed, “These short gourds want to subdue the females with their strong bodies? What a joke, they’re only one meter tall, and those are maybe 3 centimeters at most. If they want to use 3 centimeters to woo the women, I can’t even ridicule them any more…..”

I shot a glance at her, “Aren’t you ridiculing them a little too much already?”

Matcha giggled, “Enough of that, you guys shouldn’t be talking about stuff that isn’t suitable for children to hear. Look, Qing Qian’s and Yue Liang’s faces are both turning red…”

Sure enough, Yue Qing Qian’s and Yue Liang’s 17 year old faces were already bright red, and were unable to meet our gazes. However Old K and Bai Qi laughed heartily; to them, conversations like these were child’s play!

“I have the monsters’ data!”

Li Mu came flying back after scouting out the monsters and simultaneously shared the monsters’ stats within the guild. As expected, the monsters in this City of the Ancients weren’t a joke. Their levels were abnormally high, and their stats were also a lot stronger than monsters of most maps. Furthermore, according to the system’s world map, the City of the Ancients was marked as SSS-ranked, which was equivalent to a large-scale SSS-rank quest!

【Sinister Goblin】(Phantom Tier Monster)
Level: 66
Attack: 1450-1900
Defense: 1100
Health: 14000
Skills:【Stick Sweep】【Heavy Chop】【Sinister Howl】

Description: Sinister Goblins are a part of a race that is known for its rapid breeding rates. Goblins originally branched away from the ancient human race and have lived their entire lives underground. After finally discovering the City of the Ancients above ground, they immediately occupied it and became the primary defenders of the ancient city.


“F*ck…” Wolf’s eyebrows creased, “The City of the Ancients seems to lack humans, and the very first monster we see are Phantom Tier Lv 66 with attacks of 1900; do they want to scare people to death with such high attack? The frontlines had better be prepared; Phantom Tiers with 1900 attack actually have around 3000 attack in total!”

Matcha lifted her shield as she observed the distance, “As for our defensive method… Heavenly Tower Shield, receive the damages from the first wave! Mages, Archers, Musketeers, prepare to fire!”

In the air, countless arrows, spells, and gunfire exploded within the chaos of the monster wave. Although the Sinister Goblins were high in level, in comparison to the might of the long ranged players of [Zhan Long], they were powerless. With Thousand Suns Over Snowy Fields taking command, there wouldn’t be a difference in power between the two groups. If she joined with Dong Cheng Yue, then Ba Huang City would fall to their might.


The Emperor Qin’s Sword emitted a low hum as I shook my blade. Activating [Seven Star Fragment Slash], I immediately swept away a group of monsters; the 1100 defenses of the goblins stood no chance. With my strength, the amount of experience I would be earning would be far greater than the rest of my players. With satisfaction, I watched the chain of numbers fly up–



“Eh…” Li Mu let loose a [Skyshaker Slash], “The Guild Master’s AOE move is too imbalanced. It has a range that’s just as big as the damage, it’s a shameless move…”

Yue Qing Qian lifted her dagger and struck at a goblin with [Twin Harmony Strike], “Brother Xiao Yao’s strength is a good thing, at least our [Zhan Long] won’t be feeling too pressured under the monster’s’ attacks…”


General Wang Jian slashed at a monster and laughed, “This isn’t only an occasion that calls for killing monsters, but also an occasion that requires focusing on defense. Look, all of the other players and guilds are having a rough time holding the monsters back…”


While fighting, I turned around to look at what he was pointing at. Sure enough, the dense masses of Sinister Goblins were already swarming the defensive zones near the city walls. They smashed on multiple players’ shields with their clubs, shouting, “Hand over your never sagging women!” With the concentrated skills of [Stick Sweep] and [Heavy Chop], the players from the smaller guilds weren’t able to take any more hits from them. Many of the Knights’ shields had already broken, and could only rely on the rear guard to help repair their items. Although the front lines were still holding out, in the blink of an eye, over 1000 players had died to the hands of these Lv 66 Phantom Tier monsters.

This was inevitable. None of the players had ever seen a Phantom Tier monster at Lv 66 before, and at least 90% of the people here didn’t even know there was a tier higher than Elite Monsters, the new realization rendered them speechless. Then there were the players who hadn’t even reached their third class advancements. Thus, they didn’t have sufficient defenses, and suffered the extreme pain of the monsters’ attacks. Both the Monks and Knights similarly couldn’t hold out against the 1900 attack powers of the goblins.


A wooden club smashed down, nearly killing a Lv 59 Knight 10 meters away from me. He retreated with his shield in hand, his face ashen, “No good, with 3 goblins attacking me, there’s no way I can survive this. Who can substitute for me?”

Dancing Forest came forward, her longbow raised, “Shall I?”

“Don’t be so reckless to die…” Old K muttered as he stepped ahead of Dancing Forest.

I wasn’t too optimistic about this situation. With a wave of my hand, I summoned the Flaming Tiger God. The tiger came dashing out from the glowing hexagrams in the sky, and began to attack with [Burstfire Raid]. Growing in size, it slashed at the monsters with its four large talons, causing a large string of numbers to fly out. Dashing into a crowd, it unleashed a [Fierce Roar], killing hundreds of Sinister Goblins in the blink of an eye.

“Dear god…” Bai Qi held his battleaxe loosely as his eyes popped out in surprise, “Is the Guild Master’s pet really a pet? Even the strongest Mage wouldn’t beat his pet in terms of burst damage right?”

Matcha answered him, “It’s a Valkyrie Tier BOSS pet that’s already past Lv 60, what do you think? If it didn’t have a huge amount of damage, would it really be a Valkyrie Tier BOSS pet then…”

Bai Qi sucked in a breath of air, “It’s fortunate that this tiger pet belongs to the Guild Master then. If Jian Feng Han or Soaring Dragon was its owner, then I’d hate this pet to death…”

Wang Jian chuckled, “Don’t worry, Jian Feng Han will get a pet as strong as this sooner or later. For the meanwhile, we all need to work harder. As long as we grow strong, we won’t fear anyone else!”

Li Mu nodded, “Yea, after this we should back to the Fire Stone Valley. We should find plenty of high leveled pets there. Although Valkyrie Tier ones probably won’t be there, most of them should at least be Purple Tier, and there may even be a few Emperor Tiers. Anything is better than my Bronze Tier Giant Wasp…”

“Hehe, we’ll go after the City of the Ancients and focus our energies on getting better pets!”



It turned out that my Flaming Tiger God had a motivational effect on everyone around us, not bad. It had also given me a generous amount of experience. If nothing unexpected happened, then as long as I didn’t die by the end of the 10th wave, I would reach Lv 68. Leveling past Lv 60 was rather difficult, as everyone knew. Even the number one player, Fang Ge Que, was only Lv 67, showing how hard it was.


The deaths of all of the Sinister Goblins also led to a massive amount of equipment being dropped. However, a single look at them all showed that most of the items were only Green, Bronze or Silver Tier, nothing of interest. The first wave of monsters shouldn’t be dropping good equipment just yet. <Destiny> had planned this from the very beginning after all.

After striking back from our defenses, [Zhan Long] stood motionless but victorious. The other guilds had already died many times and I counted over a thousand casualties. There were many players from Lv 40 to 50 that hadn’t known the dangers of coming here and didn’t expect the first wave to be full of Lv 66 Phantom Tier monsters. Therefore, many met their ultimate demise and went back empty handed.

However, the treasure still tempted people enough to lose their reason, and many others were still joining in. Everyone began to charge towards the gates of the city, only to be shot down like prey by the NPC archers.


After defending the place for nearly an hour, a huge pile of dead corpses had formed in front of us. The Sinister Goblins had pretty much all been killed. Yue Qing Qian and Wolf were organizing people to sweep across the battlefield and collect all of the equipment so that we could distribute them later. This had to be done, otherwise the equipment would have disturbed the order of our guild if everyone decided to go on a crazy looting spree. It can be said that nothing was more important in a large guild than order. Which was needed to maintain the guild’s stability.


Li Mu looked at the sword in his hand and growled, “This battle is far too fierce. In just one wave, my weapon is already down 27%. In 2 more waves or so, I’ll have to go back and change my equipment…”

Old K said, “Likewise, my equipments are down 31%. Killing monsters is always like this….”

I looked at my Emperor Qin’s Sword, and laughed hard at the two.

Li Mu’s mouth twitched in annoyance, “Get lost, what a shameless durability…”

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