Zhan Long

Chapter 269

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Chapter 269: Turning the Tides

“Don’t bother with Xiao Yao Zi Zai, continue attacking! Bring a group of Healers to focus on healing me!”

As Wang Ze Cheng yelled his commands, he lifted his spear and rushed at me. With a thrust of his spear came a [Flame Blade]. My arm shook as the spear hit me, dealing 724 damage. Wang Ze Cheng’s defense was 2900+ and his attack power was not low either. His collection of OP equipment, in addition to his Emperor Tier spear, was really too powerful.

Retreating a few steps, I spread my hands and launched one of the Mohist Five Scrolls attacks—[Black Tortoise Realm].


A pool of water was created within a large area. Ripples immediately formed underneath Wang Ze Cheng’s feet–obstructing his movements and therefore slowing him down. At the same time, I once again used two God’s Army Cards. Casting them in the air, the God’s Army Cards activated and directly enveloped the distant area that the group of Healers were in. A cloud of blood densely covered the area as the transparent Swordsmen began to attack the players from [Hero’s Mound]’s First Division indiscriminately.

The third scroll of the Mohist Five Scrolls—[Seven Stars Teleportation]—continued to activate. Seven points appeared on the ground. I stood on the first point with cold eyes, filled with killing intent. I had to kill Wang Ze Cheng first, but his defense was too high, and I wasn’t sure if I could kill him. I had to kill him within one chain of attacks, or else all those Healers behind him would easily be able to continuously heal him.

I dashed forward, and one of my regular attacks pierced Wang Ze Cheng’s armor.



My arms felt numb. 2900 defense was too much; it actually caused a mild rebound effect. But Wang Ze Cheng was not that well off either, as he stumbled back a few steps. The effect of my Emperor Qin Sword’s unique effect had reached +200% bonus attack. Wang Ze Cheng felt my bloodlust, and in fear, he raised his shield and retreated.

My heart felt calm. The effects of [Seven Stars Teleportation] activated again, and with a “Shua” my body disappeared and reappeared behind him where he was full of openings. The Emperor Qin’s Sword launched the concentrated attacks, [Combo] and [Strength of a Thousand Men], at the same time. Under the bombardment of attacks, Wang Ze Cheng’s health dropped below 2000. This was with the many Healers healing him. If it weren’t for these Healers, he would’ve died twice already. With my 1% stacks, his 2900 defense was considered trash.


Wang Ze Cheng staggered forward a few steps, his back heavily injured. With an angry look, he thrust his Spear backward. At the same time, he activated [Heaven Shield] and the Knight’s third advancement skill [Cleansing Wind].


[Cleansing Wind] recovered 30% HP. This skill was the first step of a Knight’s path to survive in long battles.


Flaming Tiger God appeared behind Wang Ze Cheng, and it activated [Burstfire Raid], followed by [Fierce Roar] and [Flame Claws]. With three consecutive attacks, Wang Ze Cheng’s 2900 defense was easily broken through, leaving him with barely 1000 HP.


I quickly ran over and waved my hand, [Great Realm of Desolation]!


Regrettably, before [Great Realm of Desolation] was activated, Wang Ze Cheng drank a health potion and was healed 3 times. He was still not dead! Motherf*cker, the harmony of my skills and attacks were still not at the master level yet; this was a major flaw. If a master like Q-Sword or Jian Feng Han was fighting, perhaps Wang Ze Cheng would have already become a corpse!


Wang Ze Cheng quickly retreated with a pale face, his whole body covered in cold sweat, “What terrifying attack power! Healers, keep healing…..”

I didn’t hesitate and charged towards a group of Archers and Mages, continuing my killing spree. For every other player I killed, [Zhan Long] would suffer one less death.

Behind me, the members of the Valiant group had already revived. Li Mu lifted his sword and started killing as well. Qing Qian hurriedly asked, “Li Mu, what are we going to do about those [Hero’s Mound] players behind us? There’s no one blocking them!”

Li Mu shook his head, “Don’t worry about it. The [Hero’s Mound] members are intercepting them….”

“Wait. What?!”

“Ugh, I’ll tell you about it later…”


I activated [Seven Star Fragment Slash], pushing back a few people and stopping their attacks. I quickly retreated, along with Li Mu, Old K, Fox, and the others, and commanded the Flaming Tiger God to attack. Pets leveled up much faster than players did, and after they died, they could be summoned again after 10 minutes to continue battling. If I died, there was a chance that others could pick up my equipment, which would be a major loss.

Looking behind me, I finally understood why Li Mu and the Valiant group were able to revive.

In the open area of the forest, a pair of snowy white legs moved. Wan Er held her Scarlet Edge as she flew around, ferociously looking at the surrounding players. With 100 [Hero’s Mound] members behind her, she landed in the area between [Zhan Long] and [Hero’s Mound]’s First Division, slaughtering members of [Mass Burial] on the way.

“Cang Tong!”

[Hero’s Mound]’s First Division Vice Guild Master, Wind Walker, growled with an angry look, “What’s the meaning of this? Bringing members of the main guild here to block us… Don’t forget, you are [Hero’s Mound]’s Vice Guild Master. If we lose this battle, [Hero’s Mound] will lose face, and you’ll be the one responsible for it!”

Wan Er looked at him and sneered, “And what of it? So what if you’re part of [Hero’s Mound]? Who gave you the right to barge into Ba Huang City and start bullying people? Also, the one that you’re bullying is my friend, Li Xiao Yao….”

After saying that, Wan Er turned around and commanded, “Everyone listen up and form a defensive line. We are members of [Hero’s Mound], so we will not attack our own members…. However, the ones who try to cross this line will become our enemy. I, the Vice Guild Master of [Hero’s Mound], command all of you: Those of you who attack us will be seen as traitors, and will be dealt with by the guild!”

“Bang bang bang……”

A group of third advancement Knights dropped their shields on the ground. The thirteen golden shields in front of [Zhan Long] became an iron wall, protecting us from harm. The group of main guild players did not fear the First Division players at all. This was because everyone knew that the stronger players were all part of the main guild while the First Division were full of sub players who were not qualified.

Wind Walker trembled with anger and pointed at Wan Er, “You’re outstanding! You are really great, Cang Tong. You’re clearly favoring outsiders. Who do you take Q-Sword as, by standing on Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s side? Do you think you’re worthy of Q-Sword’s trust? He handed you command of the whole [Hero’s Mound] guild. Do you have any conscience?”

Wan Er’s beautiful face was calm and said, “I’ve been in [Hero’s Mound] for a month. I recruited 700+ elite players, helped [Hero’s Mound] reach Level 4 quickly, single-handedly reorganized the 4th, 7th and 11th sub-squads, and captured 4 S-class maps along with 12 A-class maps. My conscience? Even if Q-Sword was here, I would’ve done the same thing. I don’t care about [Hero’s Mound]’s future, but you guys want use Xiao Yao’s guild as a stepping stone? In your dreams!”
Wind Walker took a deep breath, “I’ve recorded everything that you said. When Q-Sword comes online, I will send it to him. Hmph, let’s see what you can say about it now.”

Wan Er couldn’t help but laugh, “I’m a free player. What can Q-Sword do to me? Don’t provoke me, or I will break my promise: I will leave [Hero’s Mound] right now and bring all my people to join [Zhan Long]. You want to try me? Wind Walker, I know you’re Wang Ze Cheng’s lackey; come fight us if you want. I’ll show you the difference between the powers of the players from the main guild and the powers of the players from the First Division. I’ll teach you guys a good lesson!”


Next to Wan Er, 21 Elite Swordsmen unsheathed their blades and pointed them towards the First Division. Behind them, Dong Cheng Yue brought a group of Mages and Healers over, in a state of mutual hostility.


Wind Walker swallowed, not having imagined that things could have possibly developed to this point. Next to him, a Knight whispered, “Brother, listen to me for a bit…. Cang Tong and Cang Yue are the most important people to Q-Sword. It was because of them that [Hero’s Mound] was able to attract so many elite players. You need to think carefully. In Q-Sword’s eyes, who’s more important? You or Cang Tong? Truth to be told, it’s possible that the ruthless Q-Sword would abandon the whole First Division in order to keep Cang Tong in the guild. Do you guys want to become Q-Sword’s and [Hero’s Mound]’s prey?”

Wind Walker didn’t say anything, and tightly furrowed his eyebrows. He stood there like an idiot, neither attacking nor retreating.



Matcha flew down from the sky with a sweet smile, “I see them. Reinforcements have arrived….”

“Huh? Really?” I laughed.

“Mhm. Look on the south side…..”

It was true. In the southern forest, sounds of movement could be heard. From the forest, a beautiful Archer appeared. It was the Third Advancement Archer, Dancing Forest! Holding a longbow, her mouth curved upwards and smiled, “We finally caught up. Advance! Slaughter them all! Put all of [Hero’s Mound]’s First Division onto your blacklist!

Behind Dancing Forest were 1100 unofficial [Zhan Long] members. Most of the members were at least Lv 60, and a few of them were Swordsmen in their third advancement. Wielding their blades, they directly charged through and killed off the opposing side’s group of Archers. With the arrival of 1100+ players, Wang Ze Cheng’s jaws drop in shock. This was indeed a great change in numbers!

In the north, similar sounds could be heard. Han Bei Song led 1000+ players charging towards the battlefield. This was indeed a change of tides for [Zhan Long]!


“This…… This…..”

Wang Ze Cheng held his Spear and angrily said, “Why haven’t our scouts reported this?”

One squad leader said, “Guild Master, we can’t hold on. We only have 1000 members left, while [Zhan Long] has 700. In addition to the reinforcements from Han Bei Song and Dancing Forest, they have a total of 3000 players, which is 3 times our amount. We’re completely overwhelmed.”

Wang Ze Cheng eyes became cold. “Retreat! Tell the members of [Mass Burial] to fall back for a chance to revive. Everyone else, retreat with me!”


“You kids still want to leave!?”

Old K roared. With his Haunted Twin Blade Battle Axe, he jumped into a group of people and activated [Whirlwind Slash]. I followed up with [Seven Star Fragment Slash] while Flaming Tiger God went around killing everyone using [Fierce Roar]. We slaughtered people with astonishing and incomparable power. Combined with Han Bei Song’s and Dancing Forest’s forces, the Magic Tracking Forest became a battleground filled with blood.

In the end, only Wang Ze Cheng and a handful of people were able to escape. Running far away, they disappeared into the forest.

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