Zhan Long

Chapter 268

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Chapter 268: Lin Wan Er’s Decision

The leaves of the forest swayed in the air as a spear carrying player leapt out. He had expensive armor on with a shield that had an orange glow. This was the leader of [Hero’s Mound]’s First Division–Wang Ze Cheng!

“Move on forward, step by step, use the scorched earth tactics!” Wang Ze Cheng held onto his Spear and laughed, “Archers, use your [Scatter Shot]’s while the Mages cast [Pillars of Ice & Fire]. The Musketeers should be casting [Bombardment]s, don’t give them a chance to resurrect! Today, we will let [Zhan Long] know who the real rulers are! We will let them know that they are powerless to stop us from entering Magic Tracking Forest!”

The sounds of gunfire rang out as the frontline of [Zhan Long] fell to the floor dead, with no chance to resurrect, due to the heavy onslaught from the thousand long ranged players hiding throughout the forest. Wang Ze Cheng had fought nearly an entire battle with only long ranged players; this type of tactic was truly smart, but also extraordinarily brazen of him.



[Pillars of Ice & Fire] struck, causing Matcha to continuously retreat due to the consecutive blows. Her [Phantom Holy Shield] was protecting her, while her beautiful eyes stared at me with concern, “Boss, we’re surrounded. At this rate, we’ll all be dead soon; what should we do?”

I bit my lips in anger, “Don’t worry, we’ll first have to kill the people from [Mass Burial]. All of the players there are Berserkers and they don’t have a single Healer. If they die, then they’re gone. Let our Healers stay alive and have them cast [Resurrect] immediately after our members. No one should be treasuring their levels at this point since we can earn them back later. If we fail to protect this place, [Zhan Long] will lose its foothold in Ba Huang City!”



As the frontlines were constantly being revived, the [Zhan Long] group members had already 200 deaths. With their rapid resurrections, they picked up their equipment once more and continued to fight. After some time, the players from [Mass Burial] were getting fewer and fewer in number. Over 700 players had died already and [Zhan Long] was slowly regaining our rhythm again.

“Brother Xiao Yao, fight with me. We have to kill the Vice Guild Master of [Mass Burial]; he’s that Knight over there…” Yue Qing Qian’s voice came calling from the party chat.

I looked off into the distance. A Lv 61 Knight was standing in the middle of a crowd, killing people with his spear. His shoulder had the symbol of [Mass Burial] on it and above his name showed the ID: Bloody Blade. While fighting, he called out, “Don’t retreat even a single step, continue to keep up the attack. The Guild Master will immediately have our fallen brothers revive and our main mission is to cut off [Zhan Long]’s main core group! As long as we are here to bite at their heels, [Hero’s Mound] will quickly purge the other group of theirs!”

Yue Qing Qian held daggers in both her hands as she slunk downwards. She snuck behind Bloody Blade and then activated her ambush skill: [Gouge]+[Twin Harmony Strike], but Bloody Blade unfortunately had over 6000 health! A single swing of his spear sent Yue Qing Qian flying back with blood spurting out of her shoulder!


With another stun and shearing off 1000 points of damage, I ran forward to take advantage of the opportunity. I activated my skill from a decent way away–[Great Realm of Desolation]!


The edge of my blade pierced through the vice leader’s stomach, causing a big number to float upwards–2329!

Bloody Blade let out a miserable cry as he fell to the ground while his fellow guild players paled. They probably hadn’t expected that under such a brutal attack, [Zhan Long] would actually still be so fierce and lethal.



The forest leaves shuddered. In a flash, another group of high-leveled players came charging out of the forest, with a beautiful young lady leading. She carried an iron umbrella on her back and held an orange dagger in one hand. Her snowy white face made everyone initially believe she was an original inhabitant of the forests. With an elegant face, she stared into the distance, “Wang Ze Cheng, that’s enough from you!”

That’s right, the person that came was none other than Wan Er. By her side was Dong Cheng Yue, with another 200 elites from [Hero’s Mound].

Wang Ze Cheng came up with his Piercing Mountain Spear and looked at Wan Er with shock, “What’s wrong, Wan Er?”

Wan Er was angry, “Immediately renounce your attack on [Zhan Long]; [Hero’s Mound] didn’t plan on expanding our numbers in an area like this. Your actions are already in violation of our guild’s original intentions. Not only that, but [Zhan Long] is a friend of [Hero’s Mound], not an enemy. The only thing you are doing right now is forcing Q-Sword into a heartless and unfair situation!”

“Wan Er…”

Wang Ze Cheng bit his lips, “The honored Guild Master approved of me leading the First Division, and I, Wang Ze Cheng, has what it takes to lead it. This time, the Guild Master gave us orders to bring everyone to enter Ba Huang City’s interior and then into Magic Tracking Forest. But once I got here, [Zhan Long] brazenly attacked us first, leaving me with no other options but to counterattack. I truly hope that you understand this situation; I had to fight, otherwise I would not be fit to be called the leader of [Hero’s Mound]’s First Division…”

Wan Er’s shoulders trembled in anger and she slowly lifted her daggers as if ready to strike. “Everyone in [Hero’s Mound]’s First Division, listen up. Immediately withdraw from Magic Tracking Forest and Qilin Valley. Quit fighting; this is my order as [Hero’s Mound]’s Vice Guild Master: withdraw immediately!”

The group of players from [Hero’s Mound]’s First Division were stunned and they all seemed to have the faint intent to retreat.

Who would had thought that Wang Ze Cheng would suddenly stab his Spear onto the ground and exclaim, “Who dares to retreat? Don’t forget, I am the Guild Master of the First Division. I am carrying out the orders of Q-Sword and in [Hero’s Mound], is it Q-Sword that has the final say in things, or is it Cang Tong?! Everyone attack, eliminate [Zhan Long]! [Hero’s Mound] wants a fight, not a compromise, for we are not the weak!”

Upon saying that, the First Division immediately started to attack once more and completely ignored Wan Er.


“So…be it then…”

Wan Er raised her Scarlet Edge, anger could be clearly seen upon her face. “Wang Ze Cheng, I may not be able to attack the guild’s First Division, but…but I can attack the players who are not of the First Division! Everyone, turn towards the east and face the players from [Mass Burial]. Kill them all without mercy!”

Dong Cheng Yue laughed merrily, “I’ve been waiting for you to say that. Everyone clear out, don’t give any of the players from [Mass Burial] any peace! Let them know the price of trying to bully our brother Xiao Yao…”

Dong Cheng Yue immediately flew up into the air with her staff out. The earth began to shake as a raging inferno began to erupt from the cracks in the ground and attacked every enemy within range of the attack. This was the skill she was most proud of–[Magma Lance]!

“Motherf*cker…” A flagbearer from [Mass Burial] cried. Charging ahead with his spear, he roared, “This little girl is trying to kill our brothers! Everyone with me, let’s get her!”


Dong Cheng Yue narrowed her eyes and spread out her fingers. Immediately the sound of lightning crackled as she activated her [Chain Thunder] skill. It blew apart the charging invaders, damage numbers flying up above–



The flagbearer that had led the charge took on the brunt of the attack, taking him from 70% health to 0%. The ones that had survived were quickly taken out by a [Pillar of Ice & Fire], crushing the entire assault force. Behind Dong Cheng Yue, Wan Er flashed into the straggling players with her dagger and her slim body danced, almost as if a butterfly. Her dagger was flitting across the necks of multiple players of [Mass Burial] and one by one, each player fell to the ground.

The 200 players from [Hero’s Mound] made a surprise attack and pretty much been cleared them out in 3 minutes. Most of the players from [Mass Burial] were already gone, while most of the players from [Zhan Long] that died against them had already resurrected.

I carried my bloodstained Emperor Qin’s Sword and looked at Wan Er with a smile, “Wan Er, thank you, I love you to death…”

Wan Er sneaked a giggle as her face went red, but she didn’t say anything.

Dong Cheng Yue said begrudgingly, “Xiao Yao, don’t give your thanks just yet. Go and bring your Zhan Long group to fight against Wang Ze Cheng’s main group. The Valiant Bravery camp is going to be eliminated soon, they’re feeling pretty desperate right now…”

Wan Er lifted her head, a ray of light glinting off of her dagger. “Yeah, you can let Dong Cheng Yue and I handle [Mass Burial]. We’ll bring the rest of our hundred players to help you cut off the rest of the First Division as soon as we can!”

“Yes, I’ll be going then!”


Carrying the Emperor Qin’s Sword, I looked some distance away and commanded, “Onwards! Let us assist the Valiant Bravery group! Healers, prepare to use your [Resurrection] skill and bring back our brothers!”


Emerging into the open space beyond the forests, the lush green grass had already been dyed a bloody red as Li Mu, Wang Jian and Bai Qi were still fighting bravely. At the start, there were 400 players from the Valiant Bravery group but now only 40 players were left to fight it out. The opposition was fighting it out with long ranged players, with some heavy armor players protecting them. With the entire Zhan Long group behind me, I hoisted my sword in the air and roared, “Qing Qian, bring a group to go kill the heavy armor players. The rest come with me, we’ll go kill the long ranged players!”


Entering the bushes, [Camouflage] hid me with my Flaming Tiger God following closely, as the two of us brought 200 players towards where Wang Ze Cheng was. All of them were assisting the long ranged players and around 50 of them were Knights and Monks, who were forming a defensive line around the Archers.


Wang Ze Cheng pointed towards my direction, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai has brought his main force, everyone focus your fire on Xiao Yao’s group! Don’t kill Xiao Yao just yet, kill his men first so he can see how useless he is!”

My heart sunk, Wang Ze Cheng had evidently studied records of battles [Zhan Long] was in. He knew I had the [Shield of the Crimson Dragon], and wouldn’t be taken down by gunfire that easily. That’s why he decided to kill the other players first, starting with Old K and Cang Lei.

In that case…let them pay the price for doing so!

The grass swayed in the wind as I dashed towards their vanguard. My body slunk forward as I activated [Blade Rush] and killed two Knights by my side, one of the strikes was a critical one!


In another few seconds, 2 more people dropped dead and I smoothly advanced without a hitch towards a nearby Archer and Mage group. My Emperor Qin’s Sword trailed across the ground as I then activated [Seven Star Fragment Slash], with my Flaming Tiger God activating [Burstfire Raid] into a group of players. [Flame Claw] and [Fierce Roar] took out even more players, resulting in the area in front of me being a clear spot. 50 players from the First Division had quickly become corpses!


“My god…”

In the midst of a group, a beautiful Assassin girl whimpered in fear, “Li Xiao Yao’s current strength, is he still a human anymore?”

My hand flicked, [Great Realm of Desolation]!

“Hua cha!”

The Assassin girl fell to the ground dead as a few Archers behind her also lost a lot of health to the might of the AOE skill: [Great Realm of Desolation]. As for killing her, I only had one reason–she was Ageless Beauty.

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