Zhan Long

Chapter 267

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Chapter 267: 3 Pronged Attack

“[Hero’s Mound] has made the first attack…” I muttered to myself, “There are only two possibilities why. The first reason is that Wang Ze Cheng thinks too highly of himself and thinks that 2000 people are enough to fight against [Zhan Long]. The second reason is that Wang Ze Cheng understands himself and still has a hidden card, but what is [Hero’s Mound]’s hidden card?”

“No use wondering about that now, shall we attack them?” Old K was barely restraining himself from charging in.

I laughed, “Don’t be so hasty; although they took the initiative, we’ll take advantage of this and defend for now. We’ll exploit their frontline’s wide gap in between us and weaken them. After that, we’ll carve our way through to the players still hiding in Magic Tracking Forest.!”

“Okay, I approve of the Boss’ tactics!” Matcha smiled.

Li Mu pulled out his sword, “Alright, then lets do this!”


Off in the distance within the swaying forests, players from [Hero’s Mound] charged from the bushes one by one. Passing through the foliage, I counted around 500 players, with most of them being the Heavy Armor class. There wasn’t a lack of elite players and with a glance, I saw 2 team leaders and 4 flagbearer commanders leading the groups. All four of them were the elites from the First Division of [Hero’s Mound].


Unsheathing my Emperor Qin’s sword, I roared, “Line up! Prepare to defend while all the Archers prepare to shoot them dead! All Knights, activate your [Defensive Stance]s’!”

“[Multi Shot], [Pillar of Fire & Ice]’s, go!”

Li Mu roared as well, causing the Archers and Mages behind him to activate their skills at the incoming attackers, engulfing them all in gorgeous amounts of firepower. The remaining players that came out from the assault were already losing their spirits with half their health left, so without further hesitation, I brought the tip of my sword up and yelled as I charged forward!

Right as I was about to make contact with the enemy group, the Emperor Qin’s Sword trembled, as the symbolic 7 shooting stars flew out–the SS ranked skill [Seven Star Fragment Slash] was cast! Tearing apart the earth, dozens of players were swallowed up by the attack, scaring the other players with the numbers that rose into the air–



Basically, every hit had done over 2500 points of damage; one of them had almost given 6000 points of damage from a superior strike. In a split second the area in front of me became like a vacuum, with players dropping dead, leaving their equipment and medicine behind when they died.


One of the team leaders of [Hero’s Mound] went purple in the face as the battle axe in his hand threatened to fall from his hands, “What…what kind of attack strength is this? What kind of expert are we up against?!”

The rest of [Hero’s Mound] didn’t see the terrible disadvantages of attacking me, and so they continued their assault by rapidly closing in on me!

“Peng peng peng…”


Strikes against shields and armor were heard constantly as the players of [Hero’s Mound]’s First Division continued to fight decently against my group. [Combo]s and [Flame Blade]’s were constantly being used and even more [Blade Rush]’s were being cast by Swordsmen trying to break through our frontlines. However, the weapons of the Musketeers fired rapidly, shooting dead most of the ones that had tried to rush in. Fox stood with his gun raised, “Do these people really wish to be executed by our firing squad?!”


After blocking the first wave, Li Mu and Wang Jian began their counterattack with the other 3rd class advanced Swordsmen. Old K was in the middle of the crowd of players, with his Twin Haunted Battle Axe already casting [Whirlwind Slash] and [Savage Jump Slash] to pierce through multiple foes. Every so often, he would casually jump back to have Healers cast [Heal]s so that he would not have to fear death. Old K’s way of attacking wasn’t too strong but his mastery of [Whirlwind Slash] and [Savage Jump Slash] was that of a battle master, which was enough. All of his enemies had fallen and experienced the taste of dirt!

The Emperor Qin’s Sword flashed, every single stroke practically doing over 3000 points of damage. This attack power of 3700+ was almost too cruel; the damage of this sword could easily be classified as unrivaled. Even the opposing Knights and Monks were being slashed apart with ease like melons; no one stood a chance. It was a terrifying thought for [Hero’s Mound] that after Wang Ze Cheng would be the only person that could withstand one of my attacks.


Not even 10 minutes into the war and the [Hero’s Mound]’s First Division met a strong resistance, so powerful that our frontline defenses hadn’t even lost half our members yet! Around 400 dead corpses littered the ground and the faces of the survivors showed terrible expressions. One of the team leaders lifted his longbow and cried, “Mother f*cker, can we not even break a hole in their frontline defenses? Which idiot was the one that said [Zhan Long] wouldn’t be able to withstand even a single blow?! This was a fool’s quest, what…what should we do now?”

“Continue to kill, the Guild Master’s orders must be carried out. Even if we all die, we cannot retreat even a single step!”

“Fine, onwards!”

Li Mu whistled on by, activating [Absolute Authority]. With a single chop, the Archer’s head fell to the ground. His group had completely fallen to ruins now, while our own losses didn’t even go past the double digits and all of them had already been revived. In a few minutes, the opposing 500 players had became corpses that littered the ground layer by layer.


Old K lifted his battle axe and laughed, “[Hero’s Mound]’s First Division, what was that about not being able to withstand a single blow?”

My eyes narrowed, “This isn’t right, it went far too easily. Normally…a person as shrewd as Wang Ze Cheng wouldn’t give his elite 500 players to us that conveniently, what kind of tactics is this?”

Li Mu asked, “Should we proceed to attack? According to the spies, the rest of their 1700 players are already in the interior of Magic Tracking Forest. Let us go in there to kill them, it’s just a nice slab of meat waiting to be cooked!”

I exhaled, “Alright, connect with Han Bei Song, let [Crimson Contract] attack from the north. Dancing Forest will lead the 1100+ members of [Zhan Long] from the south and cut off their means of escape. We will attack from the front; the First Division of [Hero Mound] is over!”

“Good, onwards!”


With Li Mu’s command, the Valiant Bravery and Zhan Long camps charged in one by one into the forest. After moving through these woods, we would end up in the open areas within Magic Tracking Forest.

In the sky, Matcha flapped her wings as her beautiful eyes surveyed the ground below, “Boss, why do I feel that this peacefulness is not fitting this situation at all…”

I whispered to her, “Tell them to move slowly and have them send Wind Elves to investigate ahead so that we can avoid any ambushes!”

Li Mu raised his hand, causing 20+ Wind Elves from [Zhan Long] to fly into the air.

However, as these Wind Elves moved ahead above the forests, the sudden noises of arrows and gunfire began. The Wind Elves fell to the ground one by one; it was evident to see that there was an ambush waiting for us. Judging by the amount of firepower, the number of people wasn’t small either!


Wang Jian clenched onto his sword, “These [Hero’s Mound] bastards. Sure enough, the initial 500 players were just to spite us. How shameless of them, did they think this type of ambush would be enough to kill off our [Zhan Long]?”

“It’s not going to be just this…” I stated.

As expected, after a few seconds, a large flock of players approached from our south. Their levels couldn’t be considered low and there was no lack of 3rd class advanced players. I counted around 700 players, and their crests were all the exact same on their shoulders; it was the [Mass Burial] guild, Ba Huang City’s 17th guild!


Charging ahead of the others was a middle aged man with a scar on his fierce looking face. His hand carried an axe, labeling himself as a Barbarian Berserker. On top of his hand flickered his character information, explaining who he was —

Not Ordinary Lv 61 Golden Berserker
City: Ba Huang City
Guild: Mass Burial
Position: Guild Master


“F*ck, what situation is this? How did these people get here and why is [Mass Burial] fighting against us?”

Up ahead, a Lv 60 flagbearer Berserker from [Zhan Long] lifted his axe as he approached and roared, “Hey, friends! What is the meaning of this? There are no conflicts between [Zhan Long] and [Mass Burial], so why are you attacking us in this way?!”

Not Ordinary had a cruel smile on his face. He quickened his pace, and activated his innate skill–[Rampage]. His movements increased by at least 30% and with a simple sidestep, he activated [Flame Blade] and [Sky Shaker Slash] to completely devastate our own Berserker officer. His attack speed was almost alarming and when he activated his innate skill, it had shown that it ignores 15% of the enemy’s defenses!

My brain was in a frenzy, what kind of innate skill was this?!

“What is this situation?!”

Li Mu raised his sword and roared, “What is [Mass Burial]?”

I raised my Emperor Qin’s sword and growled, “Don’t worry about who, everyone from the [Zhan Long] group, follow me, and we’ll carve a path forward. Kill these bastards from [Mass Burial]!”

Old K, Fox, Yue Qing Qian, and Thousand Suns Over Snowy Fields charged forward with me, while Matcha dropped down from the sky as her [Phantom Ray Slash] hit Not Ordinary on his shoulder!


Her attack power wasn’t bad, but all Not Ordinary did was abruptly swing his axe down with a “bang” and the shock sent Matcha backwards a few steps. The more frightening part was—-dozens of people behind Not Ordinary began to activate [Rampage]s one by one. With their increased speeds, swords, daggers, and spears essentially all simultaneously attacked Matcha’s shield. Despite her [Phantom Holy Shield] she was forced back further and further while her health quickly depleted. Motherf*ker, what kind of attack power was this?


I directed a Lv 7 [Heal] at Matcha as I used [Seven Star Fragment Slash] directly at the middle of the enemy group!


4 players were killed while the rest were on the verge of death. Old K and Cang Lei immediately took advantage of this and charged in with the rest of the [Zhan Long] group. However, right before our eyes, these same players somehow all cast 【Broken Slaughter】s and 【Rampage】s, causing their movements and attack powers to increase drastically. Our men weren’t able to defend against them, and soon after, our losses were equally matched; both of us were equally hurt!



My sword chopped through another Swordsman’s stomach as I followed up with [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. My Flaming Tiger God was using [Burstfire Raid] to kill, along with [Fierce Roar], killing dozens of people. Looking at our situation, it was almost favorable but I looked at [Mass Burial]’s leader, Not Ordinary, and roared, “Not Ordinary, what is the meaning of this?”

Not Ordinary laughed, his battle axe killing one of the Archers from [Zhan Long]. “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, we are for sure enemies. I don’t see you in a good light and really want to extinguish [Zhan Long], is that enough reason for you?!”


With a single strike, Yue Qing Qian appeared behind Not Ordinary and immediately stunned him, then used [Twin Harmony Strike]!


Standing above his dying corpse, the beautiful girl stood above the pool of blood and replied, “And how did you plan on extinguishing [Zhan Long] by yourself?”


Looking at the scattered players from [Mass Burial], Wolf gnashed at his teeth, “Brother Xiao Yao, was this Wang Ze Cheng’s trump card?”

I shook my head, “I don’t know…”

The next moment, battle cries could be heard from behind us as [Hero’s Mound]’s First Division’s heavy armor players made a surprise attack from that sides, bringing [Zhan Long] to be sandwiched!

Matcha bit her lips in frustration, “Crap, [Hero’s Mound] hired 50+ Wind Elf Healers and already resurrected the players we just killed. How despicable, they sacrificed a level to box us in!”

I brandished my sword, knocking back a Knight. “This is the real side to Cang Cheng, a smart but crooked scum of a person!”

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