Zhan Long

Chapter 264

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Chapter 264 – Doesn’t Look Like A Bad Person

7 at night, I finally got back online! In the game, I could rest my body and recover my wounds; it also allowed me to manage the guild after being away for so long.



Appearing in Ba Huang City, as soon as I got online, I heard a “Di” sound. It was Yue Qing Qian’s news, “Brother Xiao Yao, [Hero Mound]’s influence is already beginning to spread towards Ba Huang City; do you know about this?”

“Yea, I know!”

“What do you plan to do?”

“Let everyone continue to concentrate on grinding levels while sending a few Assassins and Archers to scout the boundaries of Qilin Valley and Magic Tracking Forest. Once [Hero Mound] makes any moves, we will immediately respond in kind!”

“Then, what about our more detailed battle plans?”

“Take the initiative to attack and occupy Magic Tracking Forest!”

“Hehe, I love this charm of brother Xiao Yao, I’ll go make arrangements now~~”



I repaired my equipment and walked around in Ba Huang City. Hearing some shouts, I quickly walked over to the potion selling area and found a 50 or so year old uncle with a stall. His ID was “Head of Medicine King Valley” and was yelling: “Level 7 health potions, recovers 1400 health. Only 1 G each. Level 8 health potions, recovers 2000 health. 5 G each. If you want them, come quickly; the materials are very expensive and there are only 121 Lv 7 potions and 20 Lv 8 potions!”

I walked up and asked: “Uncle, I’ll take 20 Lv 8 potions. How about a discount?”

Head of Medicine King Valley looked and me and was stunned: “Eh… why does this young man look so familiar? Oh, Ba Huang City’s number two player, Xiao Yan Zi Zai? The Guild Master of [Zhan Long]. Ah someone famous….”

I looked above me, dammit, I was only gone for one day and Jian Feng Han was first again… This guy probably also bought Devil Tokens, but the price for each level in Devil Tokens was way too high for us high leveled players and there weren’t many either way. Otherwise, we’d all be Lv 70 by now. He probably killed a few bosses.

“Uh… How much of a discount?” I continued to ask while smiling.

Head of Medicine King Valley laughed; “A top 30 CBN player, I’ll give you a 30% discount. 70 G for all of them. In addition, when I’m out in the maps, if [Zhan Long] friends could take care of me, it’d be great. As a solo player, I don’t want to get PKed every day…”

I smiled: “Alright, 70 G then. Thank you. However, why don’t you join [Zhan Long]? We need more people….”

He smiled: “Actually, [Vanguard], [Prague] and [Flying Dragon] have all invited me before, but
I declined all of them. Ba Huang City’s situation is way too complex and if I have the [Zhan Long] emblem, can you promise that I won’t get PKed by [Vanguard] or [Flying Dragon]? Yeah, that’s why for me, someone who goes into the most desolate places, a single player life is better. Once I get dragged into guild fights, then I’d be useless very soon…”

I smiled while nodding: “Ah, I’ll respect your decision. If you ever want to join [Zhan Long], all you need to do is find me. Can I add you as a friend?”

“Of course, it’d be an honor!”


After adding Head of Medicine King Valley as a friend, I paid him 70 gold coins for 20 Lv 8 potions, the kind that recovered 2000 health, which was about half of my health. In addition, I bought a couple of Lv 7 potions. My mana potions were all Lv 7, they could restore 1000 mana, which was enough for a melee player like me. Of course, I wanted to make Lv 8 mana pills which would bring me riches, as well as more mana, during fights.

“Guild Master!”

A shout came from behind me. It was General Li Mu, General Wang Jian and their team. General Li Mu had the emblem of being an elder in [Zhan Long]. He would never accept being our Vice Guild Master but even though that was the case, everyone in [Zhan Long] knew General Li Mu’s position in the guild. He was pretty much a Vice Guild Master and was completely in control of the Valiant Camp.

“Yes!” I turned around to face Li Mu, Wang Jian, Bai Qi and Lian Po, “You’ve all arrived eh?”

“We have…” Li Mu crossed his arms and leaned against the city wall. “[Hero Mound] has sent their first division inside Ba Huang City and starting today, Ba Huang City will have some of [Hero Mound]’s players. How can we not treat this situation carefully? We came over to see exactly what area [Hero Mound]’s first division is trying to get their hands on.”

Closing his eyes, Wang Jian said, “I’ve heard that they are trying to get a foothold in Magic Tracking Forest, but I don’t know if that’s true or not.”

Lian Po said, “Magic Tracking Forest is where [Blood Contract] and its 200 players gather to train. If [Hero Mound] wants to enter Magic Tracking Forest, then they will definitely get into a fight with [Blood Contract]. Hmph, things will get pretty noisy soon; although Han Bei Song looks undisciplined, he is wild in nature. If he gets annoyed, then [Blood Contract] will be out for blood.”

I leaned against the wall and laughed, “We don’t need Han Bei Song to make the first move. Magic Tracking Forest is right next to our Qilin Valley, and [Blood Contract] is an ally guild. We can endure this for now but if [Hero Mound] enters Magic Tracking Forest, then [Zhan Long] won’t put up with it. If [Blood Contract] doesn’t make a move, then [Zhan Long] will. And if [Hero Mound] tries to enter Qilin Valley, we will kill however many people that try to!”

Li Mu made a fist and smiled, “Guild Master’s thoughts are exactly the same as mine. We can’t be weak, this is a demonstration of power from [Hero Mound]. People have been saying that the first division’s leader Cang is from the ‘Cang’ clan; he couldn’t possibly be related to Cang Tong, Cang Yue, and Cang Lei, right?”

I shooked my head, “There’s no need to consider that. Wan Er and Dong Cheng might come over with the first division but once the first division starts a skirmish, the two of them definitely won’t attack us. I have faith in them.”

Wang Jian laughed, “Alright, if the two beautiful maidens Dong Cheng and Cang Tong don’t make a move, [Zhan Long] will have a success rate of at least 60%!”

Lian Po couldn’t help but be the rational voice, “You brats shouldn’t look down on others, the first division of [Hero Mound] was established a week before we were and are already at a guild level of 4 with 3000 people around. The average number of players online at any given time is about 2000, while we only have 1000 people online at a time. The gap between our numbers is quite big…And, [Hero Mound] won’t be like [Vanguard] and underestimate us…”

I nodded, “Yeah, what Lian Po said is correct. We must fight all out and join with [Blood Contract]. Together, our two guilds will crush the first division of [Hero Mound]!”

Bai Qi resentfully said, “I had thought that we, [Zhan Long], were already unrivaled. I hadn’t imagined that…..a mere division could pretty much make us suffer that much…”

I shot a glance at him and laughed, “Bai Qi, you’re quite greedy. Don’t you know what [Hero Mound] stands for? They are China’s second ranking guild for 6 consecutive years and their title isn’t just for show. Our [Zhan Long] isn’t all that bad, we have a foothold now at the very least. We definitely won’t be as weak as we could be…”

Li Mu roared with laughter, “Of course. After the dissolvement of [Valiant Bravery], I don’t even want to have those memories again!”

Lian Po said, “In around another hour or so, all of [Hero Mound]’s first division will be in Ba Huang City. The first thing they’ll do are to go and receive Ba Huang City’s Buff, heal up and then go to Magic Tracking Forest. We all still have work to be done! Guild Master, you already know what to do, no need for me to remind you, right?”

I laughed gently, “Yeah, diplomacy before force. We’ll do some investigating first. If anything, we’ll be the righteous ones.”

Lian Po laughed as well, “Yes, you truly are a smart Guild Master!”

“It’s because I have you elders from Valiant Bravery that I can be rest assured. As they say, it is a treasure that one’s family has an elder.

“You’re ridiculing us…”

“I’m not, you’re thinking too much!!”

“You definitely are!”

“Do you want to fight?”

“Forget it, I don’t want to bother with the small fries…”



After waiting for an hour, our group of people stood at the walls of Ba Huang City. In the distance, towards the direction of Fan Shu City, a group of players with golden emblems on their shoulder emerged from the forest; it was the color of Fan Shu City. The group of people were also wearing the same guild emblems with a blood red battle axe on them. Seeing this emblem would cause countless amount of players in the chinese server to panic, as it was the emblem of [Hero’s Mound]. As the guild name suggests, under the command of Q-Sword, [Hero’s Mound] crushed the dreams of many heroic players who crossed their path. It was only because of this was [Hero’s Mound] able to compete with the number one guild, [Legends].

Within the group, the Lv 61 fully equipped Knight Cang Cheng stepped forward. In his right hand was an Emperor Tier Piercing Mountain Spear and in his left, an Emperor Tier Soul Fortress Shield. If he put 2 stat points into toughness, 2 into health and 6 into strength every time he leveled, with his overpowered equipments worth at least tens of thousands of RMB, his defense should be at least 2500, beating that of [Vanguard]’s Fushen Thousand Blade, Don’t Be Foolish, and Goodbye Tears.

Wang Jian moved closer and whispered: “Brother Xiao Yao, if I said Cang Cheng’s defense is 2900, would you believe it?”

I nodded, “I believe it! All of his equipment pretty much focuses on defense. With Ba Huang City’s, Jiu Li City’s, and Fan Shu City’s overpowered Emperor Tier equipment combined, having 2900 defense is pretty normal.”

Li Mu gasped, “F*ck, 2900 defense, add that with a Knight’s Defensive Stance and his equipment’s extra buffs, it should be at least 6000 points of defense, who would be able to cut him down?”

The Emperor Qin’s sword behind me emitted a light sound, and I smiled, “Don’t worry, there’s definitely a person that can cut him down!”


At that moment, Cang Cheng led a group of people to approach us. I brought the four generals and a few dozen [Zhan Long] members to the city entrance. Cang Cheng glanced at me and suddenly a bright smile spread across his face, “Ah, isn’t this Li Xiao Yao? You really are a high-leveled expert stationed at Ba Huang City; you’re even Ba Huang City’s number two player. To be able to meet you here is great. Later when we go offline, should we grab drinks together?”

I coolly laughed: “Sure, I’m game if you’re paying!”

Amazed, Bai Qi whispered in my ear: “This Cang Cheng does not look like a bad person right?”

I could not help but laugh and say: “One must look deeply to determine one’s character……”

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