Zhan Long

Chapter 260

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Chapter 260 – A Scary Opponent


Wang Xin’s voice wavered as he said, “Use the submachine guns and sniper rifles to fire; everyone be careful and protect yourselves!”



The closest person from our position, dressed in black clothes, pressed both hands onto the ground and sprinted towards us. Under the starlight, his face looked abnormal and hideous with blue, fishlike scales appearing in the region where his head connected to his neck. Bullets could not pass through this layer of armour, and furthermore, the scaled skin seemed to ripple and convulse, growing larger and larger and very quickly spreading towards his chest.

I saw this and hastily shouted, “Shoot for their abdomen and legs, quickly!”

A few special operation policemen from behind pulled out their handguns, and shot a round of bullets. Immediately, two of the people clothed in black heading towards us were hit. Blood spurted from their abdominal areas and legs, and bullet holes appeared. Their movement speed was greatly reduced, but they were still rushing towards us very quickly.

“What?” A special operation policeman gaped. “Shooting has no effect?”

Wang Xin loudly yelled into the comms, “ Shooters, switch to blasting bullets; aim for their leg areas!”


I took out a custom-made blasting bullet from my pack and loaded it into my handgun. I raised my hand and with a “bang”, the bullet took off. A hundred meters to the front, a person got hit and started limping. He walked a few steps and with “peng” sound, his right leg was blown to pieces. However, what was really scary was that this thing still kept on going, using both hands to crawl forward.

“This…. what exactly is this monster? Does it not feel any pain or fear?”

A nearby special operations policeman was already filled with fear and said with a trembling voice, “What kind of monster are we fighting right now?”

I said with a low voice, “Wu Lei, remain calm. Aim carefully at the monster’s leg area and shoot blasting bullets; blow up their unprotected lower body and it will be safe. What is there to fear from crawling monsters?!”

Wu Lei noded, took a glance and said: “Boss, there are two more coming.”



The sound of wind passed and a black shadow took advantage of the night lighting and appeared suddenly in front of me. He was an approximately 37 years old man, his face filled with fish-like scales. His palms were a little distorted and his five fingers were sharp, much like a lizard’s. With a “Puchi” sound, his entire arm went through the chest of one of the scouts in the group. The fresh blood that spurted out landed on my face, making me realize that everything that was happening in front of me was real; a special operations police officer had just been killed in front of me!

“Ah, ah…” The officer opened his mouth wide, fresh blood dripping from it. His eyes were filled with fear and resignation as he looked at me, “Xiao Yao, our opponents….what exactly are they?”


My mind suddenly went blank, and my arms involuntarily drew Qi that settled on my sword. With a stride I stepped in front of the monster’s body, brutally swinging the sword horizontally towards the monster’s arms.


Fresh blood splattered, and the monster’s whole arm was easily cut off. With the scout’s body, the arm fell to the ground. The wound was so serious that the scout did not have any hope of living.

The shadow of the sword flashed with a cold light under the moonlight. Tears swirled in my eyes. He was a living being who had talked with us about his girlfriend and received our blessings not long ago. But now, he would have to die humiliated in this icy barren wilderness.


Swinging the blade like lightning, I sent three consecutive strikes towards the monster’s wrists and legs, which were easy to cut. Listening to its screams, I swung my blade horizontally and sent his head flying.


In the distance, screaming again and again, Wang Xin’s voice in the communication device became very bleak. “Quick…quickly retreat! We can’t kill these monsters…we can’t kill them…”

By my side, there was a muffled sound, Wu Lei’s arm holding the gun was suddenly torn off. It was yet another 30+ year old monster. His face, neck, and chest were all filled with fish scales, and he chomped on Wu Lei’s broken arm in bloodthirsty manner, following up by whipping out a kick. Immediately, Wu Lei’s whole body fell into the underbrush while his eyes were full of despair: “Xiao Yao, hurry up and leave, leave…… we can’t fight them……”

I held Xiao Hei and trembled. Releasing my Qi: “I can do it! Please believe in me….. I can fight them! Captain Wang, bring your men and retreat from behind me. I’ll stop them… I can.. I can protect everyone….”

Xiao Hei emitted a sharp humming noise while I charged forward and heavily kneed the monster who had injured Wu Lei in the abdomen. His body fell back, yet he didn’t feel any pain. His expression was savage, and he roared angrily as he charged towards me. Lowering my arm, Xiao Hei’s luster was even more eerie under the starlight. Suddenly raising my arm, my sword swept up in an ice-cold arc!

“Ka Cha!”

From the bottom to the top, I directly severed the monster into two bloody halves. Innards and fresh blood poured out onto the ground. The other three officers next to me furrowed their brows deeply and one of them almost vomited.

In the distance, unsettling figures appeared as Wang Xin brought 12 officers charging through, relentlessly shooting at the crowd of creatures behind them. Even if they broke the creatures’ legs, the monsters would still limp towards us.


Wang Xin powered through, his face ashen. “Li Brat, how did things turn out like this…”

I pointed behind us, “There’s a broken piece of wall over there. Bring everyone there to shoot the creatures. Cover the wounded and retreat. Request the headquarters to ask for helicopter reinforcements!”


The crowd of officers all began to look around for cover around the broken piece of wall. I held my gun and stood further away, catching a glimpse of underbrush, “Wu Lei, why haven’t you retreated yet….”

Wu Lei gripped his broken arm, his face pouring sweat, “Don’t…don’t mind me….you have to be careful…”


From the distance, about a dozen creatures began to charge over all at once at shockingly high speeds. In less than 50m, they had already surpassed the advantageous range of a sniper rifle. I pulled out my handgun and shot out a few times in succession, yet I could only leave traces of blood on their legs and abdomens, unable to successfully kill them!


Directly tossing my handgun, my right hand tightly grasped the blood-soaked Xiao Hei as my left hand reached down to pull out an army knife attached to my leg. The army knife gleamed with a pallid light under the starlight. Channeling in my qi, it became even more menacing.

The speeds of these creatures were faster than mine; there was no chance of being able to run away. The only choice left was to fight to death for the sake of helping my fellow policemen look for chances of survival.


As the first creature swept past, I suddenly lifted my right hand horizontally, and with a “Katcha” sound, its head had already flown off with with the quick movement of my sword. Moving in a small circle with my feet, the army knife flashed in my left hand. With a single movement, the knife stabbed itself into the monster’s heart, and with a second herculean force of strength, I stabbed the monster once more through its stomach. Blood poured out as I removed the knife, and as another monster came, Xiao Hei split that monster in two.


My shoulder sagged and burnt as if on fire as I fell back two steps in exhaustion, My equipment were nearly ripped to shreds from the still visible 5 claw marks while blood was flowing freely from my stomach and leg from the monster’s attacks. The concentration of Qi within my body simply wasn’t enough to block the monster’s sharp claws….In the end, I was just a normal person, while these monsters were like the devils from the pits of hell who didn’t belong in this world.


I shouted in fury and swung Xiao Hei twice more. Two more heads flew as I leapt up and kicked one monster to the side while I stabbed down at another’s head. Its brain, having suffered damage, caused the creature to whimper and immediately collapse. It looked like their heart and brain were their fatal weak points, no different from humans.

Wang Xin shouted, “Use the lights and aim at these creatures’ eyes. Their eyes are definitely their weak point!”

“Bang Bang Bang…”

Blood burst forth as three monsters simultaneously lost their heads. Their eyes truly lacked protection and our SWAT team was full of expert marksmen!

“Destroy their cover!” In the crowd, a black-suited man in his 40s shouted. His body shot out like a bullet and crashed into the cracked wall. Instantly the wall shattered and the officers retreated one after another. It looked like some were even crushed under the rubble. Such a powerful offensive power was definitely not something a normal human could have.

Xiao Hei continued to dance around with a starry glow as I slaughtered one monster after another. At the same time, I became covered in wounds while my body burned with searing hot sensations. Luckily, my mind was able to keep me calm. As long as I still had the ability to think clearly, then I should be able to face them against the odds.


A creature charged towards the bushes where Wu Lei lay miserably under a short tree. That creature’s target was definitely him. It looked like this group of monsters did not have a specific mission, only to kill a few more special agents because they could.


Wu Lei’s eyes were filled with despair as he retreated with a limp. However, since he had lost an arm, how could he possibly move well?

Facing imminent peril, I did not hesitate to throw Xiao Hei at the monster.


The sharp sword directly penetrated the creature’s chest and pierced into the heart. It shuddered in shock, only to slowly collapse onto the ground. At the same time, three more of these monsters charged at me from behind!


Hastily pulling out the military knife from the right sheath. I held both weapons in hand as I directly cut down one monster. Its head was immediately separated from its body as its blood splashed onto my body. In the meantime, the once clean set of clothes turned into a tattered mess.

With a snapping sound, the other monster suddenly bit down on the military knife in my left hand. I quickly used my right knife and sliced its neck off with two heavy swings. However, the 3rd monster swung its claws over me and searing pain shot through my wrist. My knife dropped to the floor as the monster looked at me with sinister eyes. It looked like a youth of 25 years old or so.

“You are being quite strong for a SWAT member. But if we took away your weapons, would you still be as difficult?” He jeered as he stared at me. With a killing intent, he brandished both his arms and dashed at me.

I took a step back and right leg kicked out for a precise shot, hitting the target right on his chin. My right fist contained a huge amount of Qi as I struck with it, shattering his bones into tiny fragments. Almost every bone in this monster had been broken from my overwhelming power. Pressing him against the wall, I punched with all my might, breaking both his body and the wall! Taking advantage of the moment, I punched at his face with another huge blow!


Blood splashed out from his badly mutilated flesh, even the fish scale wasn’t able to defend itself against my Qi concentrated fists!

With a series of explosions, I had already lost count how many punches I had given out. His head had already been broken into pieces, but I didn’t stop punching him.



Wang Xin put a single hand on my shoulder, whispering softly, “Kid, that’s enough…”

I knelt down amongst the ruins around me, staring at the dead bodies of the SWAT members while crying to myself, “Bastards…these bastards…”

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