Zhan Long

Chapter 259

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Chapter 259 – Open Provocation

Hangzhou, Xi Hu District police station


As I walked there, a person wearing a beautiful uniform was waiting for me. It was Shen Bing, with her bright eyes and white teeth. She was the technology chief and was originally with me in the police. Nowadays, she was already a high ranking officer, while I… I didn’t know what position I had. Maybe I’d be considered a senior traffic officer or an auxiliary officer, or some kind of supporting officer.

Shen Bing greeted me with a laugh, “Ah, the handsome brother has finally come back to visit us!”

I laughed slightly, “Sister Shen Bing, each and every time I see you, you seem to get even prettier…”

Shen Bing raised her eyebrows and laughed, “Oh, after a few years, have you finally learned how to talk to a lady? Oh right, do you still not know what mission Captain Wang called you out for?”

“Yeah, I still don’t know…”

Shen Bing walked forward, her sweet scent lingering in the air. Whispering into my ear, she said, “This is top secret; even I don’t know about it…”

I remained silent and watched her as Shen Bing placed her hands behind herself. Even now, she still resembled the beautiful woman she was when she first joined the police force. Laughing, she beckoned for me to walk with her, “Let’s walk, there’s no use talking about this. Come with me, your equipment for the mission has already been prepared…”



I entered the clothing section with Shen Bing and received a brand new uniform with the words ‘Li Xiao Yao’ on it and a silver badge with the number 2921607 of the Xi Hu Hang Zhou Police Force. Currently, Wang Xin was the person in charge of Hangzhou Police Force’s Special Operations group. He no longer participated in normal criminal cases; he was only in charge of some of the tougher incidents. I also knew that since he had asked me to return, the job was definitely not going to be easy.

After changing my clothes, I stood nice and tall with my new equipment. The crest on my chest emitted a mesmerizing silver glow. Shen Bing helped me put on my hat as if she was my very caring elder sister. “Alright, Li Xiao Yao is indeed the reputable handsome police officer of Hangzhou. Tsk, it’s almost as if these clothes were made for you…”

I laughed and said, “Actually, everyone looks the same when they wear the uniform….”

Shen Bing shook her head, “No, that’s not it. Captain Wang looks just like a bandit. If he was to wear this uniform, then he would look like a highly temperamental government official. Ai, don’t say anymore…”

I nearly spat out blood from that last line, “You seem to be getting more and more valiant; you’re even starting to joke about Captain Wang. Be careful, or else he will delegate you to the night watch shift. Working in those sections does not bode well for a woman’s skin…”

Shen Bing pursed her lips, and said, “Eh, it can’t be all that strict right? Why don’t you shut your mouth for me or else I’ll shut it for you…”

“Haha, dont worry. Where is Captain Wang?”

“He’s in the conference room. Come with me and you’ll see!”




As I opened the doors to the conference room, I saw over 20 Hangzhou officers sitting inside. Wang Xin was standing off to the side next to the projector. Nodding at me, he said, “Go find a seat and sit down!”

“Yes sir!”

Shen Bing and I took a seat next to each other and listened to Wang Xin talk.

“Have you all heard about Blue Water Street yet?” He asked us.

A single male officer nodded, “Yes, that’s Hangzhou’s most “romantic” street. It is covered with KTV buildings, nightclubs, bars and theaters while also holding the title of having the highest crime rates and shady business deals. Just last year, over 374 accounts of aggravated assault occurred there, which averages out to almost a single crime a day. Not only that but, Blue Water Street is also where all of the underworld gangs of Hangzhou gather at. There are always crimes and tears to be held there and the infamous Blood Scythe Gang roams there for drugs, prostitution, or any crime at all. It’s a shame we could never flush them out and uncover them…”

“Uncover them?” Wang Xin laughed, “Did you kids know that the boss of Blood Scythes regularly eat and drinks with the high level dignitaries almost every week?”

The male officer laughed powerlessly as he sat down, “I didn’t know that…”

Wang Xin stated, “Just yesterday in the southern part of the city, the son of a wealthy merchant was killed at the bar. The killer dropped off the severed hand at his family door for the mother to pick up, leaving behind a note asking for 5,000,000RMB in exchange of the body.”

“What?!” I started to tremble, “They’re that brazen about it?”

Wang Xin nodded his head, “Correct! A week before this happened, we took part in the seizure of the prostitution ring at the nightclub; Maya International. The club was run by people in Blood Scythes and so that same day, 4 officers that were involved in the raid were killed in their homes by bullets through their hearts.”

Every single officer there was horrified.

With a neutral expression, Wang Xin continued, “Don’t be so amazed over this, the battle between Blood Scythes and us isn’t something that happened in 1 or 2 days. The fact that they are asking for ransom for a merchant’s son this time means that they are directly provoking the entire SWAT team of Hangzhou!”

After saying that, Wang Xin clenched his hands and growled, “They treat human lives as grass. Since they are provoking us, then we’ll give them our response tonight. The mountains in the southern part of the city are where the transaction will take place. We won’t bring a single penny to them; instead, we’ll bring 25 SWAT officers armed to the teeth! Today’s orders are simple: shoot dead any evildoer you see!”

All of the SWAT members were moved emotionally, each person was raring to fight the injustice that was happening within their beloved city.

Wang Xin then said, “If the information I received is right, then they are already at the cliffside ready for an ambush. Therefore, we will have 4 teams ready to snipe them from afar. Li Xiao Yao, you will lead a team and scout out the area.”

I nodded, “Yes sir.”

“Good, I’ll say the rest on the road. Go to the warehouse to get your weapons and prepare to leave!”


At the weapons warehouse, all sorts of sniper rifles were laid bare. One of them was the AWSM and as well as the German G22 model with a night vision scope attachment. This was the rifle I had used while in the army for long ranged assignments. Inspecting the magazines, I loaded the rifle onto my back, and then inspected a M9 pistol. Finally, two army knives slid into their holsters by my legs.

TL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accuracy_International_AWM

At 7 pm, we took off right. Three ordinary cars rode off under the cover of the night.

My team had five members. Besides me, there were two scouts and two snipers. I was in charge of the long range killing as well as the close combat defense. In case the gang members get close, I would be the only one who could take them on.

Sitting in the car, my heart began beating slightly irregularly. The Blood Scythes had angered the police, meaning that they were prepared for a fight.

“If I were the gang members, I would have planted a bomb by the cliffsides, just in case the police got close…” A police officer smiled nervously.

Another officer narrowed his eyes, “Don’t worry, with our observational scans, we didn’t see any sort of explosive materials, you can feel safe about that.”

“Then why did they provoke us into action? In terms of our current technology, they don’t hold any advantages at all.”

“I don’t know…”

The two SWAT members stared at me, “Leader, what do you think?”

I stared outside the window and gave a small smile, “Even I don’t know. But whatever happens tonight, we’ll know. You guys…just have to be extremely careful…”



At 8 at night, the car stopped by the mountain ridge and a few SWAT members climbed out. We secretly slipped into the darkness of the night; we all had to enter the cliffside without a single sound.

In the distance, an abandoned factory that didn’t have a single ray of light emitting from it. It only had the illuminations of the night sky, leaving the ground deathly pale in color.

Breathing deeply, a group of officers all crawled into the patches of grass before the small sound from Wang Xin came from our radios, “Have everyone scatter. The first group will charge in from the front, the second from the south, the third from the east, and the fourth group from the west…”

I nodded to myself and looked at the 5 people behind me, “Look for cover every 50 meters we advance and make sure you’re completely hidden!”

“Yes sir!”

Leaped into a bush 50 meters ahead. At the same time, a SWAT member held his hand out as he surveyed the area, “The infrared scans show no signs of activity…”

Without pausing, I moved forward 50 meters again. I was getting close now, there was only 300 meters left to go. From the direction of the broken wall, the cold air howled; it was the optimal time to strike at this moment.

“Still no sign of any life…” The lookout frowned. “What happened, were we just stood up?”

“It won’t happen, look there…”

Like a statue, a body lay within the desolate factory, dressed in a green shirt. If we were not wrong, it should be the son of the south city merchant. However, this body was obviously bait.

“How can there be no signs of life?” The observer clenched his teeth: “Could our infrared equipment be broken?”


I closed one eye and spread out my Yi Hai to capture the location of every source of power. Soon after, I found them! In total, there were 17 sources of power. Although their life energies had been suppressed to the lowest levels, they were still unable to avoid my detection. Furthermore, within them, there were 5 people that had comparatively stronger energies.


“Leader Wang!”

I lowered my voice and spoke into the communication device: “Tell everyone not to be too hasty. Trust me, the people waiting to ambush us in the factory are not normal humans……”

Wang Xin asked in reply: “Then how should we proceed?”

“I will draw them out! Prepare the flares!”


I lifted the sniper rifle and took aim at a rubbish pile of plastic goods in a corner of the city district. After attaching the silencer and loading the bullet, I spread out my Yi Hai to confirm the location of that energy before c*cking the gun——


A muffled sound echoed. From within the plastic trash, fresh blood burst forth and a man roughly around the age of 30 rolled out as he howled miserably before shouting out in anger: “They’re here! They’re here!”


“Swoosh swoosh swoosh……”

The figures hidden in the darkness scuttled out one by one as the sky was suddenly lit up by the flares, bathing the earth in the brightness that rivaled daytime’s. A total of 17 people nimbly advanced at an exceptionally fast pace across the walls as if they were wild beasts. Oppressive roars emerged from their mouths as they dispersed in all directions to charge at the surrounding ambush points where the special police were!

“So fast!”

The special police beside me clenched his jaw, muttering in a trembling voice: “What kind of monsters are these?!”

Sounds of bullets loading could be heard from Wang Xin’s side as he shouted the command: “Aim at your targets and fire to kill!”


“Peng Peng Peng……”

The sounds of guns firing reverberated across the field. The men in black on the ground moved rapidly, dodging and evading the bullets!


With a loud bang, one of the men was hit right between the eyebrows, but after continuously rolling back for dozens of meters, he flipped back up with a trace of blood on his face. Under the starlight, he looked extremely malevolent and with a roar he charged back towards us!

Wang Xin’s voice started trembling: “To be able to endure a direct shot from a bullet, what manner of monsters are these?!”


I sped forward as I unsheathed the sword on my back.

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