Zhan Long

Chapter 257

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Chapter 257 – The Oracle
One phone call later, Wan Er held onto my arm as tears still flowed from her puffy red eyes, “Does it hurt?”

I shook my head, “It doesn’t.”


“Don’t shake it like that, I’m dying from pain actually…”



Looking at my wound, it felt like the bullet had pierced through my muscle tissue but it fortunately didn’t nick an artery or any part of the bones, otherwise a trip to the hospital would definitely be needed. With this type of situation, all I needed to do was to disinfect and wrap up the wound. I already surpassed the Refined Body stage so the recovery of my muscle tissue was far faster than the ordinary person. This wound would take at most a week to heal completely from and leave behind only the smallest of scars.

“Don’t worry…”

Looking at Wan Er who was crying so much that I thought it was raining, I couldn’t help but feel a small sense of sorrow. With a great amount of effort, I lifted my injured hand and patted her shoulder, “Wan Er, I’m really fine, the bullet only hit the skin….did you know, in the days when I was deployed to Ethiopia, my hand was almost shot off but luckily I had a belt handy, and learned from the experience…”

Wan Er sniffed loudly as she stared at me hazily, “You’re still teasing me, stupid!”

I carefully leaned against the corner and laughed, “It’s really nothing to worry about. Come on, laugh for me, if you’re crying over something like this now, what will you be like when I suffer from an even worse injury in the future?”

Wan Er wiped at her tears, her red lips still faced me as her beautiful eyes still contained a complex expression. After what felt like an eternity, she said, “I don’t know…do you? In the past, my father hired a bodyguard for me, but he was shot through the heart, But I…I didn’t grieve over him like I did here….”

I laughed, “Perhaps…perhaps it’s because I brought you to a few SS ranked maps? You’re worried that if I die, you’ll never have someone take you to places like Five Barbarian Desolate Tombs or Dragon Temple…”

“Wuu, you’re still speaking…”

Wan Er’s ripped open my suit and pressed against my wound with her hands in an effort to block the blood from flowing out. Her face was already white from terror at the sight. She grabbed at the western styled blouse she had on and gave it a tug, ripping a large piece of fabric away with such force that one of the buttons had popped out. A long strip of fabric floated from her body with the sweet fragrant of her perfume still sticking to it. Wrapping it around my shoulder like a professional, it seems like Lin Tian Nan did not fail to teach his treasured daughter a few emergency skills.

I laughed uncontrollably, “Why didn’t you tear off your skirt instead? I…I would have liked to see it…”

Wan Er’s beautiful face went red instantly, she glared at me and said, “That’s enough from you…”

Laughing merrily, I realized how charming this beautiful woman was, so charming that I was willing to take a bullet for her. Or catch a grenade for her.


At that moment, a sharp female cry could be heard from outside. I suddenly moved my body, and asked in a low voice, “Fei Er?”

Fei Er’s beautiful face looked over from the doorway, “Li Xiao Yao…you guys are…why are there dead people here?”

I glanced over; the special agent I had broken the legs of had fainted. His whole body was covered in blood; most likely Fei Er had thought he had already died. In a low voice, I said, “Fei Er, don’t disclose this. In 10 minutes max, people will arrive and sort this situation out. Come here…..”


Fei Er looked as if she had been frightened out of her wits as she walked closer and saw my arm. “You…you were shot? Who are these people, they’re foreigners, what would they be doing inside ZGTV?”

I laughed slightly, “There isn’t really a why, they just wanted to come. Fei Er, don’t ask any more questions; this situation has no relation to you. You are better off knowing as little as possible…”

“Okay…” Fei Er glanced at the black guy who had been pinned to the wall by the knife in his neck and almost fainted afterwards. Pointing at the body, she said, “Over…over there, there’s a dead person, did…did you kill him?”

I nodded, “I didn’t kill him, I was defending myself.”



Not long after, the corridors outside exploded into noise as I heard Lin Tian Nan’s voice call out, “Seal off the scene immediately and come with me quickly, what if Wan Er has been injured, hurry up…”

The Qi in the air bubbled as the shadows of two young men appeared quickly. They must be middle ranking experts of the Royal Air level. They were definitely the personal bodyguards of Lin Tian Nan.

“Miss!” A bodyguard came flying by Wan Er’s side in an instant before giving me a glance. He didn’t look surprised at all from my wounds or maybe he was apathetic to me. The only person he cared about was Wan Er’s safety. If her personal bodyguard had died, it would mean nothing to him besides the fact he would have to spend time and money looking for a new one.

After a few seconds, Lin Tian Nan and the public security officer Captain Wang Xin came running into the restroom. Lin Tian Nan became terrified at the sight of all the blood on the floor as Wang Xin’s eyebrows knitted together before calling out for a medic.

“Wan Er, are you alright?” Li Tian Nan flew over, supporting Wan Er’s arms.

Wan Er nodded, “Father, I’m fine….”

Wang Xin walked up and asked: “Kid, hurt?”

I nodded my head with difficulty, “Yea, a bullet pierced my arm. Can you immediately prepare some things to disinfect it? Otherwise, it will be a problem if it gets infected….”


Soon, a female medic walked up to me and helped me apply medicine on it, as well as re-bandage it. Afterwards, she held the removed, blood-soaked cloth, and tilted her head, asking, “This…where was this from?”

Instantly, Wan Er who stood on the side blushed a deep red without saying a word.

I coughed and stuffed the piece of cloth into my pocket, “Don’t mind it….”

Li Tian Nan straightened his back, his expression serious. In a heavy voice, he said, “Everyone here, leave. Li Xiao Yao, Wang Xin, and Wan Er, stay; I have things to tell you. Bring that person down and don’t let him commit suicide; he needs to be thoroughly interrogated.”

Wang Xin nodded.

Soon, a group of people walked out. The bathroom door was also closed, leaving just the four of us inside.

There was a depressing atmosphere hanging in the air as Wan Er looked at my arm again. Pursing her red lips together, it looked like she was about to say something before changing her mind. She probably didn’t know what to say to improve the mood, since it felt like it had froze over.


“Officer Wang, what do you think?” Lin Tian Nan muttered, “These people aren’t Chinese, from their physical appearances, it seems they are from Nan Mei. For the Mei Guo Secret Service to have interest in my daughter, what are they planning? You’re familiar with the National Security Agency and even have access to their resources to the point of knowing more than they do. What are your thoughts on this?”

“If I’m not wrong about this then…” Wang Xin exhaled, “These people didn’t want to kill Wan Er, they wanted to kidnap and use her as a hostage so you would hand over the ‘Oracle System’”

“The Oracle?” Lin Tian Nan clenched his hands, “The Mei Guo people want my Oracle?”

“That’s correct…”

Wang Xin continued, “I’ve seen the information and even checked with the high levels of the government…”

I lifted my head, “Captain Wang, hold on, what’s Oracle ?”

“The world’s first global defensive system. It’s similar to the Aegis combat system…” Wang Xin looked at me with a serious expression, “The Oracle system is highly classified by the Tian Xin Corporation and was only created after 7 years of research. In terms of strength, the Oracle system beats the Aegis system, so that’s why the Mei Guo people urgently want it…”
TL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aegis_Combat_System

Lin Tian Nan gnashed at his teeth, “That’s why they want the Oracle?”

Wang Xin nodded, “The Oracle system is being reallocated on a warship from Shandong and another warship from Zhejiang by aircraft. As well as being protected by a cruiser of the Corvette class. The system has been fully encrypted and only Lin Tian Nan knows the secret code to it. So if my guess isn’t wrong, they are trying to get the encryption code…”

Wan Er’s eyes reddened, “Just for the sake of the Oracle, they almost killed Li Xiao Yao….”

Lin Tian Nan dotingly looked at his daughter and said, “As long as you are fine, then I can relax. It seems Li Xiao Yao that brat is really quite good. He was able to fight two gun-carrying highly-experienced special agents and get away with only a light injury….”

“No….” Wan Er said in a slightly grieved tone, “If it wasn’t for the sake of saving me, he wouldn’t have been injured at all…..”

Wang Xin replied, “Whatever, fortunately it’s only a light wound. Otherwise, it might have affected his next actions. Li Xiao Yao is currently the backbone of our police force’s special operations group; he definitely cannot be lost. Do you understand this, Mr. Lin?”

Lin Tian Nan chuckled, “I understand. Relax, he’s an expert at the pinnacle of Royal Air. Truthfully, injuring him would be very difficult. The Mei Guo Ren would never in a million years imagine that China’s martial arts could be so powerful. Moreover, they would never imagine that an expert that has extremely powerful martial arts would be protecting Wan Er.”

Wang Xin laughed, “Do you still want to bring up the request about replacing Li Xiao Yao?”

“No…no need…..” Lin Tian Nan laughed, “Wan Er, I will send you back and at the same time, buy some delicious things for you to eat to help relieve you from your scare….”

However, Wan Er shook her head, “No, first escort Li Xiao Yao to the hospital!”

Quite moved by this, I lightly laughed, “There’s no need, Wan Er. This type of wound will be fine if I treat it myself; there’s no need to go to the hospital. I don’t want this to go public either. It’s obvious at first glance that it’s a gun wound, and the hospital will investigate it strictly.”



After exiting, Fei Er was found waiting at the side of the building, her face pale, “Li Xiao Yao, Lin Wan Er…our interview still has around 40% left to complete. Should we finish it next time?

“No need, we’ll just finish it today!” I said.

Wan Er asked me, “Are you still ok?”


“However, your clothes’ sleeve is ripped….”

“No problem. I’ll face sideways during the interview or I can just wear another shirt….”

“Ok….” Wan Er pursed her red lips, “Later when we return, I’ll help buy you a set of clothes. Just count it as a compensation….”

I nodded, “Sure.”

Lin Tian Nan looked at me, and after pondering for a bit, he said, “The incident this time was handled by Li Xiao Yao extremely decisively. How about this: I will enter 100,000RMB into your card as the reward for resolving this matter. I must thank you for doing your utmost to protect Wan Er!”

“Thanks Boss!”

“You’re welcome….”

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