Zhan Long

Chapter 255

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Chapter 255 – Fei Er
After staring at the flickering Emperor Qin’s Sword, I happily celebrated by myself for a while before finally going offline.

I donned my clothes, washed my face and went out!


At around 7pm I reached the girl’s dorm and found that Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were already waiting for me, their freshness and beauty was almost unbearable.

Dong Cheng Yue giggled, “Xiao Yao, you are so awesome. In just one day you were able to create storms and waves in the game…”.

“You already know about everything?”
“Of course, everyone on the Chinese server knows! The leaderboards’ third rank guild [Vanguard] was unexpectedly defeated. They were actually toppled by [Zhan Long], [Winds of Battle], [Ruined Bones], [Misty palace], [Crimson Contract]: five newly formed guilds from Ba Huang City! Heehee, I can’t even imagine what the color of Jian Feng Han’s face is right now…”

I rubbed my nose and smiled, “It was all just luck, just pure luck…”

Wan Er walked forward, and pulled my sleeves, “Let’s go, for dinner we’ll eat out today. There’s a beauty who wants to meet you; she’s waiting outside the restaurant..”

“Oh, who is it?”

“You’ll know when you see her…”


We arrived at The Fragrant Delight restaurant outside the campus. This restaurant’s specialties were it’s Hunan Cuisines; its dishes were outstanding and widely known.

Following Wan Er to the second floor of the The Fragrant Delight restaurant, we entered a private room. As the door opened, I saw a beauty wearing a western style black dress. She had long hair and a short skirt; I rated her as an 8 on my beauty scale. She looked to be around 23 years old, the kind that just graduated from university. Furthermore, a nametag decorated her chest, and with my vision, I could see the words written – ZGTV, Destiny Channel Anchor, Sun Fei!

“You’ve come…”

This beauty called Sun Fei stood up and extended her hands, “You are Ba Huang City’s Xiao Yao Zi Zai right? I am … err, Wan Er probably hasn’t introduced me to you yet. I am Sun Fei, Zhe Jiang ZGTV Game Channel Destiny Anchor, in charge of broadcasts on players in Destiny. All the topics are decided by me. Everyone calls me “Fei Er”, so you guys can also call me that…”

“Fei Er?” I was stunned.

“Why, does it sound familiar?” Lin Wan Er turned and looked at me.

I shook my head, “No…but I think, I think I’ve seen her before… Fei Er, where are you from?”

Fei Er laughed softly, “Of course I’m from Hang Zhou. Otherwise…would you believe me if I said I was transported here from a parallel world by some heartless guy to continue doing work for him? Anyways, I don’t believe it…”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “No, no, it was just a joke. May we know the reason why you wanted to meet us?”

“It’s like this…”

Fei Er sat down once more and began to explain herself, “ZGTV has been broadcasting games for 3 years now, but lately, the ratings haven’t been so ideal for us. Destiny has been very popular, taking over 40% of the gaming industry and is steadily becoming mainstream among the common populace, so the news team appointed me to lead a special topic for Destiny. In fact… I just recently interviewed the Guild Master of [Vanguard] Mu Rong Han and his sister, Mu Rong Yun for the first episode. Right now, we’re at the second episode, and since I’m in Hangzhou, the first few people I thought of were those famous in Destiny which includes Fan Shu City’s Cang Tong and Ba Huang City’s sword wielding Healer–you, Xiao Yao Zi Zai…”

Pursing her red lips together, she continued to say, “Actually, the main reason is that…this afternoon your guild [Zhan Long] united with 4 other guilds to fight against [Vanguard] in Arctic Fox Forest. This has set off a chain reaction. [Vanguard]’s defeat means that another power will be on the rise and the news team and I are sure that you will grow quite a bit…”

I smirked, “It was just one military campaign with good luck on our side. The sudden rain in the game completely threw off Jian Feng Han’s thinking…”

Fei Er lightly laughed, “No matter what you say…I’m sure you saw it as well; Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you are now ranked 27th on the CBN battle master rankings. Not even half a month ago, you were only at the 100,000s rank. This is a miracle and this was also the deciding factor for me to come interview you. After that…I met with Wan Er, and it’s fortunate that she is familiar with you as well, so it was an easy decision to interview the both of you together. Are you willing to accept ZGTV’s invitation? This will be recorded so there’s no pressure…”

I looked at Wan Er, “Wan Er, did you know about this beforehand?”

Wan Er sat there quietly with her back straight and with a small laugh, she said, “I didn’t tell you earlier because I was afraid you would be nervous…”

I went silent, “You weren’t afraid that I would piss myself in front of Fei Er?”

Dong Cheng Yue couldn’t help but laugh, “Are you that terrified?”

I smirked in response and then faced Fei Er, “An interview is no problem; however, please don’t ask about my life experiences. Just ask questions related to <Destiny>, is that okay?”

Fei Er nodded her head with a smile, “That’s fine. When are the both of you free? Will tomorrow morning at 9 at the ZGTV be ok?”

I looked at Wan Er, “If Wan Er is free, so am I.”

Wan Er laughed lightly, “That sounds fine, we’ll go together tomorrow morning.”


Fei Er wasn’t able to contain her joy. Clapping her hands together, she said, “Then it’s settled. Let us go have a meal, it’ll be my treat today…”


It was a delight to see that such a beautiful woman like her was looking forward to treating us out.


While we ate, we talked about various topics about Destiny. It seemed that Fei Er had a lot that she wanted to talk about–

“Oh, Xiao Yao, you just recently obtained a pretty strong pet, haven’t you? It’s the…Valkyrie Tier BOSS rank pet Flaming Tiger God, right?”

“That’s correct…” I nodded.

Fei Er became extremely curious, “They say the stats of it are really strong; it completely dominated Jian Feng Han’s pet the Rock Spirit Fighter in terms of PK. How were you able to increase its level to Lv 60 so quickly?”

“I didn’t, the tiger is only Lv 52…”

“Wow, Lv 52 and the Rock Spirit Fighter was unable to do anything to it? How…how strong…”

“This is normal; there are a two tiers between the two!”

Wan Er laughed by my side, “Honestly, I’ve grown attached to the tiger’s cuteness. Have you thought about giving it a nice name yet?’

“I haven’t changed the name yet…”

“What’s wrong, you can’t think of a nice sounding name?”

“I’m still thinking. I was originally thinking about calling it…’Merciful Military Chief’. How about it, it’ll be like a nice homage to it’s predecessor, and hopefully last just as long…”

Wan Er had a look of helplessness, “Can you please just name it something nice sounding?”

“Then I’ll call it Cang Tong, so whenever I call it I’ll be able to think of you…”

“You…”Wan Er stared at me with wide eyes and her face began to blush. Hurriedly drinking her water, she spoke in a whisper, “Do you want to die? If you dare pick this name, I’ll definitely beat you…”

“You’ll find out the next time you see it…” I didn’t waver in the face of her threats.

Dong Cheng Yue was happily laughing, “Don’t worry, if Wan Er stabs you, I’ll save you by pulling out the dagger. The beautiful maiden will save the cowardly dog…”

Fei Er couldn’t help but giggle, “You three have such a nice relationship. I have to admit I’m quite jealous. Ai…ever since I joined the news team, I haven’t made any close friends. Truly, I am jealous of you three…”

I said, “You may not have that many close friends, but at least you have a nice salary. It’s pretty much the same…”

“Alright, you win…” Fei Er conceded.


After finishing the meal, it was already 10 at night. Watching as Fei Er drove away in a Lamborghini, I couldn’t help but exclaim, “Beautiful women anchors are always being pursued by suitors. The driver of that Lamborghini seemed pretty familiar…”

Dong Cheng Yue remarked, “Isn’t he one of the entrepreneurs that just won a spot in the Top Ten Outstanding Youths?”

“So that’s where I saw him before…”

Wan Er said, “Don’t bother about stuff like that, let’s hurry up and get back. I want to level a bit before calling it a night. Meet us downstairs at the female dorms tomorrow morning at 8, we’ll go to ZGTV together. And…Dong Cheng Yue will go to the humanities class tomorrow, so be sure to cover for us during roll call…”

Dong Cheng Yue hastily said, “I…I originally thought I would come with you guys to ZGTV and watch…”

Wan Er patted Dong cheng Yue on the shoulder and lightly laughed, “No need, Xiao Yao and I will be fine by ourselves. Just remember to cover us. You must believe that Xiao Yao and I both love you…”

Dong Cheng Yue gave a tiny sniff, “And I love you two as well, although it always seems like I’m always abandoned by you two……”

“How could that be, don’t think crazy thoughts…”


We returned to our dorms and got back online!


Appearing back within Ba Huang City, the Frost Rain Sword had sold for 10,000 Gold. I carried the Emperor Qin’s Sword out of the city, so that I could try out its power while taking the Flaming Tiger God with me to level. The battle had just ended, so it had dropped 2 levels to Level 50.


The Flaming Tiger God came stamping out from the glowing hexagram. Upon seeing me, it’s soft and tender side was revealed to me as it began to meow loudly, using its head to rub against my knee affectionately. However, his body had already grown much larger and it was actually a bit hard to bear with him being so affectionate. Opening up the pet screen, I changed its name——Cang Tong!

A familiar name appeared on top of the Flaming Tiger God’s head. Patting him, I laughed and said: “Come on, let’s take you to go level!”


Rushing onto the roads, I pushed my way through the Ba Huang Forest and arrived at the Desolate Foggy Swamp. The Swamp snakes that were here before had already been cleared and were now replaced with Giant Swamp Alligators!


Within the water grass, a water bubble floated up as a deathly brown eye stared intensely at me. This was the stare it gave when hunting for prey; as a Lv 66 Elite Monster, it was perfect for leveling up on!

I raised my hand to unsheathe my Emperor Qin’s Sword, and immediately rushed at it. Dodging the snap of its jaws as I slashed at it, I activated my skill [Fierce Wind Blade]!


Blood came flying out of the Giant Swamp Alligator’s wound as a huge number floated up–


I attacked again, [Great Realm of Desolation]!


My tiger pet struck out twice with its claws, completing the kill!


Seeing how the alligator didn’t even have time to retaliate before it died, I was feeling a bit frightened at my own power. Wasn’t base attack of 3749 a little too scary? If my opponent had an attack like this, would I even be able to counter once before dying? What a problem this was…

Continuing onwards, I killed monsters there until around 1 AM, increasing the Flaming Tiger God to Lv 58. Then, under the suggestion of Wan Er, I got offline. I would need to get up early, oversleeping wasn’t an option.

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