Zhan Long

Chapter 254

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Chapter 254 – The visit of a beautiful girl

“Brother has come back!”

Palace Spirit took the half completed sword in her hand and looked off to where a person was rapidly approaching from the other end of the street. It was the spear wielding Palace Decree who was laughing while he ran, “The mission was a success; 100 Qilin Iron ores have been collected! Qilin Valley was recently revamped to have Elite Monsters around Lv 69 and so if not for my friends in [Zhan Long], I’m afraid it would have taken me another 2 hours just to get to the ores!”

Palace Spirit stepped forward to greet him and took the Qilin Iron ores with a great smile, “Thank you brother!”


Standing by the side, Wolf furrowed his eyes in doubt and sending me a whisper, he said, “Brother Xiao Yao, are you really just going to hand over the sword to Palace Spirit that easily? Do you have that much confidence in her? In the event that she and Palace Decree logs off with the Emperor Qin’s Sword, what do we do?”

I gave a faint smile and whispered back, “I doubt they won’t return it, take a look at both of their eyes. I can’t even spot a single trace of dishonesty in there; the eyes are the window to a person’s soul. Besides, they are quite fanatical about this; they want to create a strong weapon. You’ll know what I’m talking about soon enough!”


“Here…” I walked forward and faced Palace Spirit, “Judging from how you were forging swords earlier, you are obviously experienced. How did you become so familiar with blacksmithing? Could it be…that even in the real world, you have some experience with it?”

“Haha, so you found out…” Palace Spirit stuck out her tongue, “Brother, why don’t you explain it to the Guild Master of [Zhan Long]?”

Palace Decree still held the Qilin Iron ores in his hands, “We won’t hide it from you, but our ancestral homelands is Long Quan City in the Zhejiang province. Our ancestors were blacksmiths by profession but renounced their blacksmith ways after a war. However, we still retained our love for weapons and many people collect swords now. Because of that, my sister and I became blacksmiths and make a living with swords.”

“So it’s like that…” I laughed, “Then I have to make a request once more, the Emperor Qin’s Sword; I must rely on it’s power in order to make an impact in Ba Huang City…”

Palace Decree laughed, “Don’t worry, Palace Spirit’s Lv 10 blacksmithing definitely won’t let you down. Besides, she has a skill of understanding–[Sword God Craftsmen]: it increases the chances of a weapon with great stats to appear by 50%. The swords she creates will definitely have better attack and stats than swords of the same level created by other players…”

I was amazed and stared at Palace Spirit intensely, “Wow…”

Palace Decree was alarmed, “Hey, don’t look at her like… like you want to eat her or something…this is my sister we’re talking about. If you dare touch her, I’ll fight you to the death, even if you’re Xiao Yao Zi Zai…”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “Don’t worry, I only just thought that…why is such a strong blacksmith fooling around in a guild like [Epic]? Palace Decree, Palace Spirit, I’d like to cordially invite you to [Zhan Long] one more time…Palace Spirit won’t just be the best blacksmith in [Zhan Long], or the best in Ba Huang City or the chinese servers, she will be the best in all of <Destiny>!”

Palace Decree felt somewhat embarrassed, “But, [Epic] has been treating us so nicely…”

Palace Spirit nodded as well, “That’s right…the Guild Master even came to Long Qian City to treat us to a meal…”

Wolf kneaded his forehead, “Palace Spirit sure is innocent, a single meal was enough to bribe her…”

Palace Spirit giggled, “It’s not like that, the Guild Master of [Epic] was very honest with us…”

“Fine then…” I exhaled, ”[Zhan Long] won’t force people to do what we want, but remember that the doors of [Zhan Long] will forever stay open for you two. If one day you two decide [Epic] is not the place you want to be at, then come join [Zhan Long]. We will welcome you to our ranks!”

“Okay!” Palace Spirit nodded as she proceeded to reforge the sword.


Within the forge, the Emperor Qin’s Sword was glowing red with heat as Palace Spirit continuously fed it with Qilin Iron Ores. Pouring a vat of iron on the sword, the sword absorbed the essence of the Qilin Iron ores as it blazed in the fire. Slowly over the course of half an hour, 100 Qilin Iron ores were slowly absorbed into the sword, which had also began to tremble slowly. The spirit inside seemed to be roaring and it felt like it was trying to get out–even the forge was shaking a bit.

Palace Spirit blinked, her long eyelashes and eyebrows gently knitting together, “Wow, I’ve never seen a situation like this before. The sword spirit is struggling to get out or maybe it’s excited?”

Palace Decree said, “Be careful, this is the crucial point!”

“Got it!”

All of a sudden, Palace Spirit grabbed the fiery sword handle from out of the forge. The sound of air escaping was heard as the burning handle burnt at her hands. Her iron hammer rose into the air,and then ferociously slammed onto the blade, reconstructing the sharp outline of the sword with each strike. Immersing the sword into water, she then plunged it back into the forge for a second time, and then repeated this cycle for another 7 times!

Palace Decree waited for his sister to wipe the sweat off her face before asking, “Is it almost completed yet?”

“98%, it’s almost done!”

“Okay, go on!”

Halfway through hammering it, the sword gave a clanging sound and began to emit a bright light that terrified everyone in the vicinity. Palace Spirit cried out in shock as the hammer she was holding crumbled to pieces from the power of the sword. There was so much power being emitted, that even the anvil underneath started to chip and break apart as the sword began to restore itself!

On top of the anvil, a cyan colored beam of light shone onto the floating longsword and a seal appeared on top of it. A surge of sword qi rippled through the sword. Touching the sword now gave us the impression that it would take our lives in return since such a terrible killing intent could be felt while it was being restored. Anyone could tell that this sword was beyond normal!

“Handsome brother Zi Zai…” Palace Spirit pointed at the sword floating above the anvil, “Your weapon…go on and take it…”

I walked forward and grabbed the hilt of the sword. As if recognizing its master, the sword ceased to shake and twist, allowing itself to quietly be held by me. A powerful feeling coursed through my palm up into the rest of my body, so much that even I started to shake a bit from the sensation. Reaching out with a single finger, I stroked the edge of the blade. Immediately, a chain of numbers and words floated into the air above me. A single look stupefied all those around me–

【Emperor Qin’s Sword】 (Valkyrie Tier – Superior)
Attack: 1400-1850
Strength: +70
Endurance: +68
Magic: +65
Extra: Increase attack by 17%
Extra: Ignore the target’s defense by 25%
Bonus: Infinite durability, this item will never lose any durability.
Bonus: Additional 10% chance of a superior strike
Unique Effect: Whenever this sword kills a player, increase the attack of this weapon by 1% without any limits. The stacks will disappear upon logging out.

Description: In the ancient times there lived an emperor that was both kind and known to all under the heavens. His saber was named Long Quan but in the midsts of a fierce battle, it snapped in half. The broken pieces were then buried into the ground, staying there for countless generations. At last the broken sword has been unearthed and still contains the vast powers of the emperor. This sword would be known to the future generations as the king of swords and after the previous owner of the sword as Emperor Qin’s Sword.

Required Level: 65


I grasped the sword; this time I had truly acquired an absolute godly weapon. At this time system notifications sounded in my ears——


System Announcement: Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai has acquired the server’s first Valkyrie Tier Weapon. The system rewards: Lv +1, Charm +10, Soul Gems x10!


“Haha, congratulations Brother Xiao Yao. Ten points of charm!” Wolf said laughingly.

Yue Qing Qian blinked as she giggled: “This Valkyrie Tier Emperor Qin’s Sword is so domineering. Brother Xiao Yao, after you’ve equipped Emperor Qin’s Sword, how high is your attack?”

I answered: “I’ll tell you later. Palace Spirit, you’ve forged a Valkyrie Tier weapon, surely you’ve been rewarded?”

“Yep!” Palace Spirit nodded and laughed: “7 points of charm, although I didn’t get a system notification for it. As of right now, I currently have 54 points of charm. The higher my charm, the greater the rate of crafting better equipment. It’s all thanks to handsome Brother Zi Zai’s Emperor Qin’s Sword that I could earn 14 points of charm!”

I laughed, then brought up the equipment synthesis screen and drew out all the soul gems within my inventory. Adding in the ten rewarded by the system, I continuously upgraded Emperor Qin’s Sword; I wanted to upgrade it until it could not be upgraded any further. Immediately, chimes relentlessly sounded in my ear extremely noisily——

System notification: Your weapon【Emperor Qin’s Sword】has been successfully upgraded. Attack increased by 5%!

System notification: Your weapon【Emperor Qin’s Sword +1】has been successfully upgraded. Attack increased by 5%!

System notification: Your weapon【Emperor Qin’s Sword +2】has failed to upgrade!

System notification: Your weapon【Emperor Qin’s Sword +2】has failed to upgrade!



System notification: Your weapon【Emperor Qin’s Sword +5】has been successfully upgraded. Attack increased by 5%!

System notification: Your weapon【Emperor Qin’s Sword +6】has failed to upgrade!


System notification: Your weapon【Emperor Qin’s Sword +6】has failed to upgrade!

System notification: Your weapon【Emperor Qin’s Sword +6】has been successfully upgraded. Attack increased by 5%!


I continued until the very last soul gem. At last, Emperor Qin’s Sword had been successfully upgraded 7 times, a satisfying result. Looking again at its attack power, the stats had soared to the heavens——

【Emperor Qin’s Sword +7】(Valkyrie Tier ・Superior)
Attack: 1400-1850 (+490-648)


Its attack had directly escalated 35%. Exchanging it with my Frost Rain Sword, my attack power immediately exploded out of proportion and all of my stats had undergone an extreme transformation——

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】(Dragon City Night Watch)
Level: 65
Attack: 2820-3749
Defense: 2035
Health: 3925
Mana: 2286
Charm: 75
CBN ranking: 27


Looking at these basic stats, I was thoroughly stunned into silence. An upper attack boundary of 3749, wasn’t it already sufficient to put Jian Feng Han’s attack power to shame?

“Brother Xiao Yao, how high is your attack?” Yue Qing Qian laughingly asked with curiosity.

I turned around to look at her: “Qing Qian, how high is Jian Feng Han’s basic attack?”


A few minutes later, Yue Qing Qian lifted her head and looked at me: “I’ve looked it up. He’s equipped with the Flaming Cloud Sword, a necklace, and boots which are Emperor Tier and the rest are all Purple Tier. His Flaming Cloud Sword has been upgraded six times and his basic attack is 2447-2970……”

I was astonished: “He had already had a basic attack of 2974? No wonder Misty Clouds was almost instantly killed……”

Old K hoisted his Haunted Twin Blade Battle Axe, laughing: “Under your current circumstances, you’d probably be able to instakill Jian Feng Han in a face-off. In Arctic Fox Forest, you were already able to directly KO him with a [Combo]. Now that you’ve exchanged it for Emperor Qin’s Sword, Jian Feng Han is just an appetizer now!”

I shook my head: “No. In Arctic Fox Forest it was because he had continuously killed off Misty Clouds and the other two, those three experts. His skills were all on cooldown and I suspect he probably didn’t have any mana left either. That’s why I was able to trump him in one hit or else it would have been very hard to instakill Jian Feng Han or an expert of his caliber.”

Wolf laughed lightly: “In any case, Brother Xiao Yao has acquired Emperor Qin’s Sword which is a very fortunate event for our [Zhan Long]. What are we going to do next?”

I took a look at the time, “You guys can go continue to grind or take a break, I’ll be accompanying Wan Er to eat something now…”




Wan Er’s well timed message came at that moment, “Li Xiao Yao, hurry up and get offline, I have some good news to tell you…”

“What good news?’

“You’ll know in a moment, there’s a beautiful girl that’s here for you…”


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