Zhan Long

Chapter 253

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Chapter 253 – Reforging

After 30 minutes at the very least, Palace Decree had mined an entire pile of Blood Gold from the cave and both Wolf and Old K’s bags were filled to the brim already. Palace Decree narrowed his eyes and said, “This still isn’t enough, I still need another 400 ores of Blood Gold if Palace Spirit wants to reach Lv 10. If she is not Lv 10, then she won’t be able to reforge your broken sword.”

I nodded, “Got it, please continue then.”

“I don’t have any mana pills, mining needs mana…”

“Have some…”

Giving him enough to mine, the rest of us continued to protect Palace Decree.



A trembling sound could be heard as Yan Zhao Warrior and Jian Feng Han came walking side by side with players from [Prague] and [Vanguard] behind them. The two strongest Guild Masters of Ba Huang City were checking up on the situation of the mines.

Yan Zhao Warrior muttered, “Oh? There are already people who can mine Blood Gold? This is a Lv 9 mineral…eh, Palace Decree, this name sounds familiar…”

Jian Feng Han had a gloomy stare, “Palace Decree? Blood Gold ore…hmph…”

Fallen Wolf lifted his battle axe, “This isn’t fair, only Palace Decree has Lv 9 blacksmithing, doesn’t that mean all of the Blood Gold in Arctic Fox Forest is his then?”

Fushen Thousand Blade nodded his head, “So this was why…”


Fallen Wolf was no longer calm, “Arctic Fox Forest was first discovered by us, why is it that the Blood Gold belongs to [Zhan Long]?”


A few people began to make noise as I scowled, carrying my Frost Rain Sword as I walked forward, I stated, “We have already made a promise, who ever has a high enough level to mine it shall be the first to do so. What’s wrong, could it be [Vanguard] decided to go back on their promise? Besides, Blood Gold ores take a week to respawn at most. By this time, [Vanguard] should start to have people with Lv 9 mining..”

Jian Feng Han nodded his head and said, “I will not break our promise; since Arctic Fox Forest is fair grounds to everyone, this is a fair situation. But I still have to ask; Xiao Yao Zi Zai, if you so desperately want this Blood Gold ore, is it possible that you have a Lv 9 blueprint?”

I shook my head, “Not at all; mining the Blood Gold ore isn’t for us to forge something, but because we need him to have Lv 10 mining.”

“What, Lv 10 mining?”

Yan Zhao Warrior was alarmed, “[Zhan Long] has people that are Lv 10 in blacksmithing?”

Yue Qing Qian laughed, “Uncle, that’s not it! He’s just a friend, for now, he isn’t a part of [Zhan Long]. But still, we believe that he’ll join us soon…”

Yan Zhao Warrior crossed his arms together and looked at Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang. “How are you two little princesses doing in [Zhan Long]? If it doesn’t work out…then [Prague]’s doors are open for you at anytime…”

Yue Qing Qian laughed once more, “Uncle, We are doing greatly in [Zhan Long]; everyone is so nice to us. We’re sorry to have you worry but you brought so many miners into the mines of Arctic Fox Forest. It’s almost as if you want to completely mine out all of the Lv 6-8 ores and sell them to Ba Huang City’s blacksmith; did you plan to control the supply chain?”

Yan Zhao Warrior waved his hands dismissively, “It’s nothing like that, Ba Huang City is too large for that. With so many capable people appearing, there’s no way for anyone to be able to monopolize the supply chain for any resource. Moreover…these miners were recruited by you. How did it become you questioning me now…”

Yue Qing Qian smirked with an obvious look of happiness on her face, “So it’s like that? If Uncle doesn’t want these people, then I’ll go invite them to join [Zhan Long]…”

In a flash, Yan Zhao Warrior went green in the face, “No, don’t; Uncle was just teasing you…”

Yue Qing Qian didn’t answer him.


“This won’t do, we can’t let them leave with that much Blood Gold!”

By Jian Feng Han’s side, Leafy Gentleman abruptly pulled out his sword and dashed at Palace Decree shouting, “You can leave but the Blood Gold must be left behind; these ores were guarded by [Vanguard] with our lives!”


Wang Jian came sliding in from the side, his sharp sword striking out and causing Leafy Gentleman to quickly recoil. Wang Jian frostily glared at him and said, “If you wish to kill a friend of [Zhan Long], then you’ll have to walk over my dead body to get to him…”

Leafy Gentleman retreated a few more steps with extreme anger displayed on his face. But he knew that Wang Jian was one of Ba Huang City’s strongest swordsman players and definitely not someone he could beat!

Jian Feng Han walked up and held a hand out to protect Leafy Gentleman, “Brother, I can understand your intentions but we have given our promise already. We cannot go back on it, so let [Zhan Long] continue to mine the Blood Gold ore. [Vanguard] admits defeat this time.”

“Guild Master…” Leafy Gentleman said through clenched teeth, “If you say so…”


Upon seeing Leafy Gentleman walk back, I stepped forward and let go of my sword, “Then that’s enough of watching this spectacle now…watching someone mine isn’t something entertaining. Fox, Old K, you two go bring the ore back to the city. Make sure to find a place to store it!”

“Got it!”

Two lights dropped down as Fox and Old K carried all of the Blood Gold back. Jian Feng Han and Yan Zhao Warrior’s eyes both twitched, they both knew the result of Fox and Old K going back to Ba Huang City; the number one blacksmith would not belong to either [Vanguard] or [Prague].

After a few minutes, both Jian Feng Han and Yan Zhao Warrior walked off angrily while [Zhan Long] continued to protect Palace Decree.


“Boss…” Matcha looked at me, “Today, many people in [Zhan Long] died; how will we compensate them? This problem has to be taken care of as soon as possible.”

I nodded, “Did we go around and sweep the battlefield for equipment?”

“Yea, [Vanguard] pretty much reclaimed 20% of their items; we have the rest of them”

“Split whatever items you can, whatever you can’t, go sell it. Then split the money with everyone that died.”


After another hour, Arctic Fox Forest had its entire Blood Gold supply completely excavated. Palace Decree took count with his fingers and then laughed, “Okay, I’m sure we’re done. Palace Spirit’s blacksmithing level is ready to reach Lv 10. Guild Master Xiao Yao, let us return to the city and have the Blood Gold be sent to the blacksmith shop in the south. Spirit will be waiting for us there; she should be able to rush her level up in an hour tops.”

I was ecstatic, “Okay, let’s go!”



Together, we disappeared in the white light as Li Mu and Wang Jian both went to level. I brought both Yue Qing Qian and Matcha to the blacksmith shop in the south. Arriving at the same time were Old K and Fox, both of them still carrying a bunch of blood gold to be refined.

“Ding ding ding…”

Sparks flew from the forge as a tall girl sat beating a iron. She wore refined but simple armor as her arms were entirely covered with sweat. Though her entire body was still showing a healthy complexion, her face was elegant despite the sweat rolling down her cheeks.

Palace Spirit LV-57 White Knight
Main City: Ba Huang City
Guild: Epic
Position: Junior Member


They were a pair of brother and sister, as expected!

Palace Decree walked forward, and with a smile, said, “Spirit, our customer came!”

Palace Spirit lifted her head and upon looking at me, she couldn’t help but be astounded, “Ah? A familiar face! Isn’t this… isn’t this Xiao Yao Zi Zai, the one who frequently faces the people from [Vanguard], the first-ranked Healer Swordsman Xiao Yao Zi Zai? Aha, I’m a big fan of yours! ! ”

I nodded and revealed a smile, “Palace Spirit, I am giving you these metals; the Blood Gold has already been mined. What method will you use to raise your profession level?”

“Well…” Palace Spirit lifted her blue longsword, and revealed a smile: “As a Lv 9 blacksmith, I can craft longswords. Lv 60 Silver Tier swords aren’t worth much, and are not worth their materials, but they can still be sold to the NPC, and it also gives us some experience. If not for the fact that the handsome Zi Zai helped my brother bring back so many Pure Golds, I would have needed at least a month to become a Lv 10 blacksmith.”

Palace Decree slapped his leg, “Spirit, you don’t even know. In order to fight for the right to enter Arctic Fox Forest, [Zhan Long], [Ruined Bones], [Winds of Battle], [Misty Palace], and [Blood Contract] all combined their forces together. [Vanguard] brought 10,000 players to counterattack but was beaten back; these 1000 Blood Gold ores were that hard to come by…”

Palace Spirit laughed, “How would I not know, the forums went mad over this a long time go. Five major guilds contended against [Vanguard]; everyone is saying that Ba Huang City has experts coming out from everywhere. But to see [Vanguard] beaten that much and having to compromise, this is indeed a first in the history of [Vanguard] in <Destiny>.

After saying that, Palace Spirit gave me a thumbs up, “And this handsome brother Xiao Yao is such a good person. You are the first that fought [Vanguard] head to head!”

I said nothing.

Yue Qing Qian stood by my side gave a crooked smile, “Sister Palace Spirit, hurry up and level. Brother Xiao Yao is still waiting for you to reforge his Emperor Qin’s Sword isn’t he?”

Matcha laughed, “That’s right, reforging the sword requires Lv 10 blacksmithing and 100 Qilin Iron ores. Do we have the stuff?”

Palace Decree nodded, “Yea, Qilin Iron ores aren’t a problem. I went to before Qilin Valley and chanced upon the Qilin Iron ores. My mining level at the time wasn’t Lv 10 so I wasn’t able to get it. Now that my mining level is also Lv 10, I’ll immediately head on over. 100 pieces of Qilin Iron Ore are rather easy to find and mine.”

Matcha said, “Qilin Valley is our headquarters; when you head on over there I’ll give them a warning so that they can help you.”

“Okay, then I’ll head on over now!”

“Go on, good luck!”



A sword was in Palace Spirit’s hand after 5 minutes forging it. Then she spent another 10 seconds to confirm making the new sword. Another “ding” was heard as she brought out another sword again.

“It’s a shame about all those Silver Tier swords…” Fox laughed, “The damage isn’t all that bad, it’s just that…anyone Lv 60 and up are considered experts and no expert would want to use such a low tier sword.”

Wolf said, “Just wait another half month at the most. These Silver Tier swords will become a hot item. Store them for now; at the very least you’ll be able to earn back the money spent on the materials.”


Looking at Palace Spirit ferociously making weapons non-stop, I sat down nervously. The Emperor Qin’s Sword was about to be revealed. I didn’t know the stats of the sword yet, but I was just really nervous!


After an hour, a cyan light came from the heavens and enveloped Palace Spirit. With a sweet laugh, she said, “Wow! After getting Lv 10 blacksmithing, I earned 7 points of charm…”

Matcha said, “Oh, I’m absolutely envious of you…”

Yue Qing Qian was impatient, “Brother Palace Decree hasn’t come back yet has he?”

Palace Spirit laughed, “Don’t worry, Brother has already collected 97 Qilin Iron ores; it’ll be done with soon…”

I walked on over and took out the half completed Emperor Qin’s Sword to give to her. She took the long blade as her eyes looked it over, “Wow, this sword…it is worthy of being Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s weapon…”

“Do you have confidence that you can reforge it?” I joked.

Palace Spirit nodded her head as she looked at me; her two vivacious eyes held a look of self confidence. “Don’t worry, I’m here. You’ll have <Destiny>’s strongest weapon since the beginning of the game!!”

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