Zhan Long

Chapter 250

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Chapter 250 – Three Heros Fight Vanguard

“Pa da… Pa da…”

Drops of rain pattered onto the leaves on the trees. At dawn, a heavy thunderstorm started pouring down. Dark clouds gathered on the supposedly bright morning sky, enveloping the entire land with darkness.

Quickly walking into the shelter of the foliage, I gazed up at the sky. Flashes of lightning arced across the sky. Gritting my teeth, I said, “Are the heavens helping us or not?”

General Li Mu laughed, saying “It’s hard to tell. For now, Jian Feng Han is surely feeling tremendous pressure on his side. The advance of 14,000 [Vanguard]’s forces were halted by us to the extent that not even one person was able to set foot into Arctic Fox Forest. [Vanguard]’s honor has been shattered. After this battle, it will surely be discussed on the sub-threads for Ba Huang City or even better, the main Cinese Server threads on the forums! The 3rd highest guild in all of China’s server, [Vanguard], was left in this horrible state by five small newly-formed guilds! Hehehe…”

Frozen Gravestone held his sword and wiped the rain off his face as he rushed here. “A thunderstorm… Wind Elves won’t be able to fly now. This could still be counted as advantageous for us. Jian Feng Han shouldn’t be able to tell if we’re coming or not right now.”

“No. The whole path has [Vanguard]’s Assassins hiding in the bushes. They will know if we were to walk past that area.” Wolf spoke.

Frozen Gravestone furrowed his brows. “That’s not good. Wolf, are you sure?”

“Yes, I am definitely sure. I ran into a Lv 60 Assassin that had advanced to his third tier profession. After I revealed his stealth, he immediately ran using [Absolute Step]. My speed wasn’t fast enough, so I was unable to catch up.”

Matcha quickly followed me. Wiping the rain from her face as well, she blinked and said, “Boss, we need to be more cautious. There’s a reason why Jian Feng Han is one of the top players in the China server. His thoughts are extremely detailed and lined out. To achieve his goal, he could use unscrupulous methods. The reason [Vanguard]’s 14,000 man army was defeated by us was merely because Jian Feng Han wasn’t there to command it. Deep within the Arctic Fox Forest, the mining cave is Jian Feng Han’s domain. He would surely have some strategy there.”


I nodded. “Nearby the mining cave, how are our men?”

“They all perished.” Song Han replied.

“What? Those Knights, Healers, and Monks were all killed?”

Song Han nodded grievously in the rain. “Yes, Brother Xiao Yao. Half an hour ago, Jian Feng Han distributed some troops from the surroundings of the Mining Cave to attack our forces from behind. They ambushed our Healers. Having lost their support, the Knights and Monks naturally couldn’t bear the brunt of damage for long. The group of nearly a thousand men were all killed.”

“In their spiritual form, did they find out about anything?”



On one side, Yue Qing Qian, gripping her dagger tightly, said, “That’s not right. Their spirits have some news.”

“What news, Qing Qian?”

“Jian Feng Han, Fushen Thousand Blade, and Fallen Wolf brought around 600 people to the mine. However, there are only 200 people inside. The other 400’s positions are unknown.”

“Their positions are unknown?” I quickly opened the map. Feeling a chill creep down my spine, I mumbled, “Be careful. Behind us!”

“What?” Misty Clouds exclaimed.


“Shua shua shua…”

The tall grass shook. The next moment, a huge number of [Vanguard] members jumped out, ambushing us as we approached the dreadful terrain. A single person dashed towards our group with his sword held high and cut through a Berserker from [Misty Palace]. Utilizing the momentum from [Blade Rush], he managed to kill another few Archers. Behind him was a Rock Spirit Fighter, clashing against our group. If this isn’t Jian Feng Han, who could it be?

“Shou shou”, arrows were fired. Within one minute, at least 100 men had already been killed. The enemy’s Archers and Mages were hidden deep in the tall grass, making it impossible to target them directly. Our long range attackers were also brought to a tough spot.

“Retreat! Don’t panic!”

I unsheathed my sword and shouted, “Stand your ground! Defensive formation, circle around and surround them. Long ranged attackers, lock on to [Vanguard]’s heavy armored players! Qing Qian, Wei Liang, Song Han, bring the Assassins and sneak into the tall grass to kill their long ranged fire. Jian Feng Han should only have at most 400 players. We outnumber them! Don’t be afraid!”

After my shout, the troops steadied their footsteps. Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others battled on the front lines, blocking Jian Feng Han’s players from dealing damage to the group.


The Flaming Tiger God slowly increased in size, releasing a [Burstfire Raid] upon them. Tens of [Vanguard]’s heavy armored players were burnt alive. Immediately, a [Fierce Roar] followed after the barrage of attacks, leaving even more players with heavy injuries.

“Pa pa pa…”

My Purple Boots stepped into a puddle formed by the rain. I found the best angle of attack and released my [Seven Star Fragments Slash] onto the enemy group.


The bushes trembled, seventeen players whose health were critically low fell to my skill. Three balls of flames shook in front of me, as well as an [Indigo Sea Arrow]. They were trying to kill my tempo!

Lowering my body, I activated the skill—- [Blade Rush]!

“Hua Cha!”

My body shot forward 5 meter. Behind me, 4 giant MISSes appeared. Successfully dodging the three [Flame Axe]s and an [Indigo Sea Arrow], I also managed to kill three Berserkers.


Fushen Thousand Blade’s face went green as he said, “Ah Han, you must kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai. This guy’s attack power is really too high! Our players die too quickly. Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s pet must also be killed. If not, that Flaming Tiger God’s attack will be devastating!”

Jian Feng Han grit his teeth. His Flaming Cloud Sword swiftly hit the Flaming Tiger God with a loud “Peng”, as he shouted “[Scattered Shot] !”

“Ou… ou…”

The little tiger was knocked back. Even before coming to a standstill, a [Scattered Shot] appeared above his head—-


He was stunned and the arrows just kept coming. Were they trying to chain-stun the Flaming Tiger God!?

We didn’t have many AOE attacks, so we could not let the Flaming Tiger God die! Holding my sword, I rushed towards Jian Feng Han. Using a normal attack I pierced through an Archer’s leather armor. Blood flowed out like a river. At the same time, I gave the little tiger a [Heal], and shouted. “Darling Duck, save my pet! Quickly…”

Darling Duck and others immediately used a Heal—-



The little tiger’s health was pulled up. I secretly celebrated my choice of bringing Darling Duck along. If my Flaming Tiger God was killed, then our damage output would be severely lowered.


Raising my sword in the air, I slashed downwards on Jian Feng Han’s Flaming Cloud Sword. “Keng!” Sparks flew as I was pushed back five steps and my Purple Dawn Boots stepped onto the ground full of rainwater, leaving trails of mudding footprints. Jian Feng Han also retreated several steps with a face full of shock. Looking behind him, he immediately used [Corrupt Wolf Edge] on [Zhan Long]’s group. Suddenly, a soft cry was heard. It was Dancing Forest, the Lv 60 Wind Elf Archer who was one of the strongest archers in [Zhan Long].


[Corrupt Wolf Edge]’s attack power was too high. Naturally, Dancing Forest couldn’t take that amount of damage and died. Darling Duck immediately cast a [Revive] and Dancing Forest once again stood up. With a face of helplessness, she muttered, “Damn, and I thought I could rest from losing that level. Darling Duck, do you have any grudges against me…”

Darling Duck smilingly replied, “We lack firepower, please hold on…”

Dancing Forest: “……”


Our side finally started to regain our grip on the battle. Jian Feng Han managed to kill nearly 200 of our players but he couldn’t pressure our group any further. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Song Han and the other third advancement Swordsmen kept wrecking havoc on the other side. Quickly overcoming our weaknesses, [Vanguard]’s troop death count surpassed ours in a flash.

I tried to corner Jian Feng Han a few times but Jian Feng han escaped every time. My [Binding Chains] and [Great Realm of Desolation] hit chance could be said to be 0%. These top-tier players were really hard to kill.

The number of players from both sides dwindled one by one. After ten minutes, only tens of members were left alive in the heavy rain.

“Qua.. qua…”

Jian Feng Han’s breathing was getting rougher as time passes. The blood stains on the Flaming Cloud Sword could also clearly be seen. Looking at us, he coldly said. “Is this the ending you wanted? Did you think you could defeat [Vanguard] like this?”

Han Bei Song calmly said, “That wouldn’t be too impossible a feat but today, we must at least kill you to bring relief to our members, who were killed and bullied by you lot.”

Jian Feng Han let out a cold laugh. “A hundred versus one?”

“So, do you want to 1v1 ?” I raised my Frost Rain Sword. “Jian Feng Han. I was waiting all this time for a chance to fight with you one on one. Now is the time.”

Jian Feng Han coldly glared at me, not saying a single word.

Misty Clouds held his axe tightly and said, “No, Guild Master Xiao Yao, let me have his head. I shall deal with him!”

The Guild Master from [Ruined Bones] similarly didn’t want to give up this chance. “Wait let me go!”



Jian Feng Han couldn’t hold his laughter. Pointing his Flaming Cloud Sword forwards, rebelliously he said, “Alright, Misty Clouds, Sword Reborn and Fighting in Blood. You three team up on me. It will save me the time of killing you one by one!”

Spouting out such words, Jian Feng Han turned behind and said, “Now, I will fight these three by myself. No one is to interfere!”

Fallen Wolf held his axe, unwillingly he said, “Ah Han, you don’t have to take this challenge. Our ten thousand players will be coming right over. Don’t fight with these people alone!”

“Shut up!”

Jian Feng Han raised his sword. with a single hand. “Brother Fallen Wolf, if you respect me, please put your trust in me this time. [Vanguard]’s honor is mine to defend. If I lose, it will be because my skills are not as good as them!”


“Does he really want to solo…” Matcha said worriedly.

I replied. “What? You think they would lose?”

Matcha nodded. She whispered, “Jian Feng Han’s movements are at the expert level. He could score a solid 97 out of 100. His equipment also scores 97 but our allies… Misty Clouds would at most score a 90. Sword Reborn and Fighting in Blood would only score around 85. Their equipments are also rather weak compared to Jian Feng Han’s. Their chances of winning would be… rather slim. Not to mention his pet is also quite strong…”

I sucked in a deep breath and said. “I don’t care anymore. Men cannot take back their words, if they want to fight one on one, let them fight!”

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