Zhan Long

Chapter 249

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Chapter 249 – Setting the Scene


Simple had successfully teleported away once, causing the Flaming Tiger God’s attack to MISS.

I quickly regained my footing and then with an outstretched hand, I punched the ground!


[Binding Chains] came out from underneath Simple’s feet! Unfortunately, Simple managed to predict this move and used her second teleport to escape, so the skill missed!

My heart shook, this wasn’t even a matter of reaction time. Simple had known I was going to activate [Binding Chains] and activated [Dimensional Leap] again in order to counter it.

With a ding sound, four golden hexagrams appeared on my sword, it was time to use brute force!

Looking at the several [Flame Blades] and [Triple Shots] coming towards me, I broke through the gaps and swung my sword at Simple. As long as I could break through her [Mana Shield}, then my [Great Realm of Desolation] would be able to kill her without any huge complications!


Simple quickly retreated, causing my first attack to miss her. Her staff then made contact with my sword as sparks began to fly from the exchange and she was pushed even farther back. How clever she was, to use the knockback from the blow to ensure that she would be able to dodge the next two attacks!



From the middle of the crowd came a bloody blur; it was Wolf who activated [Gouge]. However, that single strike wouldn’t be enough to break the [Mana Shield]!

Simple slid to the side while still retaining that refined look. Concentrating a good amount of mana in her hand for a spell, she sent it straight towards Wolf and penetrated his chest. It was her 3rd class advancement skill, [Indigo Arrow], causing Wolf’s body to immediately crumple down to the floor!


Like a lightning strike, Yue Qing Qian came like a fleeting shadow. Her [Twin Harmony Strike] struck against Simple’s [Mana Shield} and broke it! In a flash, Simple’s health had drop down to below 50%!

With her third teleport, Simple furthered the distance between Yue Qing Qian and herself. At the same time, [Indigo Arrow] had finished its cooldown. The second one came flying out along with a [Pillars of ice & Fire], both hitting Yue Qing Qian between her eyes and from below her feet!


After the almost instantaneous combo of spells, Yue Qing Qian’s health dropped to 0 quickly. As she fell to the ground she gave a mighty whimper, “What a fast casting speed…”


After watching her kill two of my commanding generals and noticing her [Dimensional Leap] was on cooldown, it was time for me to kill her!

Taking out a God’s Army Card, it was time to use one of the 5 Mohist Scrolls for the first time!


The God’s Army Card dissipated as a huge cyan beam of light splashed onto a group of players. Within the Black Tortoise Realm, everyone that was affected would have their movement speed reduced drastically. Immediately, Simple cried out, “What…what is this?!”

Without answering her, I dashed ahead with my sword. Using another 3 God’s Army Cards, it was time for the second of the 5 Mohist Scrolls–Seven Star Teleportation!


Appearing on top of the earth was a diagram of 7 stars. I operated with my mind and selected a spot——Alkaid!

With a “Swoosh,” my body had already appeared on top of the Alkaid point, and my distance from Simple was only a single step away. My Frost Rain Sword swung out wildly!

“My god, how can he teleport?” Simple’s eyes were wide with astonishment as she raised her staff to parry my attack.

I smiled faintly, then lowered my body for [Blade Rush]!

“Hua Cha!”

Directly piercing through Simple, I turned around and attacked her once more!


Instant KO! Simple slowly fell onto her knees, and a pair of pretty eyes looked at me: “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, we’ve finally come to the conclusion I never wished to see……”

I faintly laughed: “This is the plan of men carried out by the heavens.”


“That was done so beautifully!” Sword Reborn made a fist and laughed, “We’ve finally killed Simple!”

Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands shouted from afar, “Be careful Guild Master, there are people getting ready to revive Simple!”

I raised my head to look, and right in front was a Lv 60 Healer who was already going through the motions of casting [Revive], the target: Simple. We went through so much trouble to kill her, so how could we just let that Healer revive her?

I raised my hands: [Great Realm of Desolation]!


I killed her in one hit without incident.

At the same time, I drew out two more God’s Army Cards, activating one of the Five Mohist Scrolls——[Soul Army]!

“Shua!” A radiant beam descended and within a 50×50 area multiple patterns of spirit diagrams appeared. The air carried a layer of blood red mist and in the next moment, hordes of ancient, ruthless swords plummeted from the sky. They went “Pa, pa, pa” as they struck down my enemies. Bloodcurdling screams sounded out unceasingly but those players within [Soul Army]’s range had to bear an attack every 2-3 seconds. The attack power of [Soul Army] was equivalent to my own attack power, how could they possibly hope to withstand it?!

In my heart, I was wild with joy. These Five Mohist Scrolls were a priceless treasure! With just a single cast of [Soul Army], I had directly isolated Simple’s corpse, not even letting her have the hope of resurrecting. General Li Mu, Old K, Sword Reborn, and Dong Cheng Lei took their forces and slaughtered through, rapidly seizing the core region. Very quickly, there were only 2000+ men remaining of [Vanguard]’s originally 6000+ men, and their morale had taken a big hit!


“Hurry, occupy the core region!”

General Li Mu hoisted his sword and chain killed ten more people. Leading Wang Jian, Bai Qi and the rest of the men, they quickly reached my side and stood firm. Simple’s dead body was right beside me. Thus, she definitely could not be revived. Even if she was revived, she would be slaughtered in a second. With us this close and such a large amount of soldiers, she simply didn’t even have the chance to run for her life.

After a few more minutes, 500 players from [Zhan Long] and [Ruined Bones] had slashed and killed their way into the core of the battle, taking control of the middle of the plains. Advancing onwards was [Misty Palace] and [Blood Contract] with their leaders out in front. Even with [Vanguard]’s 6000 people, it appeared that we had killed almost all of them. With our united forces, our strength was far too strong. Afterward, we didn’t give them a chance to revive anyone. This way, we were able to slowly but firmly establish our strength.

In reality, [Vanguard] had already lost over 5000 people in battle. However, within [Zhan Long] and [Ruined Bone] combined units of 1000 people, half of us had already died 2-3 times. Combined with the 3 other guilds, our losses weren’t all that much better than [Vanguard]. After all, the people in [Vanguard] have followed Jian Feng Han for a long time and learned from his expertise. If it weren’t for my quick arrival with reinforcement, who knows whether or not the outcome would had been victory?



Misty Cloud’s battle axe threw itself into the earth, splattering blood all around it. Behind him was the rest [Misty Palace] battling it out. He laughed loudly, “And here I thought our deaths were certain! Who would had thought that we still pulled off a win somehow…”

Sword Reborn asked, “Misty Cloud, how did you drop down to Lv 59?”

Misty Cloud gave an embarrassed grin, “Don’t remind me of it, I died three times in the past hour. Among of my deaths, Simple was responsible for killing me twice with her [Indigo Arrow]. Her [Scatter Shot] + [Indigo Arrow] are way too strong, there’s just no way of defending against it…”

Han Bei Song swung his blood-drenched sword and walked out from a group of massacred corpses with Who’s Blue and Not Red Yet following him from behind. The armors of the [Crimson Contract] players were torn and tattered, showing the intensity and desperation of the battle they have just fought; it was a relief that they managed to withstand the battle. This was an improvement. Only by fighting for such a long time with so many [Vanguard] players will a guild be able to cultivate an unyielding and spirited group of players.

“Han Bei Song, how are you?” I asked, chuckling.

Han Bei Song laughed bitterly, “Don’t remind me, I was beaten by Simple almost to the point I couldn’t provide for myself any more. Damn it, that girl is really too violent. Her group of Mages have magic attacks above 1900, the moment they focus their attack on someone, the person will definitely die. Almost all of the main forces under me died three times, there is even someone who died five times. It’s not even an hour and he dropped 5 levels…”

Misty Cloud carried his battle axe on his shoulder, his eyes looking at the battle in front of him. “Don’t worry about it, as long as we beat [Vanguard], dying a few dozens times would be worth it!”

Han Bei Song nodded as he looked at me, “Eh? Xiao Yao? How come your level hasn’t dropped even once yet?”

I was startled at his question, “I didn’t die once, how could I?”

“What?!” Han Bei Song slapped his thigh, “How did you pull that off? You killed so many people at the frontlines, how did you not die even a single time?”


From the side, a white beam came shining down as Yue Qing Qian’s body stood back up. Her pretty white face started to regain blood flow and she laughed, “My brother Xiao Yao was really strong with his [Shield of the Crimson Dragon]. Not only that, even when he was attacking with [Blade Rush], he was able to dodge every attack aimed at him–unlike Han Bei Song. The moment you saw a beautiful girl, you would rush in blindly towards her…”

Han Bei Song held his face in his hands, “Aigh, that was seen by you…”

Wolf also revived at that moment, and upon seeing Simple’s dead body, he smirked. “Ba Huang City’s number one Mage is indeed as strong as they say. If her {Mana Shield] doesn’t break then she’s almost invincible…”

Yue Qing Qian said, “Brother Wolf, don’t be that depressed about it. Our equipment right now is only temporary; equipment with magic resistance won’t be appearing until later on. Plus, Assassins will get a skill that will break shields in the endgame, the nightmare for Mages will begin then…”

Wolf nodded, “Yea, I can’t wait for even better equipment!”


The Guild Master of [Winds of Battle] carried his staff in the midst of the bloody battle and said, “Guild Master Zi Zai and the rest of the Guild Masters here, now that Simple is dead, the battle is pretty much won. What shall we do, continue to guard the body, or…??”

My gaze grew cold as I said in the chat, “Do I really need to say it? We’re going to kill Jian Feng Han!”

“Of course, it’s time to kill Jian Feng Han!” Misty Cloud cried, “That is our real target!”

Old K asked, “Then how shall we split our forces here?”

I replied in a serious tone, “Zhan Long will dispatch 300 elites while [Winds of Battle], [Ruined Bones], [Misty Palace] and [Crimson Contract] will dispatch 100 elites each. We’ll create a 700 men force to barge into Arctic Fox Forest, which should be enough to eliminate Jian Feng Han’s 500-men force. All of the other players will stay here and guard the bodies, centering yourselves at Simple’s body. Should you want to chase after reviving people, don’t go too far and keep defending this spot. If they start their attack, hold them up here. The moment we kill Jian Feng Han will signal the victory of our five guilds battle campaign!”

Han Bei Song mouth twitched, “Yep, killing Jian Feng Han is one of my life’s ambition…”

“What other ambition do you even have?” Not Yet Red asked.

Han Bei Song smiled, “I want to personally hear Dong Zhen sing Sword Raising under the Dark Blue Water, I also want to play a badminton match against Lin Dan, take a photo with Jay Chou, have breakfast with some stars… Just these few…”

Not Yet Red’s face had a single dark line furrowed across it, “Grow up!!”

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