Zhan Long

Chapter 248

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Chapter 248 – The Grassland Pursuit

The Red Grass Plains looked as if the entire place had been dyed red with blood. Over 6000 players from [Vanguard] were battling it out intensely with the players of [Winds of Battle], [Misty Palace], [Blood Contract], whom had 1000 players left.


The night wind blew up against my Illusion Cloak as I charged straight in and shouted, “Slice and dice their Healers and Mage teams. Anyone that finds out the coordinates of Simple inform me right away. The first priority has to be killing Simple, killing her will destroy [Vanguard]’s fighting spirit!”

Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Sword Reborn came charging with me as the rest of the 1000 players charged as one toward the opposing long ranged team!


Under the moonlight, a team of Archers gossiped while standing in a carefree manner. With the tall grass and winds concealing us, they had no idea that we were coming. It was only when we were around 100 meters away that one Archer raised his head and saw us. His eyes widened in surprise, “F*ck! Xiao Yao Zi Zai brought the rest of [Zhan Long] for an ambush! Vice Guild Master, there’s an ambush behind us!”


Lifting my hand, I pulled my Frost Rain Sword out from its scabbard, giving them little time to respond to us. Running swiftly, I dodged all of the [Scatter Shots] they shot at me, and dashed into a crowd of Archers and Healers. My feet never stopped for a second; my blade shook as I activated [Seven Star Fragment Slash], and seven star fragments roared out of my blade!


The light from my sword shook the whole group as 14 Healers and Archers fell dead. Another wave of my arm sent the Flaming Tiger God roaring as it charged forwards. [Burstfire Raid] engulfed the group and left behind a deep 50 meters burn scar on the plains. Continuing onward, the tiger roared with [Fierce Roar], killing many people indiscriminately!

Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Sword Reborn cut their way into the group as Old K ferociously swung his battle axe and sent [Whirlwind Slash] out. He activated [Savage Jump Slash], killing a third class advanced Archer. Dong Cheng Lei was at the side of Old K and the two hot headed Berserkers were killing with ease. Behind them, Yue Qing Qian and Wolf were leading a group of Assassins to try and kill as many people as they could. Although we had only 1000 people, our killing ability far surpassed the other side!


While the rear guard was left to fend itself in confusion, the front lines were still being controlled by [Vanguard]’s many warriors. However, they definitely wouldn’t be feeling happy for much longer!

Far away, Misty Palace lifted his battle axe as he looked around. Bursting out in laughter, he said, “Haha, [Zhan Long] and [Ruined Bones] have come to our rescue! Brothers, the time to counterattack has come, let us charge!”

With this pincer attack from front and back, the [Vanguard]’s strong 6000 people army began to panic as chaos ensued. After the group led by me had ambushed them, over 1000 of the long range in the rear guard were killed in less than 5 minutes! With the Healers also gone, there would be no one left to revive other players, so after we were done, there would be a sea of corpses behind us!

“Everyone, calm down!”

In the midst of a crowd, Simple raised her staff and cried, “Leafy Gentleman, lead a group of heavy armor warriors to block Xiao Yao Zi Zai and Sword Reborn’s group of players! I’ll immediately gather some firepower to stop them. Xiao Yao Zi Zai didn’t bring many people; there can’t be more than 1000 players so they won’t be able to handle our firepower. With this formation, victory will be in our grasp!”

Leafy Gentleman was a Lv 60 3rd class advanced Swordsman and one of the squad leaders of [Vanguard]. His shoulder displayed the guild’s emblem of a blade. With his longsword raised high in the air, he shouted, “The first squad of heavy armor players, come with me! We’ll be the first line of defense and defend our army from the onslaught of [Zhan Long] and [Ruined Bones]. Let’s kill these reckless idiots and dye the Red Grass Plains with their blood!”

Immediately, almost 500 players turned around to rush at us. A few Knights were at the front of the charge, their shields dragging on the ground. Immediately, they set up a 200 meter defensive perimeter with Leafy Gentleman standing behind them shouting, “Archers and Mages, prepare to fire! When they are 40 meters away, fire away!”



The Frost Rain Sword slashed on a Berserker. Raising my head, I saw that the only things remaining were corpses. The 1500+ players from [Vanguard] had been brutally murdered and their corpses lay on the grassy fields. Our losses were not small either, numbering at least 300 people. Fortunately, we had brought over 50 Healers, even Darling Duck flew over. Standing on the ground, the people were revived one by one. The 1000 man battalion stood again, lively as ever.

Sword Reborn lifted his spear and shouted. “They want to use their heavy line of defense and long ranged attacks to mow us down. We can’t give them too much time. Guild Master Zi Zai, let’s rush over and break their defenses!

I nodded. “Old K, Li Mu, Wang Jian, we’ll go together. Ah Lei, is responsible for breaking their defenses!”


Our group unhesitatingly rushed onward. I once again used [Haste] to dash forward, leading the small group. Above the slope, rains of arrows and spells flew down. The rhythm for instant death!


A Crimson Dragon emerged from the ground, protecting me. “Pi pa pi pa…” Arrows hit my shoulder in quick succession. Withstanding the barrage of arrows and spells, I raised my arm and cast a Lv 7 [Heal] to recover 1050 health. We were only 5 meters away! I stretched my arm holding the Frost Rain Sword backwards, and using that stored potential energy I swept my sword in a curved path, cutting atop the shield formation.

“Ah ah ah…”

Three Knights were knocked back, unable to bear the strength of my attack. Not waiting for them to regain their postures, I lowered my body… [Blade Rush]!


Cutting through an entire wall of people, the attack made all of the heavy armor players suffer damage. I turned around and used [Seven Star Fragments Slash], killing another group of Assassins. At the same time, my Flaming Tiger God used [Burstfire Raid], [Fierce Roar] and [Flame Claw] simultaneously, slaughtering even more players and leaving them in despair.

On the other hand, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Sword Reborn used their skills to bombard the enemy’s defenses. The Swordsmen, almost instantly after the bombardment, rushed forwards to strike the heavy armor battalion. In an instant, these three Swordsmen tore apart [Vanguard]’s wall of defense. Along with Dong Cheng Lei and Old K’s sudden attacks, [Vanguard]’s first line of defense had fallen!


Leafy Gentleman furrowed his brows. “How did they die so quickly!? Dammit, Archers lock onto Hero Ran Min; his attacks are too overwhelming!

Leafy Gentleman’s swift footwork wasn’t half bad. With matchless agility, he leaped around and then decisively charged towards Old K, swinging his sword. The sword’s tip wavered and six bright golden hexagrams appeared, hitting Old K on his shoulder!


Old K was quite smart this time. He managed to gobble down a health potion, barely surviving the attack. If the Archers behind Leafy Gentleman were to shoot him, then it would be troublesome!

“Brother Old K…”

Dong Cheng Lei let out a furious roar. Wielding his axe, he rushed forwards to defend Old K. With both arms trembling, he activated [Absolute Zero Megrez Wall]. At the same time, his war axe struck Leafy Gentleman’s sword. Obviously, Leafy Gentleman couldn’t possibly withstand Cang Lei’s godly strength. He flew away like a kite with a snapped string. With a chill behind his back as he flew, Yue Qing Qian used a [Bleed] on him!


A pair of fair-skinned arms raised in the air, Yue Qing Qian’s daggers intertwined. [Twin Blade Harmony] !


Together with the [Bleed], Leafy Gentleman furrowed his brows as his health dropped to 0. In a flash, he was killed by Yue Qing Qian’s successive strikes. Before he vanished, he mumbled, “Focus your fire at Yue Qing Qian. Kill the Vice Guild Master of [Zhan Long]!”

Unfortunately, Yue Qing Qian was clever. Swaying her arms, she used [God’s Dance], drastically increasing her chances of dodging. Immediately after, she also used [Absolute Step], leaving her body as light as a feather. A few moments later, she gently touched down into [Zhan Long]’s camp, not giving the enemy any chances of hitting her.


Spells and arrows covered the entire sky and shots were fired non-stop. [Vanguard]’s people, whose numbers were overwhelming, had finally appeared. Heavy armored players from [Zhan Long] and [Ruined Bones] were massacred mercilessly. However, the Healers kept reviving them. Many of them had been revived two to three times already. Because of this war, most of the members went all out!


Holding her shield littered with arrows, Matcha slowly walked forwards step by step. Using Phantom Holy Shield as soon as the cooldown time was over, she managed to be the last person standing on the frontlines. Of course, there was also my pet, the Flaming Tiger God. His health was really just too high! He ran around enemy terrain, causing chaos while using [Blood Drain] to recover health. The adorable tiger also used [Fierce Roar] to wreck havoc on the enemy. Moving at such high speeds, many Archers and Mages could absolutely not catch up! This was able to close the distance between our numbers and theirs!

On the frontlines, 7 of our third advancement Swordsmen kept penetrating their defenses, causing our frontline to keep changing. I jumped forward, landing in front of Matcha. The [Seven Star Fragments Slash], together with a [Fierce Roar] from my tiger, killed a whole bunch of Archers and Mages. Meanwhile, Yue Qing Qian, Yue Wei Liang and Song Han led the group of Assassins to infiltrate the enemy lines, cutting the pressure on the frontline. In the back, [Zhan Long]’s long ranged attackers had finally arrived. Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands’ magic spells were cast continuously. In the distance, miserable cries could be heard.

Suddenly, I felt a strong sense of longing for Dong Cheng Yue. If there was a super almighty Mage right here, right now, that [Chain Lightning] and [Magma Lance] could effortlessly slaughter an entire group. If she were here, the members of [Vanguard] would definitely be crying.


“Be careful! They sent their Assassins to get rid of our Mages!” Yue Qing Qian shouted in the group chat.

Even before her voice faded, blood spilled from Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands’ body as two Assassins almost simultaneously used [Ambush]. Luckily, Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands’ reaction speed was fast, as she immediately using [Dimensional Leap] and dodged one of the attacks. Immediately, she cast [Pillar of Fire & Ice] on the area she stood before, killing 3 Assassins on the spot. The Archers nearby, taking advantage of what happened, used their [Multi Shots] and cleaned the area of Assassins.

Squinting my eyes, I looked into the distance. Simple’s distance from us was only around 100 meters!


Striking an Archer on the shoulder, Li Mu lifts his sword. “So, shall we take down Simple?”

I nodded. “Yup! Everyone, rush forward. Shorten the distance between us and Simple to around 40 meters! If my tiger and I are able to lock on to Simple, she is a goner!”

Yue Qing Qian slowly went into the Stealth. “Brother Xiao Yao, I’ll follow you!”



Simple, Ba Huang City’s Number One Mage, third on the Leaderboard. Here, she was our biggest threat!


A breeze billowed under my feet, as I activated [Haste]. Once again, I dashed forwards at high speed. At the same time I commanded the Flaming Tiger God to attack. A [Burstfire Raid] was cast as he rushed straight towards Simple!


[Flame Claw] clipped onto Simple’s shoulder!


Simple’s line of sight swept over and immediately cast a [Dimensional Leap]!

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