Zhan Long

Chapter 247

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Chapter 247 – Zhan Long, Attack!

As Don’t Be Foolish fell down onto the ground, Goodbye Tears turned purple, “No more of this…every heavy armor player here, charge with me. Don’t let them find an opportunity to attack us; go on, charge!”

A few hundred heavy armor players started to charge towards the mountains with Goodbye Tears at the front. However at that moment…from the bloodstained grass came the figure of Wolf, stunning Goodbye Tears. Straight after, [Pillars of Ice & Fire] came blossoming out of the ground under his feet and dropped his health majorly. Without even waiting for Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands to cast another spell, Wolf slashed out with his dagger, dropping Goodbye Tears to 0% health!


Goodbye Tears’ knees fell to the grassy grounds as he looked around himself blankly, “How is it that with so many people charging I was the first one to die?”

Wolf perked his daggers and said coldly, “Blame yourself for being [Vanguard]’s flagbearer…”

Goodbye Tears tearfully closed his eyes, as if to say goodbye as he died.


“Aim at the Healers in the back and fire!” Matcha pointed with her spear as she floated in the skies and overlooked the situation on the battlefield.

Fox immediately turned his gun around and with 10 other Musketeers, cast [Bombardment] onto the grounds below. Being 70 meters higher than the opposition gave them a clear advantage and allowed them to easily fire at [Vanguard] from far away. Dense smoke and bullets covered the incoming [Vanguard] Healers, leaving the Mages alone in their formation.


As the thick smoke continued and the gunfire shook the earth, nearly 100 Healers died in the resulting fire almost instantaneously. The [Vanguard] players were not expecting this outcome at all; no one had any idea that the enemy fire would have been strong enough to deal such a heavy blow to them!

North Pole’s face ashened as he retreated while activating his [Mana Shield]. As he cast the shield, he cried out, “Where is our Musketeer squad? I want them up front and locate Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s coordinates! Shoot him dead and intimidate the rest of his army!”

Some distance away, the Musketeers raised their rifles and started to fire!

I took in the sight in front of me and then charged straight ahead with my hand upraised as I got ready to cast a skill. My body bent downwards as I waved my sword to activate [Blade Rush]. I dashed into the enemy crowd while behind me, Darling Duck had already figured out my plan. “Healers!” She cried, “Lock onto the Guild Master, don’t let him die!”

Looking up, I concentrated on dodging the enemy fire and players. [Vanguard] really did have too many people, I counted almost 100 Musketeers focusing on me. The damage was going to be horrendous. Not getting hit was an impossible outcome so I activated [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] and the roar of a dragon was heard as the crimson dragon came crashing through the ground and hovered around me to protect me from damage. The gunfire came raining down on me, and a continuous string of damage came flying up in a nonstop stream–



There were barely any attacks that did 3 digit damages and I had a few dozen Healers behind me ready to cast [Heal]. There was no way I’d die!


The Flaming Tiger God roared and used [Burstfire Raid] to attack a group and then roared with [Fierce Roar], unsettling another group as it hit them, causing them to fall to the ground. A [Flaming Claw] struck a Knight in the stomach and brought him to half health. Turning around, the tiger gave a mighty roar and ran all over the place, causing terror and carnage everywhere as it killed players from [Vanguard] left and right.


Li Mu roared as his sword was hoisted into the air, “The Guild Master has already taken the first round of damage! Wang Jian, Old K, Cang Lei, it’s our turn to lead the charge! Attack the [Vanguard] squad in the valley, don’t let them do too much damage to our troops!”

Old K readied his Haunted Twinblade Axe and laughed, “I’ve been wanting to do this forever, who’ll be the first one up?”

Wang Jian answered, “Let’s have Cang Lei go first; break apart their defenses!”

Dong Cheng Lei had no objections, so he carried his battle axe on his shoulder and walked forward. Facing against a Knight that carried a shield and another Monk that was already roaring in preparation to fight, Cheng Lei brandished his battle axe. He pounded into the shield with a great downwards smash and split the shield and Knight in two. The dozen enemies nearby grew mad with rage and attacked him with [Flame Blade] in hopes of killing him. All it did however, was cause Cheng Lei to stamp on the ground in annoyance as a wall of stars came up behind him. This was the skill I gave him– [Absolute Zero Megrez Wall]!


The [Flame Blade]s struck against the wall uselessly. Not many of them could hurt the beautifully equipped Dong Cheng Lei let alone kill him. Combined with the Healers behind him, Dong Cheng Lei was able of taking on tens of thousands of enemies by himself.


Li Mu, Wang Jian and Bai Chi cut into the enemy lines side by side and caused confusion everywhere with their skills. The opposing heavy armor classes were all scattered and in disorder as Old K’s [Whirlwind Slash] wrecked havoc everywhere amongst them. With the rest of the heavy armor players of [Zhan Long] charging in, the defensive wave of players from [Vanguard] was completely obliterated. Li Mu took control of his Valiant Bravery group and charged in between the gap and began to kill the long ranges without mercy!


The battle at the base of the mountain was still fervently increasing in intensity. Wolf continuously flitted back and forth between the enemy lines; his dagger flitting across the neck of a single Archer before he disappeared back into the shadows. With each kill, he was healed as the two sisters Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang retreated with half their health left. Around 50 Assassins were at the foot of the mountain but there were just far too many players from [Vanguard], their group was slowly but surely advancing higher and higher up the mountain in a dense pack.

“We have to block them!”

Yue Qing Qian struck a Swordsman that had 50% of his health in the stomach using [Twin Harmony Strike]. Using [God’s Dance], she became a blur as she ran in a zigzag formation and dodged two Berserkers as they tried to hit her. Her body whirled around crazily as she slashed at the two Berserkers’ necks. Numbers flew up from the two as they fell to the ground, symbolizing the gap in strength between the heavy and light armor classes. Yue Qing Qian had completely dominated the two in a flash!


Yue Wei Liang slipped across, her twin daggers fending off the attack of a Swordsman. Aside from helping Yue Qing Qian block a fatal strike from the Swordsman, she had her snow white legs kick out explosively at the Swordsman’s stomach. Leaning in, she held her two daggers parallel to each other, and struck straight through the neck of the Swordsman with [Twin Harmony Strike].


The Swordsman died in a second!

Wolf retreated backwards; on his way back, 3 [Vanguard] Swordsmen and 2 Berserkers had already fallen prey to his daggers. [Zhan Long]’s three Assassins had already thrown off the rhythm of [Vanguard] with their destruction and had already accomplished the extremes of what was expected of them.


On top of the mountain, Fox reloaded his rifle and commanded, “Mages, use [Pillars of Ice & Fire] and [Rock Spikes] and attack! Don’t use any single target spells and Musketeers! Use [Bombardment] without discrimination; Archers, fire off as many arrows as you can, I want these players to drop dead! I don’t want a single toe touching the highlands of this mountain! Brothers of the fourth squad, look out at the skies in case they have any Wind Elves; shoot them down if any appear!”

Arrows and spells interlocked with each other as the Healers continuously revived the fallen Assassins in the front lines. In a flash, clusters of warriors from [Zhan Long] and [Ruined Bones] began fighting to protect the path from the gorge to the highlands. By this point, [Vanguard] had already left over 3000 corpses. The path towards them was cut off by Li Mu, Old K, and I so that the Healers on the other side didn’t even have a chance to cast [Revive] on anyone who had died!

In the middle of the battle, Sword Reborn stabbed a Swordsman through his guts with his spear. With a [Fire Blade] to finish him off, he pumped his fist up and laughed, “How cool is this?! With this type of terrain advantage, we few can hold off the thousands!”

Old K brandished his battle axe as he ran through multiple people with a laugh, “What a joke, our Matcha doesn’t have the title of Godly Strategist for nothing!”


My [Blade Rush] incapacitated 7 players while my pet tiger let out a [Fierce Roar] and killed another ten players. Standing still and wiping the blood off my sword, I looked around the battlefield and laughed. “Looking at this battle in Waning Moon Valley, I can see the ending!”

Matcha flew around in a circle in the sky as she surveyed the land below. With a wink, she said, “I’ve calculated it out, out of all of the members in [Vanguard] that participated in this battle, 5744 of their members have died once at the very least, and 3129 have died twice. Another 1984 players have already died three times. Even now, there are plenty of members that aren’t willing to fight anymore…”

“And what are our losses?”

“Over 900 players have died on our side, but all of them have been revived already…[Vanguard] still hasn’t reached the highlands and are pretty much just walking targets at this point. The huge amount of damage we’re doing to them shows that North Pole guy isn’t really a good commander. If they had swapped him out for a smarter person…I would had been afraid of an early flank towards our sides from the thorn bushes and then an attack from behind….”

“That’s good then…”


Sword Reborn suddenly trembled as he looked off into the distance. Slapping his thigh in frustration, he cried, “My god, we screwed up…”

“What’s wrong?” Li Mu asked.

Sword Reborn was fuming with rage, “News just came from the Red Grass Plains. [Misty Palace], [Winds of Battle], and [Blood Contract] couldn’t handle [Vanguard]’s offense. Simple led an army 7000 people strong and without even losing 2000 people, they already killed everyone once, I’m afraid of the consequences if they die another time…”

Li Mu’s face paled, “Guild Master, what do we do?”

I clenched onto the Frost Rain Sword and said, “What else can we do? Let’s go and help them…I’ll go over there with the Valiant Bravery group and Zhan Long group. Sword Reborn, that will leave you with around 50% of the people here to defend this place. North Pole and his men already lost their wills to fight, so just stopping them from moving on will do. We’ll take 1000 men to attack Simple from behind; that way, there may be a chance to win!”

Sword Reborn nodded, “I understand, I’ll have my Vice Guild Master protect this place and the rest of my elite players will go with you!”

“Good…” I looked at Fox who was still on the mountain, “Fox! Stay with Zhan Long’s long range players here to help relieve some of the pressure [Ruined Bones] is feeling! The rest of us will go attack Simple and her 7000 players. The movement speed long ranges are too slow and wouldn’t be of much help when we get there!”

Fox nodded, “Ah, got it!”


Far away, North Pole commanded his 2000+ players to retreat back into the bushes for a temporary retreat to plan their next strike. Likewise, we took around 950 players and slowly retreated over the ridges of Waning Moon Valley to rush off into the Red Grass Plains.

The moonlight was shining bright, giving us a nice twilight scene. With our 1000 players closing in on Red Grass Plains, we would be able to arrive within 10 minutes!

We took an indirect route which added 5 minutes, making the trip 15 minutes long, but we finally reached the end of Red Grass Plains!


Being the first one to step onto the red grass with my sword in hand, I witnessed a mighty battle that was taking place not too far away. Misty Clouds and Han Bei Song were both trying to resist dying while Simple led an overwhelming amount of players that was crushing their resistance.



Suddenly standing up, I held my Frost Rain Sword high and proud. With a low but powerful voice, I cried, “[Zhan Long], come with me and attack!”

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