Zhan Long

Chapter 246

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Chapter 246 – Death Rhythm

“Ready your swords!”

With my command, the members of [Zhan Long] and the members of [Ruined Bones] at the entrance of Waning Moon Valley all pulled out their weapons: swords, sabers, spears, halberds and blades flashed under the moonlight. Our group was responsible for delaying the enemy’s front line.

Behind me, Darling Duck raised her Healing Rod, with a “Whoosh” I was bathed in a shining light creating a protective wall around me. A battle notification appeared: Player Darling Duck has cast Lv 6【Protection】on you, raising your defense and magic resistance by 12% for 30 minutes.

“Tsk”, 3rd job advancement Healers could cast [Protection] and at Lv 10 it could raise a player’s defense and magic resistance by 20%; it was a skill that greatly increases ones survivability. The potential of a Healer’s support skills were becoming much clearer.

Sadly, there were too few high level Healers in [Zhan Long]; Darling Duck was the only Healer with the 3rd job advancement. Otherwise, we would be able to cast [Protection] on everyone. That would make us unkillable!


My Frost Rain Sword twitched as the distance between [Vanguard]’s players and us decreased. When there were only 10 steps between us, Fox asked in the party chat: “Xiao Yao, when are we going to start our attack?”

I sternly said: “Don’t be impatient, once [Vanguard] clashes with our frontline we will strike from behind, making it so that they won’t even have the chance to retreat!”


“Here they come!” Matcha lifted her Glass Spear of the Dragon’s Soul and directly unleashed a [Phantom Ray] attack!

Dust blanketed the fields, while the attack, with such a poor angle, only struck two people……..

My face almost turned black: “Matcha, you…”

Matcha’s face turned red: “Boss, my hit was a bit off….”

“Don’t miss again next time, picture the spot you want to hit before you activate the skill……”

“Ok, sure….”

My Frost Rain Sword trembled as a group of Swordsmen and Berserkers arrived before our eyes. I immediately cast [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. The sword glowed with energy as it carved into the center of the group, inflicting a large amount of damage to each of them



Crouching slightly, I activated [Blade Rush], seizing the opportunity to finish off a few [Vanguard] members.


My body charged 5 meters past the group, leaving a trail of bodies in my wake. [Seven Star Fragment Slash] and [Blade Rush] were sufficient for killing most of [Vanguard’s] players; only elite players like Jian Feng Han, Fushen Thousand Blades and others like them could survive that combination.


Don’t Be Foolish lifted his spear and yelled: “Hey Monk! Cast [Put Down the Knife] on Xiao Yao Zi Zai! His attack power is too high and our Knights cannot defend against him! This will not do!”

Goodbye Tears nodded: “Ok!”

With an “om” sound, a golden Buddha light descended from above me, lowering my attack by 10%!

In the party chat, Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands said, “Boss, let’s work together to kill Goodbye Tears. Once the caster dies, [Put Down the Knife]’s effect will disappear!”


Surging forward, I lifted my fist; summoning my Flaming Tiger God. He roared as he appeared. His body grew larger as his claws, clad with fire, pounced on Goodbye Tears, knocking off 1429 points of his health. This bastard’s defense was truly high!

I crouched down and punched the ground, activating [Binding Chains]!


Chains broke out from the ground, shooting straight at Goodbye Tears and binding his legs. I waved my hand and cast [Great Realm of Desolation]!


Not good, my attack power had been reduced by 10%; [Great Realm of Desolation] barely did 2000 damage….

Behind me, Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands jumped to the front lines with a “whoosh”. Words spilled out of her mouth, while her staff danced through the air, creating an indigo magic arrow that shot through the air. Goodbye Tears’ eyes widened as he saw the beautiful Mage’s attack and he cursed under his breath: “F*ck, double-teaming me, that’s cheap….”


The [Indigo Sea Arrow] pierced the Monk’s chest, causing a big damage number to appear—-


From the mountain peak, two shots sounded as Fox activated [Double Shot], sniping and finishing off Goodbye Tears.


Deep within the ranks of [Vanguard] players, I was surrounded by flashes of swords striking me, but the damage was insignificant to me. With the 12% boost, my defense was at 2278, similar to that of high level Knights like Don’t be Foolish. How could average Swordsmen break through my defense?

Waving my sword, I used [Combo] and [Fierce Ice Blade] to kill 2 Swordsmen in front of me. I didn’t even bother to retreat and kept moving on forward. At the same time, I cast a Lv 7 [Heal], recovering 1050 of my own health. My self-sufficiency was high enough that there wasn’t anything I was afraid of!

Behind me, with his whirlwind and glowing battle axe that terrified all, Old K had already engulfed a crowd of enemies with [Whirlwind Slash]. Immediately switching over to [Savage Jump Slash], he managed to kill and scare off many [Vanguard] players. A Knight stood at the front and roared bravely, “Stand strong! I will block Ran Min’s attack; Swordsmen attack! Use your [Flame Blade]s to kill him!”


Old K swung down onto the Knight’s shield fiercely, however it did not affect the Lv 60 Knight at all. From the sides, many Swordsmen and Berserkers from [Vanguard] attacked him, bringing his health down rapidly!

I hurriedly retreated and cast [Heal] on him while shouting, “Pull back! [Whirlwind Slash] is on cooldown, wait for it to come back on before attacking again!”

Old K glared at the Knight with a murderous intent, “But I want to kill this bloody Knight before I go!”

“Brother Old K, allow me!”

From behind, Dong Cheng Lei raised his battle axe and charged, both of his hands swung his weapon down onto the Knight. With a bang, his super strength completely overwhelmed and shattered the Knight’s defenses, knocking his shield out of his hands. Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands and Matcha took this chance to kill him!


From both sides of the mountain range, spells and arrows began to rain down on the [Vanguard] players. The 1000 players from [Vanguard] finally had a taste of how difficult it was to deal with us in this narrow mountain pass. The amount of casualties were rising rapidly; the players that were resurrected by Healers in the back found themselves being killed again almost instantly. It was due to Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands and her strong magical prowess; her [Pillars of Ice & Fire] practically left the heavy armor class enemies weeping.


The tiger bounded out of the forest and used [Fierce Roar] to immediately kill off a nearby group of [Vanguard] players. Then came another [Burstfire Raid], killing a squad of Archers and Mages. North Pole’s face had nearly blacked out after seeing that, and quickly tried to cast [Pillars of Ice & Fire] underneath the tiger in hopes of killing it. Unfortunately for him, the Flaming Tiger God recovered its health with a [Bloodthirsty Strike] and Darling Duck kept casting [Heal] on the tiger, so that it could always maintain at least 70% health.

My way of fighting was relatively simple; I would cast [Seven Star Fragment Slash] and [Blade Rush] when I advanced. I didn’t activate any single target skill. That way, I was saving myself some mana, and even if I only used a normal sword attack, the [Vanguard] players wouldn’t be able to endure it!

General Li Mu, General Wang Jian, and General Bai Qi were all fighting and killing players within a crowd. No matter where they were in the crowd however, they had Healers from every corner ready to heal them. That way, the top quality heavy armor classes could fight without having to worry about their own health.

It hadn’t even been 10 minutes before the battle records were already showing that around 2272 members from [Vanguard] had already died. In this tight area, they didn’t have any superiority in numbers and with our ambush, there weren’t any words that could describe their bitterness!


“My god…”

Don’t Be Foolish carried his spear and pointed towards the mountains, “North Pole, we can’t act rashly like this. I’ll take some men and storm this side of the mountains to kill off their long range units. You should take some people and go to the left side and reconnect with the men over there so we can suppress them from all four sides!”

North Pole nodded his head, “Will do!”

A group noisily charged forward with Don’t Be Foolish at the front brandishing his spear. As they approached the foot of the mountain though, they suddenly heard a cracking sound underneath their feet. A trap was set off, throwing the entire group down a gorge 3 meters deep into the dirt. It wasn’t only Don’t Be Foolish that had been caught but around a few hundred of the heavy armor forces had been caught in it as well!

“Motherf*cker…there’s an ambush here as well…” Don’t Be Foolish charged upward with his spear raised. Since it was was a naturally formed gorge and not a cliff, it was easy for him to climb back upwards.

Fox held his rifle and shouted from the mountain top, “Fire! Concentrate your fire on the trap that Don’t Be Foolish is in! I want him buried where he stands!”

“Bang bang bang bang…”

A small haze of black gunpowder smoke could be seen rising up as the Musketeers opened fire. Immediately, the ditch was completely razed to the ground. As the smoke from the guns began to dissipate ahead, Don’t Be Foolish had one hand on his spear, another hand pointing up. He had been completely roasted and his mouth had smoke coming out of it like a cigarette. The last of his health had been taken from him by an arrow. Emitting one more breath of smoke, his voice came out as he fell to the ground, “I’m so done, they’ve roasted me like a sweet potato…”


With Don’t Be Foolish gone, North Pole’s face nearly went green. Exclaiming loudly, he said, “Continue onwards! Healers, revive Don’t Be Foolish and the Monk so they can continue protecting the rest! No one should retreat even one step; they only have 500 men at most on the top of the mountain, their firing strength is nothing special. If we can get further up, we’ll be able to rendezvous with the Guild Master in Arctic Fox Forest. The Guild Master is under attack and needs our reinforcements!”


Two bright rays of light fell from the skies, reviving Don’t Be Foolish to half health at his original position but his face was still dark. “My god, I was resurrected so quickly, was me dying not enough for you all? Fine then…brothers, let us charge then….”

A few Healers locked onto Don’t Be Foolish with [Heal] and right as he reached full health again, he charged straight out of the gorge with his spear ready to strike!


A flash of blood came out, leaving Don’t Be Foolish standing still, stunned in place. The beautiful Assassin Yue Qing Qian carried her twin daggers and laughed as she launched her first combo attack, [Gouge]+[Twin Harmony Strike], to penetrate through the body of Don’t Be Foolish. His formidable defenses were completely ignored. This was the power of an Assassin–


Qing Qian finished off her attack in a flash while Wei Liang used [Twinblade Harmony] at the same time. Not too far away, Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands nodded in understanding as she cast [Indigo Sea Arrow], and shot it from afar!



Don’t Be Foolish knelt onto the floor with his spear in hand and his face slowly turned green, “I’m done, I don’t want to play like this anymore…This is a death rhythm …?!”

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