Zhan Long

Chapter 245

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Chapter 245 – Let’s try it out
“How do we split our forces?” Han Bei Song asked.

Behind Han Bei Song, Who’s Blue pursed her lips as she interjected, “Our [Crimson Contract] has less people, please don’t assign us as the main assault force to attack Jian Feng Han, we will be massacred……”

Matcha could not help but laugh, she reassured Who’s Blue, “We won’t, [Crimson Contract] just has to stay on the outer ring and kill off any [Vanguard] members there. I plan to split our forces into three groups, of which [Misty Palace] contributes 200 and Zhan Long 200. This force should mainly comprise of Monks, Knights and Healers etc; their main objective is to block off the mine entrance and defend against any [Vanguard] forces that Jian Feng Han tries to use. Then we will concentrate our most elite forces to ambush any reinforcements from the outside.”

As she explained the plan, Matcha took a moment to share the map with the rest, she then continued, “To the south of Arctic Fox Forest are impassable cliffs and thorn forests. There are only two ways into Arctic Fox Forest, the Waning Moon Valley to the east and Red Grassland to the west. [Zhan Long] and [Ruined Bones] shall send their elite forces to set up an ambush from both sides of the high grounds of Waning Moon Valley while [Misty Palace] and [Crimson Contract] will send their elite battle forces to block off Red Grassland. Within an hour we need to ensure that all of [Vanguard]’s reinforcements die once, this way, [Vanguard]’s morale will take a serious blow. Finally we will turn our sights to the cave entrance and strike the final blow against Jian Feng Han.”
Han Bei Song let out a deep sigh and asked to confirm, “So [Crimson Contract] will defend the plains?”


“Alright, got it. The pressure is pretty high!”

“The pressure is high no matter where you are!”



Han Bei Song, Misty Clouds and Fighting In Blood quickly brought almost 1700 of their guild players into the Red Grasslands. Meanwhile [Zhan Long] and [Ruined Bones] 1400+ members entered the Waning Moon Valley area. Waning Moon Valley is located outside of Arctic Fox Forest, 1000 meters away. There weren’t any [Vanguard] players on the lookout, so it bode well for our ambush.

Walking along the bushes, we stood at the passage leading to Waning Moon Valley. Looking up, two mountain ranges towered on both of our sides. The forests on the high grounds were extremely dense, it was a very good location to shield ourselves. Furthermore, rain constantly fell on the forest. Hence on the intersection between the valley and the mountain, there flowed a 5 meters deep by 3 meters wide trench that was a river when it rained.

Matcha pointed at the river channel and said, “Everybody move quickly. Cut down a few trees to cover the river channel. This river channel can be used as a small trap!”

Wolf nodded, “Yeah, Old K, Ah Lei, bring a few people along and follow me to cut some trees. We only have 10 minutes left!”

I pointed at the two mountain ranges and said, “Thousand Sun and Darling Duck, mobilize our long range players on the mountains, find a location with good coverage and hide yourselves within the thick bushes. Make sure to thoroughly cover yourself so you won’t be able to be seen on the map, not even a single dot.”

Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands nodded her head, “Yes, understood!”

The twins Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang held their daggers. Nearly in sync with each other, they asked “Brother Xiao Yao. What will we do?”

I turned my head to Matcha. She replied with a smile, “Vice Guild Leader should bring all Assassins to hide behind the trap we set up earlier. They have far too many members, so some will most definitely cross this ‘ultimate trap’. Use [Ambush] and [Gouge] to interrupt them. You guys will have support from the group atop the mountain range. However, try not to overdo it. If you get hurt, fall back to recover your health!”

Yue Qing Qian giggled while holding her dagger. “Understood. Let’s go!”

The 900+ players from [Ruined Bones] then climbed up the mountain one by one. Sword Reborn lifted his spear, walked over and said, “With this, the two sides of this mountain range are secured with long range and Healer players. But we would need people to intercept in the middle. Let me bring some people over and become cannon fodder, someone has to do this anyway.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “It’s okay, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, Dong Cheng Lei and I will be there with you. The purpose of this battle now is not to kill a lot of people but just to prevent [Vanguard]’s reinforcements from advancing further forward!”

Sword Reborn clenched his fist, getting excited, “Good, I’m really looking forward to this ambush!”

Matcha frowned, “Alright, everyone go to your own positions. There are still 7 minutes before they get here!”



Archers, Mages, Musketeers and Healers climbed up the mountains one by one. Using the thick and dense forest and bushes, they covered their positions. Not long after that, only a few small dots were still exposed here and there and under Matcha’s orders, they were quickly hidden away. Only 200 people from [Zhan Long] and [Ruined Bones] heavy armored players and Healers stood exposed in the middle of the narrow passage, prepared to welcome [Vanguard]’s players to their deaths!


Matcha who stood by me, holding her Glass Spear of the Dragon Soul, and was breathing heavily. Her oval face showed a tinge of red and her 34C breast heaved up and down. A pair of mesmerizing eyes looked off into the distance.

“What, are you nervous now?” I laughed.

Matcha bit her lips, “Boss, this is my first time commanding such a large number of people in a battle, do you think I can remain calm?”

I laughed heartily, “It’s okay, we are all here with you!”


Dong Cheng Lei also laughed aloud, “That’s right, there’s big brother Xiao Yao and us here with you. We’ll definitely be able to force those third rate [Vanguard] players to retreat…”

Li Mu froze, “Oh no, they are actually not third rate players. I’ve gotten news that the group of [Vanguard] players coming through Waning Moon Valley are led by North Pole. They have a total force of 6000 people, all equipped with strong skills. Their numbers are almost four times ours!”

I locked my hand on my sword, “Then, the troops dispatched to the Red Grasslands should easily be more than 8000 players and led by Simple. [Crimson Contract], [Misty Palace] and [Winds of Battle] won’t be able to stop them. We have to quickly finish the battle here and go over there to help them!”

Li Mu nodded, “I am also worried about that. They should have brought a bunch of Mages since Simple is leading. These forces are not something that our fellow guild friends can handle.”

Sword Reborn slammed his shield on the ground and chuckled, “No need to worry so much, we should have more confidence in our allied guilds. From what I know, Misty Clouds, Fighting in Blood and Han Bei Song are masters in desperate fighting. They won’t even care if they die, even Simple, that Mage won’t be able to handle them. Anyways, we should win this battle!”



A few minutes later.

“They are here!” From the skies, Matcha readied her spear. Flapping her wings, she flew down to the ground and said, “North Pole is leading a tremendous amount of people here, everyone get ready!”

I took out a card and yelled, “Everyone use your Pardon Cards. Don’t lose too many levels!”

Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, Sword Reborn and the others used their Pardon Cards one by one. This is one of the must have for PKing. Once entering a battle, they would be able to kill at least 10 people. Without Pardon Cards, once you become a Red-name player and are killed a few times, the cost is not something that anyone would want to bear. After all, training to raise a level is too hard, it’s not everyday you can get a level SS quest and level up a lot.

On the horizon, North Pole held his staff and led a huge group of people bearing [Vanguard]’s emblem on their shoulders out of the forest. Every single one looked austere and sinister, like the single sharp blade symbol on [Vanguard]’s emblem.

Don’t be Foolish readied his spear, squinted his eyes and looked into the distance. He said, “North Pole, this is not good. They are all prepared. Look at them, [Zhan Long] and [Ruined Bones] have all stationed their players and are ready to battle us. Looks like Xiao Yao Zi Zai has come prepared, what do we do now? Do you think we should turn back and try entering the battle from the thorns forest on the west side?”

North Pole shook his head, “No, the thorns will deal a lot of damage to our troops. Since you are a Knight with a lot of health and defense, you won’t be affected that much. How about us Mages and Archers? We’ll be poked to death by the thorns! Don’t be Foolish, look clearly. [Zhan Long] and [Ruined Bones] only have 300 people at most. Dispatching such a small number, I think they only wanted to delay us. I’ve heard the news that they are organizing an attack on the mine. We have 7000 men behind us, we can crush them straight away and join together with Guild Master!”

Don’t be Foolish nodded, “Ok, this time you are the commander of this 7000-man troop, I’ll listen to you!”

On one side, Goodbye Tears frowned, “Do you think there will be people lying in ambush on the two mountain sides?”

North Pole laughed coldly, “You, this ignorant Buddhist monk…. how many people in total will [Zhan Long] and [Ruined Bones] have combined? Even if they are lying in ambush, we’d still be able to crush them?”

Goodbye tears only shook his head, “No can do, let’s order some people to recede first!”

He waved his hands and said, “10 Wind Elves, help us check if there are any people lying in ambush in the mountains!”


In the skies, 10 Wind Elves flew over!


“Not good….” Matcha frowned and said, “They are checking the surroundings, what do we do?”

Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands flew down from the skies carrying her staff. She laughed, “Matcha, shall we both kill them all? Do you have the confidence?”

“Of course!”

At once, the two beautiful Wind Elves quickly flew up. Matcha, wielding her Glass Spear of Dragon Soul, cast her [Phantom Shield] before they neared the Wind Elves. Their defense increased right away. Then she unleashed [Phantom Ray], sweeping across the three Wind Elf Archers, causing more than 1000 health to be lost from each player. At the same time, her attack did more than 20% of the Wind Elves total health which caused the three Wind Elves to fall down to the forests beneath them.


The Illusionary Butterfly Queen fluttered about and unleashed its [Vines of the Dancing Butterfly] along with another few spells. Yet another two Wind Elves lost their ability to fly.

Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands lifted her staff and started to cast her [Mana Shield] as she flew across. [Pillars of Ice and Fire] engulfed and killed 2 Wind Elves. Following through, she activated [Dimensional Leap], “shua” and leapt across 24 yards. Her [Icicle Spell] struck at another Wind Elf to knock him out of the air and not stopping at that, she activated another [Dimensional Leap] and unleashed [Indigo Sea Arrow], killing another Wind Elf Archer on the spot. With her third [Dimensional Leap], the last Wind Elf also fell to the ground!

Sword Reborn was stunned, the loud sound of his saliva being swallowed could be heard, “Well damn, Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands’ magical power and control over her battle rhythm is quite good. Guild Master Zi Zai, where did you find such a terrifyingly beautiful monster of a Mage like her?”

I only laughed, “Only fate knows….”

Sword Reborn: “….”


The two Wind Elf girls quickly came flying back after finishing their skirmish. The opposing 10 Wind Elves on the ground didn’t dare fly into the air and scout ahead anymore.


One of the flag bearers took out his sword and yelled, “F*ck, I can’t take this anymore! A small group like this dares to be this arrogant; Squad Leader North Pole, let us charge ahead and kill the members of [Zhan Long] and [Ruined Bones] one by one!”

North Pole thrust his staff into the air and cried out, “Everybody charge! Break through the front ranks of their defenses, and then bring back Strawberry Matcha and Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands to be our mistresses!”

One by one, the [Vanguard] players each brought their swords and charged, roaring as they came rushing towards us…

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