Zhan Long

Chapter 241

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Chapter 241 – The Incomplete Item

Gather swords that had to be Silver Tier or higher?

My mind began to race, this mission to awaken the Sword Spirit was far too harsh. In Ba Huang City, the most common type of class is the heavy armor class. Since the entire male gender is all hot blooded, most of them choose the close combat class and the Swordsman class. These classes make up the biggest segment of the playerbase, especially in the end game. Therefore, sword related items are generally the most popular type of weapons. A sword with the same attributes are usually 1.5 to 2 times the price of a similar battle axe or spear; how ridiculous!

As of right now, this quest wanted me to gather a bunch of swords; this mission would definitely make me spend a ton of money!

Looking into my inventory, I only had a Lv 41 Silver Tier sword that has served as my backup sword. I quickly handed it over for the sake of the mission. The old blacksmith took it without another word, and threw it into the forge. With a poof, the sword seemed to evaporate and it melted into a red liquid that seeped into the broken sword.


System Message: The Sword Spirit has awakened 0.1% of its consciousness!


“What….” My jaw dropped, a Silver Tier sword wasn’t even enough to raise its conscious by 1%. Did I really need 1000 Silver Tier swords to awaken it? Even though Silver Tier swords were considered trash, they still cost about 50 RMB a sword. If I wanted to awaken the Sword Spirit, how much money did I need to spend?

I looked at the money in my bank account from when I started playing up until now. Aside from the money I’d used for my living expenses and such, I only had a little over 60,000 RMB remaining. This was quite a predicament…

On the side, Li Leng looked at the broken sword absorbing the other sword with a very content expression as he perked his head up to smile, “This is good, it looks like the Sword Spirit desires to awaken as well. This sword here is the king of all swords, it requires a tremendous amount of swords in order to awaken. Child, hurry and gather even more swords!”

I nodded, “I will, please wait for me…”

I felt a little bit happy because if what the elder Li Leng said was true, then this sword was not just your everyday sword. As long as the spirit awakened, then all the money I have spent on it would be worth it; after all, this was my future weapon!

Walking out of the exit to my right, I began to dash towards the north gate of Ba Huang City. Setting up a booth, I started to sell a few strong looking items but were actually pretty weak, shouting, “Buying every single Silver Tier or higher sword; name your price! However much you have is however much I’ll buy!!”

Changing the name of my stall to “Offering expensive prices for trashy swords”, I sat down and awaited for the sellers to come!

Sure enough, because Ba Huang City had plenty of players, in less than a minute 10 people were already trying to sell me their swords. Of course the prices they were requesting were far too high, so I didn’t buy them. That being said, there were some that sold me their swords for 1 Gold, because trying to haggle for a lower price would have been pointless.

After less than an hour, I had bought around 47 swords. I just wasn’t getting swords fast enough, so as I ran back to the blacksmith, I messaged Fox to have him help me gather some more swords. Afterwards, I opened up my friends list, and then called Wan Er–

“Wan Er?”

“Yes? I’m here, what do you need?”

“Can you help me with this one favor?”

“Say it…” Wan Er laughed, “What has gotten your confidence so low?”

“It’s not much…” I waved my hand, “What I really need…is for you to go to Fan Shu City, and grab every trashy sword you can find. They have to be Silver Tier or higher though. Please help me out, all of the trash tier swords in Ba Huang City have already been wiped out…”

“Eh? What do you want to do with all of these swords?”

“I need them for my quest. Do you remember that ancient spirit sword I got? In order to awaken the spirit in the sword, I need to gather and forge swords together into it. Since it is like that, I probably need around 1000 of them…”

Wan Er went silent for a second, “Alright then, just wait for me. I’ll have some friends in Fan Shu City help out, so keep on working and we should be done after 2 hours or so…”

“Okay, thanks!”


Not long afterwards, Fox as well as a few other uncles from the guild scattered towards each of the city gates to help collect swords. I continued to wander around Ba Huang City’s north gate. After another hour, I managed to collect another 91 swords and almost filled up my entire inventory. Nearly 100 slots of my inventory had been taken up by all these trash swords!


Wan Er reported back with some information, “Hey… we’ve managed to get you around 519 swords in total, but did you still need it? How many did you guys get?”

I was overjoyed, “Fox and the others helped me gather over 300 swords, so that should be enough. I’ll come over to Fan Shu City to collect them right away!”

“Don’t worry…” Wan Er laughed, “Besides, what if you get killed on the way here? Even if you don’t die, you can’t carry all of those swords by yourself, I’ll have some people bring it over, so you stay at Ba Huang City and wait for us. We’ll be there within half an hour.”

“That sounds good, I’ll be waiting then!”


First I had Fox help carry the swords to Li Leng, to smelt the swords down. At this point, the Sword Spirit was at 50.7% percent. With the swords that Wan Er was bringing, the Sword Spirit will have awoken by the end of today! I was excited for this; when the spirit awoke, what type of new sword would I receive from it?

As I waited on the northern bridge for nearly an hour, I saw a group of people emerging from the forests. At the head of the group was a beautiful Assassin. Her body was covered by leather armor that had a magical glow to it. Who else could this be but Wan Er?

Aside from her, there were 6 other players from Fan Shu City’s [Hero Mound] guild. All of them already had their third class advancements and the sight of those 7 were a sight to behold. It was actually quite terrifying, as they were all high leveled players. Each one was completely decked out in Purple Tier equipment!

I quickly walked over and welcomed them, laughing: “Wan Er, you’ve worked hard!”

Wan Er shook her head and laughed lightly: “It wasn’t much work, just a walk in the park. Come on, I want to personally witness how this Sword Spirit will recover. Right, I forgot to introduce you. These people are all my friends, all of them are quite well-known Fan Shu City……”

I pursed my lips: “[Hero Mound] is truly a place where large amounts of hidden talents reside. There’s actually so many third job experts……”

One pretty Lv 61 Archer laughed lightly: “You flatter us Guild Master Zi Zai. How can we be considered experts when [Hero Mound] already has at least 200+ third advancement players. We can only be considered mainstream players……”

Another Berserker hefted his battle axe and laughed, saying: “Xiao Yao Zi Zai has established [Zhan Long] to the point that it is able to contend with the top guilds. This is a true expert. Furthermore, you’ve actually made our Beautiful Elder Cang Tong come so far to make a simple delivery. Hehe, everybody understands……”

I was pretty embarrassed as I looked towards Wan Er.

Wan Er’s face reddened as she laughed, “What are you staring at? Don’t think too much about it. These are a few of my friends that I’ve met from past games. They’re all really reliable and if…I were to join [Zhan Long], then they would follow me. What’s wrong, did you not think that I wouldn’t think about the future of [Zhan Long]?”

I was overjoyed and couldn’t help but laugh, saying: “Really?”

That Berserker youth laughed then thumped his chest, saying: “I was already a big fan of Cang Tong and I was also in the same guild as her in for many years. According to Beautiful Cang Tong, Li Xiao Yao is actually a true martial arts expert. For you to beat Q-Sword in real life, you are way too OP. Guild Master Zi Zai, are you accepting disciples? Take me as one, and with martial art skills, picking up girls won’t require as much effort later on……”

My face went green, “My god, don’t tell me you learned martial arts just to pick up girls? You really have no future…”

Everyone began to burst into laughter as Wan Er placed a gentle hand on my shoulder, “Let’s go to the blacksmith’s store. We’ve come from a long way just to see what your Spirit Sword would be like…”

“Alright then, let’s go!”


Bringing along this group of people to enter the city made all of the players in Ba Huang City’s center immediately turn around and look in our direction. Many people recognized the beauty at my side, and one by one they began to gossip—-

“That…amazing beauty is…is that Cang Tong? Wa… why did Fan Shu City’s number one beauty come to our Ba Huang City?”

“Pei pei, [Hero Mound]’s beautiful Vice Guild Master came to Ba Huang City; there are also quite a few high-leveled players here as well. Is that…is that [Hero Mound]’s team leader and Flagbearer? Who would have the honor of making them arrive here at Ba Huang City?”

“Who else could it be, let’s go see who’s with Cang Tong!”

“F**k! That’s…… Xiao Yao Zi Zai, [Zhan Long]’s Guild Master. No wonder, no wonder…….”


I felt pretty embarrassed but Wan Er was already accustomed to such attention. With a sideways glance towards me, she said, “Let’s go and awaken that Spirit Sword already, so stop staring at the girls along the road…”

Me: “Oh, okay……”

After walking on the road for some time, we reached the blacksmith store. Everyone was filled to the brim with trash tier swords. I walked towards the forge and dropped them in by one by one. With a sizzling sound, they melted into a red liquid and were absorbed by the broken sword. The broken sword began to tremble and shake while emitting a bright light. It looked like this amount of swords was enough to recover it, things were starting to get exciting!

Lin Wan Er was at my side quietly looking at me, her pretty eyes brimming with anticipation. Actually, she was also hoping for me to get a great sword that would fully overshadow Jian Feng Han’s Flaming Cloud Sword, that godly sword!


Not long after, after using up all the junk swords, a system notification resounded in my ear——


System Announcement: Congratulations, Spirit Sword has completely awakened 100% of its consciousness!



The old blacksmith Li Leng gripped the incomplete sword’s handle and whooped: “Finally…… the Spirit Sword has finally awoken. As expected, this sword is a masterpiece. It’s a shame that its forging is still not completely finished!”

My gaze grew solemn as I took up the sword handle. Immediately, an incomparably powerful strength flowed through my arm. At the same time, this incomplete sword’s attributes appeared floating in midair——

【Emperor Qin’s Sword】 (Incomplete Item)
Attack: 900-1250
Strength: +57
Endurance: +55
Agility: +51
Extra: Increase the attack by 14%
Extra: Ignore 20% of the target’s defense.
Special Effect: Unlimited durability, no matter how much you use this sword, it will never break.

Description: In the ancient times there lived an emperor that was both kind and known to all under the heavens. His saber was forged in the city of Long Quan but in the midsts of a fierce battle, it snapped in half. The broken pieces were then buried into the ground, staying there for countless generations. At last the broken sword has been unearthed and still contains the vast powers of the emperor. This sword would be known to the future generations as the king of swords and after the previous owner of the sword as [Emperor Qin’s Sword].

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