Zhan Long

Chapter 239

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Chapter 239 – Weapon Dismantle

Ba Huang City, North Gate.

After returning to the city, I received multiple messages from my friends-

Yue Qing Qian: “Brother Xiao Yao, what were you doing fighting against Jian Feng Han? The forums are going crazy over the news! A video of your fight has already gone viral…..”

General Wang Jian: “Ahem, Boss went out to PK without calling us to join….”

Wan Er: “I heard you killed 27 of Jian Feng Han’s people by yourself. Hehe, I’ll download the game video to watch later…”

Dong Cheng Yue: “I just finished watching the video of the fight between you and Jian Feng Han; that ranged attack style is starting to reach its full potential huh. You killed Fallen Wolf, North Pole, and Don’t Be Foolish, a group of high level players. Your ranking on CBN has definitely risen quite a bit. In the future remember to treat me for a meal~~”


I couldn’t help but smile, and replied to each of the messages while I started to research the uses of the Mohist Five Scrolls.

Clicking into the scrolls options, there wasn’t a choice to use the scrolls. It did, however, ask for a certain item, called God’s Army Card. After clicking into the details of the God’s Army Card, a skill window appeared – [Weapon Dismantle]!

【Weapon Dismantle】: Dismantle any equipment higher than Silver Tier to obtain a fixed amount of God’s Army Cards!


I clapped my hands together. Turns out this was the trick. The God’s Army Cards came from dismantling equipment, however it must be equipment that is Silver Tier or higher, which was a pretty hefty price. The current market price for Silver Tier equipment was not any lower than it was before. Any Silver Tier equipment that was Lv 50+ was at least 100 RMB. Looks like I could only use cheap Silver Tier equipment to dismantle.

Looking in my bag, I took out a pair of Lv 41 Silver Tier boots, [Weapon Dismantle]!


System Notification: You dismantled【Hairy Wild Bear Boots】and received God’s Army Card x1


My heart sunk, one Silver Tier equipment can only change into one God’s Army Card. Dear lord, this Mohist Five Scrolls costs too damn much. I can’t use these God’s Army Cards too carelessly.

Looking at my bag, I took out 14 low level Silver Tier equipments and dismantled them all, getting 14 God’s Army Cards. I carefully put them at the very bottom of my bag, holding it in place, so that I could easily access them during a PK.

Then I opened up my friends list, and found Glass Fox, “Fox, are you in Ba Huang City?”

“Ya, I’m selling some stuff, do you need anything?”

“Come to the Warehouse.”


Within minutes, Fox rushed over, and smiled while asking, “Whats up Boss, do you need something?”

I opened up a trade and gave Fox all of the 21 Gold and Purple Tier equipment that I had gotten from [Vanguard]’s people, saying, “Take these to sell!”

Fox stood shocked, “Damn, all this equipment…. Li bastard, did you rob someone?”

I smiled : “Not at all, I just killed a bunch of [Vanguard]’s players in the Arctic Fox Forest.”

Fox grinned: “Motherf*cker, and I thought Little Wolf was bluffing. You actually went by yourself to pick a fight with Jian Feng Han. You’ve got guts; you live up to the name of [Zhan Long]’s Guild Master. All of this equipment will definitely sell for lots of money. At a glance, it’s at least 100,000 RMB. How much of this should we keep for the studio?”

I thought about it, “How about 50%, the studio and the guild are both low on money. Either way the guild is our own, we don’t need to be too stingy. We can share the profits later!”

Fox thought about what I said and in the end he still agreed with me, “Yep, I agree with this logic…. is there anything else? If there isn’t, I’ll go put these up in the stall. It seems putting up a stall sells stuff much faster than auctioning.”

Me: “Can you help me stock up on Lv 50 and below Silver Tier equipment? Get whatever you can, but the highest price cannot exceed 5G; otherwise don’t get it. Here, this is 5000G; just use this money to collect them…. after you collect them, put them in this warehouse. When we’re free you can give them to me.”

Fox hesitated: “Sure, but what do you need all this trash Silver Tier equipment for? To tell the truth, only the lowest level players are using Silver Tier equipment, not to mention they’re under Lv 50. Of what use can they be?”

I grinned: “Hermits have their secret methods; just help me collect them!”

“Sure, wait for my good news!”

“Okay, then I’ll be on my way!”



After dealing with all of my business, I finally had time to look at another treasure in my bag. It was the time-worn dull sword—-

【Ancient Soul Sword】: A sealed dull sword, the sword spirit within is in a deep slumber. It must be awakened, and then it must be smelted with rare metal before it can become a new godly equipment! At the moment the sword spirit’s awakening is at: 0%!

I didn’t even know where to begin to break the sword’s seal. Without a clue as to where to start, I first went to the smith to see if he had any ideas.

Following a small alley that passed through Ba Huang City’s Marketplace, the weapons sector was right in front of me when a screen of green smoke appeared and four smith stalls stood on the street.

Thousand Success Smith Store!

Quickly, I stepped into the store that looked the biggest. A shirtless middle aged blacksmith was hammering away on a piece of metal. The moment the piece of metal was submerged into the icy water, making a “Puchi” sound, the blacksmith’s expression was overjoyed as he said, “The noblemen from Knight Academy will get another sharp iron sword. This sword is at least a Silver Tier!”

At one side, a young student asked, “Master, when can I also create a Silver Tier weapon?”

The middle aged blacksmith laughed and said, “Don’t be too arrogant. You must slowly work at it in order to understand the mysteries of casting and experience the profoundness of smithing. Sooner or later you’ll end up becoming a quality blacksmith. You might even be recruited by the emperor and become a famous royal blacksmith, used exclusively by dukes and generals to create their weapons. If that happens, your name will follow your creations and last throughout history!”

The small blacksmith began imagining his future glory, and was completely immersed in his dream world.

I walked up to talk to the middle aged blacksmith, “Master, I want to seek out your expertise on a problem!”

The middle aged blacksmith glanced at me, and muttered, “Young adventurer, what do you need from me? Hurry up and say it; I’m very busy and I don’t have time to talk about meaningless things with you…”

I nodded my head, and took the sealed sword from my bag, as I said, “This is a spirit weapon. Apparently, using some type of method, I can awaken the sword’s spirit. Master, can you take a look at it for me….”

The middle aged smith looked at me warily, and took the sealed sword, then gave a deep sigh, as he said, “This is a broken sword, what do you want me to see? You’re wasting my time. Youngster, leave, my time is very precious…. “

I was startled, “Okay… alright then…..”

After leaving, I went into a second smith shop, but the answer I got was the same. In fact, the next three smith shops that I went to all thought my soul weapon was a broken piece of equipment.

I was starting to feel hopeless when I walked into the fourth smith’s stall!

“Creak….. “

The thin dry door was pushed open. It seemed as though it had been a long time since anyone had been to the shop. The fires within the furnace had burnt out long ago. It seemed as though there hadn’t been any business in this shop for a long time. An old smith sat across the room, blowing into a smoke pipe. “Ba da Ba da” nonstop. Above his head were some floating words–

【Old Smith Li Leng】(Purple Tier Boss)
Level: 70
Introduction: An elderly blacksmith that seems to know many stories


I strolled into the room, my armor covering my body and my sword carried on my back. I didn’t say anything and just walked up to the old man.

Li Leng looked up into my eyes and said, “I must apologize to you customer, but I do not have enough coal, and cannot smelt any equipment right now. This smith stall is currently out of business, go find another stall….”

I smiled: “Old man, I’m not here to make any equipment.”

“Then what are you here for?”

“It’s like this, I want you to take a look at something.”

“Oh? What is it?”

I took the broken sword from my bag and handed it to the old man. At that moment, the old man suddenly shivered, and he unconsciously backed away a few steps, “This…. where did this extremely strong spirit sword come from? Heavens, what a powerful spirit sword . Even after sleeping for so long it can still amaze people to this extent…..”

I was completely overjoyed, “Old man, are you saying that the sword spirit in this broken sword still has a chance?”

Li Leng nodded: “That’s right! Youngster, this is an interesting ancient godly weapon that holds a very powerful strength. However, the sword spirit has been sleeping for too long and thus it’ll be very hard to awaken him. Or…. waking up this sword spirit will cost a lot, are you sure you want to do that?”

Previously, during the battle between me and Jian Feng Han, I could feel that the pain of having a lower attributed weapon. Whether it was Wan Er’s Scarlet Edge or Ran Min’s Haunted Blade Twin Axe, they could all beat my Frost Rain Sword. Switching to another weapon had become a compulsory thing to do. It was also the most important thing for me to do now. If a top notch Swordsman doesn’t have a top notch weapon, it is really something regrettable.

I nodded, clenching my fist as I replied, “Yeah, no matter how much I have to pay, I want to reforge this godly weapon!”


The old smith Li Leng suddenly got up and said, “Let me help you awaken this sword spirit. Kid, are you willing to accept the quest of awakening this spirit?”

I nodded, “Yes!”


System Announcement: You have accepted an S-ranked quest【Awakening the Ancient Sword Spirit】!


Li Leng coughed hard as he said, “My smelting furnace had not been lit with fire for a long time. I need 100 high grade pieces of wood to start the fire. You have to go to the east of Ba Huang City and chop down 100 pieces of Green Wood from the Green Bamboo Mountain. This is the only way that I can heat up the Ancient Weapon. It must be heated under a very hot fire if we want to have a chance at awakening the spirit!”

I nodded, the next step of the quest had already appeared. Green Bamboo Mountain was next to Li Hua Forest, it wasn’t that far away. Currently it was under the control of [Wrath of the Heroes]. It shouldn’t be a problem if I secretly chopped down a few trees!

Leaving the blacksmith, I rushed towards Green Bamboo Mountain, reaching the lush forest not even 10 minutes later. Shoots of green bamboo covered the whole mountain area. Furthermore, there were a few short trees among the tall bamboo forest. They looked like strong bamboo shoots, green in color; these were exactly the Green Wood requested by the quest. The texture of the Green Wood was extremely magical; when lit on fire it would burn extremely hot creating a nice flame. Hence, its extreme popularity amongst the blacksmiths.

Lifting my arms, I drew my sword!


What a hard wood, it could actually cause sparks to fly out of my Frost Rain Sword!

After slashing it for 10 or more times, the first Green Wood fell into my hands with a “Ka Cha” sound. Throwing it into my inventory, I thanked god that it was a quest item, otherwise 100 pieces of wood would be too heavy for me.


As I chopped away, a voice sounded behind me –

“That bastard Wang Zi Cheng, I will give him a painful death sooner or later!” It was the voice of Tyrant of Western Chu, Liu Ying.

Piggy ran along, carrying his musket on his shoulders, “Boss, I heard that Wang Zi Cheng has joined, did you know about that?”


Liu Ying drew his sword suddenly, and bellowed, “Gather everyone and head toward Wang Zi Cheng’s city; I’m gonna kill him so much that he can’t leave the newbie village!”

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