Zhan Long

Chapter 237

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Don’t Be Foolish was a Lv 60 knight and [Vanguard]’s number one knight. With 2200 defense as well as 5340 Health, his stats could make any boss at this stage shed a tear. Even Hans would find that breaking Don’t Be Foolish’s defense required an extraordinary amount of effort.

Nevertheless, I still had to kill him; otherwise he would continue to be an obstacle.


I glanced toward the tiger at my side, and the tiger reciprocated my glance with a look that I could depend on. It rubbed its shaggy head against my shoulder while its tail wagged about adorably. I couldn’t help but laugh; this little guy was too cute! But at the moment, I didn’t need his cuteness. I needed his sharp claws to help me kill the number 1 knight of [Vanguard].

“Bang bang bang…”

The knight’s spear whacked through the underbrush as Don’t Be Foolish walked forward. Laughing, he said, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, if you claim yourself to be [Zhan Long]’s guildmaster, you should show some of yourself. How can you afford to stay in the bushes all day and night? Come out, and face my mighty spear if you are a real man!”

I didn’t pay much attention to Don’t be Foolish, but I was extremely careful with the three assassins by his side. Although they were invisible, they left some footprints in the grass. It wasn’t difficult at all for me to deduce their locations from those. In the sky, some green birds and yellow bees were flying; it seemed that even their pets were looking for me.

I pondered to myself: I had to bait Don’t Be Foolish first, then kill those three assassins. I would then kill Don’t be Foolish afterwards. I had to be fast, or else Jian Feng Han would arrive.

“Gulp! ”

Swallowing a Green Qilin Pill, I restored 700 MP. [Blade Rush] and [Seven Star Fragment Slash] consumed Mana far too fast, and these repeated fights left my MP bar almost empty!

As Don’t Be Foolish got closer, I figured out the assassin’s walking patterns and began to focus on figuring out their positions. Unfortunately, this was a tad bit difficult, and it took me half a minute before the 3 positions were finally determined!

[Turmoil Sword]! [Haste]! [Enrage]!

My chain of skills passively increased my stats. With [Haste], I increased my speed so that I could rapidly dash out onto the open grass. With a twist of my wrist, my sword flashed like a shooting star and [Seven Stars Fragment Slash] came flying out!


The dirt flew everywhere as my sword qi blew across the ground. Three rays of light enveloped the 3 assassins, and were killed by me!


Even Wan Er didn’t have over 2000 health, and so these assassins definitely wouldn’t have that much health. Unless my attacks MISSed, they would definitely die!

Once the assassins all died, the swordsmen, knight and mage all rushed on over while I purposely stood there without retreating. The 2 swordsmen hoisted their swords as they rushed to kill me, but unfortunately for them, a tiger’s roar came out from the bushes. It fired off a [Burstfire Raid], and with its gigantic body, it came barreling at the players and left a flaming trail of numbers–



I didn’t hesitate finishing them off at all. With a combo, I killed both swordsmen. I kept a steady tempo of striking rapidly, then retreating before they could strike back. The mage recoiled back to avoid any more attacks and cried out, “Dammit, how is it that Xiao Yao Zi Zai has improved this much? Information said that he was ranked way over 300,000 players recently. How come on the CBN Battle website rankings he jumped several hundred thousand spots? His strength…has it improved so much that he could enter the battle website’s grandmaster rankings?”

A bleeding knight hung onto his spear, “My god, even at a time like this you have so much to say. Why don’t you just go die then?”

Just then, another [Fierce Roar] was heard, killing both the mage and knight! From a party of 8 players, it had instantly dwindled down to the single knight: Don’t Be Foolish! He approached behind me slowly, his spear in hand, and said in a resolute voice, “Guildmaster Jian Feng Han has 9 other experts that’ll be here in 10 seconds. I don’t see you running away, what are you waiting for?!”

I didn’t say anything and just gripped my sword tightly while swallowing an Indigo Sea Pill. Then, I directly charged over to [Vanguard]’s number one knight!



The edge of my blade knocked aside the spear he was using to block, then I kicked him with my boots, forcing him back several steps. Following closely after him, I activated a Lv 7 [Combo]!


Tsk, this 2200+ defense couldn’t be underestimated. Even my [Combo] barely did enough damage. With his extra hidden 14% additional defense, this guy was almost like an iron board refusing to be cut!

However, not being able to cut him didn’t mean I couldn’t kill him!

With a flick of my wrist, I activated a Lv 7 [Fierce Wind Blade] with my Frost Rain Sword!

“Huacha!” A 1107 floated above Don’t be Foolish’s head and his face grew cold. Despite his defenses being broken, the remains of his spear flew out to greet my stomach with a [Flame Blade]!


“Eh…” His face turned green this time, “An attack of 1500+ is only able to do this much damage?”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “I have around 2034 defense, did you think I was a fragile swordsman?”

With casual banter and even more relaxed movements, I attacked him three times with regular attacks and then used a [Fierce Ice Blade] to freeze both his legs. He only had 1400 health left, and even a health potion wouldn’t bring him back to full now. Now he began to panic, trying to retreat with his spear as he cried out, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, if you’re really so c*cky, then come after me!”

I watched him as he ran away and laughed, “Why would I need to chase you to kill you?”

With a lift of my right hand, my Frost Rain Sword released 3 phantasmal swords. The next second, [Great Realm of Desolation] was cast, and the three swords immediately pierced through Don’t Be Foolish. With a cyan green light to show that it was a fatal strike, a huge number floated above–



Both his knees dropped to the ground as he leaned on his spear. As he sat there dying, his eyes grew large, “My god, I had 2278 points of defense at that moment, how was I was hurt for almost 3000 points of damage? Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you…”


He died straight after, leaving behind a shield afterwards. A quick glance told me it was a Purple Tier shield, but it was a pity that I didn’t have time to pick it up as a group of people chose that time to scatter out from behind the bushes. In the front stood Jian Feng Han carrying his Flaming Cloud Sword. By his side was a golden armored pet; it appeared to be his newly obtained Purple Tier BOSS rank pet– Rock Spirit Fighter. It was a humanoid monster, but it was a rumor that had never been confirmed on the forums, since no one had faced its might before until now.


I hid among the bushes once more and advanced toward them until I was about 70 meters away, but I could not get any closer or else I would be at risk of Jian Feng Han discovering my presence. A high-leveled player like him could easy kill the group of players I had killed with the same amount of effort.


“Move forward, but be careful!”

Jian Feng Han abruptly leapt into the bushes with his sword. His clear eyes gazed at the surrounding area as he raised his arm higher in the air, “Don’t be reckless and stick with me. Probe around the bushes while the wind elves fly 30 meters into the air. Observe all of Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s possible movements!”


A Lv 61 female wind elf archer flew into the sky carrying her longbow. Her beautiful eyes swept the ground below. Since this area didn’t have that many big trees, she was in no danger of a possible ambush. That was probably the reason as to why Jian Feng Han let her fly up.

“Guildmaster…” Fushen Thousand Blades said with his staff in hand. “Xiao Yao Zi Zai already killed 18 of the 27 people you brought. We currently only have 10 people including you. Do we have a high chance of victory?”

Jian Feng Han clenched his fist, “If he dares to show his face, then I’ll duel with him. It’s a shame that Xiao Yao Zi Zai doesn’t seem to be willing to though. Keep on looking; with me here, as soon as Xiao Yao Zi Zai comes within my range of vision, I won’t let him escape!”



I exhaled slightly as I stared at the sky. The wind elf archer was still flying about with her Purple Tier bow in her hand, ready to fire a [Scatter Shot]. This wouldn’t do; there was no way I could let her fly above me. Her perception was strong enough to be able to sense me if she flew near me, so I wasn’t sure if I could remain hidden for much longer.

My hand clasped onto the Frost Rain Sword, and I waited for 3 seconds. Even if I got killed by Jian Feng Han, I had to get rid of this archer!

Facing the sky, I lifted my left hand and activated [Great Realm of Desolation]. The three swords crackled like thunder as it shot down the archer with ease!


However, a small shield appeared on her body before the move struck. It looked like the special effect of her equipment, protecting and saving her life from certain death!


Dammit! I gritted my teeth as I charged up my sword with mana. Another slash of my sword released [Seven Star Fragment Slash] into the air!


The sword’s mana swept past, and the Female Wind Elf cried, “Wu wu,” as she died. But this that, my position was suddenly exposed! With a furious roar, the Spirit Fighter of Jian Feng Fan went straight at me. The battle axe tore through the air, actually causing a whirlwind!


I continued to get attacked 3 more times. One attack MISSed, but 2 axes landed. It hurt so much. At the same time, my body became exposed and I fell into thick grass. Even though my invisibility activated, I still left an imprint on the grass.


Wielding his Flaming Cloud Sword, Jian Feng Han split the grass searching for me. He used his combo in the open space; although he couldn’t see me, he could still approximate my location!

From another direction, a Lv 60 third advancement berserker attacked. He followed Jian Feng Han’s attack and used his 3rd class advancement skill, [Axe Throw]!

If I don’t do anything, I’ll die!

I didn’t dare delay, and immediately activated [Shield of the Crimson Dragon]; the shield formed a huge protective aura around my body. My shoulders felt the damage coming from Jian Feng Han’s [Combo] and [Skyshaker Slash] from above. At the same time, I was nearly decapitated by the berserker’s axe that was thrown by that berserker.


F*ck, Jian Feng Han’s attack was too high; [Crimson Dragon Shield] couldn’t withstand his attacks either!

I made my choice; my feet slid toward the berserker, as I used a health potion to bring back some of my health. My Frost Rain Sword went straight into the berserkers neck, the cut was accompanied by a [Fierce Ice Blade]. He was dead before I had even started my third attack!

My back felt a piercing chill; Jian Feng Han had struck his Flaming Cloud sword through my back. This must be his [Ice Blade] ability.



I slowly retreated; my health points did not even reach 50%. What’s worst was that Jian Feng Han’s pet was like a shadow. Rock Spirit released a loud growl, and holding its axe it used its ability —— [Great Penetration Strike]!


Damn! My heart went cold. What kind of attack was this? Even with my [Crimson Dragon Shield], it was still able to do such a massive amount of damage to me?!

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