Zhan Long

Chapter 236

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Jian Feng Han stomped over. Once he was 6 or 7 meters away from me, he used his [Blade Rush] to get close the gap. The Flaming Cloud Sword was ready to strike, and the dense smoke swirled around it quickly, giving people no time to react. Immediately, the air above us crackled and shook as his sword came downwards!

I didn’t budge a single step, and released a [Wind Blade] in return!


Our angles of attack were the exact same. As they connected with each other, they created a scary shockwave. This was a contest of pure strength!

With my arm numb, I was blown back by Jian Feng Han. I had never thought that Jian Feng Han’s strength was so much more superior than mine. He only had to step back a few steps while I had flown backwards. It had to be true that his Flaming Cloud Sword was much better than my own Frost Rain Sword, leaving me to be the ultimate loser.

As my body flew through the air, Jiang Feng Han roared as he slunk downwards. He had finished storing up energy in his Flaming Cloud Sword, and a faint image of a wolf’s head appeared above the sword tip. As he lashed out with his sword, the wolf’s head flew forward and pierced through my body!


Battle Notification: Player Jian Feng Han has used the skill [Corrupt Wolf Edge] against you causing 2198 damage!


With a single glance at my health, I became terrified out of my mind! I only had 97 points of health left; what a frightening sight. What kind of skill was this, Jian Feng Han?!

As I fell into the bushes, I called my Flaming Tiger God to follow me. [Camouflage] had activated automatically, so I had already faded away from view. I hurriedly used [Heal] to recover some health while commanding my pet tiger to hide in another bush and wait for an opportunity to strike.

“Where’d he go?” An archer asked with wide eyes.

Jian Feng Han readied his Flaming Cloud Sword and said, “He’s in the bushes, Xiao Yao Zi Zai is using his new skill to hide in it. [Camouflage] allows one to hide within the plants with ease, so be careful everyone. Stick together so that you won’t be ambushed by Xiao Yao Zi Zai. Wind elves, fly up and search from the sky. Although he’s hiding in the bushes, he’ll have to make a move, and I want you to flush him out!”

The group all nodded their heads and since the bushes nearby were vast, they separated into 3 groups.

I leaned against a bunch of maple trees and healed myself up with 3 Lv 7 [Heal]s. My natural health recovery wasn’t all that bad; I got about 20 health every second. Looking off into the distance, I groaned. There were 9 people total: 3 swordsmen, 1 berserker, 3 archers, and 2 mages. Among them was a Lv 62 mage, who was also a Wind Elf. He carried a staff and the ID “North Pole” floated above him. He looked like he was around 27 years old, and his whole body was radiating purple and gold light. He was basically completely dressed in Purple Tier mage equipment.

I recognized this player; he was the second-ranked mage in [Vanguard] and second only to the mage Simple. It was said that even among the mages, he was ranked within the top 10 in Ba Huang City and was only slightly worse than Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands. Seeing that his equipment definitely wasn’t inferior, getting hit by one of his [Indigo Sea Arrow]s would definitely be very painful. This wouldn’t do, I needed to kill him first. Otherwise the chances of me surviving would be extremely lowered!

After reaching a decision, I unsheathed my sword and began to climb up the maple tree while being concealed by the various layers of leaves. Since I was still concealed, I could safely face the 3rd class advanced mage. A sneak attack against this mage was necessary, or else I wouldn’t have any good opportunities against him.


North Pole’s face had a guarded expression as he flew around the area with his transparent wings flapping. When he gazed over at the maple trees, he began to scowl, “Archers, concentrate your fire at that maple tree over there. Xiao Yao Zi Zai is a master at guerilla warfare and would never let an opportunity to hide escape him. That maple tree over there is the best chance he has to attack my position!”

Upon hearing this, I became slightly frightened. This North Pole player was difficult to deal with. To think that he could accurately figure out where I was hiding!


A single barrage of arrows could completely wipe out the tree but I still remained quietly on it. My heart pounded; although North Pole guessed where I was hiding, he wasn’t sure of it. So I still had a chance!

Keeping an eye on the dots on the map, I took control of my tiger, who was hiding in another part of the bushes. It faced a couple of archers and while the mage was searching the map up above, I commanded the tiger to attack!


The tiger came roaring as it jumped out from the bushes. With a [Flaming Claw]+[Burstfire Raid], it killed an archer straight away before turning around and running towards the maple tree I was hiding in.

“Not good!” North Pole cried out in alarm, “After Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s pet; with me everyone!”

They fell for the trap!

North Pole flew across the field quickly as I started to hold my breath. As he approached where I was hiding, I kicked off of the tree branch with a bang and flew out from the tree while I activated a [Combo] with my Frost Rain Sword!

“Bang bang bang!”

Three attacks landed on North Pole’s mana shield and broke it completely, though he immediately recovered from the sudden development. He activated [Dimensional Leap] and plummeted downwards 20 meters. Seeing me follow his direction, he jumped once more 20 yards in another direction. His staff went up and the [Indigo Sea Arrow] flew towards me!


A single hit knocked out a bunch of my health, how fierce!

But, North Pole had completely forgotten I had a pet and out of the bushes came the Flaming Tiger God once more. Embers erupted from where he was stampeding, and his claws scratched at the back of North Pole, dropping him down to almost no health immediately! He hastily tried to teleport out of his predicament, but unfortunately, he had used up the last of his three jumps from [Dimensional Leap].


The Flaming Tiger God roared again; it was [Fierce Roar]! A heavy surge of energy hit North Pole, dropping him down to the ground. As he knelt down, the tiger slashed at him with a combo, killing him!

I flew down to kill the rest with [Seven Stars Fragment Slash] and hit the 3 swordsmen and 1 berserker. With my sword, I activated another skill, [Great Realm of Desolation]!


The berserker fell to the ground dead while the 3 other swordsmen with only half their health remaining were immediately killed off by my tiger. The remaining swordsman activated his 3rd class advancement skill, [Blade Rush]!


In one second, my Flaming Tiger God had been hit for over 1400 points of damage. Following with a [Skyshaker Slash], Flaming Tiger God lost another 1800+ points of health!

With a roar, the Tiger God activated [Flame Armor] and an incomplete shield of fire appeared over its body which improved its defenses by a large amount. While the swordsman was unable to break through its defense, the tiger retaliated with a slash to a nearby archer, killing him. It landed a fatal blow, while recovering 50% of the damage it did–



“Damn, this tiger pet is absurdly strong…” The Lv 60 swordsman retreated quickly with a deathly pale face. He had used his [Skyshaker Slash], [Blade Rush], and even [Flame Blade], so he had no choice but to retreat and wait for the cooldowns to finish.

Although, there was no way I’d let him do that. I shook my arm and activated [Binding Chains], directly tying him down. Flying forward, I released a [Fierce Ice Blade] to finish him!


In another direction, my Flaming Tiger God whom I didn’t command to do anything was stunned by a [Scatter Shot]. I finished off another swordsman then simultaneously activated [Haste] and charged over through the grass. [Blade Rush] along with [Seven Star Fragment Slash] directly finished off two other archers. In the air, the last mage stared dumbstruck. Casting [Pillar of Fire & Ice], he immediately flew off in the distance.

I couldn’t let the Lv 59 Mage run away!

I hurriedly ran forward and locked onto the airborne target. With a wave, I activated [Great Realm of Desolation]!


Three swords penetrated into the mana shield of the mage. Perhaps the skill did too much damage, because right as the shield broke, a large number still rose above the player, and ended up killing him–


Pitiful mages. Once their shields were broken, they became the frailest class ever. Even healers had more defense, and they could even heal and buff themselves up. Mages had to place 10 points into magic or else their attacks wouldn’t do any major damage. Without a doubt, first class mages had to put their faith into magic.


The mage that was flying overhead dropped his boots, Lv 47 Purple Tier ones. I stuffed this into my inventory; I’d be able to sell this for a bit of money later!

From afar, voices came shouting out. It was a small group of 8, the map clearly displaying bright dots.

I hastily retreated and brought my tiger into the underbrush, but not before scooping up all of the loot that had been dropped.

Looking at them from a distance, this group of 8 players looked fairly strong: 3 assassins, 2 swordsmen, 2 knights, and 1 mage; it was a standard attack formation. With the assassins to stun, the mages and swordsmen to score a kill, and the knight to tank, this formation could easily kill any solo players.


“Everyone shut up!” The mage barked as his hand went up. In a quieter voice, he said, “Crap, even North Pole’s group was wiped out by that bastard Xiao Yao Zi Zai. What kind of skill does he have to be able to wipe out so many experts so casually while surrounded?”

While hiding in the shadows, the voice of an assassin called out, “Do a sweep of the area up front, knight. Your health is the highest amongst us. As long as you can withstand Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s attack power, once we draw him out, successfully stun him a few times, and let Lao Qi hold him off, even if he has 9 lives we’ll take them out one by one!”

The knight furrowed his brows, “I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to withstand Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s attacks. Rumors say that his true attack power is stronger than our guildmaster’s by a bit…”

The mage asked in a low voice, “You have 3 points in defense, 5 points in health, and 2 points in strength, and you are a third advancement knight as well, what are you scared of? Tell us your stats…”

The knight hefted his spear, saying, “2200 defense and 5340 health with an attack of 1500+…”



Within the bushes, I almost burst into laughter. A third advancement class knight only had 1500+ attack? Dong Cheng Lei and Old K at Lv 40 already had this much attack. It looks like a knight’s only worth was to help fight a boss and act as a shield.


The knight cautiously stepped forward with his hand on his spear while carrying a purple shield in his other hand. Without even thinking about it I knew it was a Purple Tier one; [Vanguard]’s equipment was all top notch, and almost bordered being abnormal. Purple Tier equipment could be seen everywhere, while in [Zhan Long], Purple Tier items at present were still considered rare drops.


I looked at the knight’s ID. Yep, Don’t Be Foolish, this guy’s life is finished!

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